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  1. "Specific agent" or "Submissions Dept."
  2. Email query formatting?
  3. Should I withdraw my manuscript?
  4. Agent with no website
  5. Are you rejected if the Agent refers you to a collegue?
  6. Stupid novice question, but it needs to be asked I suppose
  7. Online submission forms
  8. A how-to question about querying
  9. The use of "International Agents"
  10. Keep writing or work on website
  11. Question
  12. Changing Agents, Part 2
  13. My agent doesn't love my work
  14. What is part of the "submission package"?
  15. Resubmitting to agents who wrote 'decent' rejections
  16. Naughty Things in Email Subject Lines
  17. Do agents shop mss. before offering representation?
  18. Agent Quandary
  19. synopsis length
  20. Question about sending full manuscript
  21. Interview with Ginger Clark
  22. Are Agents Willing to Sign New Authors in Tough Times?
  23. Just Curious
  24. Do I need an agent for short stories?
  25. Do you need to edit your book before submitting to agents
  26. Question about an agent with my partial
  27. Decoding Rejections
  28. a few questions about querying an agent
  29. Synopsis Style
  30. Can you resubmit to the same agent? How long in between? How?
  31. Multiple Agents
  32. Photo in Proposal?
  33. distribution rights
  34. Protocol Regarding Assistants to Agents
  35. Query letter formatting - websites?
  36. How important is AAR membership?
  37. Novel Proposal
  38. Follow up to make sure full was received?
  39. Anarchist book proposal
  40. Snail Mail vs Email
  41. Female Bias?
  42. Word count in query
  43. Genre question
  44. Use of real names, etc
  45. Screwed up Query
  46. Questions from the Clueless...
  47. Resubmitting.
  48. urgent ethical and practical dilemma. Please help.
  49. Submitting new novel via request
  50. When to contact agent after sending requested revision
  51. How do agents stay in contact with their authors?
  52. So...do I avoid mentioning fanfiction?
  53. Children's books and the CPSI Act of 2008
  54. Writing a proposal
  55. The Age Factor
  56. Agent Work Scope?
  57. omitting word count from query
  58. submitting partial: should I mention/defend my chosen voice for the story?
  59. Character Sheet
  60. General questions from a virgin
  61. OMG! Talking to agent tomorrow, what should I ask?
  62. Do agents print out their requested materials to read?
  63. Ask the Agent on Twitter
  64. Sending a first query
  65. Agent requested exlcusive on a partial
  66. Protocol on Exclusives (partial)
  67. "That" website?
  68. MG "Boy" fiction agents?
  69. Chick Lit - the elephant in the room
  70. query question
  71. Could use a little advice...
  72. Agent question...
  73. Lamb wishing to avoid abattoir.
  74. Anyone Know....
  75. Is my agent cheating on me with another author or is this normal?
  76. Agent requests an exclusive, and some other things
  77. Sending a full, hard copy manuscript
  78. Agent timing - worried about rewrite!
  79. Marketing a roman a clef
  80. Merging agencies question
  81. Here's a new question
  82. Newly hatched with the fuzz still on.
  83. pre-agency contract revision requests
  84. If you have a publisher, can you still get an agent?
  85. Has anyone ever scheduled an appointment with an agent?
  86. UK Lit Agents for Sci-Fi ???
  87. Need advice
  88. Agency Agreement Termination Clause
  89. When to secure a contract
  90. Querying in the UK - synopsis length question
  91. Query Etiquitte? (might be a dumb question)
  92. Exclusive Manuscript?
  93. Another Bit of Query Etiquette
  94. Taking form rejections to heart?
  95. US author, UK agent?
  96. a "hypothetical" scenario...
  97. How to query the next book
  98. Nice rejections
  99. outlines
  100. Nervous
  101. Conventional Length of Longish Synopsis?
  102. How long to wait between submitting books in different genres?
  103. Agent seemed interested...
  104. Separate Genres
  105. Requerying?
  106. Thoughts on SASE for entire manuscript?
  107. Thoughts on SASE for entire manuscript?
  108. Timeline to send full?
  109. Canadian
  110. Making querying human
  111. Help! 2 page synopsis question
  112. New writer-questions on query vs proposal
  113. How did your offer arrive?
  114. Sci-fi or YA?
  115. Competing Offers from Agents
  116. "Debut novel"
  117. Building a resume
  118. Silence = Rejection?
  119. Possibly the right spot, possibly not...
  120. What gets read first?
  121. Does having a website make a difference?
  122. What If.....?
  123. high word count on a query
  124. Is Word Count Necessary?
  125. Question for UK authors re: Query Letter
  126. What errors ARE okay?
  127. How often does a good agent sell
  128. So what happens when you submit a proposal?
  129. Declining requests after signing?
  130. Outline request--is this a synopsis?
  131. Genre and Word Count in Synopsis?
  132. Agency Interested, Should I be leery?
  133. Nonfiction as a means to (eventually) getting an agent for your fiction work?
  134. multiple submissions to agents
  135. An unpublished writer with a trilogy.
  136. What is narrative-driven fiction? (Take 2)
  137. Is a cover letter the same as a query letter?
  138. What does "pre-empted" mean?
  139. What's in a Pseudonym?
  140. Packaging for Agents
  141. Who is your dream agent for supernatural thriller?
  142. Revising a full in submission
  143. Obsessive/compulsive paranoiac seeks advice
  144. Requests from the Same Agency
  145. Question about sample pages in query
  146. Why don't ALL agents accept email queries?
  147. Many Questions Relating to Partial and Full MS Requests
  148. Photos Submitted With Manuscript?
  149. Confusion on Levine Greenberg Agency
  150. Question: How are fantasy books doing these days?
  151. Addressing an Agent
  152. What Editors Don't Want
  153. What's the "Word Count" method
  154. Answers from Editors
  155. Question about multi-book deals
  156. Two Requests, Same Agency
  157. Are agents sick of vampire novels?
  158. Confused about what agent likes
  159. Universally Awesome Agents / Agencies
  160. When to take a querying break
  161. The best possible problem to have...
  162. sample page question
  163. Agent feedback problem
  164. Manuscript Samples
  165. Opening Emails - the first challenge
  166. The millionth and one etiquette question
  167. agent turnaround times
  168. How personal are your queries?
  169. Podcast Interview with Dorian Karchmar
  170. Another Question About Word Count
  171. Agent/Editor Revision Notes...
  172. Agent's college major and after college.
  173. Quick Question -- Address On Synopsis
  174. Crichton Style Writing
  175. Manuscript Requests After a Revision
  176. Another revision question
  177. mention plan for series in query?
  178. do publishing credits get stale?
  179. Where's Nathan
  180. publishing companies that don't require agents
  181. Personalized Queries
  182. Hi Jennifer
  183. Opinions on Fun Fonts?
  184. Cover sheet with partials?
  185. Re-querying Agency after an agent has left
  186. Submission Strategy
  187. How to get an agent if you already have a contract with a publisher?
  188. Talking about Age
  189. Your experience with the pitch process
  190. Querying for juvenile fiction but contradictiong ok?
  191. Re-quering after fixing up query letter?
  192. Manuscript review question
  193. Hard to discern agents' specific interests
  194. Respond to Implicit Critcism
  195. Selling to highstreet shops, without agents.
  196. Should I put in a query that another agency is considering the manuscript?
  197. Synopsis Format
  198. Different agent, same agency, same e-mail
  199. Which agents quickly respond to e-mail queries?
  200. How do I politely reject an agent's suggestion?
  201. Querying publishers, and agent reactions: foot shooting?
  202. Should I send a partial as an attachment?
  203. All about auctions
  204. How to find "best fit" with agent?
  205. Querying when you have multiple MCs
  206. Submission Questions
  207. Resubmitting after agent-requested revision
  208. I need an email address for producer "Clifford Werber"
  209. Querying US Agents from the UK
  210. What To Put In An Author Bio
  211. How to handle the ineffective agent?
  212. How can I find an agent close to me?
  213. Genre question
  214. Agent didn't understand, but wants to see more..later.
  215. Querying UK Agents from the US
  216. Qualifications questions.
  217. The Writer/Agent Relationship
  218. Should I include my age in a query letter?
  219. Interns for Agents
  220. Requerying agents
  221. Looking.... Looking,
  222. A bit clueless right now.
  223. What should I do? Should I resend?
  224. Answer please!
  225. Queried for one thing, agent asking about another
  226. Revisions question?
  227. Australian and US co-writers - How to query
  228. Priority Mail
  229. Any bites?
  230. Who to Query To: What is Historical Fiction?
  231. Agents with specifically Southern roots
  232. Chapter breaks
  233. Should I revise my query letter?
  234. no reply after follow-up on partial
  235. Bio? Eep, help!
  236. Querying agents or agencies?
  237. Foreign Sales
  238. "Query" in the subject line
  239. How long before...?
  240. Two questions for an agent
  241. really stupid memoir question
  242. Double Space
  243. Agent Question
  244. Illustrated A Book, Want It Published - How?
  245. Question for when you're querying two projects
  246. Should I submit a hand-picked sample chapter or strictly follow submission guidelines
  247. WHAT to send the agent - Query or Full Proposal??
  248. Is This True?
  249. Is this "normal?"
  250. Agents & Small Presses