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  1. Getting a basketball scholarship
  2. Body decomposition in water
  3. Maxillofacial trauma/Muscle damage
  4. Smart Phones - terminology
  5. Space-Flight
  6. Need someone who knows about guns! Please help!
  7. Sentencing for a long string of crimes
  8. A question about evidence and patient confidentiality
  9. Is there a word for the opposite of a goth?
  10. Dislocated shoulder or other injury?
  11. Another 1880's Fashion Question
  12. Drugging someone's drink
  13. Bartenders: Drinks and Drinkers
  14. Chinese+Love Story+ Reincarnation/Incarnation
  15. Soldier's Opinions: Guilt, responsibility, and orders
  16. Lawyers & Mafia
  17. Transfering patients in a coma
  18. Okay, Simplify. Let's say I just shove a bunch of Spent Rods from a Nuke Plant in a truck and
  19. Could this happen? Auditions for films/movies
  20. Police Questions - (UK)
  21. To Practicing Witches/Pagans: Rhoda needs a warding spell
  22. Defending A Factory Installation...From Zombies!
  23. Gruesome execution methods
  24. Gay High School Teacher
  25. New Orleans in 1875
  26. Leather Goods? (Fantasy)
  27. The abbey at Glastonbury
  28. Heart Transplants
  29. Car's Remote Keychain
  30. A bullet wound and an arm injury (17th century setting)
  31. Three Men and a Baby - custody questions
  32. Psychologist as a main character
  33. Question for an English professor: how was fiction critiqued in the 1800s? Or, anyone who knows?
  34. Dwarfism - Info needed
  35. High school admittance papers?
  36. British Slang For a Crazy Night
  37. Martial Arts/Fight info needed!
  38. Myth or Fable Wanted
  39. Baby's gender before sonograms
  40. Classic American sportscars (1960s, 70s)
  41. Do wolves react to blood?
  42. <-- Construction Sites!
  43. Search warrants
  44. Questions for a story [M rated]
  45. Any Veterinarians out there?
  46. Boston Brownstones
  47. Computer Security Question
  48. Boat Questions
  49. Business Fraud Terminology
  50. High schools, doctor-patient confidentiality, and mental health
  51. Sci-fi, Fantasy Books/Video Games
  52. sound-powered telephones used in WWII
  53. I have gun question.
  54. Question about Law and Warrants - USA
  55. Non-Exploding Room
  56. question about guns/bears
  57. question about handcuffs (some adult content - those of a delicate disposition should look away)
  58. Police Report in UK
  59. Machine Gun
  60. Religious habits??
  61. Anyone know about interrogation??
  62. Disorder that makes it difficult to judge spatial relationships in visual field?
  63. werewolves job
  64. Info on Egypt needed
  65. Hostage negotiations - FBI, etc.
  66. Steampunk research books
  67. Fiction books that would give this world a bad name.
  68. Richmond Park, London
  69. cocaine cravings
  70. Dentist equipment
  71. New York Stock Exchange
  72. Drugs that could cause psychosis
  73. English to Spanish Translation Needed
  74. 15th century emblem/seal
  75. Need a ridiculously difficult riddle
  76. could gang rapists get off scot-free?
  77. Organ Donation question
  78. Overdosing, or Almost Overdosing
  79. Where do book covers come from? (Stephen King example)
  80. Lawyer or attorney?
  81. Eek! Need last minute help with tennis terms
  82. Medieval children's clothing (leash?)
  83. What does a diamond do in hair bleach?
  84. Unlikely veterinary medicine
  85. Injuries associated with car accidents and treatment
  86. Protocol for treating sexual assault victim?
  87. Black Market UK Passport
  88. OHL Coach wardrobe - practice
  89. help with American localisation
  90. How were casualties reported in the Korean War?
  91. Casino experts
  92. Baby Dies in Childbirth
  93. How would a human eat with sharp teeth?
  94. Anorexia/ ruptured esophagus?
  95. Princess Protocol?
  96. Herbs you can smoke to get high
  97. One Lung
  98. I have the answer, thank you all. :) (was: question about how a cop would handle this situation)
  99. Any Farsi speakers?
  100. Burning a pair of shoes
  101. Signs of an exhausted horse
  102. Seasonal Effects on Crops
  103. Tongue cut out 2 part question
  104. Police Call Codes In Ohio
  105. Witness Protection for the criminal's family?
  106. Search Warrant Question
  107. Car bombing investigation in 1970s Italy
  108. Shotguns/ammunition terminology
  109. How to distinguish characters as USAF - now gen questions
  110. Date rape in the early 1960's?
  111. Designing ships for my fantasy
  112. Civilian Skydiving School
  113. Wearing of Medals in the UK
  114. Solo surgery
  115. horse people
  116. Aramaic?
  117. a carnival question
  118. Burglaries - Police Procedures
  119. How can I find old newspapers?
  120. Experiences (bad or good) with Eldercare (USA only)
  121. Police procedures UK - missing children
  122. DNA evidence
  123. Amnesia
  124. English Romany Gypsies
  125. American Christian "street ministry" pre-Salvation Army
  126. How long can you survive without water?
  127. A species for whom is it not advantageous to "go forth and multiply" in great numbers?
  128. political book market
  129. How late is too late for stitches?
  130. Police Hierarchy and Entry to Dangerous Scene
  131. Scottish word for “female wolf” / “huntress?”
  132. How long does it take to learn a language?
  133. Iqaluit snow clearing - grit or not to grit?
  134. Lawsuits?
  135. Simple Tresspassing
  136. Native N. American history question + general population disruptions
  137. My MC needs to steal a Sea King helicopter
  138. Chinese Americans/Canadians
  139. US Idiom
  140. Medieval commerce
  141. Things teenage boys like but wouldn't want girls to know about
  142. Water chlorination in the U.S.
  143. Italian Winery Operation (late 1700's)
  144. Heart attack causing drug with a twist....
  145. Contact with an Adult with Down Syndrome?
  146. Funny/Interesting ways couples meet
  147. native of Seattle area?
  148. Is this plausible?
  149. Civil Ware/ Indian Wars identities
  150. My character was bitten by another human; how would a doctor find this out?
  151. Making Detective and Police Ranks
  152. Narcolepsy
  153. Question about ID of beneficiary under a Will.
  154. Siphoning fuel from a small airplane
  155. How does a possessed person feel?
  156. Death from "old age"
  157. Specific Knee Injury
  158. need help naming a government organization
  159. Military in urban fantasy setting
  160. Boxing - ring position terminology
  161. Medieval Routes and Maps
  162. What does it mean 'to cheat'? *Adult themes*
  163. Music Pacing Question
  164. Demolitions
  165. Vegas-Gambling
  166. Anyone willing to help design a fantasy political system?
  167. E.R. legal question about rape kits and children
  168. Methodists and sermons??
  169. 1000 years in the future
  170. Sex trafficing in US
  171. cell phones; conversations recorded and playable?
  172. Stepsibiling relationships in Victorian ettiquette
  173. Any Greek Speakers Around?
  174. Management in a political party
  175. Measuring time in nomadic culture
  176. American/British common knowledge
  177. Change eye-color without a medical procedure
  178. Nurse/doctor in the house?
  179. Too much lore on Lycanthropy?
  180. Do You Respect Someone You Don't Like (or vice versa)?
  181. Would a cut ear bleed very much?
  182. Any New Jersey natives out there?
  183. Police procedures UK if a child is attacked.
  184. Hospital stays and private security/bodyguard
  185. Drug or similar that would cause cardiac arrest
  186. Q about law/manslaughter/other charges in accidental shooting
  187. Recognizing Someone has died??
  188. Prom Question! Relive the joys of high school!
  189. The Invention of Murder
  190. Motorcycle Crash Needs a Doctor's opinion please
  191. How long until society collapses?
  192. Question about copyright/publishing
  193. Laparotomy questions
  194. Fantasy: When does an author go too far?
  195. What does a heart attack look like?
  196. What fake diamond will hair bleach ruin?
  197. Procedure for Questioning a Mentally Deranged Suspect
  198. Sculptor's molding materials.
  199. Real life Mad Scientists?
  200. Travel Agent: Deposits Due When?
  201. Anyone have experience with Stage 4 cancer?
  202. A query about a particular gunshot wound. . .
  203. If you were to step into a 15th century tavern in Buda...
  204. Buried treasure
  205. Old crime evidence
  206. 1970s Cadillac Eldorado
  207. Jurisdiction
  208. Need advice on gun injury
  209. Diving Bells and Bathyspheres
  210. Need a courtroom bailiff...
  211. How long does dried blood last?
  212. Need specific details of drugs in the UK
  213. What non-gunpowder weapons to fight an assortment of monsters?
  214. Questions on gunshot wounds
  215. Help on sealed orders...
  216. Early Christian Church
  217. A new "defense" for accused characters
  218. Choking
  219. Can you eat a rose?
  220. UK terminology help (city district with predominantly one background)
  221. Need someone fluent in Spanish
  222. Any California natives?
  223. Everyone wanted!
  224. Police Officer needed!
  225. What type of ID do high ranking govt. officials carry?
  226. Child who kills in self-defense--what happens?
  227. Children who DON'T kill in self-defense
  228. Looking to interview successful self-e-published authors
  229. Help with 1880's Train Accident
  230. Medieval Setting - Keeping Warm
  231. Dark city
  232. A quick question for anyone with knowledge about the US military
  233. Chess information
  234. Family Conflict in a Collectivist Culture
  235. Chickadees [Answered, thank you]
  236. Can someone please acquire a piece of writing for me?
  237. Sinking a boat without dying
  238. Using reality crime TV shows for reference
  239. Question about Caves
  240. Water containers in the Wild?
  241. Need expert on male reproductive system
  242. 'Specialty' soils for farming
  243. Giving birth before modern medicine or legitimate midwifery
  244. intesex condition
  245. text bomb for a telephone?
  246. Cold Climate Farming?
  247. Long-distance flight (America to London) help?
  248. Astronaut launch day
  249. Calling submarine and/or missile experts
  250. Catholic wedding in 15th C. Hungary