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  1. What's it like to have jet lag?
  2. History of coinage, wearing around neck?
  3. Left-handed swordsmanship?
  4. Police Dispatching Procedure
  5. Some Details on Life in Moorish Spain (ca 850 AD)
  6. Battlefield Promotion for Enlisted British Soldier in mid-19th Century?
  7. Crime (murder) scene investigation - gun shot residue
  8. Steam boat engine
  9. Car troubles- 1940s
  10. How to Make Your Own Music Box
  11. A 93-year-old woman breaks her hip...
  12. Band Promotion
  13. Question about a suicide and news coverage
  14. Pig farm in US-southern state.
  15. Carotid artery
  16. Japanese American experience
  17. Useful Geology Website
  18. Origin of a quote from Jessica Mitford
  19. Bacteriology
  20. Stalling writing
  21. What happens after this? (Help with the US legal system/police force)
  22. Question about a college student
  23. Do we have any French literature experts here? In particular, Balzac experts?
  24. Journalism in the 1930s
  25. Dynamite
  26. Quiet Victorian Jewelry Making?
  27. Fleeing disasters with a 3 month old infant
  28. Space hazards for a long-haul transport ship?
  29. Jewish refugee fleeing Austria 1938-1939: escape routes
  30. Effects of Long Term Gas Shortage
  31. Slums of London 1880's
  32. Mandatory reporting of past abuse (teachers)
  33. Questions about Heroin Withdrawal
  34. Writing about smoking
  35. Best Glasses for Computer Work if you need Distance AND Reading Lenses
  36. Flexibility in a Leather Cuirass
  37. How might a Dutch-speaking person mispronounce English?
  38. A Question About Height
  39. Heat stroke
  40. Natives of Las Vegas
  41. Is there a better term for a doctor's notebook?
  42. medications needed
  43. treating tension pneumothorax without medical equipment
  44. Anyone lived in Little Rock, AR in the mid-1970s?
  45. Mood stabilizers and emergency surgery for stab wounds
  46. Would an 18th Century Duke have business holdings?
  47. How long will it take for a father to get their child back from CPS in Louisiana?
  48. Why are the sidewalks in West Philadelphia so wide?
  49. History Book Recommendations?
  50. Air temp above a desert?
  51. I need a fatal medical condition
  52. UK legal system questions: doctor in jail
  53. Military strategy concerning Wehrmacht WW2
  54. My vocabulary has gone south!(Answered, thanks!)
  55. Asthma Treatment in the Early 20th Century
  56. Who knows about Westerns
  57. Child/teen psychology source
  58. Has anyone used a pager before?
  59. Ideas on how to make a business go bust, pretty please!
  60. Books part of the curriculum during Sophomore year (US high school)
  61. Cardiac arrest during surgery
  62. Boiled leather
  63. Generic Character Titles Requested
  64. GSW possibility, would love input!
  65. Hypnosis and "brainwashing"
  66. Nursing a bullet wound WW2
  67. How much plastic explosive would be needed?
  68. I really need to talk to a neurologist (for book stuff, not my own poor brain)
  69. What's that thing called? Ancient wheelless method of transporting a person or supplies
  70. An aeronautics engineer/physicist trapped in a crumbling building.
  71. Medical Knowledge Re: Gunshot Wound to Abdomen?
  72. Scotland Yard Called In?
  73. Medical Knowldege Re: Impact Injuries
  74. how can my protagonist lose thousands of dollars instantly?
  75. Consequences of Being a Teenage Runaway
  76. Powder Burns and Silencers
  77. Phobia questions
  78. Getting ID with no documents
  79. Military units absorbing stragglers from other nations?
  80. Rowing upstream
  81. swapping car numberplates
  82. Ocean Facts
  83. When is this girl from?
  84. Medical info on Amnesia
  85. can you identify a dead person only by DNA testing?
  86. Historical Holland and sinking ships
  87. Open casket funeral for a man with a neck wound
  88. American Mentality Viewed by Americans & Foreigners
  89. How would you describe this hairstyle?
  90. How long could someone survive with this much air?
  91. Claustrophobia and anxiety issues
  92. Alcohol poisoning - treatment + effects
  93. What age do kids stop playing in playgrounds?
  94. Magnetic alloy alternatives for weapons
  95. Can an alcoholic recover by sheer will?
  96. Fight scenes
  97. Roma Traditions
  98. Book Recommendations Needed for African “Watership Down”-esque Fantasy
  99. Graveside service in early 60s
  100. A Medical Query
  101. If a convicted felon escapes from prison, are they given another trial?
  102. Chinese-American customs and forms of address
  103. Recovery after critical hypothermia
  104. What do you call a sock filled with rocks?
  105. What Just Hit Me? Need slang terms for simple blunt weaponry (particularly homemade)
  106. Early signs of labor and childbirth
  107. Relationship Question
  108. TNT equivalent of a dust explosion
  109. Bullet Grazing Head Question
  110. Question about Marriage
  111. Borrowing Words In a New Language
  112. How can someone monitor an email address?
  113. US College Life
  114. Time-Traveler from Merriam-Webster
  115. High school senior year exams
  116. Electric shock
  117. poetic metre / stress
  118. How to handle someone in the midst of a post traumatic flashback
  119. Talk to me about British bars if the Americas never existed
  120. Weirdest Research Subject?
  121. How to make this legal
  122. Audiovisual sources of inspiration
  123. U.S. Legation in Peking - shady dealings by diplomats
  124. Medicine/genetics - growing a new organ
  125. Cantonese language nickname question
  126. Lethal blow to the head
  127. What would our earth look like if we had forty-eight hour days?
  128. Religion and Places of Worship
  129. Teens And Mental Health
  130. Radio or wi-fi signals inherently different from electromagnetism?
  131. Looking for book on what it is like to work in a historic watermill and live on site
  132. a crop that requires a lot of water
  133. Restraining orders and injunctions UK Law
  134. Pregnancy Questions
  135. sentencing for an armed robbery in California?
  136. Leveraging modern Medicine and Chemistry
  137. Treatment for someone with a violent mental break
  138. bulletwound
  139. submarines!
  140. Authentic High Schooler dialog
  141. Deep Sea Mining-- for what?
  142. How would a deer react to a boy?
  143. SOLVED - Looking for a word for Galleon/Pirate Ship upper deck, wood floor grate.
  144. Looking for people who lived in small US towns while in school!
  145. Private Pet Crematorium Questions
  146. Weed Tea Question
  147. Non-derisive label for unmarried woman?
  148. Chinese name for a dragon lady character?
  149. Electromagnetic pulse
  150. Musical contracts in the 1990's
  151. Weather related aches in young people possible?
  152. Places to stay for single mom, in LA in 1968-1969
  153. airline check
  154. gunshot death - how quickly?
  155. Feast of the Seven Fishes
  156. Humans on planets with different conditions
  157. Side Saddle Vs. Riding Astride
  158. Native American perspective - I'm afraid of being offensive.
  159. Plausibility Question
  160. Victorian combat drugs
  161. Travelling in France during WW2
  162. Astonomy help
  163. calling all firefighters!
  164. The Pennsylvanian Appalachians: Who lives there and what are they like
  165. The nerd version of...
  166. Help with musical instruments for fantasy world-building
  167. Research question about Broadway theatre
  168. Nomenclature of the top of one's foot
  169. Good street fighting examples?
  170. Are floorboards cold?
  171. Serious Fall Down Stairs
  172. Recovery after a coma
  173. US and UK English - checking comprehension of plimsoll and sneaker
  174. Citing Letters You Don’t Own
  175. Medical condition that causes...
  176. A flight of cellos?
  177. Looking for corn farmer(s) to read ~2k words for authenticity
  178. 19th century slang for insane asylum
  179. Bullet wound to the head
  180. Seeing in darkness
  181. gunpowder, sulphur in 19th century America
  182. Calling All Empaths-
  183. 19th Century Male Underwear
  184. Research for ghost fiction?
  185. Autopsy/Dissection Terminology Question
  186. Born At The Theatre
  187. Need an injury
  188. Car accident - EMT, police logistics on the scene
  189. Spanish speaker advice please regarding name
  190. Mystery: How do I look up road deaths by location?
  191. Rifle Jamming
  192. Back up of cell phone video
  193. Portland (OR) Central Precinct Detectives
  194. IP addresses and blogs
  195. Hi, I'm writing a fictional story with organized crime and a part that takes place during the 60's a
  196. architectural terms
  197. The summer after graduating from law school?
  198. How to purposely sink a motorboat en route
  199. Stargardt Disease
  200. Type of puppet you slap on a small table to make it dance?
  201. Paranormal Investigators, UFOs, and Alien Abduction
  202. K-pop tropes and expectations
  203. Infected wound
  204. Ladies Duelling (Emancipated Duels)
  205. Explain TV static to my like I'm five
  206. Were the names of the Greek gods also common names at the time?
  207. alternative energy and a sci fi prison
  208. American Party Food in 1900
  209. I need to kill someone with a car battery.
  210. Seeking Correct Dutch Words & Phrases
  211. Who assists the ME? Police lieutenant?
  212. Fictional languages
  213. Beavers (or beaver-like creatures)
  214. Hydrogen Sulfate
  215. Settling Refugees
  216. Caving
  217. Iowa 80
  218. Entrance Wounds
  219. I need a word or phrase
  220. Discreet security for a teenager
  221. What would a CPS social worker/investigator do in this situation?
  222. Epidemiology and access to hospital records
  223. Need A Terminal Illness for Female, Age 60
  224. Swelling timeline for broken fingers
  225. Do you know a lot about sailboats and ships? A vocab question.
  226. Aura Preceding a Seizure
  227. How quick can my MC find distant relatives?
  228. NYPD arrest records -- storage and access ca.1950
  229. Christmas Eve in 1911
  230. Picking up the keys to the house
  231. Dating & sex in the city: what about the roommates?
  232. Question about future demographics of ethnicities and invasions in countries
  233. Old Alaska driver's license laws
  234. Nullifying a Boiler Explosion
  235. Looking for a hot, flat place to live.
  236. lift - is the British use of lift understood outside UK
  237. Cost of Running a British Estate In 1930ish
  238. Healing stab wounds in a dystopian teaching hospital with limited resources
  239. British school sports in the winter
  240. laboratory explosion; evidence that would suggest magic
  241. History topics at school
  242. People who have descendants from ancient Egyptians
  243. Is someone willing to advise me through a first aid sequence?
  244. Going to Belfast Ireland - must stop places if I have a day? (warning:large IMG at thread end 800px)
  245. Speakers of German, I need a translation
  246. Advice on tea scene requested
  247. What would be the effects of this type of facial damage or is this even possible?
  248. British Middle and Upper Classes in 18th Century
  249. Cracking a code in a pre-modern setting
  250. Maternal movement early in pregnancy