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  1. Does a head wound need to be fatal?
  2. Broken bones in a survival situation (military and medical help appreciated)
  3. Symptoms of Lithium Overdose
  4. Of newly discovered islands and independency
  5. Police procedure - possible running thread - 12/09 - stab wounds?
  6. Medical questions
  7. What it is like to have Epilepsy
  8. Women's rights in Han China?
  9. Ugly horse
  10. "dumb" ways to get past a security system
  11. Wood decomposition
  12. BR&BC for NGOs/non-profits?
  13. Irish Dialects
  14. Any guitarists willing to answer a couple Qs? :)
  15. International effects of Watergate scandal
  16. Univ of Minn: Twin Cities
  17. Nottingham's Tunnels and Caves
  18. Diagnose my patient (psychiatric help)
  19. Pregnancy/fertility in the late 1930's
  20. Skydiver / Aeronautical Questions
  21. Broken Wrist Recovery
  22. Playing Fur Elise with one hand
  23. Stabbing at the heart
  24. Need some character surnames (specific nationalities)
  25. Poisoning
  26. H.S. athletes and college recruiting
  27. haunted white house
  28. The Odor of the Opera
  29. Southerners! What's weird about the North? (US)
  30. help identifying weapons in news photo
  31. Question about tides and sea caves
  32. I'm writing a story about a President what about his children?
  33. Sanitation of the Montone River in the 15th Century
  34. Carpentry/construction question: Bringing a beam down
  35. Santa Fe
  36. Manoeuvrability when Sprinting
  37. What crime is this, if any?
  38. Britain does Chernobyl....
  39. How much would a four year-old understand about...
  40. Need Help Finding Names
  41. Nuclear attack in London, and RAF Alconbury
  42. 1820's Medical treatments and remedies
  43. Strangling a person with bowstring
  44. drugs to cause/induce pain
  45. D.C. Metro Police detective needed for book research
  46. School personelle -- Bullying procedures
  47. Police Block Off Protocol
  48. Mexican POV
  49. How precise is pepper spray?
  50. Wreck without obvious cause
  51. False ET signal.
  52. NYC Foster care
  53. Covering smell of blood
  54. Arrested on suspicion/wanted for questioning/ARGH how do I set this up?
  55. A battle injury that would delay character for a couple weeks? (Gunshot, Sword, or Nunchaku)
  56. Police ranks in the UK and US
  57. Quick French help!
  58. English Monarchy: Establishing a Regency
  59. Looking for good astronomy resources
  60. Nottingham Forest Football Ground
  61. Princess Coronation
  62. Antique Guns
  63. Paparazzi/Reporter deployment - any ideas?
  64. Legal Guardian / familial adoption WA state
  65. Growing Food in the Mountains
  66. Polar orbits
  67. Setting a dead whale on fire
  68. Gunshot Wound to the Abdomen - Female Character
  69. When does the FBI come in?
  70. Cutting and/or styling hair in a salon
  71. Organ failure: How many organs is too many?
  72. Energy Particles?
  73. Car accident dead at the scene & Paramedics - timeline question
  74. US Hospitals: what happens with your stuff?
  75. Serious injuries, memory loss from accident
  76. Effective way to slow bleeding
  77. Exotic ranks
  78. Painting
  79. Cyber Security levels
  80. What kind of mental illness could cause her to behave in this manner?
  81. Haunted House, Paranormal Activity and Premonitions
  82. Police People this is for you!!
  83. Anyone here ever been tear gassed?
  84. Writing a character with borderline personality disorder
  85. Psychosis as a result of psychiatric drugs
  86. Priests and Exorcisms
  87. Meat from a food animal with cancer: potentially gross thread
  88. Any (Dream) Sleep Neuroscientists around?
  89. evidence handling - accidental damage/destruction
  90. Shot in the shoulder blade with a handgun - what happens?
  91. horse-drawn transport
  92. Do you still send Christmas cards?
  93. Work experience in the police
  94. Feeding cattle in Mississippi in winter
  95. How Long Could A Prison Riot Last?
  96. What would happen to a minor who commits murders because of mental illness?
  97. How much freedom would this character have, and for how long?
  98. Ruining the life of an Engineering student
  99. multi-function village building - what did it do?
  100. Chess- how old is it?
  101. US Welfare System for Childless Adults
  102. Toddler Development
  103. Southern Arizona landscape and geology
  104. School year start time (Washington state)
  105. duplicate
  106. Using a famous living person as a character
  107. [SF Romance] Possible triggers. A little concerned about a scene I have just written...
  108. Blood Stains
  109. Brainstorming: My character needs to loose an eye.
  110. Museum archives
  111. Cursing on a student's article of clothng - any action taken?
  112. Borderline personality disorder
  113. Tsunami bomb
  114. When are cases considered officially cold?
  115. Spectacular Endings for a Murderer?
  116. What to do?
  117. How big a sword can my MC carry?
  118. Life in 1666
  119. Blood Flow
  120. Cancelling a plane ticket
  121. What would happen to an old ship?
  122. A partisan's rifle during world war II. Sounds etc
  123. Television Programme Rights.
  124. US health insurance questions
  125. How Can I Find Out if the President's Brother is Protected by Secret Service?
  126. Women, money, and inheriting in the Victorian era
  127. Shinto style wedding ceremony in Japan
  128. power of attorney, California
  129. Online multiplayer rpg game question
  130. Amputated, Wound Cauterized
  131. Toxicology tests, how do they work?
  132. Kilts
  133. Acoustics in caves
  134. Gun-people: Bullet force after going through metal trash lid?
  135. A question about comic books...
  136. Hospital protocol re: telling accident victim about another's death
  137. Distance a shouting person can be heard
  138. Canadian writer with US questions
  139. Working in fast food
  140. Another thread on cauterizing wounds
  141. Car Accident to coma?
  142. Tampering with Surveillance Camera
  143. A police detective changing partners
  144. Constellation maps
  145. Hurricanes
  146. Can I mention candy crush saga in my novel?
  147. San Jose Costa Rica
  148. Port and starboard
  149. Becoming an officer in the Soviet Navy 1970s-1980s
  150. Calling All Medical Pros again, this time for defibrillators
  151. Making a Suicide Like Some Random Accident
  152. Can a Nuclear Bomb Go Off w/o a launch pad?
  153. Legal expert? Need Advice on a Murder Case
  154. New York City expertise?
  155. Car accident research
  156. US Army Presence on Naval base?
  157. Help needed for college project on Literary Agents
  158. Commercial air travel when a woman is pregnant -- when did we figure this out?
  159. Do corpses bleed?
  160. Violence related to mental illness
  161. Media about 80s OR 50s-era United States
  162. Makeshift treatment for a broken ankle
  163. suicide by hanging
  164. Japanese term for an extreme form of french kissing?
  165. Adoption and hard realities
  166. Private Investigation again!
  167. Starships Powered by Black Holes
  168. Internal bleeding caused by car accident
  169. Shinto: deity that protects against evil
  170. Killing in or near an apartment building without drawing attention
  171. Modern Day Southwestern Texas Speech Patterns
  172. Water In A Desert (Sci-Fi)
  173. Dare I ask?....Port Security (US)
  174. Medical Personnel: Drug Overdose Questions
  175. Car Accident and Hospital Stay
  176. Question for Australians (or others)
  177. How to remove DNA evidence from a body
  178. Medical Professionals: Amputation :)
  179. Casino card dealers - how do they handle customers?
  180. Wanted: Someone to Explain String Theory/Multiverse Hypotheses
  181. Chronic Catatonia
  182. Need Excuse for Water Pump to be Found in Nuclear Fallout Shelter
  183. Anybody speak Urdu or Hindi or something similar?
  184. crop type
  185. Colorado Fall Elk Hunt
  186. Have we any firefighters on board?
  187. Hello, people who know about car engines...
  188. virginity and self-mutilation
  189. Monkey gouged out eye in forest, details
  190. Catholic parenting
  191. Who would go into a nuclear fallout shelter/bunker with the President?
  192. dramatic ways to disable a bomb - liquid nitrogen
  193. "Writer's Guide" Type Knowledge for a Starfighter Pilot
  194. Doing laundry on a ship
  195. Witnessing Death as a Child
  196. Docs and other evidence re: murder trial
  197. Soldiers and War
  198. Laid up for a week or two
  199. Could this be classified as OCD?
  200. Question about attempted rape procedure?
  201. Best Man in France?
  202. Herding Horses Across Britain
  203. Bullying/Assault Case
  204. Broadsword vs. Rapier
  205. Tobacco poisoning
  206. Inventing the Pill
  207. P.I. crossing state lines and police info sharing
  208. thermostats in a school building
  209. Question re: evidence and investigation of murder
  210. Valentine's Day before it was Valentine's Day
  211. injuries resulting from a severe beating
  212. Suicide in college
  213. Prognosis of Injuries Sustained in Fight
  214. Role of a US Physician's Assistant
  215. Smart phone thrown at a wall?
  216. Human Clones
  217. For you geo-cachers out there: a question...
  218. Shipping by Rail in 1900
  219. Hey men out there - what is considered out of bounds?
  220. Hearing loss in adulthood
  221. Concealed knife
  222. Joining Sports team mid-year.
  223. Memories, neuroscience, and neuroimaging
  224. Bruises to fade
  225. (YA) getting a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend
  226. How long would it take to die from these injuries?
  227. Ancient Greek poetry, silence
  228. Police Call Procedures?
  229. Hunting and trapping in the wild?
  230. Glass shard wounds
  231. responsiveness, field treatment during shock/low blood pressure
  232. Do teens in H.S. know about Pavlov's dog?
  233. Are you a fiction reader? Any genre.
  234. Best Books on 18th and 19th Century Britain
  235. Working at an investment firm
  236. Tudor Era Fanatics Needed!
  237. Elevators at the Paris Opera
  238. Cell phone snooping?
  239. Question to anyone who was in band at a large H.S.
  240. How does praying to saints work exactly?
  241. Questions about explosions
  242. Severe Burns? Amnesia?
  243. Homelessness
  244. Sailor Moon manga
  245. Discharging a patient
  246. Does Your Kid Fundraise, have a Job or a Bank Account?
  247. Full Scholarship in Senior year of HS, followed by Full Scholarship to College
  248. Resources for Islamic practical medicine of the middle ages?
  249. Tagalog/Filipino translation help
  250. info on pirates