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  1. Does anyone know the cost of a movie during 1938-1940
  2. Remember the 80s?
  3. Hotwiring a Vehicle
  4. Normal treatment regime for prostate cancer
  5. Armed Services question -- did you ever get a commendation?
  6. If Days Were Longer, Would We Age Slower?
  7. Mayan priestess' role in heart sacrifice
  8. Tracker dogs at night through woods?
  9. 9th century work
  10. The Robin Hood of babies???
  11. Help with a description
  12. Medical: bullet in lung
  13. cell phone question
  14. Jobs allocated to cabs by computer
  15. Too Much Paxil?
  16. Income in Modern Terms
  17. reverse diagnosis due to stroke?
  18. Looking for "Carmilla" Questions...
  19. How big would the scar be?
  20. Getting birth control pills 'off the grid' - Planned Parenthood?
  21. Does anyone else use google maps for location research?
  23. How hard to sneak into the country.
  24. Charlotte North Carolina geography
  25. AA sponsor
  26. How long???
  27. A Child Alone in Ireland
  28. Looking for a Latin word that means...
  29. Submarines
  30. Legal question about name change
  31. Mass and acceleartion/manueverability in a zero-gravity environment
  32. Racing thoughts & bipolar disorder
  33. Small people using powerful firearms?
  34. Straightlaced/valiant/law inforcement type
  35. paralyzing injury
  36. TSA security stuff -- Need to sneak gold into another country. Is this scenario plausible?
  37. How can I find and interview gang leaders?
  38. Help! Can you pick a lock from the INSIDE?
  39. Technical Advice: Police Disarming A Mentally Disturbed Child With A Butcher Knife
  40. Shutting down the lights for an entire building/floor
  41. Insurance Claims Investigator -- Anyone?
  42. A map of Chicago in the 60's
  43. Fluent In French
  44. Shared dreams and controling dreams
  45. airport security
  46. Abortion/damage to fetus question
  47. Getting on a plane with a severed finger in carry-on baggage
  48. Advantages/disadvantages of direct blood transfusion
  49. Gun stuff
  50. What noise does a wookie make?
  51. Questions regarding what a doctor/medic/EMT would do in this situation
  52. is this a crime?
  53. another 911 response question
  54. Number of deputies in small town
  55. Forcing Open an Elevator Door
  56. Psychologist bashin' and clubbin'
  57. How long until you get sight back after boxing match?
  58. A VERY little known fact
  59. admitting it after an acquittal
  60. Contacting the police for research
  61. ISO Outrageous Condo Stories
  62. Need non-fiction book recommendation
  63. Checking-in for a flight before computers existed?
  64. Blind Drug Mule
  65. The "True Tea"
  66. Book or Website With Photos and Details on Civic Centre Buildings?
  67. Martial arts and bullying
  68. another question about police questioning
  69. Mechanic-Workplace Injury
  70. Heat Seekers and Thermal Imagers
  71. English to Latin or Japanese translator
  72. Tattooing over scars
  73. Justifiable Homicide?
  74. The name for this part of a boat/ship
  75. Amnesia
  76. Question for Windows users
  77. social housing in the states
  78. Mickey Mantle card
  79. Economics help
  80. How would losing both ears affect hearing?
  81. Explosive decompression at high altitudes
  82. Smell of Homicidal Death After Four Hours?
  83. Would a wolf attack from the front?
  84. Military advice needed: Rebuilding the chain o' command and other general bits of wisdom
  85. WW1 trenches - visible from the air?
  86. Anyone live in Arizona?
  87. Info on Samaria
  88. Clue that someone's ex-military
  89. "Ex-Gay" Survivor
  90. Trade language, Silk Road 6BC
  91. Question about your early school years
  92. Any pilots on (the) board?
  93. I need a fast killing disease (cancer?)
  94. Anyone have or seen a Home Control System?
  95. God of dream
  96. Question for fiddlers/violinists
  97. Religion in Japan
  98. A Coma-related Question
  99. Reconstructive surgery on zombie attack victim
  100. Blind Persons POV
  101. Murder Rural England 1890's
  102. Graphics Questions
  103. Diabetes Information
  104. School question
  105. Different types of doctors...which one?
  106. A question about feudal oaths...
  108. Interrogation techniques
  109. Paragliding from high altitude
  110. Nephews and accidents
  111. police procedure again
  112. Norse pronunciation
  113. Neurological term for a symptom
  114. Losing a limb/paralympics
  115. An Irish superstition about saying goodbye
  116. Victorian Island Scenario
  117. What do you call someone in charge at a police station?
  118. How conscious are you of your race?
  119. Forensic ballistics question
  120. Help With Trains In Your MS
  121. Who declares a fire arson?
  122. Disaster victims in the media
  123. writing about cancer
  124. Surgery, Complications, DNR, etc.
  125. A Few Legal Questions About Being a Landlord
  126. How do you perceive or define the present?
  127. Spring loaded, wrist mounted blades
  128. cell phone questions
  129. Country borders in pre-industrial days
  130. Russian Consuls and Friends
  131. Flat roof question
  132. Nursing Babies kept from their moms - what would they eat?
  133. Historical question about battles
  134. Sprinkler systems in apartment buildings
  135. Is there a Doctor in the house? Broken Leg & Broken arm question
  136. Using A Dead Famous Person As A Character In A Novel
  137. Hospital Blood Supplies
  138. On blasting rock for a highway, and scoring grooves into the rock
  139. Mustard Gas?
  140. Another Fiddle Question
  141. How long can paper last? And a skeleton? (Given the right conditions)
  142. A Guide to Writing Native American (Indian) Characters
  143. Finding a dead body
  144. When Teenagers Marry Illegally
  145. Breast Cancer Scenario
  146. Teens, Theft and Probation
  147. St. Louis jail, and prostitution jail time in MO?
  148. Cement dividing/safety walls on an expressway
  149. Experience in the Middle east and with Islam?
  150. A question for deer hunters
  151. Medical Testing for Malnutrition
  152. Downloading a .460 Rowland
  153. Appointing guardians for a minor
  154. Chronic Sleep deprivation?
  155. Need help with an electrocution scenario...
  156. The peanut allergy
  157. Simple Ukranian language question
  158. Perfect Pitch
  159. Military/Injured enough to send home
  160. Hey gang - looking for a poisons expert
  161. Constantinople/Byzantium, circa 1190 CE
  162. weather expert/scientist needed, please
  163. Art Exhibitions/Gatherings
  164. Runaway Radio Show?
  165. Is this plausible?
  166. Diabetes developing in teen years. How does it affect a 16 YO?
  167. "Distance" in Ancient Cambodia
  168. Stock Option Execution Question
  169. Clerical garb in the 18th century
  170. Writer Interview
  171. medieval soldier ranking?
  172. from dead to... not so much
  173. Medical procedure questions
  174. A perfume question for the ladies
  175. General Use Elevators in Victorian/Edwardian Period
  176. Geography/Geology
  177. On Being a Camp Counselor
  178. Pagan religion, calendars and priests
  180. High School Teachers
  181. Courtroom question
  182. Is fluoride from food "consumed" or "ingested"?
  183. What do you study in college before entering med school?
  184. weapons question - deer hunting
  185. Question about Chihuahuas (dogs)
  186. Regarding Teens: Vocabulary & Abortion
  187. Stab my heroine!
  188. Youth Culture in Australia circa 1999/2000
  189. Train question
  190. A question about heart disease - specifically Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  191. British Navy Brigantine
  192. Victim refusing to testify during parole hearing
  193. DUI consequences
  194. Question about being treated by EMTs at an accident scene
  195. Can you bronze a corpse?
  196. Romance: England circa 1870-1890's research links
  197. Question Regarding Trust Funds
  198. A wheelchair user is moving around - how do I describe that?
  199. k-12 school: in a single building?
  200. How long would it take to scramble a shuttle flight?
  201. Suspicious death in 1930 - making it look like murder
  202. Does anyone speak Russian?
  203. Need a Pizzeria Owner with GREAT Customer Service
  204. Deputizing a civilian
  205. How does a GPS chip work? Does it need batteries? Do the batteries need replacing?
  206. How to clean a bank note (paper money)?
  207. Have you successfully landed a guest spot on a popular blog?
  208. Shot in the Leg
  209. Question on Model 1911 & Walther P22 damage inflicted
  210. Blood colour question
  211. Question about police rank
  212. Early Victorian Household
  213. Basketball question
  214. Hoarding
  215. Dog Boarding
  216. Need a person to survive a fire, but die from injuries/smoke inhalation a few days later.
  217. UEW Wiccans
  218. Inhalers?
  219. Stab wound
  220. Non-fatal but debilitating sword wound
  221. DUI sentence
  222. Wanted: Vietnam Military Dog Handler
  223. CIA questions
  224. I need a new drug...? about drug in late 1800s
  225. Realistic victim behavior after accident?
  226. Any good sources for draft resisters fleeing to Canada in 1970's
  227. Living by the Sea or Ocean
  228. Scouts at recital
  229. Do you remember reactions to new inventions?
  230. What strange things does your cat do?
  231. I need a dagger...
  232. Silencer DB Reduction
  233. Hand grenades
  234. Can you stay in your cell when you're in prison?
  235. Vietnam Era Question
  236. Question for Americans Only
  237. Retired security dogs & adoption
  238. Ways to describe victorian furniture?
  239. mobile phone questions
  240. Help me dig a mass grave.
  241. How painful???
  242. Powerful Resource Search Engine Made for Writers
  243. Military folks -- any SERE training here?
  244. food to impress in the 1400s
  245. riding a motorbike one handed?
  246. digital photos = prints?
  247. I need a word
  248. I need to put someone to sleep with a drug
  249. Is this a good idea for a book? (Just for fun)
  250. Non-Eurocentric History Book