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  1. Police position
  2. Folks who've studied debate, logic, etc.: Is there a term for this?
  3. "random" assault with unknown assailants- police questioning victim
  4. Hospital care without electricity
  5. Gunshot wound question
  6. 16th century merchants
  7. Any Filipino/Tagalog speakers out there? Looking for translation of "muslim"
  8. Ireland vs. New England
  9. Norse mythology - need good sources
  10. Bodies in walls
  11. Gun Magazine Detail
  12. Finding out medical condition ... New Question in #9
  13. Phonetics Pronounciation
  14. What's it like to report a simple assault?
  15. The practice of hotel wake up calls (back in the 60s and 70s)
  16. question about underage inheritors
  17. Worldbuilding for North American Natives and Aborigines
  18. Cody High School (Wyoming)
  19. Laceration resulting in death in ER
  20. Swearing in Swedish
  21. Withdrawing over $1 million in cash from a Nevada bank and closing the account on the same visit.
  22. French History: Ranks of the National Guard?
  23. Vintage Time/Punch Clocks / Onomatopoeia ?
  24. expressive violin piece request
  25. What's Your Top Three Favorite Colors?
  26. Shifting from Sexually Repressed to... less sexually repressed
  27. Need info on working in animal shelters
  28. State police operations, FBI, helicopters, National Parks???
  29. Landscape painters
  30. Where would you take an abandoned kid in France?
  31. Stealing Voice
  32. Finding Confederate Treasure
  33. RADA/Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  34. Marching on a city during a war (WWI or WWII style)
  35. Need a job that doesn't require a college degree, but...
  36. Near Miss (getting shot at)
  37. Police Procedural - Material Witness is foreign national
  38. Russian language help - 'baby bird/little bird'
  39. British insult for a woman
  40. Neuro question: A timeline of sorts after admission to a trauma center?
  41. What do cops do when they find an abandoned car?
  42. Price of a baseball in 1931?
  43. i need a character to go to sleep in a hospital
  44. Need information on Parkinson's
  45. Need information on South Boston beaches and waterfront
  46. private conquerers
  47. Home generator maintenance
  48. Question on Foster Care Group Homes
  49. Actors learning their lines
  50. Jobs for a person living in the forest ?
  51. Iconic image from religion/folklore please
  52. British Sewing Terms
  53. Early pregnancy: Size of uterus four(ish) weeks after implantation
  54. Local police department and federal agencies (US)
  55. Logistics of car chase, shooting to stop cars
  56. Winter Expedition Gear, 1900
  57. Another ship question from a non-sailor
  58. Picking places in LA for my characters to live
  59. Woman using martial arts, trying to avoid myths
  60. First Aid for Gunshot Wound to Head
  61. How would react someone seeing someone else being shot in front of him???
  62. Questions about lockup
  63. Heroin addiction
  64. Murder scene...and the challenge of it
  65. Internal Hospital Investigation
  66. Japanese monsters
  67. Ana and Katherine's relationship in 50 Shades of Grey
  68. New Yorkers! Teach Me The Adriondacks!
  69. Piano tuning
  70. Navajo Sand Paintings
  71. Lifestyles of CEOs and top financial movers and shakers
  72. Moon Orbits
  73. Dads: What do you say to daughter's date?
  74. Installing spy-ware inside a house ?
  75. British English...what's the difference between a range, a stove and a cooker
  76. If the abstract is the little thing at the top...
  77. Character living in a Housing Project - Acquiring a Roommate?
  78. Calling all Scots
  79. Gold Assaying
  80. How much were Victorian prostitutes paid?
  81. Gun People! Help please!
  82. Question for the ladies
  83. Culture and honesty (very specific)
  84. Bars, Seattle, men and how one would drown one's sorrows with alcohol
  85. Wages, Food, Schooling
  86. EMT/Police/ER response
  87. Becoming an Army Officer, Territorial army (UK)
  88. Question about security guards
  89. How did medieval or Renaissance mercenaries operate?
  90. Any Volunteer Firefighters Out There?
  91. Recovering from torture
  92. Illegal fights
  93. Hairstyle question
  94. Centennial Park in Nashville
  95. Sardinia during 1950s - 1960s
  96. Passenger on a motorcycle?
  97. Do cops get any psychology training?
  98. Help with identifying the make and model of a 2009 car in the US
  99. Posthumous Publishing
  100. About Ribs... and horses
  101. Mental illness and medication
  102. machining precision question
  103. ancient celtic symbols of rule
  104. Upstate New York in the early 90s
  105. Please help me with USA medical school question
  106. Hair color changes
  107. Stabbed in the leg
  108. Cauterizing
  109. The captain's duties on a ship
  110. Cut wrist or hand
  111. How to fake a suicide at a boarding school
  112. Presbyterian etiquette c.1960
  113. Describing a bounty hunter in layman's terms.
  114. Definition needed: What I be About?
  115. Pompeii
  116. Etymology of Childeric, Childebert
  117. barricading a kitchen - house floorplan issues
  118. surviving a free falling elevator (fantasy scenario)
  119. Need a metal
  120. ER nurse
  121. Anyone with newspaper experience
  122. Waterman Experience (Chesapeake Bay)
  123. really bad reasons to buy a new house/move
  124. Cuff links, do they come in a case the size of a ring box?
  125. The Great Big Iceberg Story
  126. Can tripping on a playground break a finger?
  127. Carrying a gun in a Boston park?
  128. Do UN employees have to go through security too?
  129. Who would be in charge of solving a case like this?
  130. Selling Copper
  131. Question
  132. Need Australian citizen or former citizen for new book
  133. Looking for an Advisor on Korea - Specifically the Seoul Area
  134. Piercing the heart with a sword by pushing under the ribs
  135. embedding a message in other information
  136. Hypothermia
  137. Tasers
  138. Calling Reno NV locals/law enforcement for minor details about the FBI resident agency 2009 location
  139. Legal Questions regarding the powers of a US Attorney / AUSA
  140. Contemporary combat question, barricades in buildings, stand-off situation
  141. Light pollution in victorian England
  142. warrantless searches and missing persons (US)
  143. Treatment of Head Wounds/Concussion in 1850s
  144. Police pursuit and apprehension
  145. Groups or cults that believe the Earth was all there is in the universe
  146. A way for a very young woman to know that she's infertile
  147. Trespassing
  148. Directing/Movie Making Process
  149. Rabies and sharks
  150. Using product names in a story
  151. Gunpowder Explosion and Facial Injuries
  152. Reasons why a Car Won't Start?
  153. Quick qestion on handguns.
  154. What Kind of Photography Equipment
  155. Famous cathedral towns
  156. Child Protective Services ---> Foster Care
  157. Crime Stoppers/Reward Money question
  158. Insanely specific question about Asian hair
  159. Can I use political parties or newspapers?
  160. Looking for an Israeli term of endearment for a girl
  161. I Didn't Realize that was Offensive
  162. Low tech oil shale processing
  163. More questions about pinky fingers
  164. Horse endurance
  165. Origin of children raising their hands in class
  166. Crime Scene Procedure: Open Window
  167. U.S. Army Ranks
  168. Star shell duration
  169. A Perfect Murder
  170. Operation Sea Lion
  171. What events could lead you to being stranded?
  172. Informing a hospital patient's relatives of progress during or outcome after emergency surgery
  173. Entering Atmosphere
  174. Specific questions about weapons used in "Once Upon a Time"
  175. Ancient Greek into Modern Psychological Terms!
  176. 1800's England to Italy travel
  177. Offering help with questions related to aircraft, flying, military, etc
  178. Been in a natural disaster?
  179. Example of Bad Entertainment Manager
  180. How airplanes/pilots locate airports?
  181. Medieval Slang
  182. Has anyone attended a support group?
  183. Regarding storing and locking a gun - Is this correct?
  184. Rodeos
  185. Sengoku period books
  186. Who Maintains A Stable?
  187. Calling chemists: potassium as a weapon?
  188. Bone marrow transplant
  189. any cantonese-speaking poker players out there?
  190. How do wills work?
  191. Legal question
  192. Edwardian British trains
  193. I don't want to shoot my hero in the shoulder
  195. Do restaurants typically have cameras in the parking lots?
  196. Effects and timeline of starvation on an UNhealthy person?
  197. Sand in your pants!
  198. Cooking other meats as if they were fish
  199. Another Police Related Question
  200. victims families given murder details by police?
  201. more Presbyterian questions
  202. explosives from everyday cleaning supplies?
  203. Yet Another Police Question
  204. Off Duty Police
  205. Psychological/emotional response to trauma and a to a similar event showing up later.
  206. Pacemaker Questions: new idea 3/21/14
  207. Questions Relating Hair
  208. Flour explosion
  209. Hi, need help with bio-weapons idea
  210. Help me injure my main character!
  211. photography/late 1800s
  212. Missing in Action: Amnesia
  213. how far back/specific can Credit checks go? (P.I)
  214. Mail in Colonial Pennsylvania
  215. Geneticists: tracing DNA to a specific individual
  216. Warrants and the serving of them
  217. Commiting suicide
  218. Possible gunshot wound scenarios for a character
  219. corosive gel/paste easily obtainable
  220. How would growing up in a brothel affect the someone's psyche?
  221. Suspicious death and investigation for small Midwest town
  222. anatomy of a political career
  223. Illegal government activity in the US
  224. Computer Hacking Questions
  225. Costa Rica?
  226. What is the difference between a bullet graze & a Flesh Wound? I am so confused!
  227. I want to decimate Earth's Moon...
  228. How would a body be unidentifiable?
  229. Describing a man's facial appearance
  230. successful handicapped women in 1930
  231. Having a deaf POV character
  232. Hit And Runs
  233. Getting fake ID/ Changing name?
  234. Buying Plane Tickets
  235. Behavioral Conditioning Question?
  236. What happens circa 8.00am in the surgical ward of a US (Nevada) hospital?!
  237. How to Code an iPhone app similar to Tumblr?
  238. Break a leg
  239. Want to Interview Fanfic Writers
  240. Permanent Damage to the Leg Resulting in Reduced Mobility Via a Stab Wound
  241. 1940's Blood Tests
  242. Fashion in the 60's -- anyone remember the Granny Look?
  243. Traffic accidents on a major interstate
  244. Guerilla Warfare
  245. What are English houses like?
  246. Do people always dig until the truth is revealed? Blood type/DNA/Chimerism
  247. Nanny Experts/Families Who've Hired Nannies
  248. Russian Constellations
  249. Death, Life and Legacy: a story of mine, requires assistance
  250. Press Liability