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  1. Email or snail mail
  2. Question about Film Rights Clause in an Agency Agreement
  3. How Many Can One Have?
  4. Is this website legit?
  5. Advice needed
  6. Is it okay to send out queries on the weekend?
  7. A Good Sign or a Bad Sign?
  8. Help. Can't find the agent of a book!
  9. Here's my problem...
  10. Agents who aren't members of AAR
  11. Bio
  12. Agentquery vs. Publisher's Marketplace?
  13. Help! I Have a question about exclusives....
  14. Small (and probably stupid) question
  15. Just one more question...
  16. Oh No
  17. I Just Got a Blank E-mail. Should I send a reply and ask about it?
  18. Point of Etiquette/good manners with regards to a submission.
  19. Request for future work
  20. Need some advice on e-publishing
  21. When to query and agent blogs
  23. Editor Submission Response Times
  24. Questions about memoir proposals
  25. Agent and Agency?
  26. do agents go on a strength of a letter?
  27. Wait Time?
  28. The Value of Agents (was Pet Peeve #1)
  29. Clients per Agent?
  30. Another Aspect of Waiting
  31. Is this strange?
  32. Tell them about others with the Full?
  33. Word Count: Agent Preference?
  34. Photocopy charges??
  35. Reimbursing an agent for expenses
  36. I know this is silly, but...
  37. Non-American Protagonists
  38. Can anyone suggest an agent to me?
  39. Would like an agent's opinion on this
  40. On checking out agents before querying them
  41. Suggesting Publishers to Agent
  42. Any agents known specifically for taking on this kind of stuff?
  43. Submitting a new novel
  44. Question About Agent's Feedabck
  45. Mention a series?
  46. Odd question
  47. Normal not to hear back?
  48. To Agents and Those Who Have Agents Already...
  49. Newly agented questions
  50. Mentioning a personal connection in query
  51. UK vs US spelling when querying US agents?
  52. Value of (non-prestigious) credits in query.
  53. When do I start looking?
  54. More 'almost ready but not quite' questions.
  55. Full Manuscript/SASE
  56. Should I stop querying until January?
  57. Children's Non-Fiction: To Be Complete Or Not Complete?
  58. How To Reply? Offer of Representation? What?
  59. Error Made Upon Submission
  60. Contacting agencies for research, pre-query
  61. Bio
  62. UK vs US Spelling - another question
  63. How long for getting back on a exclusive
  64. Query timing and holidays
  65. When to...
  66. UK query letter different than US?
  67. Anthology contracts
  68. Correcting an agent?
  69. Two Questions - Word Length and eQueries
  70. Need advice re: Query w/Referral (Please!!)
  71. Will a holding-pattern website scare away agents?
  72. the length of synopsis
  73. Closing paragraphs
  74. Non-fiction book proposals
  75. Re-publishing a novel abroad
  76. question - adapting novels, directing films
  77. Question- Agent request for three chapters
  78. Formatting an equery
  79. Agents and Yahoo!
  80. FedEx undelivered to agent...
  81. Author bio format
  82. What does "quick" mean in agent speak?
  83. Agents?
  84. Distribution / agents + traditional publishing + self-publishing
  85. Shooting Myself In the Foot?
  86. Addressing a partial?
  87. How long should you wait to requery another agent with a different project?
  88. A bullet dodged?
  89. Rewrites
  90. Newspaper Agents?
  91. What are the benefits of an agent?
  92. what do agents specifically look for in a query letter?
  93. Can I read fanfiction?
  94. Do Agents Steal Clients?
  95. Too Many POV's for a Middle Grade?
  96. Double-Dipping
  97. How Long is a Book Proposal?
  98. Cover Letters for the UK?
  99. Agent for adult vs children's novel
  100. Artist Agent Argreement
  101. Request for Partial During Exclusive Period?
  102. Emailing manuscript etiquette
  103. Massive Revision after Agent has Full for two weeks - Should I send???
  104. Confused and New
  105. MS = full, right?
  106. Is this normal for an agent?
  107. Query Again
  108. More puzzlement with an agent.
  109. resending a query
  110. Need Schooling
  111. The dream world requires that I keep posting in this forum...
  112. Not Sure What to Do
  113. Suggesting a publisher to my agent?
  114. Agent Statistics
  115. Agents and Editors are People, Too
  117. Query...waiting...?
  118. Include a Few Pages with Query
  119. Querying an Agent
  120. Tell me it isn't so ... please
  121. Email Query to Snail Mail Query
  122. Requery? (interesting circumstances)
  123. How many agents do you usually query at once?
  124. Revision Acceptance
  125. E-query contact info: top or bottom?
  126. Referred Agents or Go Straight to Publisher?
  127. What to do when an agent leaves for another agency?
  128. "Send Query and SASE" a quick question
  129. Agent Pros and Cons
  130. How do you do a status query?
  131. Equery with synopsis and first three?
  133. Request before Rejection?
  134. Times New Roman vs. Courier New font?
  135. Agent Requires Exclusive, Can't Grant HELP
  136. Question About Agent
  137. Feedback on My Query Letter
  138. Is it always better to contact a named agent...
  139. Query with future work intentions
  140. Requested future work: query or send?
  141. A subagent question
  142. asked to buy books, is this normal?
  143. How Do Authors Get Paid?
  144. Closing For A Query Letter
  145. Renewing The Author/Agent Agreement
  146. Take your finger off the trigger, please.
  147. Backlist
  148. Does This Query Plan Make Sense?
  149. How Much Does The Author Make?
  150. What Is A "Journalism" Genre?
  151. Boutique Agencies
  152. Comparing your novel to others
  153. who's the best literary agent for conspiracy books?
  154. Humor/Comic Publishing
  155. Agent Contacts
  156. The Deals
  157. Querying internationally
  158. "Content" agents, book scouts, etc.
  159. Any info available on agents in Australia?
  160. Need some help finding an agent...
  161. In A Pre-empt ??
  162. e-query format question
  163. Longest wait to hear from an agent
  164. Agency Versus Agent
  165. Sending queries to more than one...
  166. Help! Need advice!
  167. Making an agent list to query
  168. Seeking advice: My story so far
  169. Is your query letter funny?
  170. University Presses
  171. Querying 2 Agents At The Same Agency
  172. Canadian Agent
  173. Querying on a different novel
  174. When the agent wants a query only...
  175. My first rejection!
  176. Query length
  177. Do I Really Need A "Major Platform?"
  178. A quick etiquette question
  179. An agent's ASSISTANT requested a partial...
  180. Author/Agent Relationships
  181. Re-submission
  182. YA or fantasy?
  183. successful pod title: do agents care?
  184. On querying agent who rejected previous work
  185. When an agent asks who else is considering...
  186. When an agent moves
  187. Include a synopsis?
  188. "Send to Submissions Department"--AAARGH!
  189. Newer agent or established agent?
  190. I wrote 3 fully animated picture books, they're self explanitory. How do I query?
  191. Do you mention other MS in Query??
  192. "Brief" synopsis
  193. hit send too quick..
  194. Something Janet Reid said...
  195. Partials with no follow-up the new norm?
  196. Query letter question
  197. Short Novel Help!
  198. tense of non-fic synopsis
  199. The Role of Published Books in an Agent Search
  200. Got Agent, Rejected by Publishers - Now What?
  201. Double Spaced or Single Spaced?
  202. I just don't know what to do anymore
  203. Agents for serial stories
  204. How Long Will An Agent Wait?
  205. Agents for novella
  206. Gender prejudice?
  207. Agents and Income Splits
  208. London Book Fair--worth the trip?
  209. do agents handle magazine articles too?
  210. what's the fastest and easiest way to get an agent?
  211. Agent reqd. for my poetry books. Posting Proposal.
  212. Would emailing an agent under these circumstances be bad form?
  213. Any agents like medical memoirs?
  214. Is There A Query Critique Forum?
  215. When an agent leaves...
  216. The Next One
  217. Writing with co-author
  218. Stupidity=partial request
  219. Question about Submission
  220. Humor Agents
  221. Checking in after promised exclusive time?
  222. Exclusive Basis?
  223. Status Query
  224. Question about agent-requested revisions
  225. What to do when an agent asks for a bio?
  226. concerned about agent being incommunicado
  227. When Agencies Merge
  228. Cheating?
  229. Do agent's assistants reject manuscripts?
  230. Please reality-check me.
  231. When you heard an agent is leaving the agency...?
  232. If you have been rejected by an agent for your first manuscript...?
  233. Double Spaced Query: Absolute Rule?
  234. Which workshops do agents like best?
  235. query for historical novel
  236. writing a previous agent with a new novel
  237. what does "too regional" mean?
  238. Agent Timeframes
  239. After a full, exclusive request, no response: what would you do?
  240. Query publisher or agent?
  241. Is it me?
  242. What time did your agent say...
  243. Agent etiquette rules regarding sample/full requests?
  244. How should agent charge the client?
  245. What legal credentials to look in an agent?
  246. Permissions
  247. Just tell me to freaking chill
  248. Can I get a self published book to a traditional publ.?
  249. Bio Dilema
  250. Paranormal or supernatural?