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  1. How long after a full request?
  2. Synposis
  3. Following Up With An Agent
  4. novels on greek mythology
  5. help? do I call, or do I move on?
  6. Revisions--Resubmit?
  7. "Additional reads?"
  8. Page numbers in queries
  9. What would you do . . .
  10. What does "No unsolicited queries" actually mean?
  11. Suggestions
  12. Time frame and a million lil' ?
  13. While on Exclusive, Submitting Other Manuscript?
  14. Successful Queries
  15. Canadian Agents, List of
  16. E-Mail vs Snail Mail Submissions - Why Content Differences?
  17. I need help on this., everything is crazy, serious guys
  18. Exclusive Confusion
  19. Oops - Big Mistake
  20. Referral--Hooray and HELP!
  21. Children's Picture Book Rights
  22. Agent Problem
  23. Writing Awards but unpublished
  24. Should I include this in my query letter?
  25. Unsolicited manuscripts?
  26. Target Audience for Niche Book: Impressive Numbers?
  27. Contacting agent's other clients
  28. Too soon?
  29. Do Agents Accept Unfinished Manuscripts?
  30. Biographical info
  31. Are Vamps in, or out?
  32. Agent Communication
  33. How do I murder my darlings after they're on stage?
  34. Big problem with Dream Agent
  35. YA Sci-Fi: Who Should I Query?
  36. Ask Nathan Bransford! Guest agent from 02/07 - 12/09!
  37. Finding the right agent for a young adult novel
  38. Agent= Guaranteed Publication?
  39. Followup query help
  40. Bad Form or OK?
  41. Agent gets requested submission. Then what?
  42. Forgetting to include some vital bit of query information.
  43. submission guidelines
  44. Looking for agent for Boomer-era book
  45. New Agent at Established Agency
  46. When agents ask for exclusives...
  47. Ok to query when the manuscript is already out?
  48. Can I get an opinion on my query?
  49. Non-exclusive or limited term agent contracts?
  50. Should I seek agents for non-fiction and fiction at the same time?
  51. Dream agent asked for partial ... do I send out more queries, or just wait?
  52. Two requests for full ms
  53. Snail mail vs. email
  54. "Not what we're looking for"
  55. Do you wonder about writers over-analyzing your rejections or requests?
  56. Books to Negotiate Your Own Deal with a Publisher
  57. Miss Snark (and this may be in the wrong place)
  58. Etiquette re contracts
  59. Whats the best way to approach this?
  60. How did you find your agent
  61. Similiar Ideas
  62. what does 'full manuscript mean'?
  63. For novelists, writing nonfiction considered harmful?
  64. Recommend an agent for a online-themed literary novel?
  65. Acceptance
  66. Holding out of the 'best agent' - Bad Idea?
  67. Haven't gotten a reply from this guy. What should I do?
  68. Ballpark
  69. Where have all the agents gone?
  70. Any agents who accept unfinished manuscripts?
  71. Question about Exclusivity with an Agent
  72. Query - Best time of the month?
  73. Top 'highbrow' agents?
  74. How to research which agent is better?
  75. re-querying
  76. Hypothetical: Two Different Projects
  77. Another question about exclusivity
  78. How long is long enough
  79. Word Count
  80. Are there any agents that do not require synopsis?
  81. Agency Contract Clarification
  82. Cover letter
  83. Request for exclusive
  84. Query for Publisher different than for Agent?
  85. What exactly would I say if given an offer?
  86. Writer/agent etiquette please?
  87. Why would an agent ask this...
  88. agents "scheduled reading"
  89. I did the no no thing_so what?
  90. How Long to Wait Before Following Up?
  91. Movie Rights
  92. At what point do I need an agent?
  93. Agent / Agency Information Different
  94. Agent Remembered me. Good or Bad?
  95. Copyright help (an agent must know the answer)
  96. A Weird Problem...What's the Next Step?
  97. Two Questions
  98. Time Frame Jitters
  99. Same Agent, Different Requests
  100. Help!
  101. agents and cyberspace
  102. Am I too wary?
  103. handling rewrite suggestions from agents
  104. What Shall I Do ... ?
  105. Agent Requested Rewrite
  106. Dumb Mistake
  107. Total Brian Fart
  108. What to expect from a partial?
  109. totally confused by agent's response
  110. Where to find the right agent for my kind of novel
  111. new around here...
  112. Timeslot for Querry
  113. Credentials = successful query ;-)
  114. Techno-thriller
  115. Literary Agents in General
  116. Crucial Age for Writers?
  117. Quick Rejections
  118. Submission Dilemma
  119. Queries through the eyes of your MC
  120. How important is length? (I mean the manuscript, silly.)
  121. How long should an exclusive submission last?
  122. Query limits...?
  123. Do agents advise each other?
  124. How seriously to take query letter critique
  125. Reading farther
  127. The Double-space Conundrum...
  128. Use of Assumed Name vs Copyright
  129. So... what do I do now?
  130. Etiquette Question
  131. What does "brief" mean?
  132. email VS paper submissions
  133. Summer Slump?
  134. Confused about submission guidelines
  135. what are the best conferences for meeting agents?
  136. Query length vs. query detail
  137. Got an Agent- Now what?
  138. How much contact is too much?
  139. Querying Agents on One Book, Publishers on Another
  140. Agent Etiquette - If asked to send entire manuscript
  141. Question about general rules after signed with agent
  142. Guidelines Question
  143. Publishers
  144. e-mail dilemma
  145. Query Letter Concern
  146. What should I expect from an agent?
  147. A question of protocol...
  148. Conflict of interest rejections
  149. UK vs US agents
  150. Proposal Dilemma
  151. full manuscript review time
  152. Two proposal requests -- each for a different book
  153. How much money do novels make?
  154. Full Manuscript Question
  155. Nonfiction Sports Book for young athletes and/or their parents
  156. What kind of agent to look for
  157. follow up letters
  158. Is time of the essence with a partial request?
  159. A "getting paranoid" question
  160. When does silence mean "No"...?
  161. A question
  162. British publishers
  163. questions regarding contract with an agent
  164. Are there any agents that accept attachments?
  165. Another source to get your questions answered
  166. Wisdom Literature
  167. Help! need to choose between two agents
  168. How forgiving are agents of the occasional typo?
  169. Mention in query?
  170. Big agent, no website!
  171. How To Reply To A Revision Request
  172. New Agent Queries/Old Agent Quandries
  173. Embedding your first chapter in an e-query
  174. Requierying Agents
  175. Writing Partners and Pen Names
  176. Blunder when submitting requested material...
  177. Going Rate
  178. Interning, as an author
  179. Selling Time
  180. Submitting to Publishers vs Submitting to Agents
  181. Total Newbie Here (Hi, Guys); Question about how much "Say" I have with my agent?
  182. 2 Agents?
  183. Querying Specific Agent
  184. Beware spam filters
  185. An Odd Problem
  186. Sound Ok?
  187. Understanding agent's email
  188. agents only sell 50%
  189. How many agents actually...
  190. HELP!
  191. Another agent question
  192. A numbers game
  193. one agent for fiction, another nf?
  194. Can anyone find this author's agent? I am at a loss.
  195. EEK! Going to the acquisitions board!
  196. Is this a "red flag"?
  197. Do agents reformat a MS before submitting it?
  198. The query spoiler
  199. Question about humor agents
  200. handwritten note
  201. Dilemma
  202. Response Time vs Computer Glitch
  203. another quandary
  205. Another Version?
  206. Ok To ask where manuscripts have been sent?
  207. Preferred chapter length in a partial?
  208. what's in a query when email is different?
  209. Under Contract: What if Agent Doesn't Wish to Rep 2nd Book?
  210. Indecision - good or bad?
  211. 33 years a scribe and still looking!
  212. Having A Website
  213. Who answers these questions from the editor?
  214. only 220 words?
  215. Email Agent Direct--Or Not?
  216. How Long to Sell?
  217. Agent Turn-Around Times
  218. Doing a Query with multiple main characters....
  219. Will an agent in the UK rep an American author?
  220. Is this a problem?
  221. A question about sending a synopsis
  222. Interning at Agencies
  223. New agent for each project?
  224. Need Some Encouragement . . .
  225. Resubmitting after rejection?
  226. Need advice on conference
  227. Saying Goodbye
  228. Breakdown of agent income
  229. Good sign or Bad sign
  230. Should I mention
  231. When Do You Become An Annoying Client?
  232. Query specifics?
  233. Desperately seeking Susan Kearney's agent
  234. English and Australian agents/publishers
  235. Derivative works question
  236. How long can I ask an agent to wait?
  237. Best Agents Thread...
  238. Quick Question
  239. Okay to label a sub "Requested"?
  240. Author's Writing Credits Questions
  241. How long should a partial be?
  242. I have an offer. What questions should I ask the agent before I sign?
  243. Re-querying agents
  244. Do you double space?
  245. What about my first novel?
  246. Need Help Quick!
  247. Backstory in query
  248. Anyone know any Agents who rep Christian?
  249. Looking For An Agent, Manager Or Publicist
  250. Got an Offer - Need some help