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  1. 8mm Videocassette
  2. French translation wanted
  3. Badly sprained knee
  4. Classic Cars - 1970's Era
  5. Degree/certifications for sports therapist
  6. Question about reactions in a severely injury person
  7. Old Cars - Specifically Fords, late 30s era
  8. Radio Broadcast Schedules
  9. Small children and tattoos
  10. Apartments Above Restaurants and Such
  11. king for a mental disorder
  12. Things Australian
  13. Diamond Value and Related Books
  14. Anybody ever worked with reindeer?
  15. cow eats money and poops it
  16. Blindness from optic nerve trauma
  17. Dance Audition
  18. Asperger's in Special Ed.
  19. death pending criminal case
  20. Late Soviet Union bar
  21. Any pilots out there?
  22. Anti Discrimination laws
  23. Online High School
  24. psychics
  25. Is this charity legal?
  26. pistol caliber and wound question
  27. Question about Islam
  28. Spear VS Sword
  29. Irish whiskey connoisseurs
  30. Ornithology in Lesser Gravity - Teratorns, Rocs, and Size Limits
  31. Bronze Sculpture
  32. Juvenile Court and Detention
  33. To AW rock hounds: Question about stones in the mountains of Northern Virginia
  34. Can a violent man seem normal for the first years of a relationship?
  35. Latin translations?
  36. Ports and containers
  37. What to Do to avoid the winter blues?
  38. Question about photography in the past
  39. Electrical question
  40. EMTs, how would you examine a concussion victim on-scene?
  41. Food in a harsh climate
  42. Force and Velocity of a Metal Clothesline
  43. Who contacts the family after a serious accident
  44. UK friends, slang help, "Bugger"
  45. Legal repercussions of single vehicle accident? Updated question in post #14
  46. Medical professionals, your take: Caduceus vs Rod of Asclepius
  47. Fainting and Then Sleeping?
  48. Quick question for German Speakers
  49. Emotional trauma from murder in self-defense. Emotional help.
  50. Do you know anyone who has made money creating apps?
  51. gender neutral pronoun
  52. Information on Morgues
  53. Calling customs in Regency England
  54. Lock-picking
  55. Range of cannon/artillery scattershot
  56. Difference between friar and monk
  57. Devil's Door
  58. Quality Check on Russian Translation
  59. Latin Vulgate version of the Bible (pre-1450)
  60. Alabama CPS Procedures
  61. Medical Questions: Amputations and Rx painkillers
  62. Western Pygmy Rattler Bite (Effects & Treatment) 1874 Oklahoma
  63. Stopping a car with hand guns
  64. A few queries re things Australian
  65. Removing smell of cat urine
  66. Gunshot
  67. Need Private Pilot Help For Flight Planning
  68. In real life, whose life would be saved?
  69. Internet lingo
  70. Unarmed combat tips: Barehanded fight to the death
  71. Okay parents with more than 2 kids.
  72. Help me understand legal stuff again: would you consider this defamatory?
  73. Furniture Salespeople?
  74. Men: what do you feel when you fall in love?
  75. do doctors talk to a bf/gf/friend about a patient if the patient is unconscious and no next of kin?
  76. Gunpowder explosion question
  77. Comet Heading for Earth
  78. "No" in as many different languages as possible
  79. Any edged weapon experts?
  80. Colliding Universes and Tears in Space
  81. Open fracture consequences - will this need amputation?
  82. Question about stalking
  83. Do healthy horses ever faint?
  84. Removing a liver
  85. Bruised ribs and carrying stuff
  86. Is this obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, or something else?
  87. Starting a car without a key
  88. Unidentified person shows up...who do they stay with until family is located?
  89. Breaching Noises
  90. How to prove a murderer innocent when all evidence is against him?
  91. walking pneumonia
  92. Would the sun rise in the west or in the east on the moon?
  93. How long would it take to scramble our defenses
  94. Boston Police Cruisers
  95. Accent change
  96. Walking/ Crawling through an ancient-style aqueduct - possible?
  97. Old Map Repositories
  98. Help with my research on acquiring nerve damage to ones leg
  99. Name for bus' bonnet
  100. How many people really celebrate Kwanzaa?
  101. Characters battle induced coma
  102. A gun for a kid, forty years ago
  103. Stupid question about muskets
  104. Murder by colorblindness
  105. Injury to lose an arm
  106. Anyone fluent in Hindi here?
  107. Drugs (Medical, not illegal) that would alter bloodwork in a healthy individual
  108. Epilepsy Questions
  109. narcolepsy and cocaine or caffeine use
  110. Social services
  111. Any ornithologists or hardcore birdwatching enthusiasts out there?
  112. Need to speak with someone in the Irish Military
  113. Canadian law procedures
  114. Seeking birth stories from underrepresented people
  115. Name for a piece of music
  116. Injury impact on speach?
  117. Human teeth vs. jugular
  118. New England Terrain
  119. UK police ranks and duties
  120. Morphine Used as General Anesthetic
  121. Hockey memento - ideas?
  122. mild/moderate concussion treatment, 1870s
  123. Need input from computer scientist
  124. GSW to Right Abdomen
  125. Technical Question - Alcohol in Blood
  126. Electrocution and prosthetic limbs
  127. Emergency Room RN Questions - Anyone?
  128. Pregnancy Potential in Medieval Times
  129. Can one's own face be a trigger if abused?
  130. Diseases that would leave scars
  131. Yarr! Anyone know anything about boarding tactics?
  132. terrorism by gaslight - theater fire, late 19th cent.
  133. Ancient Languages
  134. Newspaper experience needed
  135. What would my MC get paid?
  136. How not to get your head chopped off
  137. Police procedures: Seeking a suspect through his previous contacts
  138. Blade/wound experts needed
  139. How would fusion affect oil?
  140. Astrology
  141. Servants Wages in 1800's England
  142. Contempt of Court
  143. Knowledgeable about horses?
  144. finding someone in foster care system
  145. Do you speak Afrikaans? C'mere a minute.
  146. Just a silly question about the flexor carpi radialus muscle
  147. Clubbed to death
  148. Is bouncing a check a parole violation?
  149. Walking on a glacier
  150. Question about contagion and population reduction
  151. Anyone using Starry Night Enthusiast Version 7?
  152. I need some help with academia/university structure
  153. Command logistics of early CIA/military interaction.
  154. Pulling off a space battle?
  155. Help me injure my character's leg
  156. Injured On The Way to Basic
  157. STD/HIV test equipment?
  158. Hotwiring a motorcycle
  159. Irish and Scottish Travelers in the 18th century
  160. Filling a Pool with Water
  161. A Profession with Access to Dead Bodies?
  162. Stabbed under Clavicle - immediate death?
  163. Not paying Federal fine imposed in criminal case
  164. The Taste of 1950s Lipstick
  165. Names ambiguous in respect to language and culture?
  166. Can you snap a spear being held by someone else?
  167. Employment post WWI London
  168. Color of Japanese women's kimonos
  169. Chicago Nicknames
  170. messing up a security camera
  171. Help please! Building a ghetto, how long'd it take?
  172. Minimum Number of Troops for "Armchair" Generals to be Useful
  173. Cremating a smallish horse...
  174. Etymology - "...made you his b****"
  175. Effects of Institutional Upbringing on Children from Infancy to 5-7 Years, Namely Orphanges?
  176. Questions about epilepsy and hospital treatment
  177. Making Sure I'm Getting This Right.
  178. Help me do a simple math problem.
  179. How to kill oneself using part-benzos
  180. Pain and Injury In Writing
  181. French regional and class accents
  182. Anyone Been to Art School?
  183. Anecdotal information about Nutritional Therapy
  184. Broken Collarbone Details?
  185. When someone's loved one becomes a missing person after a plane crash...
  186. Information Needed for Transgender Male Character
  187. Could we ever forget how to read?
  188. frozen dynamite
  189. Psychological assessment?
  190. Changing a minor's name
  191. Edible flower head
  192. Prewestern history of kissing
  193. Scarlet Fever in 1817
  194. Irish Mythology - Book of Leinster
  195. Deep South history for a YA horror
  196. Occasional limp?
  197. Where does the FBI hold persons it arrests?
  198. Food poisoning - deadly poison
  199. Question regarding FIM-92 Stinger missile
  200. Hells Angels - can they be mentioned?
  201. Long Term Starvation
  202. Reason for a Congressman to visit the White House
  203. Condoms in the Twenties
  204. Fixing a broken fan belt
  205. Anticlockwise - medieval terminology?
  206. Looking for women with autoimmune disease(s)
  207. Regency Era Gentlemen Callers
  208. Overdose of cough medicine questions
  209. Air Force Officer Rank, retired
  210. Help with Irish-English Dialogue
  211. Fainting/Waking From Unconsciousness
  212. EMT/Paramedic Expertise requested
  213. How to transport people without them knowing where they were moved to?
  214. Inheritance
  215. Calling endurance riders!
  216. Aeroplane flight recorders
  217. writing style
  218. Genetic modification
  219. Left Side Pain
  220. court involvement with teen alcohol use
  221. pre-death bruising
  222. A suitable injury
  223. Signet rings
  224. Police procedure
  225. Sci-fi- creating a flying angel (and other powers)
  226. Resources for Speculative Science/Scifi Questions?
  227. Help from Australia
  228. How do grant proposals and funding work for science research at universities?
  229. City Architechture Question
  230. A protagonist wants to make a documentary
  231. Online prescription question
  232. Question about Emergency Room services
  233. 1946 train trip from New York to oregon - help needed!
  234. A son who kills his father in self defence.... psychological issues
  235. Vermont horse trails
  236. Driving violations and penalties for teens
  237. Withdrawing from high school
  238. Horse vocalisations - "screaming"?
  239. Garryowen and Rugby
  240. Hand injuries and shock
  241. Twelve step program question
  242. Sound of a ventilator
  243. Needing French insults--but not obscenities
  244. Body snatchers
  245. San Diego Research
  246. 1940's love songs
  247. A quick death
  248. British Law 1910: murder trial.
  249. an old warhorse
  250. Family Relations Question