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  1. Submitting from Asia
  2. Advances from Publishers
  3. Is it ever proper to substitute a partial?
  4. Question about IRCs
  5. Question about credentials and expertise on a subject
  6. Which one do I go by?
  7. Commercial viability vs high standard of writing
  8. Can you submit a 2nd novel to an agent who rejected your first?
  9. How can you find out an agent's author list?
  10. Copies or Money for Copies
  11. What to send?
  12. A question...
  13. Agents Who Are Also Writers
  14. Multiple queries
  15. What to do if agent won't accept "unsolicited queries"?
  16. Time it takes an agent to reply once they have what they asked for from you
  17. Looking for an Author's Agent
  18. Literary Agents vs Hollywood Agents
  19. What's an acceptable Agent response time?
  20. Info for Agent?
  21. how long to publication?
  22. on formatting a novel submission
  23. business principles
  24. Querying Prior to Conference?
  25. Author bio
  26. Straight to agent (skipping the mags?)
  27. Do I keep querying even if an agent has a full?
  28. Query details
  29. Book Club rights
  30. Questions about contracts
  31. There are Agents on this board too?
  32. A total newbie question
  33. OK, first agent didn't ask for exclusivity; second did. HELP!
  34. Recommendation for literary/music agent
  35. I really should know this . . .
  36. Distributors?
  37. Question about Query Letters
  38. Starting off with New Agents
  39. Is this Kosher?
  40. Exclusive requested...can I delay this?
  41. Ask Jenny Bent! Guest agent arriving next week...
  42. "careful consideration"
  43. Do agents normally answer yes or no to an emailed query letter?
  44. a little dilemma
  45. How long is long enough?
  46. Is there hope for an agent after publisher rejections
  47. Acquisitions by Major Houses
  48. Agent question
  49. Agent for a novel
  50. confusion bordering on alarm...
  51. Two requests? What's protocol?
  52. I need to publish my work on cosmology ... agent recommendation needed
  53. Ask Ginger Clark! Guest agent arriving July 5th
  54. Preparation for Writer's Conference
  55. I'm running out of literary agents (repost)
  56. manuscript submission format
  57. Protocol on Rejection Letters - retrieved
  58. Two agents interested in seeing my manuscript -- etiquette advice?
  59. Submission Trivia. Would like to know.
  60. Etiquette for Querying a Picture Book
  61. Introduction / Question
  62. Can you sim sub to Agents in the UK?
  63. Querying for a series, y/n?
  64. Image release form
  65. What's the magic # before agent calls it quits?
  66. Would you tell...
  67. Best agents?
  68. Do you have to hire a publicist?
  69. what is Pop culture non-fiction
  70. Do agents ever...
  71. Collection of short stories
  72. Stating Author's Credentials
  73. Clips that've gone through the wringer...
  74. Recommendations
  75. HELP: SOS from India
  76. Question Re: Sample Chapters
  77. So...?
  78. Film agent
  79. What is "background of the book"?
  80. A couple of questions
  81. Do I call it SF or techno-thriller?
  82. 24 Hour Turnaround
  83. Manuscript Through Email
  84. Ask Ben Salmon! Guest agent arriving August 2nd.
  85. How do you find other author's agents?
  86. What is an agent's assistant's opinion worth?
  87. One of my fears
  88. Query letters
  89. Question regarding partials
  90. SASE neccescary?
  91. Transatlantic query etiquette
  92. How to find a publishing lawyer
  93. Agent-Writer Relationship
  94. Getting a Contract, Then an Agent
  95. List of Agent Blogs
  96. Author Supplies Copies
  97. Is Everybody out of Town
  98. Taxpayer Identification Number Help...
  99. Genre question
  100. Lad-Lit
  101. Do agents/publishers require credentials?
  102. Foreign Clients
  103. Partial Taking Longer...
  104. CV?
  105. Thanking in the Query Letter
  106. How Long Before Submitting to Other Agent
  107. Mystery: Series or One-Shot?
  108. Publisher vs. Agent Word Counts
  109. Interpretation Needed Please?
  110. Am I crazy?
  111. Protocol When Meeting an Agent
  112. Which is more marketable in today's lit world?
  113. Should you approach a liberal agent if you're conservative
  114. Exclusives
  115. Nudging an agent with a full
  116. artists
  117. mention that an additional agent is also reading ms?
  118. Lost in the Ozone
  119. What makes a good synopsis?
  120. Reasonable Commission
  121. Chapter Outline?
  122. Does POD credentials carry weight with agents / publishers?
  123. Hand-addressed envelopes
  124. querying same agent?
  125. How Often Does This Happen?
  126. Submitting new work?
  127. First chapter or entire ms...?
  128. Can I just say ...
  129. Does no children's books mean no young adult books too?
  130. Faux Pas?
  131. Will my book ever sell?
  132. Do I need a Lit agent?
  133. Okay to touch base with agent after mailing MS?
  134. Partial vs. Full
  135. When do agents REALLY ask for money?
  136. Writing credentials
  137. Commercial Fiction?
  138. What's the Record
  139. Too large?
  140. New Agent at Writers House
  141. Author Bio?
  142. Images in a book that is NOT illustrated
  143. Follow-up query
  144. Regarding an agent who asked for an exclusive some time ago
  145. Advance and Royalties
  146. Queries,Confusion,Anathema
  147. Multiple submissions
  148. Revision-Resubmission Advice
  149. Agents for Mutiple Projects?
  150. Canadian Writers, US Agents?
  151. NEED AGENT ADVICE: Do agents consider material with ISBN #s?
  152. I don't want to be a nudge, but...
  153. Query multiple agents/exclusivity agreement
  154. I never Tell . . . Should I?
  155. Protocol for two coauthors seeking agent?
  156. Terminator
  157. Rejection translations
  158. Another SASE question
  160. Promotional Costs
  161. Resume?
  162. What to expect
  163. Agent Search Advice
  164. Suggestion needed for Literary Agents handling Technothrillers
  165. What do agents really mean in rejections?
  166. Agents and Phone Calls
  167. prologue or not
  168. Synopsis with Full?
  169. Timing of getting an agent
  170. Sample Chapters
  171. What exactly is the 'family saga' genre?
  172. Being Honest With An Agent
  173. Agent's preference
  174. Address the Assistant?
  175. New York Agent better?
  176. How to start looking for an agent?
  177. Synopsis Length
  178. Do UK agents accept foreign clients?
  179. Is my email query dead?
  180. Can you (well, it's a technicality) curse in a query?
  181. Honorable Mentions
  182. Giving SSN to agent. Normal?
  183. my first query, and I blew it...
  184. Interpreting agent response
  185. Requested attachment question
  186. good news in a SASE?
  187. Communication issues with agent
  188. What sort of writing and topics do agents and publishers want in a novel?
  189. Poetry Agents
  190. another detail to obsess over
  191. Interesting problem
  192. When an agent doesn't respond promptly?
  193. Ensembles?
  194. Another What To Do Question...
  195. Dorchester Leisure -- Is An Agent Required
  196. Ghostwriting contract
  197. Did I just completely blow it by spacing off on the SASE?
  198. Time of Year to Query?
  199. Subjectivity and its results
  200. Does a bio need filler?
  201. Cozy Mystery Agents
  202. Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Agents
  203. genre blurring
  204. Revisions Since Partial
  205. "Great but not marketable." What do I do?
  206. Querying a publisher on a second book while they’re considering the first
  207. Time to Give Full Manuscript Request; Diplomacy
  208. Response to Full
  209. Thanksgiving / following up
  210. Best Time of Week to Email a Query?
  211. Not so hypothetical
  212. Email vs Snail Mail Query?
  213. Synopses. How? How Long? What agents are looking for?
  214. Release form
  215. Short sample - How do send?
  216. Agents that don't respond to email queries
  217. Protocol on Partials
  218. Rejection after a partial request
  219. Tell the Agent
  220. A debate about agents
  221. Agents for Graphic Novels
  222. Two agents, one rev. request
  223. How long do I wait before I let myself get depressed?
  224. When/how to tell my agent about another project?
  225. When manuscripts have children
  226. How do agents submit our work?
  227. Okay, so an agent likes your query and calls...
  228. Urgent Question re: Representation
  229. Bio within query letter or on a seperate page?
  230. Querying: second time around
  231. Format for partials (as opposed to complete manuscript)
  232. Agents who love the House of Scribner & classic, traditional lit?
  233. Do I need an agent?
  234. Current Info: AgentQuery.com or AAR
  235. how to find an agent that represents a certain genre?
  236. What does "Tie-in dvds" mean?
  237. agents for gift or art books?
  238. Do agents work during this holiday season
  239. agent is asking for a critique
  240. Word Count?????
  241. Agents asking to see something else...
  242. Agents are ignoring me
  243. Former? agent
  244. Let me rephrase that
  245. Representation and outstanding unsolicited queries
  246. Writing sample/Partial
  247. Conspiracy
  248. Getting a literary Agent
  249. Ask Lucienne Diver! Guest agent arriving week of January 15th
  250. How long after a full request?