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  1. How Do I Answer this Question?
  2. Querying Under a PenName/Silly Email Address
  3. High Fantasy-humor market?
  4. "Tiered" agents/agencies
  5. Querying more than one agent from the same agency?
  6. Help interpreting an agent's behavior
  7. Is a 70K word count novel too short to be considered?
  8. Which comp titles considered a big no no?
  9. Boutique or larger agency?
  10. Split Payments - pros and cons?
  11. Comperative titles- query letter
  12. Parallel universe and demons - how should I query this novel?
  13. An agent asked to tell about myself - what should I say?
  14. Getting an agent on "short notice"
  15. Revise & Resub Request - Notify Other Agents with the Full?
  16. Body of email
  17. Cookie-cutter query letter
  18. Interesting response from an agent
  19. Two questions
  20. Branding/career question
  21. Personalisation in queries
  22. Decisions...decisions! (agents)
  23. Offer of Contract from Publisher for 3 Works but...
  24. Rights reversion issue
  25. Submit to a Publishing House via a Contact, or Seek an Agent?
  26. Which query letter subject line is the best?
  27. Agents with editorial services?
  28. Did I handle Agent response correctly?
  29. For agents that request the first 5-10 pages with the query, do they read it if the query is bad?
  30. Being patient
  31. Going back after title/format change
  32. When to nudge on a promised timeframe?
  33. Pitch to agent at conference who already rejected your query
  34. Who to address query letter to?
  35. Posting part of novel for online critique - will I still get offers?
  36. 50 pages--how strict?
  37. Do you personalize your query letter in the beginning, or at the end?
  38. Responding to agent's personalized rejection (not on full). Need advice
  39. Attach or paste to the body of email?
  40. What to do?
  41. A good idea to mention the similarity between your book and ... (read on please)
  42. How many query letters have you sent so far?
  43. Would you query an agent who sounds like a good fit for your current book, but ... read on please
  44. Getting an agent for the first time - advice?
  45. Screenplay
  46. Help - my agency is sitting on film, audio and foreign rights!
  47. Can I 'Lie' About The Genre?
  48. Querying against trends
  49. Audio/video queries
  50. Manuscript revised after querying
  51. Should I email interested agents on the day of the offer deadline?
  52. My agent has lost her mind...
  53. Addressing to specific agent in email query
  54. When approaching a new agent...
  55. Would an agent care about works I don't mention on a query?
  56. Scrapping a manuscript that an agent request pages of
  57. How long to wait to query another agent at the same agency?
  58. Query Critique
  59. When the MC is MG but the novel is not
  60. Agent asks an author bio?
  61. Can it be done?
  62. Do New Fiction Writers Have to Have a Blog?
  63. Query letters for Twitter pitch
  64. Do I need to reply to emails like ...
  65. Agent Etiquette
  66. Querying agents who request off Twitter pitches when they've said they 'don't connect' w/y voice
  67. R&R Exclusive Etiquette?
  68. Is my agent not for me?
  69. Querying another agent at the SAME agency if the first passes on full
  70. Query Help?
  71. Should I convert a British spelling to American when submitting to American Agents?
  72. quick agent question about submission
  73. Wiring money from USA to UK – HELP!
  74. When to notify other agents of offer of represention - before call?
  75. Small publishing house vs. agent approach
  76. Finding good agents
  77. Querying Question
  78. Synopsis Question
  79. Pitch contest with a full and partial out
  80. Do you nudge the nudge?
  81. In the window between offer of rep and signing...
  82. Writing Workshop series idea...
  83. Nonfiction book question
  84. Is it okay to re-query if that is within agency guidelines if the original query was botched?
  85. I never felt bad about my novel until after I hired an agent.
  86. Do they read all the way?
  87. How much personalized attention to a given agent should be in the query?
  88. "Handshake" before contract signing .. are you bound?
  89. Short Stories Turned Into Books?
  90. requerying
  91. Book to Movie
  92. When to nudge after speaking to owner of agency? (they have a full of my MS)
  93. How should attachments be named on initial submission?
  94. Synopsis - Do you need it?
  95. Finished Photography Book - What does an agent want to see?
  96. Need Advice for Sending back Completed R&R
  97. Risking it......
  98. Admin please delete
  99. Offer of representation by small publisher - how to proceed?
  100. Lawyer with no publication experience
  101. Silence from agent, is that normal?
  102. Do Prologues Generally Turn You Off?
  103. Querying a duology advice
  104. Submitting a new manuscript to your agent
  105. Should I mention one agent has partial MS in queries to other agents?
  106. Wattpad and Querying
  107. Is it okay to ask authors about their agents?
  108. What to expect
  109. Alex Y. Arnold’s email address?
  110. Quick Question: would you.....?
  111. Will Wattpad Ruin my chances of getting published?
  112. Is it worth submitting in July?
  113. What to do between query bursts
  114. Not getting an agent?
  115. Multiple Manuscripts sent out
  116. What's the downside?
  117. Sending first five pages...
  118. Thinking of Firing My Agent
  119. Agents for YA novellas?
  120. Pointing out a website error/potential obstacle for querying... in a query letter
  121. How far to spread the net..
  122. Unable to find agents
  123. How bad is it if I don't have a web site?
  124. Can I send an updated version of a manuscript?
  125. How long do I have to respond to a request for a full?
  126. Snowball's chance for a 82k MG Fantasy?
  127. Query interest from Twitter
  128. Revise & Resubmit - Meet Me Halfway?
  129. The phone call -- maybe
  130. #askprintrun starts now
  131. Agent Offer! And a Question.
  132. showing your agent a work-in-progress?
  133. What makes for poor sample chapters?
  134. Can I query an agent after self publishing?
  135. Using Publishers Marketplace to find an agent?
  136. Some success in self publishing. Start a new series and go traditional?
  137. Agent Offer/Agency Contract
  138. Time it takes your agent to read subsequent manuscripts?
  139. Can I query an agent for a book already self-published?
  140. What happens if your agent is only interested in selling your first book, but nothing else?
  141. Agent Only Wants to Contract For One Book
  142. Word Count Question
  143. Unexpected pub offer, still on query
  144. Email Queries and Title Pages
  145. Choosing the right genre
  146. Multiple Writers on Debut Novel
  147. Narrative voice
  148. commission question
  149. Do I query the story (the emotional arc) or the plot (the action)?
  150. What to ask an agents' clients before signing?
  151. Undesirable trends?
  152. Sharing: How much is too much?
  153. Thank You for the Rejection
  154. Agency Contract question
  155. What to do with my previously-published sci-fi thriller
  156. How full is a 'full' synopsis when requested alongside the complete ms?
  157. Is requerying agents ever okay?
  158. Disclosing taboo content in query, hurtful or helpful?
  159. Still querry agents if self pubbed?
  160. Working with an agent that could be close to retirement?
  161. Should I nudge?
  162. How would you rate this sales pitch?
  163. Why do Agents change Agencies?
  164. Offers for ebook re-publishing of old titles - what should I do?
  165. Offers for ebook re-publishing of old titles - what should I do?
  166. Interesting interview with agent Dara Hyde
  167. Successful query and manuscript requested, but there's a problem
  168. comps in query
  169. Using recycled characters in a new series
  170. Why do agents ask these questions?
  171. Manuscript question.
  172. Question about nudging
  173. Frankurt Book Fair: a bad time to tell agents you've had an offer of rep?
  174. When a prospective agent asks what else you are working on, how much should you tell them?
  175. Does that 25% (or whatever number people want to use) query response rate apply to top-tier agents?
  176. What are the agent expectations during THE CALL when there are more offers on the table?
  177. Should I tell each agent who asks for the MS how many other agents have it?
  178. Finding an agent abroad.
  179. First line about the weather - sort of?
  180. Conflicting Info on Queries -- What Agents Want
  181. Do writers have to "out" themselves to agents, using #OwnVoices?
  182. Continuing to Query While an Agent Has Your Full?
  183. Offbeat/Quirky?
  184. Images/Pics in queries?
  185. Getting an agent referral
  186. How long for your agent to get back to you on new work? (kidlit)
  187. Following-up with editors agent submitted to. Can you do this?
  188. Should I send a certified letter to agent?
  189. The Send in Batches Theory of Querying.
  190. Bio of a Query Letter... leave out? (Contest Prize Amount)
  191. single project representation in contract
  192. Do posts on Wattpad with a significant number of readers count as publishing credits?
  193. Modesitt for a comp?
  194. Prospective agent rescheduling call
  195. Facetime at conference
  196. Problems with my Query Letter?
  197. agent offering feedback after revise and resubmit request
  198. Is it common to only have your first agent for one book?
  199. Querying Concern
  200. Derail about queries
  201. Cover Letters and Publishing History
  202. Question about publishing two novels with similar plots
  203. A question about agents in the same agency
  204. Only one comp title?
  205. Should I Omit Mention of a Certain Piece in a Query Letter
  207. Good conferences for pitching agents?
  208. Should I nudge on an R&R letter?
  209. Revise & Resubmit Vagueness
  210. Small publisher offer. Should I contact agents I queried?
  211. Formatting a Chapter Outline for Prospective Agent
  212. New agents vs. established
  213. Please critique my synopsis
  214. Querying a false protagonist
  215. Going On Sub - can anyone share?
  216. Straight Talk: Is there hope for a 20th Century Throwback?
  217. Form rejection on full. Is it okay to ask for feedback?
  218. Query Qs (or blues?)
  219. Exclusive Revise & Resubmit?!
  220. Question about an agent
  221. Communicating with my agent
  222. Parting ways with an agent while on sub -
  223. Published; now switching agents. Will agents look upon me poorly?
  224. Agent + Small Publisher = ???
  225. Stupid questions regarding query letters
  226. Exclusive ms. request (after the fact).
  227. If you're hot, you know it. Right?
  228. Labeling the manuscript properly in the query letter
  229. Finding Comps for Science Fiction: Style, Story or Subgenre?
  230. can online publications be a problem?
  231. Does a Call Mean an Offer?
  232. Mental Illness
  233. Comp list question
  234. Can't believe it
  235. Response....
  236. R&R Followup-- Advice Appreciated
  237. R & Ring with one agent while others are waiting -- should I nudge?
  238. No Reply.... another agent at same agency?
  239. Slow R&R
  240. In need...........
  241. Question
  242. plays as comp titles
  243. What if you receive an offer while working on a R&R?
  244. Does a university journal count as a previous publication?
  245. So... how is seeking an agent these days?
  246. Notifying Agents of Offer of Publication For Unrelated Manuscript
  247. Is this correct?
  248. How do you write a query letter for a short story collection?
  249. What do they mean by submission history?
  250. Named chapters or no?