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  1. How many agents do you query at once?
  2. My agent is leaving. Should I ask for a referral?
  3. How long before I hear back for first request?
  4. How much should I communicate with my agent?
  5. How long is too long??
  6. Questions to Ask Agent Before Signing
  7. Agent Batting Averages
  8. When to Follow Up?
  9. One agent's take on queries
  10. Central theme?
  11. Question regarding revised MS's and queries
  12. CVs and Biographies
  13. Are agents turned off by published excerpts?
  14. Question about poss. offer of rep. and a req. for a full
  15. Prologues
  16. Attach or Paste in Email?
  17. How many novels does it take to give up your day job?
  18. Requested Material?
  19. Omniscient manuscripts
  20. A question about putting a warning in query
  21. Personal info in email query?
  22. Literary Agents - Reading between the lines
  23. Question about agent sales
  24. Submitting PB MS to agents
  25. On mentioning a self-pubbed book in a query
  26. Sending out a physical sample...
  27. Agent meetings at conferences
  28. Qualifications
  29. Annoying
  30. agents & revisions
  31. Interested in becoming an agent, but...
  32. Agents specifically into High Fantasy
  33. Another silly question
  34. Feedback??
  35. Agent/author agreements for a series
  36. Possibly dumb question about queries
  37. Mentioning Submissions to Other Agents
  38. Multiple projects, what to do?
  39. proper salutation in query
  40. Which comes first, agent or publisher
  41. Alarming Trend
  42. Lackadaisical, limited offer of representation - anyone else?
  43. when to put query on hold
  44. Status Query, Take Two
  45. Just when I think I have this submitting stuff down...
  46. Poking Agents
  47. "going out with it"??
  48. A little worried
  49. Re-submitting a book already in print
  50. If you get "the call," how do you handle the other fulls you have out?
  51. International Dilemma
  52. How many queries/submissions are just abysmal?
  53. nudge now or later?
  54. What should I send with my partial?
  55. Dedication Pages and Illustrations
  56. Writing to an agent's assistant
  57. UK Agents - a breakdown
  58. Agents, Publishers and distance
  59. How possible is it to get an agent if....
  60. UK vs US agents
  61. Is Voice Important in a Query?
  62. Waiting on a Full
  63. Agency request two week exclusive etiquettes
  64. Query to Agent
  65. Agent wants exclusive while I do revisions
  66. How to tell an agent...
  67. Email Formatting Fail
  68. Querying
  69. Is it a good idea too...
  70. When agents submit
  71. another nudging etiquette question
  72. Unspecified Submission Requirements
  74. Answer to desperadium
  75. Do Agents look for Authors?
  76. Publication/submission history?
  77. Did you send your agent a thank-you?
  78. Query now or wait til after Bologna?
  79. Queries to another in house agent
  80. Twitterstalk?
  81. First time nonfiction questions
  82. Could use a little help here...
  83. What to submit when an agent approaches YOU?
  84. New Agent Wants to Submit A Book My Old Agent Couldn't Sell...
  85. Sending Revised Partial?
  86. Can a successful self-published book be re-queried?
  87. What To Think?: Second MS Read and Request for More Info
  88. Young(ish) Protagonist in Adult Fiction
  89. How much do agents actually read?
  90. If my YA contains fantasy or sci-fi elements?
  91. Question about percentages
  92. Quirky queries?
  93. Question about submitting specific materials to agent...
  94. Oh, help!
  95. Help! How do you write an author bio?
  96. Agent's %
  97. How to address an agent
  98. Agent has asked what I do for a living
  99. Query Format question.
  100. Ask editor about agent?
  101. What does an Agent's "second read" mean, if anything?
  102. MS request, how long does it take to read?
  103. Does Not Accept Queries
  104. Resumitting a query
  105. looking for a good, honest agent.
  106. Avoiding bad agents
  107. Successful agents/publishers especially interested in women's issues.
  108. Trouble landing an agent?
  109. Synopsis in first person?
  110. An agent's list
  111. Contract Negotiations
  112. Question about query letters
  113. Mentioning POD, but not as pub credit
  114. A newbie needs some help....
  115. Synopsis question
  116. Will An Agent Accept A Self-Published Book?
  117. Mention Malice Domestic Contest?
  118. True Crime- before the case is closed
  119. Changes for Agents
  120. How long should I wait?
  121. Question on exclusives
  122. Keeping a MS on file.
  123. Trademark infringement?
  124. London Book Fair
  125. Some really goofy questions about interning
  126. Compare-Contrast: Publishers and Agents
  127. When is it okay to send your query?
  128. No response to e-mail query
  129. are print and epublishing on the same levels?
  130. Mentioning that you've contacted an agent before
  131. Synopsis length and questions
  132. "Full Synopsis"
  133. Is the author expected to know the market?
  134. The impact of previous publications
  135. Is my agent dumping me?
  136. Agent/author Lucienne Diver- 3 Things Every Writer Should Know
  137. Ask-the-Agent threads, past and future tenses
  138. Stealing my thunder...?
  139. What's the process in most agencies?
  140. Which one to choose??
  141. Talk about non-response...
  142. Two silly querying questions
  143. Please critique my modus operandi
  144. Here's one nobody else has asked ...
  145. From Canada to the U.S.A
  146. Is This Typical
  147. Etiquette question
  148. Sending partial?
  149. Genre before hook?
  150. Response time for requested material.
  151. Agent I met wants to see a full, BUT...
  152. Bad Timing?
  153. where does genre and word count go?
  154. Multiple submissions to editors
  155. Contract questions
  156. When to contact an agent
  157. Should I mention my blog in the query letter?
  158. So confused...
  159. personalizing a query
  160. Agent Recommended Revisions and the Querying process
  161. Simultaneous submissions after request for full
  162. I have no clue what I'm doing
  163. marketing suggestion in a query
  164. Agent Email Protocol
  165. Waiting for Notes
  166. In resubmission meltdown.
  167. Ask Kathleen Ortiz! Ask the Agent Summer Spree!
  168. Enough with the poking already?
  169. Querying with weak credentials
  170. What do I do now?
  171. Query agent - writer in disguise?
  172. Stuck on Synopsis
  173. Um... wha'd'ya mean, "synopsis"?
  174. Why not "seeking *your* representation"?
  175. After someone accepts your novel?
  176. Remind After 7 Months?
  177. RE: Inexperienced agent at established agency
  178. Changing Names
  179. Should I wait?
  180. Copyright & Competitions
  181. Book length question for too-long book
  182. "10-page sample" looks more like 15...
  183. A question about genre
  184. What are agents looking for in a historical
  185. first 50 pages
  186. Is e-publishing a dead end?
  187. Is it necessary??
  188. Query question
  189. agents that only respond to email queries if interest, but ask you to tell them if yo
  190. "Chick-Lit" -- what's it called now?
  191. Does a gender match between you and your agent matter?
  192. Is non-paid still considered Published?
  193. Web publication affects hardcopy publication?
  194. Interning and Querying
  195. I don't wanna send the partial
  196. How to bind samples?
  197. what do you do when someone offers you representation?
  198. Query Letter Discussion...
  199. Must I have copyright permission before querying?
  200. Problem with agents
  201. Querying multiple ideas?
  202. Holding out for a better offer?
  203. agent's assistant sending my book?
  204. American author/UK agent?
  205. Replying to Agents...
  206. Received the exact same response from two different agents
  207. No such thing as a stupid question?
  208. how much info to share with agent
  209. Should I include review in my query? And, if so, how?
  210. How many chapters of a memoir on sub?
  211. I was stalked have tapes to want to write
  212. Agent reply
  213. Nathan Bransford: The Rejection Letter of the Future Will Be Silence
  214. Phone calls instead of letters
  215. advice about a submission
  216. BIO on full request--first or third person?
  217. Book Sponsors
  218. Anthologies, Copyrights and Rights
  219. How to get to know your market
  220. Pakistani seeking a literary agent
  221. Why you should write a series. :)
  222. Re-Querying after rejections?
  223. query different agents from same firm
  224. Odd question concerning sending multiple queries
  225. How Strange is This?
  226. Resubmitting Question
  227. Am I Being a Jerk?
  228. Does it look bad if I query multiple agencies?
  229. Some questions regarding querying
  230. Format problems
  231. Querying Dilemna
  232. Okay to include a revised ms when nudging an agent?
  233. which email to resubmit to?
  234. is a book agent like a real estate agent or like a something else?
  235. Addressing agencies who say "will be read by all"
  236. Questions about multiple submission and etiquette
  237. Question for those of you that have been published...
  238. Encl SASE on Full Sub?
  239. Multiple agent request dilema
  240. Help! What's an appropriate response to request for more?
  241. I think it's time to nudge my agent, and I'm nervous
  242. Submitting to new agents while MS is being re-subbed.
  243. How long should I wait?
  244. Got a request! How to send it?
  245. Requery or Move On?
  246. Made a stupid mistake... will this stand against me?
  247. Help! Multiple Agent Offers
  248. Conference: To Attend or Not Attend?
  249. Movie rights
  250. Problems with my new agent...please help!