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  1. Botany - Indigo Plant
  2. German phrase check
  3. Seeking simple warning phrase in Russian
  4. Paralysis, concussion, and 1940s-era medicine, with no available doctors
  5. Any physicists here?
  6. Question about galley proofs
  7. Explosion and Dizziness
  8. gunshot wound to ribs/liver - late 19th cent.
  9. DNA Testing in 1980s France?
  10. A body sinking in a pool
  11. Ancient Greece
  12. Indian Culture
  13. So, how many years constitute a generation?
  14. Penetrating Skull Fracture
  15. Being a scriptwriter (for a character, not me)
  16. Does anyone know how evidence of rape works when it comes to a rape kit?
  17. Firefighters Schedules
  18. Deterioration of an Abandoned Spacecraft
  19. How can someone sneak into a bank without being noticed?
  20. Question about an American getting kidnapped in Scotland
  21. Giving notice in the military
  22. Buying an engagement ring in Moscow?
  23. A Psychologist's Questioning
  24. How badly burned if your arms held something down in a fire for 30 seconds?
  25. Naming a new species
  26. Is g-force as issue in spaceships?
  27. Evil Boyfriend Revenge
  28. old sailing ships - navigation and steering?
  29. Refilling a Prescription While Visiting Overseas
  30. Help with terminal velocity of a floating city?
  31. The seasons near Edmonton, Alberta
  32. Dogfight or similar experience needed
  33. Surviving an Apocalypse
  34. Artificial insemination and DNA
  35. How would having no family impact on life?
  36. Salad dodger!
  37. Running a small restaurant
  38. What's the fastest I can realistically have paternity results?
  39. Timing in Cane Learning and O&M meetings
  40. Prescription drug abuse in 1998 and police responses in that time
  41. Question about courtroom procedures and witness tampering.
  42. Looking for U.S. Geography/Farming/Astronomy Buffs
  43. Need Help with Hospital Corpsmen Character (Or something for the Military Buffs)
  44. Textiles and sea water damage
  45. Drug Testing
  46. Experiences with Tinder App Wanted
  47. Can the police legally do this while undercover?
  48. Hospital acquired pneumonia - possible timeline?
  49. Tents in Space!
  50. How old would a senior biologist be?
  51. Need a prescription joint pain medication that's safe for someone with heart issues
  52. Living with muteness long-term
  53. Pretty please give me all your poison (or drugs)!
  54. The Royal Navy - Specific Questions
  55. How does this law work when it comes to warrants and police procedure?
  56. Galactic disc
  57. Bridge jumping info for a thriller
  58. Gun laws regarding Minors?
  59. 911 call centers in US
  60. Birthdates for maximum age range between two boys in elementary school?
  61. A question to a psychiatrist on delusions
  62. Looking for resources on the foster system
  63. Ship names
  64. Hotel Key Cards
  65. WWII era tech question
  66. Corrosive chemical with strong magnetic properties
  67. Serotonin Syndrome Timeline + Symptoms
  68. The sound a rifle makes when you are getting ready to fire it?
  69. I have a question of police procedure with home invasions.
  70. Mothers (Especially those of at least teenage children), how would you react?
  71. Albinos Needed
  72. Chinese candy
  73. Surviving a house fire, early 20th century
  74. Scuba diving
  75. Are their any criminal psychologists that specialize in this kind of scenario?
  76. Beheadings
  77. Gemstones
  78. Gruesome questions re: scalping several days after death
  79. Legal ramifications?
  80. In Victorian England, how would brothers be introduced?
  81. Is there a specific name for a person who illegally logs trees?
  82. Burning away bioweapons
  83. Question about fifth amendment laws in this case.
  84. Rockabilly Hair Poof
  85. Question about U.S. laws when it comes to terrorism.
  86. For legal eagles - question about quashing warrants
  87. What's the copyright status of these neopagan texts and chants?
  88. Climate and wind (or wind-lessness)
  89. Illegitimate sons and inheritance in Victorian England
  90. branding human skin
  91. Working heavy horse question about feed
  92. Endurance horse questions
  93. murder investigation protocol - q's from suspect's POV...
  94. Military/Army
  95. Terminology for this Ministry?
  96. Cutting your wrists (a lot of questions)
  97. What would the result of a bullet to the upper left chest be?
  98. Painting portraits
  99. Chinese Translation
  100. Freediving and lung squeeze
  101. Radiation poisoning experts needed
  102. Murder Suspect Gets Shot... Then What?
  103. Do the police have the computer technology to do this?
  104. Question about police procedure
  105. Question about courtroom procedures.
  106. Scandinavian naming conventions in the Viking age
  107. Upper Class Norway in Early 20th Century
  108. The manifestos of kooks
  109. Throttle down or throttle back?
  110. 19th century London police procedure
  111. Where is a place to get stabbed that won't kill a person but land them in the hospital?
  112. "late of <place name>" old fashioned phrase... am I using it right?
  113. Traffic light vs. Stoplight
  114. Are prison therapy sessions always under surveillance?
  115. I have a question about court procedures in a scenario.
  116. Military Conscription Survival Rates
  117. Natural herbs to slow body decomposition?
  118. Q: murder for hire - following the money trail...
  119. Q: FBI vs. police in sting operation
  120. Serial Murder, computer forensics, FBI?
  121. Do we have any gerontologists?
  122. A meal for a family of mid 19th century ranchers
  123. Need an injury for my character.
  124. LE Interview: Witness with intellectual/cognitive disability
  125. How can the police determine which way a window was broken in?
  126. fighting to the death -- while in manacles and outnumbered?
  127. Gun question
  128. Can the police arrest someone, with admissible evidence, in this case?
  129. Someone good with...space! Or asteroids?
  130. Trying to untangle some stuff (Intellectual disabilities/group homes/ government support)
  131. How well would paper survive vacuum?
  132. [Medical] Modern Medicine and Crucifixion?
  133. Experience with "talking" birds?
  134. Do you have a much older sister?
  135. In need of a snarky Norwegian translation.
  136. Can an attorney speak to a witness, outside of court in this case?
  137. Two objects colliding in space
  138. Recovering from Gunshot and Surgery/Hospital Stays
  139. Ancient Queens?
  140. Somewhat icky question about skin
  141. Police briefing
  142. Information about amputee
  143. Information about a Portland, OR location - preferably from a local.
  144. 19th century detectives
  145. Endometriosis Infertility
  146. Can someone give me a little help with Latin?
  147. History of drug addiction and the future
  148. weaponizing a kerosene lamp
  149. WWII era motorcycle
  150. Seeking experiences with BBS/forums
  151. Putting out a barn fire 1800s
  152. Epilepsy medication for a teenager
  153. Books on pre-Victorian rural life
  154. Hostile takeover/M&A
  155. Advice on escaping a prison camp (disabling an electric fence?)
  156. Effects of major blood loss
  158. Death Notification, Seattle area - details? (kinda grisly)
  159. Murder, framing, emergency, and forensics in the snow questions.
  160. How did police store evidencce in the 19th century?
  161. How would a king address a duke?
  162. Done!
  163. Question on elephants going berserk
  164. How to Sit in Armor
  165. College scouts?
  166. People without legal documents, identity theft, and other shenanigans...
  167. Therapy
  168. Coast Guard communication with the Police in Boston?
  169. Scanning a Planet Before Landing
  170. Which sport is best for overall fitness, strength and body control?
  171. Research for post-apocalypse
  172. Depression Statements Wanted
  173. M1 Abrams and fire
  174. Unable to carry a baby to term because of injury
  175. UK History masters' degree
  176. Biology vs Medical Research
  177. One-word term for fine sand like in sand clock?
  178. Endemic typhus in the 19th Century
  179. Where to post my sex tape?
  180. Biology: Symbiosis and surviving after being cut off
  181. Clothes at arraignment or prelim hearing
  182. Police Procedure. What kind of documents might go into the file of a Missing Person's case?
  183. What are some ways a stalker could use modern technology against my leads?
  184. Information on poaching and the illegal pet trade in Africa wanted
  185. Using the Internet in 1999
  186. Servants in Georgian London
  187. Police procedure: offering evidence for a case
  188. Information on Africa
  189. terrible relationships
  190. Rape of Nanking
  191. Mexican-American Identity Terms Circa 1960
  192. Looking for Information on Hong Kong ca: 1923
  193. Anyway around this tough situation regarding an ending?
  194. Question for the ladies here.
  195. Geography expert needed: How long would this journey take? (picture included)
  196. Is Confession confidential for Protestants?
  197. Query in regards to forensic, injuries and Identification
  198. Lotus feet and tatami mats
  199. Charging a smart phone during the apocalypse
  200. Super strength and bone/muscle density
  201. Dying intestate in DC
  202. Looking for a few beyond-basic car repairs
  203. baptist religion - a few questions
  204. Violent, Injured Patient in Emergency Room Setting
  205. regaining speech after a stroke
  206. plot question involving self publishing - realistic (for plot, not me!)
  207. Q re homicide investigation procedural details...
  208. Ask my Doctor Mum!
  209. Could an unknown soap opera actor in New York be able to afford an apartment in Greenwich Village
  210. Is Anyone Familiar with Police Procedure??
  211. Getting into college without finishing school?
  212. MC training for the Olympics…What's realistic?
  213. Railguns
  214. German-Jewish naming convention.
  215. Blocking/stopping someone hitting you with a cane
  216. Defense Lawyer Procedure Q
  217. Tudor manorial church--character needs to find rope
  218. Sopona Cult?
  219. Would the police reveal this information to the public, in this case?
  220. The Common Cold
  221. Question about computer hacking technology and how it works.
  222. Baseball contract
  223. Two small queries about AmE usage, pretty please!
  224. How to hack a PC in the early 2000s -- need ideas
  225. Career-ending sports injury that gets better
  226. Have you ever lived on an island?
  227. Mental Health Diagnosis
  228. Quick Spanish help needed
  229. Where would attorneys keep records of protected client conversations?
  230. Foreign language self-study c. 1910 -- cylinder records
  231. Can people with albinism have tattoos?
  232. Asian name
  233. Legal Advice for a parody of a copyrighted novel.
  234. Realistic Cause of Muteness
  235. Need some military lingo
  236. Wrestling experts
  237. Police scanners? Do they still exist?
  238. University scholarship funding legal question
  239. The Rich are Different...? Wedding rings.
  240. Condition that might cause someone to stand up, spin in a circle, and sit down . . . then repeat?
  241. Victorian Misconceptions
  242. Are there any criminal psychology books on female serial rapists, I could use for research?
  243. American Private Investigators
  244. Lawyers with military experience and Computer security experts
  245. pre-13th century Smelting ?
  246. Is Tria a good name for a goddess?
  247. Antiques Roadshow, anyone? I need an object...
  248. Seeking: Sci fi/Final Fantasy 6/Tech Topic: Brainwashing using Tech
  249. Slaughterhouses and rendering pits, early Tudor period
  250. Medical equipment needed to keep a non-breathing patient alive?