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  1. What would you expect a 14-15-year-old to know?
  2. Gulfstream 650g
  3. Military remains & escort
  4. Army Reserve, do you keep your rank?
  5. Gunshot wound in the leg: How fast can someone bleed till falls unconscious??
  6. Private security corporations... need advice.
  7. Horses, rough travel and reduced rations?
  8. Vehicle collision and subsequent explosion - how hot would it feel to nearby onlookers?
  9. Dante Alighieri's hat
  10. Press Interns doing news reporting?
  11. Using someone else's skin?
  12. Recalling an email (given access to the server)
  13. Solving a cipher without the keyword
  14. High School Co-op In France?
  15. House inheritance and loans
  16. Gunshot wounds and Comas?
  17. Calling 911 for a fire in a big city
  18. Anime/Manga
  19. cocaine dissolved in wine
  20. science/engineering/rockets VASIMR engines and propellant
  21. Meth or Cocaine and Driving
  22. Cases by a Corrupt Cop?
  23. gene therapy not possible for this alien
  24. Disabling interior trunk release button
  25. US Minor/guardianship laws for minors whose parent just died
  26. Fire! How does it burn homes?
  27. Stabbing! Where should it hit?
  28. Would this be two separate police cases or one?
  29. Need a Southern U.S. location
  30. Payphone on caller ID
  31. The mechanics of a medieval royal progress
  32. Victorian Equivalent to Keyboard
  33. What kind of cars do teenagers like to drive the most?
  34. Gold!
  35. Alcoholism
  36. Long-term post-care for amputation
  37. Overwhelmed mother with three babies
  38. Question about horse-racing and betting
  39. Using a piece of Jewellry
  40. Downtown(ish) Dallas
  41. Climate in post-greenhouse Antarctica
  42. Scottish insult for an Englishman
  43. 1950s psychiatry and neurosciences
  44. knee injury, Civil War era
  45. stabbings - how long to die
  46. What's southern Iowa like?
  47. Medical question: slow growing but inoperable/terminal cancer
  48. Haitian gentleman's hairstyles
  49. Anyone know about large luxury yachts, circa 1980's?
  50. North-to-South transplants: any differences that you notice? (US)
  51. The sound of silver bells?
  52. On cow behaviour. Specifically, fear.
  53. Bald/hairless experiences
  54. Journalism, do you get paid more for making the front page?
  55. English slang 1910?
  56. safe deposit box: quick question
  57. inserting poison gas into HVAC system
  58. Selling gold at a pawn shop
  59. Questions - death by close range shotgun
  60. Penalty for an affair between two cops?
  61. quick question - drugs and joining the Army
  62. Rifle fire in a bedroom.
  63. NYPD standard gun
  64. Airline and airport employees
  65. Things changing during late 1940s and 50
  66. Self-defense move
  67. What's the correct police procedure for a robbery in progress?
  68. Keeping a dog at bay with smell
  69. Calculating Islamic holidays
  70. Cutting down a big tree
  71. NY State Family Law Questions
  72. 19th century police interrogation
  73. How long does smoke take to clear out?
  74. Local PD involving FBI - have I got this right?
  75. Tennis Anyone? A Question on recording the scores
  76. gunshot to the throat
  77. Officer opens fire, does not hit suspect--what's the subsequent protocol?
  78. Paris Police
  79. Cop Following a Suspect Out of Jurisdicition
  80. Facsimile sources for medieval sheet music
  81. Financial-type white collar crime outcome
  82. police safe house
  83. Do horses/deer/large herbivores get the pee shivers?
  84. Pregnant Woman Shot
  85. Any masters of electrical engineers around...
  86. Damage to hand and wrist
  87. hostage situation but the gun is a fake
  88. Arrow to the Lung
  89. Abortion counseling
  90. Dam question
  91. Evidence Locked Up In Someone's Work Desk
  92. How to Cripple an Economy
  93. Family Reunion article
  94. Mental illnesses
  95. Military deployment into a city
  96. Murder conviction and prison in 1970s
  97. Retrieving dropped items from elevator shaft
  98. First time drinking soda
  99. Need help selecting a deer rifle
  100. What are the effects of cyanide poisoning?
  101. Gunshot wound treatment (for a novel set in the USA in the 1970's).
  102. Burning Off A Tattoo
  103. British Posters: Specific Question About the London Underground (the Tube)
  104. Question regarding first deployment--Navy
  105. Prison guards breaking up a fight
  106. How do they drink coffee at home in France?
  107. calling mechanics!! hotwiring an old ford?
  108. Prices and consumption of heroin, 1990s UK
  109. What was Jesus?
  110. A short Bosnian translation
  111. Need a name for a wrestling maneuver
  112. Drugs to make someone a homicidal killer?
  113. Army issue assault rifle
  114. Questions about working in a bowling alley
  115. Medical issue which precludes travel and/or singing for months?
  116. Scientists/Science Fans
  117. How would a horse most likely respond to a tickle on its cheek?
  118. Looking for police, psychiatrists, victim advocates for research
  119. Navvy jack
  120. What's Australian for "piss off?"
  121. Missing Person Hit on a Background Check
  122. Question about IV's
  123. 'We are not your parents." Reactions
  124. For History people.
  125. What is Ottoman for these words?
  126. Seeking help with two phrases, one word in Italian
  127. How to write broken English?
  128. Can you still use GPS after civilization falls?
  129. Eviction procedure for failing to keep up a rental unit
  130. Armed forces ? for WIP.
  131. Question (with a hitch) about being married to an FBI agent
  132. Price of Tudor-era Jewelry
  133. Cancer diagnosis and treatment in the early modern era
  134. Lieutenant MP
  135. Realistic Time Frame for Something to "Go Viral?"
  136. WWII British Army Using Illusions to Clear Villages In Italy
  137. Historical Prices for Using Pay Telephones
  138. Anyone Work in a Bookshop/Retail?
  139. Can dairy products and whole grain foods contribute to mental illness?
  140. Medical Question on Ear Removal
  141. Cocktail question
  142. Live Talk Radio: Experience of Being a Guest
  143. Historical Firearms and Accessories Question
  144. Anyone from Hong Kong?
  145. Early Anorexia
  146. Learning to read and write in the 16th-century
  147. Traditional Apache/ Navajo food
  148. Temperatures Underground
  149. How to properly portray a married couple with a significant age gap?
  150. Question on Back Injury
  151. Foster Children
  152. Spanish nicknames for family members
  153. Military Academy Crime and Punishment
  154. French and German dialogue check
  155. Evicting a commercial tenant NOT due to non-payment (GA)
  156. Paranormal Investigation : Novices & Experts wanted!
  157. stuck on a bit of research
  158. Who's been in the middle of a butterfly swarm?
  159. Rural elderly foster parent for emergency short-term care? (eastern half of US)
  160. Medical information needed for story!
  161. What Was The British £ Worth in American Dollars in October 1967?
  162. Firearm for a Six-Year-Old
  163. calling all crochet experts!
  164. Race, Color, and Skin Changes!
  165. Need help with rape accusations/arrest/trial
  166. Sniper Caliber Bullets
  167. Amnesia/Plastic Surgery question
  168. American HS Football (and NCAA)
  169. MATH / move decimal place left while retaining original value ?
  170. Any bartenders/bar employees here? Need some color/work detail
  171. Smart phones pro and con??
  172. Orphans
  173. Gun Range description needed
  174. How to categorize this crime?
  175. Help with Cuban culture / language
  176. architecture questions
  177. Brit. Law, 1910: confession, pleading guilty
  178. Female spies in 16th century?
  179. Old-timey department store look like?
  180. Searching for crude oil in the 70s
  181. Poisoning a Large Body of Water
  182. Quite a specific question for Australians of a certain age
  183. Arabic Speakers: how to spell these names?
  184. Medical SOP Violation With a Really Bad Outcome?
  185. Information about the former NASA tracking station at Tananarive Madagascar
  186. Illnesses that young children could catch?
  187. Getting 'bitten' by the slide of a gun
  188. High School Gay-Straight Alliance Event - Would Condoms Be Dispensed?
  189. What is natural light like on the Moon?
  190. Car Aficionados: Mid 20th Century Convertible Coupe Needed
  191. What's the extent of power in looking up employee financial info?
  192. Never mind. Please disregard.
  193. Teeth whitening in the nineties
  194. Swedish help needed
  195. SATS and stress?
  196. Getting fitted for a suit
  197. Legal Questions - narcotics sentencing, plus search warrant
  198. storing uranium in a steampunk/dieselpunk setting
  199. Alligators and Crocodiles
  200. Foreign dignitary becoming ill at state reception
  201. Stand-up comic gigs - what's the average pay rate?
  202. Kidnapping/Harboring Runaway Laws and Process
  203. 19th century language sources
  204. Child Gambling in the Old West
  205. Question about vaccine storage temperatures and effects?
  206. A Poisonus Batch of Fudge
  207. Does Anyone Know of Any Sources of Accounts of 1600's-1800's Weather-Related Fatalities and... ?
  208. Fire Accelerant
  209. open mikes, etc, at latino memorials
  210. Car crash injuries requiring hospitalization
  211. How Does the Draft Work?
  212. How do you deal with conflicting research info?
  213. Hiding a body in a medieval garderobe
  214. Police work - Finding a cell phone account without the phone
  215. Advanced medieval weapons
  216. Yoruba
  217. Database of never-convicted suspects?
  218. Fall resulting in spinal injury & loss of ability to walk—then recovery
  219. Arson
  220. Anyone work in hotel management or know someone who does or has?
  221. Collecting inheritance?
  222. A world without limestone? Climate and geography... and other effects?
  223. Families/parents of victims of paedophiles
  224. Militias in early 1770s Colonial Boston
  225. Fancy photography
  226. Getting a Manicure in the Wild West?
  227. Black Tie events
  228. How do you feel about that time you almost died?
  229. Latin translation?
  230. Internal police structure and bypasses to the chain of command.
  231. Skylab and Mir: Anyone Here Remember Seeing them?
  232. Financial Scandal to order?
  233. Police Giving Evidence Back
  234. What are real estate bonds?
  235. Rue/Street - (French) - Paris Q
  236. Water, yes, to drink
  237. Encasing people in gold?
  238. Planetary scientist at yer service
  239. Leica Camera Used After Dark
  240. Rank of Regency Era Officer at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812?
  241. Bonfire
  242. Florida (Tampa area) and Marine-related Businesses
  243. Injures: Sutures vs Glue
  244. Presidential Train
  245. A friend of mine is doing really cheap editing for the next week to raise money for my other friend
  246. Writing with a Scottish Accent
  247. Killing someone quickly with a knife
  248. Law Enforcement Agency question
  249. Getting Shot in the Face. . .
  250. Out Skerries?