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  1. Girl fending off rape attack.
  2. WWI/WWII era plane question
  3. New York dialect..
  4. Green card marriages
  5. 14yo leaves "good" parents to live with "good" sibling--legal consequences?
  6. International custody battle in Hague Convention countries
  7. No Family Medical History and Genetic Testing
  8. A question about drugs available in the UK in 1843
  9. NYC Private Elementary Schools - 3rd/4th Grade
  10. Ideas on naming a group of people, thanks.
  11. bronze versus steel in creating a fantasy airplane
  12. The physical structure of an artifical intelligence
  13. Need my hero to have a car he can't start for several hours (without going to a mechanic)
  14. Help! More crime scene questions!!!!!
  15. Could a brain scan reveal lying?
  16. Probate law
  17. Makeup and allergies
  18. Emotional responces related to artifical hearts?
  19. Alloys and powering a jet pack
  20. How far have you you fallen down in the research hole?
  21. Philippine Mythology and Culture - Double Posted in Beta subforum
  22. the Vatican Swiss Guard
  23. Gunshot to the shoulder
  24. Regency Publications - Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry
  25. Police car warning lights usage?
  26. Calling Hospital Staff (Mainly Regarding Severe Burns)
  27. Firearms question - H&K MP7
  28. What are some good insults for a snobby noble?
  29. About guns
  30. Local reporting of life events to federal gov't, also insurance Q
  31. Admissibility of confessions in a criminal case
  32. 15th century Wales / Appropriate ways to contact historians
  33. Speed: Tug boat vs. Paddlewheeler
  34. Fingerprints and a crime
  35. Number of people at an archaeological dig
  36. Titanium (or just someone with a good understanding of chemistry, please)
  37. Submarine question
  38. Laden Horse vs Foot
  39. Chemistry: Coloured Smoke Flares & Pepper Spray Mix
  40. Burning down the House...er, I mean kitchen!
  41. Bring Down a Turboprop
  42. Anyone know the range of thicknesses for tanned human leather
  43. Anza-Borrego Desert Smells
  44. Medical: untreated fracture
  45. Would I refer to the cartridge, or the shell or casing?
  46. Hospital stay after kidnapping
  47. Leaking Radiator - How far can my heroes drive?
  48. Preserving a corpse - Tudor era
  49. College Freshman Physics
  50. Death wail/keening in Carribbean culture
  51. telling time by the sun
  52. Former US Pres. Security Detail
  53. Gas that can knock someone out?
  54. Gunshot to the knee
  55. Treating snakebite without antivenom
  56. Question About Applying Symbolism to a Medieval Era Flavored Story
  57. Where can someone get shot and not die?
  58. Burning a Motorcycle
  59. Working on an Astrology series. Need some input.
  60. Tarot Cards
  61. Knife Wound/Collapsed Lung
  62. Poison/drug that can knock someone out for a few hours?
  63. Weight of ore
  64. Antisocial Personality Disorder + How to hide a suicide question(s)
  65. Becoming a high school english teacher
  66. What did women in medieval age drink?
  67. Contests For High School Students?
  68. City / crater / asteroid question
  69. Korean College
  70. Should I do this?
  71. Bull attacks
  72. Bilge pump on a 19th C brigantine/whaler
  73. Medical knowledge in a prehistoric world
  74. Can you actually have trouble controlling your strength?
  75. Opinion on comps
  76. Bullet Casings and Forensics
  77. Obsessive compulsive- or something owed to the reader?
  79. bean throwing, tree trimming and maypole dancing
  80. Social Worker, Coma, Disorderly Conduct
  81. If the industrial revolution had run out of coal
  82. Time inside wormholes
  83. Blood loss / suicide attempt / recovery
  84. FBI question
  86. World like a doughnut... and more
  87. Reference of plots?
  88. Druids/Pagans Appearances?
  89. Number of Stories Written About 'Legalized' Murder?
  90. Describing late afternoon by the sun's position in the sky?
  91. What are the biggest cases defended by 'diminished responsibility'?
  92. Hate crime in a private secondary school
  93. horse shot - damage to rider
  94. Edward Longshanks and the Money Lenders
  95. An emperor's main aide
  96. Need a few lines translated into Spanish.
  97. Living With A GPS Tracker
  98. Stomach wound recovery
  99. 22. Blank At Point-Blank Range
  100. Term for Widow In the Royal Family
  101. Gunshot wound to thigh... need your insights.
  102. Anyone from Chicago? (name for grandmother)
  103. Need advice about starting new pen name for new genre.
  104. Child abduction case US to Mexico
  105. Herbs and plants in medieval times used medically
  106. First Class passengers crossing the Atlantic in the 1930s
  107. Is anybody going to Wordstock in Portland this November?
  108. Gulfstream G650ER flown by inadequate pilot
  109. Let's Talk Breaking and Entering
  110. Wills and Contingent Inheritance
  111. Recommendations for basic military strategy/tactics resource material?
  112. DNA/RNA question for fantasy story
  113. Burn Victim Hair Regrowth
  114. Abdomen stab wound / surgery
  115. Faking Death
  116. Any neurologists/neurosurgeons here?
  117. Car people - What specifically can happen to a car being driven on a flat-to-the-rim tire?
  118. Telephones in WW2
  119. British slang circa 1900
  120. What's it like living in New York City?
  121. Chinese character speaking English
  122. Can you see your beard?
  123. Part of a silo
  124. Help Me with a Scene Where a Character Gets Shot
  125. I need a term that's bettern than "Modern Reformation"
  126. Nautical history / language question : pre-gunpowder
  127. Trekkies, I need you!
  128. Help Describing 1920s Theatre (photos included)
  129. TREES: Planting and harvesting on a large scale
  130. Question for LEOs
  131. Procedure for being sectioned
  132. How do investigative reporters investigate stuff?
  133. Historical sales postings, e.g. Craigslist
  134. Expensive Wines in 1884 London
  135. Need Spanish for "(He's a) little nothing."
  136. General details on Victorian London
  137. Need Info on Victorian England 1880s
  138. Trying to find an article about a writer who changed their MC's gender to make a point
  139. Psychology and word association
  140. Death of a child
  141. Improvised Incendiary Device
  142. Old Fashioned Printing Office
  143. I need to make a suicide look like an accident
  144. Fantasy concrete construction
  145. CPS and Custody
  146. How long for grandparents to get custody of a child?
  147. European high schools
  148. Anyone been inside the University of Edinburgh library?
  149. Amputees and war veterans
  150. Medical question
  151. Snowman Math
  152. Trees of Eastern Mass.
  153. Canoeing from the east coast of America to the Great Lakes
  154. High school football season
  155. Question about stab wounds
  156. Head Trauma, Amnesia, Seizures, Etc.
  157. gas lines, access tunnels and explosives - 19th century
  158. Deep cut on arm/blood loss/unconscious
  159. The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
  160. Do hogs actually eat dead human bodies?
  161. Helicopters
  162. Need info about harbor cruise ships (interior, mechanicals, layout)
  163. What sorts of illnesses does chronic arcenic poisoning mimic?
  164. Naming conventions among Massachusett tribe
  165. Resources for wilderness survival?
  166. Abortions
  167. Circa 1800s grain transportation question
  168. Name order of Asian name?
  169. Charcoal drawing + water = indistinguishable smudge?
  170. Heroin: Missed Vein
  171. How Much Does French Change?
  172. Driving the neighbours nuts!
  173. Questions about concussions
  174. Resuscitation of someone with severe blood loss
  175. Laudanum overdose
  176. Cooking the books!
  177. Sedatives: How Long Do They Take To Work?
  178. Titles through the ages (19th century)
  179. Terminal illnesses
  180. Video Tape of a Potential Crime
  181. character cause of death
  182. adult vs. infant fingerprints
  183. How is the typical first day at college like?
  184. Threats to scuba divers that can resolved underwater?
  185. 19th century boarding school + plumbing questions
  186. Psychological basis for hallucinating
  187. Branding, scarification, and how skin changes over time?
  188. Need protest sign verbiage
  189. Repeated punches - effects on fists
  190. What is the hair length of this image?
  191. Science
  192. Hysteria: When do they start seeing what's not there?
  193. Very dangerous arrows
  194. milking a horse
  195. Religious practices (Roman Catholic and Anglican) c. 1605
  196. 1890s Transatlantic Crossing
  197. Need an allergen commonly found but difficult to detect
  198. Primitive lifestyle in rain forest
  199. Zero gravity and physics
  200. Old school shaft mining
  201. A question about evidence in a Common Law court
  202. Renewing a Driver's License
  203. Hypothermia and blood loss
  204. Where can I learn about non-white ppl (POC) in Western Europe in the Victorian Era?
  205. laws about indecent exposure/public lewdness/age of consent in the 1960s
  206. 1869 Bankruptcy / Debtor Acts etc
  207. Animal Quarantine US/UK 1930s
  208. French Naming Law (Prior to 1993)
  209. Identifying an accident victim (Los Angeles, 1950's).
  210. Who's had broken ribs?
  211. Basic patient care (what does a nurse do?)
  212. Australian Crime Scenes Analysis vs American Crime Scenes.
  213. Parents: what would you do? Child with anxiety
  214. Need an injury to fit my scenario
  215. How Victorians addressed one another
  216. A&E procedure for handling at risk patients
  217. shooting through multiple people (19th cent.)
  218. St. George Medal
  219. How strong are rib bones
  220. Superficial arrow wound & mail
  221. Questions About a Possible Teen School Shooter "Personality"
  222. Arrhythmia - any medical experts?
  223. Severe but curable disease- 1940s
  224. Visiting a VIP in hospital
  225. Healing Time for a Nail Through the Hand?
  226. 22 SAS new recruit
  227. Help with Chinese Names
  228. my Georgian/Regency romantic conflict
  229. Something flammable a hospital patient would have access to?
  230. The 12 labours of Hercules
  231. Boating Basics
  232. Recommend a good romantic comedy/drama book for me
  233. Writing religious characters
  234. Junior Doctor/Student Visa (UK)
  235. US Police procedure
  236. On femininity & loss/return...
  237. Anyone speak Taishanese/Toisanese?
  238. Close Call With A Bullet
  239. How likely is the National Guard to actually shoot people?
  240. Need a Thai Surname
  241. Black market smuggling- Poland, 1940s
  242. Knife Sharpening and Sword Making
  243. Please delete this thread. Flammability of whiskey barrels (125 proof) on a wagon train
  244. Apologies for ick: Would human skin make good leather?
  245. Corpse preservation/decomposition
  246. Why would a nursing home call a resident's adult child?
  247. Child Marriage
  248. Depictions of auction scenes?
  249. 17th century Italian book - Column directions?
  250. Midcentury US military - process and terminology