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  1. What does a sports manager do, exactly? Any resources would be great as well! :)
  2. Fatal broken neck from a high speed car crash??
  3. Bradawl - BrE only, or also AmE ??
  4. Late 1800s medical treatment for broken hand from fistfight?
  5. throat cut - missed voice box?`
  6. Real US Schools vs. TV Tropes
  7. Youtube and Vimeo related question
  8. Beginning to think I will never find a publisher I like.
  9. Head Injury and Sociopathy
  10. End-stage illnesses and home care
  11. Writing a story set in a school
  12. Questions about unconsciousness/passing out
  13. Both eyes bandaged / ophthalmology question
  14. Death Row inmate in a coma?
  15. US-Mexico Border Crossing in 2007?
  16. Insurance Life Claims Officer or HO Attorney
  17. Ever been a first responder (pro or Good Samaritan) to someone who has suffered a facial injury?
  18. Smallest pre-industrial ship that can cross a 20-mile channel in good time?
  19. Ceramics
  20. Effect on Person of Lightning Strike
  21. Custody and Guardianship questions.
  22. Red Dwarf (the star, not the TV series)
  23. How did people introduce themselves during the italian renaissance.
  24. Words for courtyard garden that works in both US and UK
  25. Compass point words in the Viking Age
  26. Juveniles in police custody
  27. Police Notifying Possible Minor of Parent's Arrest & questioning
  28. About hearing and dog whistles
  29. Married women's property rights in 1890s America (Alaska)?
  30. I need a luxury hotel in San Francisco, pretty please!
  31. Suggestions for researchers who want to contact the experts?
  32. Writing an epic fantasy story, need help.
  33. Help with surviving in the wildnerness
  34. Flint vs steel knives
  35. NYC (and beyond) paramedics/EMTs - you've just been called out to a serious vehicle collision!
  36. Treating a crossbow wound: to remove, or not to remove?
  37. Economics: Does this make sense?
  38. Load limits and sizes on wooden and hemp rope A-frame lifting gear
  39. Do digital watches work in space?
  40. Modern ocean sailing questions - 36' motorsail with only mildly experienced crew
  41. Plane Crashes--Any Pilots or aviation experts?
  42. San Diego
  43. Best resources to read about the transgender experience?
  44. Is it possible to retroactively trace a cell phone location?
  45. Questions on draft horse teams pulling waggons over long distance for a fantasy
  46. PLEASE help us with some research?
  47. Dyson Sphere/Net
  49. 18th Century Gun Question
  50. Dyslexia and College
  51. Korean Name and Culture Check
  52. MC hit on head with rolling pin. Please advise.
  53. Deciphering code?
  54. Military rank
  55. Calling all foster care experts/those with personal experience:
  56. Can good orthodontics correct an overbite?
  57. A little help please! (Child Services question)
  58. Investigating a Plane Crash
  59. Can rain be followed by a dust storm?
  60. Quick Spanish Translation: Verdadero
  61. veterinary drugs abused by humans
  62. Space combat and distances
  63. Dent in skull after having an ICP bolt??
  64. How Would a Doctor Respond
  65. Bayonet Stabbings - Then and Now!
  66. Child Service Questions
  67. Dangerous Alien Survey/Intellectual Property
  68. Volunteer jobs/hobbies/after-school work for a teenager passionate about social work?
  69. Horse Dialog
  70. Painkillers and antibiotics...
  71. Need to do a little research on Munchhaussen
  72. Mountains and tectonic plates
  73. Need advice on modern Hinduism practices
  74. 19th Century Wild West Legal Procedures: Coroner's Inquest?
  75. Damage to an airplane
  76. Need a gunshot wound that is nearly always fatal in the long term
  77. Israel & Santa, and Yiddish (or Hebrew) profanity
  78. Women going their own way.
  79. Sword fighting - The basic elements
  80. Asphyxiation by hyperbaric chamber
  81. Car crash injury: The Running Man 1982
  82. Gimme all your Tahoe, pretty please!
  83. Child's reaction
  84. I *think* this post belongs here
  85. Latin Translation
  86. Cats and kittens lapping milk
  87. San Francisco Touristy Stuff - 1993
  88. Predators and birds in coastal New England
  89. can this be a job?
  90. Sailing in the Caribbean
  91. San Diego and surrounding towns in the early 1960s
  92. Experience with explosive in an undergound mine
  93. 18th Century - 19th Century
  94. Notable geological and botanical features in NE Washington State/Upper Rockies
  95. Help with military title
  96. German Speakers, Please
  97. Need some help with astronomy
  98. I Need To Learn How Big Drug Deals Work
  99. Scientists who are experts in dinosaur anatomy?
  100. late 1950s/early 1960s slang in America (west coast)
  101. Smuggling Uranium
  102. Teaching About World War II During World War II
  103. Any brain experts out there?
  104. Baby born with club-foot in 1912
  105. Vintage Brandy and Lord Nelson
  106. can bursting fire crackers in a car cause it to burst/blow/burn completely?
  107. Irish speakers: Plural for chair?
  108. Email Privacy Question
  109. A corpse in the vacuum of space
  110. Name for a parasitic bug?
  111. How would an academic fundraising party go?
  112. Dancers Wanted
  113. Killing with a Throat Strike
  114. Need help with French headlines please
  115. Transport Links between Guatemala and Belize in the 1930s
  116. Money: Electronic or physical
  117. Pequot War
  118. Whitewater Canoe Narratives
  119. Capitalising titles?
  120. Wrestling/Martial Arts Question
  121. Do foster children move to different cities in the same state?
  122. Need English to Dutch (or German) Translation: Happy Krampus Night!
  123. Help me injure my character! (Trauma vs illness)
  124. Simple Spanish questions
  125. Legal question about working overtime
  126. what is this triangle called
  127. deleted
  128. Equine Injury Please
  129. Tall British Tree
  130. Diet Tips
  131. Plot question - sinking a boat
  132. Techs please?
  133. Aspen, CO
  134. possible plot hole regarding batteries
  135. Korean American Experience
  136. Post Removed.
  137. Effects of long isolation on mixed-gender military unit
  138. Juvenile Justice System Question
  139. A very quick query about American legal terminology
  140. 2009 - FBI accessing shady bank transactions - Would they discover the time in addition to the date?
  141. American high school junior class curriculum?
  142. Jamming radio signal with two way
  143. What is this chicken
  144. Police Investigating a Death
  145. A follow-up question about subpoenaing a suspect's bank account (timescales), pretty please!
  146. How to destablize a theocracy
  147. Buying alot of guns (hypothetical)
  148. Including maps in stories / copyright
  149. Appendectomies - Experiences Requested
  150. Meditation/Focusing methods
  151. Hydro dam structure and maintenance
  152. Jamming a semiautomatic rifle Galatz (early 1980s)
  153. Crime Scene Scenario
  154. Some Navy Research
  155. I need the name of a posh American coffee machine, pretty please!
  156. Would a suspected terrorist be offered bail?
  157. do P.I's carry a license around?
  158. Life in Post-WWII Britain (Cambridge)
  159. Public phones in the UK
  160. Recommendations for Harry Truman biography and non-fiction on the atomic bomb drop
  161. Creating realistic Native American characters-historical fiction
  162. Level A hazmat suits in level 4 containment laboratory
  163. Indonesian honorifics in english text
  164. Smithing question
  165. Website Designers, Computer Tech Saavy People Needed! Domains etc.
  166. Post Removed.
  167. Detective
  168. Developing Anxiety and Depression
  169. Born with cleft lip/cleft palate? Want to share thoughts?
  170. Anyone know what are a Paramedics limitations?
  171. Need Assistance From Someone Who Is Native to Ireland
  172. Would an Albuquerque public school in 1915 have Mexican or Mexican-American students?
  173. Paternity law and cars -- early 20th century, British
  174. Anyone here in Waste Management?
  175. Crime Scene Question
  176. Bags or Cans of Coffee
  177. How well policed are large Polish cities?
  178. Going from JFK Airport to Newark Airport via Grand Central Station on public transport
  179. Trigger warning: Blunt Question about divorce
  180. Anyone here an expert on ropes courses?
  181. Interesting article on current forensics
  182. do cops need a warrant to get into a P.I.'s files or get info on his clients?
  183. Rome-era European tribal life
  184. Roman battlefield medics.
  185. Did Xbox Live in 2004 have private messaging?
  186. A Mysterious nickname question.
  187. English legal terminology
  188. Installing Solar Power panels during a zombie apocalypse.
  189. Identifying Runes & A Supernatural Experience
  190. Stabbed in the side
  191. Being a Writer in the Early 20th Century
  192. Need Help with Info on Nutrition and/or Vitamins for a Toddler
  193. The furnace in the basement - what on earth is it?
  194. Books on everyday life in the USA
  195. Calling for Civil War experts! Border states and interpersonal relationships
  196. traffic accident procedure - a little out of the ordinary?
  197. Who's famous for political re-education?
  198. The Nutty Family Tree
  199. Two Men Enter A Forest, One Man Leaves...
  200. Questions about making small forts
  201. Fireteam military tactics at night
  202. Military and Medic Questions
  203. Medical question(s)
  204. Mosquito survey
  205. Police accessing their work email at home ???
  206. Do I have to buy a house for research or can you help me?
  207. Small unit tactics
  208. 911 information?
  209. Death By Scorpion
  210. When is someone considered a "missing person"?
  211. Gunshot wound, medical expertise please
  212. Electrical arcing in cordless power tools.
  213. Hacking computers and people, really good information.
  214. Soccer Injuries that result in Hospital Stays
  215. Questions about tear gas
  216. Albino eyesight
  217. Fights and battles
  218. 19th c. artificial leg and swimming/wading
  219. Book: The Writer's Guide to Weapons
  220. Detonator question
  221. Prison Hospital questions
  222. Killing a snake with your bare hands?
  223. What does a gunshot graze wound feel like?
  224. mojave desert/death valley - sensory details
  225. Will wild animals eat your heart?
  226. College scholarships?
  227. Suicide pills
  228. Where a leg might break & pain - A question for medical or unfortunate experiential expertise
  229. Naming a new species
  230. Need ideas for chronic illnesses that would require expensive critical supplies
  231. Music producers / mix engineering question
  232. Can a detective video a murder scene with his phone?
  233. Temporary Paralysis possibilities
  234. Question on how a kidney injury feels
  235. Can a Supreme Court Justice argue a case as an attorney?
  236. Can you buy ready-made meringue nests in American supermarkets?
  237. Can Someone Wounded in Action Still be Active Military?
  238. Research Recommendations Wanted: American Communist Party
  239. Question about cell phones as audio recording devices
  240. What sort of weapons and equipment would a soldier carry during the american civil war
  241. Injured police officer returning to duty // what kind of process?
  242. Russian Language translation needed (vulgar/vernacular)
  243. What would a private investigator do in this case?
  244. How to obtain old textbooks
  245. Any Science Experts or Novies Out There: Internet / Biology Question
  246. Is anyone knowledgable about DNA and retroviruses
  247. Burning down the house...
  248. I need a dangerous illness for a character to fake
  249. Blunt trauma to chest in car accident, weaken over time, dies six years later?
  250. Horse drawn vehicles in a fantasy city