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  1. Geography or geology expert?
  2. High School Homecoming and Spirit Week
  3. Inheriting a parent's large corporation.
  4. Pinkerton Detective's mode of operations?
  5. Prosthetics
  6. Growing food underground
  7. Legal : Court and unpaid title loans
  8. end of the world--what happens to gasoline? *edit: battery life????
  9. University/College Libraries
  10. Procedure for Treating Multiple Gunshot Victim in ER
  11. Foster Care and Reunification
  12. How can I broadcast a signal across continents?
  13. Trespassing and "Littering (?)"
  14. Weapons/Bomb Help
  15. Police Detective Stuff
  16. Approaching experts?
  17. Jews and Jewish Customs, etc -- 1930s American - Post-Steampunk World
  18. How do sleeping pills make you feel?
  19. Humanitarian Aid Workers
  20. Not sure how far I'm willing to go to know...
  21. How long before he can fly?
  22. Mill Coins -
  23. Soviet Rehabilitation Law and Process
  24. Any Latin experts in the house?
  25. Swiss Bank accounts
  26. Is there a doctor in the house?
  27. Military terms?
  28. Secondhand Drug Addiction
  29. Anyone been in a mental institution?
  30. Life insurance payout to minor
  31. Need a German name.
  32. unrealistic or far-fetched?
  33. any detectives or police out there?
  34. If you were a rich New Yorker in 1900s?
  35. Any Russians in the house??
  36. Crusader Routes
  37. Russian language (diminutives)
  38. Koreans and ghosts
  39. When an engine goes boom
  40. speculative tech: how to relay sound to the brain via contact lens?
  41. Ladies' gloves
  42. Airships, lightning and magnetism
  43. What do I do about an anthrax contamination?
  44. ME examining burnt bodies
  45. Researching teen "cool" culture
  46. CAPD - central auditory processing disorder
  47. Getting Shot vs Getting Stabbed in the Stomach
  48. Brain Development = Superhuman Abilities
  49. Screaming After Anesthesia
  50. Cauterizing an arrow wound
  51. Arrrrgh does this haircut have a name?
  52. LA Peeps...
  53. Tracing internet history (emails)
  54. Multpile Gunshot wound- with outcome
  55. Bowing to royalty
  56. schizophrenia question
  57. Gunshot wound to the arm - aftermath?
  58. Elevator doors opening straight away to offices/private homes.
  59. What kind of security measures protect nuclear warheads
  60. Impro Torture
  61. Need Some Help from Parents/Friends of 8-13-yr-old Girls
  62. Any Doctors or Nurses in the house?? (Drug interaction questions)
  63. Question about being in a coma
  64. All the birds dying out
  65. Civil War Resources
  66. Any HS cheerleaders in the house?
  67. Texas Rangers (Law enforcement, not the team)
  68. Possession of Stolen Currency
  69. Writing a mystery and I need a poison that makes people ill but doesn't kill them.
  70. Is there a lawyer in the house? (Civil law)
  71. Yuehzi Marriage Practices?
  72. Age of Sail--How long from St Petersberg to London?
  73. suspect suicide
  74. Looking for Japanese for pronunciation of 'L'
  75. Name my Disease (Greek please)
  76. USA work visa
  77. Something crazy.
  78. What words do Jews use amongst themselves
  79. drowning death investigation
  80. Medieval army size
  81. Kilns
  82. scorpion stings
  83. Soft drink can sizes in the US
  84. Airstream campers
  85. Need Help from ppl up on American Geography/Localities
  86. Questions about Motorcycles
  87. Looking for people who have experience living in the English countryside
  88. Prison Mailroom Question
  89. Question about self-amputation
  90. Heart Surgery?
  91. Why do you dislike another person?
  92. Castles
  93. contact gunshot wound
  94. Cure/Treatment for Virus (Need doctors to help/corroborate)
  95. Torn jugular vein
  96. RFI: boys and girls and rules
  97. Canadians - Is there a Camp David-like place for Canadian Prime Minister?
  98. Help with guns
  99. Foster Care
  100. Non-Catholic denominations observing Lent?
  101. Catholics and Crematoriums.
  102. Writing a mystery novel: NEED the most CREATIVE way to kill the victim
  103. I want to know, but am unsure who to ask, medical type knowledge needed
  104. personnel records
  105. French speakers???
  106. Profanity warning: (Spanish translation needed)
  107. Anybody know how to remove inner organs from a corpse or how to embalm a dead body?
  108. Adopting an older child
  109. Personal info background search
  110. Identification of victims at the scene?
  111. Silver Bullets, Werewolves, and Injuries: Help?
  112. rural evening noises
  113. Anybody out there who works or worked as a 911 operator?
  114. Really random question about wedding coverage in newspapers
  115. putting down a dog for biting
  116. Anyone work with dinosaur bones?
  117. identifying ammunition
  118. Question about Legal Guardianship
  119. Any firefighters out there?
  120. hospitals in manhattan
  121. Ethnic nicknames for grandparents
  122. disciplining a police detective
  123. Questions about police procedure
  124. Attack Helicopter Operations in Afghanistan
  125. American Civil War Era: Unloading a muzzleloader without firing
  126. Electrical accidents leading to changes in the body's electrical field?
  127. Please answer my three-year-old's question! (not writing related)
  128. Annual Amount of Published Words
  129. Samoan and Tongan Language Help
  130. A couple of questions for realism in my script. :)
  131. For diabetics: Non-glycemic starchy foods?
  132. German phrase help
  133. Help Me Treat a Severe Animal Bite
  134. Has anyone here had to be revived from drowning?
  135. What employees would a greeting card store have?
  136. Gulf Coast swamps and critters
  137. need just a little Australia slang help
  138. Effects on the human body of living in lower than Earth gravity
  139. What is Prize Clogging? (Old Brit custom?)
  140. Another ME question
  141. Freshwater frogs in salt water
  142. Stage 4 Cancer questions
  143. Questions on bail, and would the police contact your boss?
  144. Jewish funeral practices
  145. Can people give up disabled children?
  146. Carnivals of the mid-1960s
  147. Looking for Stories of Faith
  148. Children's Songs about the Bogeyman? Or some creature like that?
  149. pregnancy symptom
  150. Psychology - character delivers a verbal slap in the face to stranger
  151. I need your baby expertise
  152. skinny-dipping/fire on the beach
  153. British alternative to "kick ass"?
  154. Cockney/London Brit slang check (adult content)
  155. Child Custody & Death
  156. Astrophysics: reverse-orbit flight?
  157. Characters from 1837
  158. Need some help with a wound
  159. Expert needed: World history/Eng./M.E. w/Monty Python sense of humor?
  160. Broken Bone Re-break: Medical Question
  161. Pilots and Jewelry
  162. Small goddess statues - found in ME ruins
  163. When you take a plane somewhere...
  164. need someone who can help with Arabic
  165. RE Attorneys?
  166. underage drinking questions
  167. Criminal Investigation
  168. If Venus wore sunscreen...
  169. Psychiatric Question
  170. Another police procedural question
  171. Depression's Inner dialog?
  172. Pharmacology anyone?
  173. Can anyone help me work out what might happen when an emotional abuser's partner gets pregnant?
  174. Beta blockers and exercise (with regards to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)
  175. Bodyguard experience
  176. legal system for juveniles (California)
  177. Strangulation
  178. What's in my helicopter?
  179. A strange question...
  180. Anybody know/read Hebrew?
  181. Minors Committing Hate Crimes
  182. Daily life in a low-security prison
  183. Roma Word
  184. rules about minor's names appearing in news paper
  185. Any horse experts? I need something to make a horse go wild and bolt
  186. Anyone here broken their nose?
  187. Changing a calendar....
  188. Living with PTSD
  189. Unhitching a train car while it's in motion
  190. Question about the Amber Alert
  191. Dreadlocks?
  192. Breakaway Stone Wall?
  193. notifying next-of-kin
  194. question about injuries
  195. Catholic Confession - The Sacrament of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  196. legal question
  197. Hospital procedure
  198. nymphs and card games
  199. Kicking out a city
  200. Gunshot wound
  201. A few questions
  202. Weird ballistics
  203. Moder War Crime Trials - Arraignment?
  204. Homicide detectives and multiple suspects
  205. Best chemical agent to knock someone out?
  206. Anyone know a lot about GM food, genetic engineering, and transfection?
  207. mentioning The Beatles...
  208. Economy at the end of the world
  209. Question about "carding" in restaurants
  210. hmmmm, narcotics and a head injury
  211. I need to set my story in America...
  212. Running for Senate in Ohio
  213. Any ex nuns in the house?
  214. A Spooked Horse
  215. Alzheimer's/Dementia and Rage
  216. anyone know how to rebuild antique cars?
  217. Silver dapple horses
  218. Death by Wrist Slitting - Realistic Scenario?
  219. About body temperature.
  220. Re-Entering School
  221. Torturing, destroying a personality, ...
  222. Cutting off half a hand - what happens?
  223. Legal eagles- terminology question
  224. Genetics Question about twins
  225. Recording a Demo CD
  226. Port of Portland (Maine) & Ports in General
  227. Setting off an avalanche
  228. Anyone have experience using GPS to track vehicles?
  229. AWers in VA
  230. If a lion swallowed a brick
  231. Needs Blackberry user
  232. I Fought the Law, How Would the Law Win? A question about Sheriff Procedure in a fantastical USA.
  233. Any Cops lurking here?
  234. French Speakers,Please help!
  235. Injury responses and treatment.
  236. Commuting to the Big Apple
  237. Suitability of organs for donation following execution
  238. Special forces/ police strike team in Scotland
  239. Postal Speed in 1830s Europe
  240. Leaving the ER undetected
  241. A Widow in 1836 England
  242. Sexting and bullying
  243. Police Identification Question
  244. Alaskan law and protocol
  245. Mancunian Slang
  246. Baronet Names in 1836
  247. Urgent Care staff
  248. Any experts on Spanish Galleons?
  249. Who makes the laws
  250. Pious Norman "Lady" Early Medieval England