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  1. How did people in 1913 London address each other?
  2. Lawyers -- Prosecuting Rape in the US?
  3. What type of work is done in a clean lab?
  4. What are some unusual [ancient historical] mysteries/plots/stories?
  5. The Best Man - Wedding Custom
  6. English speech patterns common in SE Asian immigrants
  7. History of BDSM-- 1950
  8. Near-drowning
  9. Any Gujarati speakers?
  10. Negro Semipro Baseball in St. Louis circa 1946
  11. French Translation?
  12. Looking for info on modern nuns
  13. Chores on a Ship for Inexperienced Sailor
  14. Death of a Spouse
  15. A Few Questions about Navy SEALs training
  16. Undercover FBI agents and Local LEOs?
  17. Child Custody in de facto relationships
  18. What was the salary of a lawyer in the 1950s?
  19. German translation?
  20. United Latin Europe post 888
  21. How do you break into a museum?
  22. Effect of Internal Kinetic Energy Transfer on Human Tissue
  23. Antigone-type burial
  24. ways of tracking someone online (fictionally, duh)
  25. Need to Consult with Expert on Experimental Desing and Statistics Question
  26. German Question
  27. Batman or Orderly during the Sepoy Rebellion, 1857?
  28. stabbed in lung - is this plausible?
  29. A soldier's career
  30. Muslim Graveyards?
  31. Picking the right method of suicide for a character
  32. Car crash repercussions for a juvenille - police, process, prosecution
  33. British Speech--Regional or Historical?
  34. Dimensions of a Wilderness Pole Fort?
  35. Anyone know a good bit (or more than me) about YouTube & viral videos?
  36. Bio-chemists needed!
  37. Getting large amounts of money while abroad
  38. Improvised Victorian Science - Arsenic detection
  39. Investigating a suicide
  40. Being Released from Remand
  41. Locating a suspect
  42. Abduction of a minor (UK/Ireland)
  43. blame it on Rio
  44. Appealing a criminal case in New York
  45. For How Long / When Is Mars Eclipsed by the Sun from Earth
  46. The American Embassy: finding a missing American abroad
  47. Ship travel from England to India in the mid-1850s
  48. A question about fire
  49. Broken bones - untreated
  50. Post WWI
  51. Gambling in Reno: legality of dealer dealing to a romantic partner?
  52. Medical questions about blood and blood loss, pretty please! :-)
  53. Translating simple sentence, English to Cornish
  54. Location of a red room
  55. Math for Science? (And Dyscalculia)
  56. Effects of Dumping Salt into a Fresh Water Source
  57. Forearm GSW: Shock, Recovery, Treatment
  58. Arson investigation questions
  59. Science Fiction: Turning a Natural Immunity into a Pill or Something
  60. Heart's appearance after cardiac arrest
  61. Vaccine delivery methods
  62. Deep cut wound to shoulder - recovery
  63. A very quick query about American school grades/ages...
  64. Physical effects of castration - Tudor period
  65. Adult coming forward with child abuse and escaping captivity
  66. legally- who inherits property when owner dies without a will?
  67. Police in Canada - Ontario to be exact
  68. Back Injuries and Sleep Position
  69. German Language Help
  70. Link Between Hair Color and Type
  71. Lawsuits
  72. Your Experiences with Postpartum Depression and/or a Difficult Baby
  73. Slash to the stomach, zero to hobble
  74. Door breaching charges
  75. The term for "a work therapist" (medical)
  76. Offshore Oil Platforms
  77. Information on Korean police?
  78. Finger Printing and DNA
  79. Factory work Deep South 1950s
  80. Need a toxic fume
  81. Blending in Public
  82. Hit by a car, head injury - looking for some details between the trauma and organ donation
  83. Art dealers
  84. Shotgun slug question
  85. Planetary Atmosphere Question
  86. Blood pH dropping - how low can we go?
  87. Rural life in the 1860s and 1870s
  88. I Need To Ask The Gay Males Something
  89. How are American students tested in their sophomore year?
  90. Crude fertilizer bomb
  91. Murder ?
  92. Running for class president in sophomore year
  93. Rescue From Titanic
  94. Will a swing from a golf club break a leg bone?
  95. How low can you go-- altitude, that is
  96. Non-expert opinion on dyslexia
  97. UK adoption system
  98. Gentrification in Atlanta
  99. How do I study for the SATs?
  100. I needs me a MacGuffin of sorts. Do you have a favorite painter?
  101. Is there a Doctor/Historian in the house?
  102. How do the non-seeing experience color? Can anyone vet for me?
  103. Physics of blasting into space
  104. Spaceship to spaceship hacking
  105. Looking for help with WW2 dates and locations.
  106. Help with the ins and outs of therapy
  107. Murder at sea, Victorian era
  108. Any experts on the Canadian Criminal Justice System/Law?
  109. Concentration Camp Escape
  110. Hitchhiking and runaways?
  111. Relations between Great Britain citizens and American citizens during the American Revolution
  112. Seeking interviews w The Other Woman/Man
  113. German speakers / historians needed!
  114. What A Snakebite Feels Like
  115. New England from the Revolution to the Civil War
  116. Help with Trek Distance
  117. Criminal Underworld Professionals
  118. Need help with a hospital scene
  119. British Peerage in Late Elizabethan England
  120. Malnutrition
  121. Can a sharp enough edge cut through anything?
  122. Travel between Nebraska and New Orleans in 1856
  123. Help needed with choice of piano music
  124. Brazilian/Portugese Names
  125. Writers who use newsletters to build their brand
  126. Finding out the British and Spanish Admirality - offices and positions
  127. Where can I find primary sources of the city of Havana in the 18th century?
  128. VIP Pass to Meet Sports Players?
  129. Sikhs: I need you.
  130. Fin de Siècle Europe Psychiatric Institution/Asylum Queries
  131. Possibly the dumbest question ever - Any idea of the tensile strength of the tape in 8 track tapes?
  132. German phrase check
  133. Italian phrase check
  134. Special Needs Schools in England, specifically Dyslexia
  135. Hired Transport 1912 America
  136. a telegraph or something like it
  137. do police search a murder victim's home?
  138. something from a mechanic you can use as disinfectant
  139. Someone who has worked in a criminally insane hospital.
  140. Research (Amputation)
  141. A Wee Bit English to Spanish Translation
  142. Punjabi speakers?
  143. French Question
  144. Any Idea about (supplier quality) engineer salaries?
  145. Looking for a map.
  146. Getting Married (England)
  147. High-Class Restaurant/Lounge
  148. Things In A House: 60+ year old retired army officer in 1889
  149. Children/Teen Mental Health Services/Facilities
  150. When someone climbs into an opening in a ceiling...
  151. US Military - Sikhs and Monster-Hunters...
  152. Jewish Kid & Punk Rock, 1979-1987
  153. Anyone knowledgeable about oxygen deprivation?
  154. asexual romantic attraction
  155. Asteroids and space physics
  156. Latin / Wiccan knowledgeable persons question
  157. When Cops Speak To You
  158. Kidnapper shot in the head
  159. Double amputee mobility - early Tudor period
  160. Hydrogen Peroxide on Dark Hair?
  161. horse vs human (over 2-3 days travel…)
  162. Help With An Arrest Scene
  163. 19th c. Tibetan Buddhist Q's
  164. Scene Research: What's the NYC hospital and police procedure for treating sexual assault victims?
  165. What is the best course of action? (Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome)
  166. Interviewees Wanted: Autism Spectrum Disorders
  167. Housing in diplegia rehab facilities
  168. Nuclear Reactor: what does it feel like?
  169. Quick Question Re Dewey Decimal System
  170. Help: Quoting other writers in my novel.
  171. How long would it take an adult to learn how to read?
  172. Lawyer sort of question. I think.
  173. Looking for Marathi (or Hindi) Translation
  174. Serbian Translation Required
  175. Hunting, camping, survival skills in the desert?
  176. From Suicide to Blog Removal?
  177. Finger Scarring
  178. Yiddish word for "rotten" or some form of it
  179. Question about arson/bodies/toxiocology
  180. is it doctor or mister for a surgeon in Australia?
  181. Life of the Jews In Babylon and Persia
  182. Menstruation Fact and Fiction
  183. Can you talk if you have a collapsed lung?
  184. Coastal mountains and weather
  185. Wearing a Ring in Prison Allowed?
  186. Questions about working in a pub in Ireland
  187. stabbed in the ear
  188. How are internal sutures removed?
  189. A question of debilitating migraines
  190. Radioactive Decay
  191. How are memories regained after amnesia?
  192. Damage from a gunshot wound
  193. Do you have frequent nightmares?
  194. Tuberculosis in the 1960s
  195. "Cut my head off and throw it in the fire!"
  196. Coma
  197. My semi-annual gun question... historical this time!
  198. WTF is this?
  199. Past organ trauma, current illness
  200. Glass Knives
  201. Stabbing zombies (or other people) in the head
  202. Methods to covertly sabotage a car.
  203. Invisible Fence
  204. INFORMATION ABOUT BOT FIGHTING High voltage electric discharge
  205. DNA ?
  206. Wolf Attack
  207. Viruses Viable For Genetic Modification
  208. Sedatives Question
  209. Vampire attack and biology
  210. Medical: Resilience of the human eyeball
  211. Taste of polar ice
  212. Inside a hyperbaric chamber???
  213. Decomposition Rate for a body in a Cesspit?
  214. Safety of eating raw meat
  215. Effects of an EMP
  216. Disembodied fingers & touch ID
  217. Portuguese accents
  218. London Trains - 1940
  219. Observing Earth from the Asteroid Belt
  220. Police questions
  221. How Warm Are Animal Pelts?
  222. Feats of Strength From Insanity
  223. Non-Earth gravity
  224. Amputating a finger - minimal treatment - and travel afterward (fantasy - sort of Tudor era type)
  225. Horse behavior
  226. Attn: Math and CompSci experts
  227. Need 18yo character in jail 1 week for pot, then bailed out for ~$7000: specifics hard to find
  228. A couple of mental health-related queries, pretty please (UK-based)
  229. Naval questions about a flock of admirals
  230. Water Storms in Miami, Fla.
  231. Ancient blood residue
  232. US - UK different word meanings question - one for US people
  233. Italian accents
  234. Weapons Used To Guard Fragile, Valuable Commodities
  235. Union Navy Recruit
  236. Non-Traditional Reproduction
  237. Speech problems in an adult with an untreated, partial cleft palate?
  238. Looking for another Hindi translation
  239. Disability Accessibility at Concerts & Elsewhere
  240. Parking garage security in high-end condos or apartments
  241. Time required to learn martial art
  242. Anyone from Vermont or Delaware?
  243. Maasai culture and mythology
  244. The visible stars in Chinese (Taoist) mythology
  245. Anyone from the Andaman Islands?
  246. How are dead bodies generally dressed?
  247. Geography - Ocean Currents!
  248. Care of cancer patient 1937
  249. Medical history - arsenic symptoms
  250. care for a slashed throat