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  1. Problems with my new agent...please help!
  2. Which file format do agents typically prefer?
  3. Do You Thank Agents for Rs?
  4. How to Write a "Nudge" Letter
  5. *Exactly* 50 pages for a partial or...
  6. A dumb question
  7. How many chapters are "sample chapters"?
  8. I'm published but would like an agent.
  9. Commercial?
  10. Stuck...help!
  11. Agents "checking up on writers"
  12. Fantasy isn't so fantastic anymore
  13. Rejection on a requested resubmit~
  14. Can I revise AFTER my agent has submitted?!
  15. parting ways with an agent
  16. Submission checklist
  17. Querying Another Agent In Nonresponder's Firm?
  18. Should I mention this other writer in my query letter?
  19. Canadian spelling vs. American spelling
  20. POD authors vs. eBook authors cred
  21. Following Facebook and Twitter for submission update...
  22. Author Agreement Collaboration Clause...
  23. E-Query vs. Snail Mail
  24. Who has control over the summary?
  25. Where to send a Short fiction story?
  26. When re-querying after a revision what subject line do you use?
  27. Do you write for yourself, or an audience?
  28. Pitching your book to an agent
  29. How long do you wait to query a different agent at the same agency?
  30. Higher Agency Commissions
  31. Do agents/editors care . . .
  32. Do agents just try to get you print deals...
  33. Querying the agent that liked you last time
  34. Agent wants a sneak peek??
  35. How long to wait for response on a full ms?
  36. Offer from a publisher when agents have fulls...
  37. Still no response from any agent :-(
  38. Advice please!
  39. A Couple Questions
  40. So an agent asked for my resume...
  41. From request to sending it off
  42. Is my age a hindrance or a boon?
  43. Waiting to submit
  44. Agent clueless about film rights
  45. Querying Multiple Projects
  46. PDF or Word - Prospective Agent asking for MS in Word Format
  47. What makes a literary agent?
  48. Is it just me or....?
  49. Absolute Neophyte Has Question About Queries
  50. I think I screwed up my e-mail submissions
  51. list of sci fi agents?
  52. If your agent leaves agenting...
  54. Cross-media Agenting?
  55. When do I give book 2 to agent?
  56. single space email query sample pages?
  57. query subject line
  58. Australian Agent dilemma
  59. response times for agented submissions
  60. Querying agents with a sequel?
  61. Queriying different books to different agents at the same agency
  62. Worry Material Not Received?
  63. A stupid question. No, really, there IS such a thing.
  64. Query genre question
  65. What does this mean???
  66. Agents who write
  67. Have a book, no writing experience. how much would this hurt me?
  68. Synopsis question
  69. What would you do with this feedback?
  70. Fantasy, but not epic fantasy?
  71. Etiquette to request status on a rewrite submission
  72. When do agents get interested?
  73. The dreaded white space
  74. Question about editing before querying
  75. Agents Who Edit
  76. I send my agent questions
  77. Which agents represent who?
  78. Full rejected w/o comment
  79. Agent wants phone call without having read manuscript (???)
  80. Question about re-querying an agent
  81. Sometimes I see people have agents or requests and say "And i haven't even finished the book"...
  82. What do agents look for at writer's conferences?
  83. When is it time to dust off a manuscript and try again?
  84. How to pass the assistant test?
  85. Selling different novel rights to two publishers consecutively?
  86. Waiting and How Long to Do It
  87. After your agently relationship is over
  88. Need help regarding simultaneous submissions!
  89. Four Young Agents - conversation
  90. Help settle this argument: do you nudge an agent if you get a full request from another agent?
  91. Non-responding Lit Agencies
  92. What are the percentages for first novel?
  93. Question in regards to Genre
  94. Roundoff for sample pages
  95. The Agent or the Work
  96. Agents overseas??
  97. is there a buyer at a publishing house?
  98. Will an agent work outside their genre comfort zone for a current client?
  99. How much fantasy in fantasy?
  100. When to reevaluate query letter
  101. Advances
  102. Joshua Bilmes speaks on the e-book revolution
  103. Is it just me or are most of the agencies new(ish)?
  104. Resubmitting Queries - Good Idea/Bad Idea
  105. what to do with my movie-minded agent
  106. Waiting to hear back after an offer
  107. Better version of MS available while full is waiting to be read. Send?
  108. Becoming an Agent
  109. A question about self-publishing
  110. What to Submit?
  111. Classic Query Mistake turns into Partial Request?
  112. got a request for plot synopsis - help!
  113. Genre
  114. Average Agent Sale
  115. The Book Contract! Yay! But Now What . . .?
  116. agents for cross-genre book
  117. Phonecall?
  118. The differences between UK and US agent submissions
  119. Canadian agents
  120. What Matters Most: Pure Merit or Qualifications/Experience?
  121. How long should my query be?
  122. Will word count send me to the trash bin?
  123. Author Bios
  124. Foreigners writing in English--a turnoff to agents?
  125. Should I Mention This?
  126. What kinds of things are being looked for in the first five pages?
  127. Updating agents with submissions and/or queries
  128. Difference in agent opinions
  129. Some writer street cred?
  130. When do I talk about a sequel?
  131. How to tailor a letter to an individual agent?
  132. unsolicited queries?
  133. Response time
  134. Nudge: What if they don't respond?
  135. Should I mention my previous work if...
  136. Agent for book or career?
  137. Should i keep my Agent?
  138. Agents interested in Middle Grade for boys
  139. A Thrilling Dilemma
  141. Question about queries and e-books
  142. Good plan or bad plan?
  143. Getting an Agent if not Legally Allowed to Work?
  144. Confusing Website
  145. Copy Editors - Necessary, or Waste of Money?
  146. What next
  147. What is the 'standard' agent commission?
  148. Gay themes
  149. When agents appreciate your work...
  150. What to Tell An Agent
  151. Did I make a huge mistake?
  152. Query credits--how important are they?
  153. Referencing Blog Post in Query?
  154. Hypothetically speaking ...
  155. Agents who handle literary fiction?
  156. Need an agent.
  157. You would think this would be easier.
  158. Agent asking writer which books are similar
  159. Established Agent or New Agent
  160. Queries before/after FBF
  161. Query from abroad - mention nationality?
  162. Bio for Full?
  163. The Business Guy wants to chat (ulp)
  164. Question about an recommendation
  165. Nonfiction credit in fiction query ?
  166. Query agent v publisher
  167. Is this a trend?
  168. Is the publisher's offer the final word?
  169. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
  170. Genre Conundrum
  171. Should ezine sales be included in the query?
  172. Following-up etiquette
  173. What would an agent regard as a good rate for e-rights?
  174. How do u help your agent help u?
  175. Exclusives
  176. How Long Do I Have to Reply to a Request for Full?
  177. Questions about Contract
  178. Agent contacted me..now what?
  179. PDF question
  180. Self-pub mention in query
  181. Agent's asking for a full, and I have formatting issues!!
  182. Rejection couched in firm's name -- can I query a different agent there?
  183. another question about Pen Names...
  184. Querying a project that's already been repped
  185. How much form R is it?
  186. Analysis of Comparative Books...
  187. How long will it take?
  188. Partial Question
  189. Include a letter with a full MS?
  190. Changing race of MC = requery??
  191. Novella collection
  192. I have question about series
  193. Question for agent or successful author
  194. Just offered a Publishing Contract
  195. How long...
  196. What's an E signature?
  197. How many words is too many?
  198. epilogues
  199. Referral Question
  200. Email vs. Snail Mail
  201. gotta be smarter than the email!
  202. query work with high word count
  203. reveal previous agent?
  204. Proposal Format
  205. What are the odds?
  206. Questions to ask after an offer of representation?
  207. Etiquette question
  208. Multiple offers of representation?
  209. multiple submissions on fulls
  210. Word Count question?
  211. The Dread Synopsis
  212. Agent location - submitting to different country?
  213. Contacting other agents after offer of rep
  214. emailing agent with changes?
  215. OOOPS help!
  216. What does "background" mean?
  217. Querying Multiple Agents
  218. Is It Okay...
  219. Querying more than one project--how to handle getting an offer on one?
  220. Querying an agent for a second time
  221. Tailoring a query
  222. Agents: On top, or on bottom?
  223. Sending a revised MS
  224. Perhaps I'm being a complete idiot, but...
  225. Agency website vs. Agent listings
  226. All about timing . . .
  227. Unpublished author but I have an agent
  228. Finding Agents to Represent Video Games/Modern Current event fiction novels
  229. Ahhhhh, agents
  230. Agents: Attachment or cut & paste?
  231. How to address agents again
  232. Problem: Can't reprint a book because the author's missing
  233. 4 Questions about short-story collection queries
  234. I sent my queries last week and this week: NOTHING!
  235. Googling/Website?
  236. Different agents for different books?
  237. A plea for green agenting
  238. Word Count Woes
  239. "my first novel" even when it really isn't.
  240. Potential Editor Interest - Worth a Mention?
  241. What's the point of (digital) partials?
  242. querying trilogies
  243. Is it normal for an agent to rep for magazine submissions?
  244. Partials
  245. Can I query more than one?
  246. Who is responsible for this—Agent or Pub?
  247. Ebooks and Agents
  248. Fastest Responding Agents
  249. Literary Fiction—A Tough Sell?
  250. How may I become an Agent?