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  2. How destructive are formatting problems in the query email?
  3. Almost Unshopped
  4. Giveaway
  5. Why do they skip around so much and why do they always skip MINE?!?
  6. Do I query with the agent in mind or their assistant that reads the query?
  7. Major screw up - I queried two agents at the same agency
  8. Book comparisons in a query: How important are they?
  9. The latest you can wait to follow up a Twitter pitch
  10. How much longer should I expect to wait, and can I check in?
  11. Moving on from an agent
  12. Querying an unfinished MS
  13. what are my prospects at this point?
  14. Question about querying a MG ms
  15. Agency requires referral from someone they know
  16. Agents who represent poets/poetry?
  17. Cover Letter Vs. Query Letter
  18. Formatting italics for sample pages in queries
  19. R & R Etiquette Question -- Multiple Agents
  20. Ridiculously stupid question: When they say "First Ten Pages..."
  21. Is it polite to respond to a rejection, or an annoyance?
  22. Question on Requested Material for Sub.
  23. A different question regarding resubmission etiquette
  24. Question about "Pen Names"
  25. UK writer potentially querying US agents
  26. Different chapters in different tenses, unpublishable?
  27. Another question about re-submission etiquette
  28. my mom wrote a book called another day another challenge base on true story
  29. Trying to improve my synopsis
  30. Another question about re-submission etiquette
  31. Mention Beta reader responses in a query?
  32. Personalized but ultimately vague rejection
  33. How Does A 'Primary Agent' Differ From Other Agents
  34. Query Formatting Conundrum
  35. Agent is passing but suggesting I submit to another agent in the same firm?
  36. Should I Hire an Editor Before Submitting my MS to an Agent?
  37. Why is money so taboo in writing?
  38. my mom wrote a book about me
  39. Separate agents for different genres?
  40. Legality of Updates
  41. Recommendations in Query Letter
  42. Querying in summer
  43. Book Covers
  44. What percentage of queries get some sort of response?
  45. A Question
  46. Notifying agents that other agents are reading your full
  47. Batching your queries how do you group yours?
  48. Simultaneous Submissions
  49. The importance of having a website
  50. Advice - Revisions
  51. Should I open with an introduction?
  52. Royalty statements
  53. How can you tell if your agent is trying his or her best?
  54. Is this a good query letter?
  55. Synopsis - how much "heart"?
  56. advice on PB queries
  57. Promoting Nonfiction
  58. Agencies that list fantasy but not science fiction
  59. How long should an R&R take?
  60. Formatting question
  61. How do you know when it's time to part ways with your agent?
  62. Is this two proposals, or one?
  63. Promising R&R-- what about other interested agents?
  64. could this cause me problems as I seek publication?
  65. Coagents, the author, and foreign markets
  66. Two #PitMad Requests... from the same agency
  67. Paying former agent a commission?
  68. Would an agent accept a sequel if s/he does not represent the first self-published MG book?
  69. Making a proposal for a fantasy novel series
  70. Concerns Regarding New Agents
  71. Query batches?
  72. Publishing history
  73. Jessica Faust of Book Ends Literary Ask An Agent Guest
  74. Can I Include this Author Praise In My Query?
  75. Should I nudge a publisher again?
  76. Partials and Fulls after Multiple Simultaneous Queries
  77. Approaching an agent with offer in hand if you get a publishing offer before you get an agent?
  78. I have a self-pub success. Should I approach agents about trade publishing sequels?
  79. Kinda new, but can't find where to ask...
  80. Question on Revise & Resubmit feedback
  81. Pitching a Second/Extended Edition
  82. Resubmission etiquette when an agent gives advice
  83. How long can you take to decide when you get an offer?
  84. Green light to sending full manuscript?
  85. A few questions on Revise and Resubmit
  86. Is it ever okay to re-query an agent?
  87. If an agent rejects my screenplay, can I pitch a teleplay to them if they work for both of them?
  88. Writing a large SFF series
  89. Is my project ruined?
  90. Debating which MS to query first
  91. First-Publication Rights (pertaining to a specific matter)
  92. chances
  93. Breaking a book in two because of high word count?
  94. self publishing
  95. Age Discrimination
  96. Deal breaker?
  97. Where can you get advice on an R & R?
  98. Question about "Expenses" clause in offer contract
  99. First full request. What now?
  100. Sequels to Self-Published Novels ... What Are My Chances?
  101. Preregistering copyright question...
  102. Best way to contact?
  103. Agents that sell on Amazon
  104. Mentioning other books when querying a novella
  105. Ask Lane Heymont of The Tobias Literary Agency
  106. What Gives?
  107. One Agency Different Agents
  108. I just did something stupid.
  109. Within what period of time are you obliged to withdraw a query if you accept another offer?
  110. Can you ever query Book 2 of a series if Book 1 wasn't (yet) picked up?
  111. Querying multiple books at once?
  112. Querying new agent at agency where another agent is silent on a full
  113. What Genre
  114. China
  115. Query response times
  116. When more than one agent offers
  117. An agent wants to talk to me about representation. Am I supposed to stop sending out queries?
  118. accidentally just queried an agent from my work email-- whoops
  119. High Powered Agent versus More Personal One?
  120. Unpublished Queries
  121. Should I "Re-Brand" with a Psuedonym after poor-selling books?
  122. Do I need to respond, or just wait it out?
  123. can I bug an agent after 1.5 months if she's getting an exclusive look at the manuscript?
  124. Query Letter for in-person pitch advice.
  125. coming of age, but for adults?
  126. Chances of a new author breaking into the YA Fantasy market?
  127. Wattpad and self publishing
  128. Agent query etiquette- give names if someone offers of rep?
  129. Inform agent with first offer if second offer is received?
  130. Synopsis question
  131. Agent response on offer deadlines- dilemma
  132. Should I chase my agent?
  133. beta queries?
  134. Querying while you still have fulls out?
  135. Will agent request outline for the sequel?
  136. Some (very) basic questions regarding emailing queries to agents...
  137. Two doc-file questions concerning full manuscript requests
  138. Publishing Chapters in Literary Magazine
  139. Close qry with "science fiction debut" if I self-pubbed a mainstream novel?
  140. Should I tell agents which editors have asked for pages?
  141. Form Rejections vs. Personalized Rejections
  142. talked to an agent on the phone today, no clue what to do, please advise!
  143. Agents and Poetry
  144. Page counts of books dropping?
  145. In need of advice
  146. Androgynous/nonbinary/genderfluid love interest
  147. Querying an international agent?
  148. Comp Titles: How Important Are They?
  149. Nudging an agent
  150. what percentage of agented fiction sells?
  151. What to do with partial manuscript submitted to one editor
  152. How do agents feel about novels that have been released online?
  153. Referencing past books
  154. A question regarding QueryManager
  155. Request response timeline?
  156. Interacting with agent for R&R?
  157. "What's my market?" issues (should I leave the CBA & if so how)
  158. Notifying a publisher on offer?
  159. Querying Agents and Agent Requests
  160. Asking an agent regarding translated books
  161. Mentioning Fanzine Publication in Query?
  162. Choosing an agent
  163. Is no response to fulls and R&Rs standard?
  164. How to part ways with my literary agent without hurting my future chances
  165. Pasting a Manuscript in the Email
  166. Question about OwnVoices
  167. CNRs and Querying other agents at the same agency
  168. Visiting websites from querying writers
  169. When an agent you've queried moves to another agency with an agent you've queried . . .
  170. "Batches" of querying - should top-pick agents come first? A mixture?
  171. Does anyone here include a synopsis by default in their queries?
  172. Query Letter: Err toward specificity and details or creating questions that agents want answers to?
  173. Agents who are also writers: Good or bad?
  174. An offer at last!! But...