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  1. instrumenting success
  2. Word Count ? RE: Epigraph
  3. Is being a young author good or bad?
  4. Memoir Agent
  5. Choosing a genre
  6. Overview -- What Is It?
  7. Is a sample chapter any chapter?
  8. I don't have any writing credits!
  9. how to get published?
  10. A question about sample pages
  11. agent question
  12. A Novel Idea...
  13. I am MORTIFIED.
  14. Norwegian fantasy publishers/agents?
  15. Quick question
  16. looking for agents to submit to
  17. Full or Partial Request
  18. Finding The New Kids On The Block
  19. 6 too many?
  20. When submission guidelines are different between agent and house
  21. What is the standard time to wait?
  22. Pitching a Series to an Agent?
  23. Trilogy Question
  24. Small Press Large Volumes???
  25. Submission History
  26. Prospective Agent Requested Edits
  27. Dream agent AHOY! ...or not.
  28. But what does it all mean?
  29. Query altered ms. to agents who form rejected?
  30. Question about agents.
  31. Are Some Of These "Guest Agents" Gone For Good?
  32. International agenting: help?
  33. Laws for reproducing print online (non-profit).
  34. Do agents represent authors or projects?
  35. The legalities of using scientific ideas
  36. Partial request: They want a submission history
  37. I got an offer! Now what do I do about outstanding queries?
  38. Err Agents Like my Query, Not So Much Opening Pages
  39. Sticky wording in submission description
  40. Synopsis --Start In Media Res Like the Story It's Outlining, Or No?
  41. Blurb or endorsement?
  42. Agents for "conservative" political fiction?
  43. The next step . . .
  44. Page Count: How Picky Are Agents?
  45. Two agents?
  46. Ask a silly question...
  47. Winning query letters---from amazing souls who had zero credentials.
  48. Etiquette Question - Need Advice ASAP
  49. When is the best time to call an agent?
  50. Resubmitting a query after rewrite?
  51. Any tips for finding the right Agent for me?
  52. Meeting with an agent
  53. An agent has contacted me about my novel. Good news and bad news.
  54. Two Different Agencies, Same Address
  55. Question for Publishing Veterans
  56. Is this a good sign or business as usual?
  57. What is the point of status update emails?
  58. Should I Write or Call?
  59. I need a agent in ga
  60. SASE whoops?
  61. My Query's Too Long!
  62. I don't know what to do.
  63. Question about protecting one's work
  64. The best way to find an agent
  65. At what stage is a synopsis requested?
  66. Okay to Cheat On Font?
  67. Got the book. Then what?
  68. Need help PRONTO like!
  69. Silence from Agent
  70. Outline vs. Synopsis
  71. Good and Bad times to query
  72. Calling to make sure the agency received the manuscript?
  73. Got a contract on my own. Do I still need an agent?
  74. Send manuscript via email
  75. Please flame this Ijit. (Or give me helpful advice your call)
  76. Unsure what to do with interested yet distant agent
  77. Silence from Prospective Agent
  78. What to send
  79. 2 POV query?
  80. When To Follow Up?
  81. Proposal and Synopsis Confusion
  82. Mentioning MFA acceptance
  83. A reject I don't understand.
  84. Status Update / Being a Nuisance?
  85. Another 'Went to follow up' thread . . .
  86. HELP! Am I dead in the water?
  87. $10,000 to agent before book published?
  88. Self-Addressed Stamped...BOX?
  89. query salvos
  90. Icelander looking for english-speaking fantasy publishers.
  91. Another "silence from agent" question
  92. Agent for Quirky Fiction
  93. Querying Multiple Projects
  94. When signing with agent - is it okay to take agreement home first?
  95. asking about a agent
  96. Short Stories
  97. Updating Agents When MS Is On Full Sub
  98. e-book publishing creds
  99. Re-subbing Question
  100. Two Books on Submission With Two Agents
  101. Agents representing a teen
  102. Agency process
  103. Synoptic Chapter Headings -- A Turnoff to Agents?
  104. Help! I'm not sure what to do!
  105. Ack. Multiple queries question. Did I screw up?
  106. What can I expect, being 15 and all?
  107. Agent Percentage Question
  108. Moving to a new agency
  109. Lessons from the Agent Hunt
  110. Agency Names
  111. What can I expect from an agent?
  112. Representation on a not-new book
  113. How long to be patient on partial request
  114. best agents in women's fiction
  115. thoughts on agent-suggested edits?
  116. Self-publishing before going abroad
  117. Querying Publishers/Do I still need an agent?
  118. This is a case of too many agents...
  119. General questions
  120. If an agent sends a nice, personal email...
  121. Query Letters
  122. When to start addressing by the first name?
  123. Formatting sample pages?
  124. I have an agent; so now what are the odds?
  125. simple question
  126. Did I make a mistake?
  127. another simple question
  128. Response time / request question
  129. If an agent with my full switches agencies....
  130. Exclusives that cannot be exclusive?
  131. Looking...
  132. Agent research-Lists and criteria
  133. Agent name in subject line?
  134. Has this question been asked?
  135. Is this advice valid -- saying you will only show proposal to one agent at a time
  136. e-query question
  137. Got an Offer, How to Handle other mss
  138. E-mail Puzzler
  139. Query length
  140. Following up on a full - how to
  141. Help on Agency contract!
  142. Agents not accepting unsolicited works
  143. Two Agent Quandry
  144. Entering contests when you have an agent
  145. Canadian Agents
  146. Climbing over brick walls again
  147. A Question for the Querying Person
  148. Query Theory: Blurb vs Query?
  149. When an agent leaves . . .
  150. Is No Answer the new No
  151. Newbie question about agents (from B&BC)
  152. Agents Reactions to Podiobooks
  153. An Agent building a new client list
  154. advice please please--is this typical?
  155. querying agents abroad?
  156. What do agents mean when they say...
  157. So how many rejections is enough?
  158. Responding to Agents' Requests for Picture Book
  159. Crucial, Important, Not Important, Useless?
  160. Just in time for the holidays
  161. Agency agreement?
  162. Clueless Author needs Author Bio help, begs for assistance!
  163. Do actual rejects mean a better query letter?
  164. Who is the best(rated) LA from NYC?
  165. Agent queries
  166. What if you have several fulls and an agent offers rep?
  167. Typical Time to Ask to "Think about" an offer?
  168. could this lower your chances with an agent?
  169. Earning out advances.
  170. Agents for "New Adult"
  171. Re-contacting interested agents (moved to Ask the Agent forum)
  172. Agents looking at partials, offer from small press - Now what?
  173. When searching for an agent, are writer's conferences worth the expense?
  174. A few query questions
  175. Literary Agents - gender question
  176. PB Agent?
  177. Fighting
  178. 33 partials, one offer, Total Confusion
  179. Snail Mailing materials
  180. Query in December?
  181. Reaching out to UK agents - anyone with experience?
  182. Question about email queries...
  183. Podcast interview with Agent Laurie Mclean
  184. A question to ask an agent?
  185. Question about snail mail...
  186. Under offer?
  187. I wonder what we hopefuls seem like to you, on this board?
  188. Question about terminating a contract
  189. If a publisher takes me on but I have no agent
  190. Leaving an Agent
  191. A Little Confused...
  192. Sci-Fi vs Fantasy
  193. Two agents, or choose?
  194. Questions about 2 agencies - Zachary Shuster Harmsworth and Books & Such
  195. Keep Those Query Letters Coming
  196. Time to split...but how?
  197. When to follow up on a full?
  198. question on sequels . . .
  199. Got offer on neo-noir thriller
  200. Questions Regarding Publication
  201. What are the percentage chances?
  202. Rejection
  203. How much does it cost, for an agent to submit?
  204. Questions about agenting
  205. Different Countries??
  206. Agent Contract...who gets the check...
  207. Etiquette Question
  208. What makes a manuscript 'suitable' for this market?
  209. When a publisher closes?
  210. "shopped around"
  211. First Chapter Without the MC an Automatic Turnoff?
  212. Novella
  213. Another Question On Query Etiquette
  214. How typical are my experiences?
  215. Statistics on being taken on as a new client
  216. Why become an agent?
  217. Those of you with agents ...
  218. Word Count
  219. Can a 14-year old get published?
  220. Agent submission
  221. When your full ms is sitting on another agent's desk....
  222. Sending chapters
  223. Jerked around?
  224. e-queries
  225. Addressing agents in Queries
  226. Taking on clients for 2nd book
  227. Exclusives
  228. When should I assume it is a "no" with an email query?
  229. Another query question--when do you consider a rewrite?
  230. UK v US Agents
  231. Title Pages
  232. Mentioning multiple submissions, putting together a book proposal, SASE
  233. Besides the obvious, what are agents good for?
  234. Is there any disadvantage in getting USA agent?
  235. Synopsis-Wasn't Sure Where To Put This
  236. What should I send with the full?
  237. The Two Page Synopsis
  238. What words do you count?
  239. Re-writing the ms while it's at an agent's?
  240. Holy crap... lost list of agents. How screwed am I?
  241. Manuscript Format Questions
  242. How to use a pseudonym?
  243. Query for two...what do I do?
  244. Synopsis for YA Fantasy. HELP!
  245. Do you still call it a "proposal" if your book is done?
  246. Convert to US English?
  247. Question about 'no email query' agents
  248. How Do You Choose Who To Submit To?
  249. Question about Query
  250. Second book, Different Genre - What to do?