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  1. Should I be expecting a response?
  2. Revise and Resubmit
  3. Beyond queries and page one... How many pages matter most?
  4. UK Agents: Simultaneous Queries or not?
  5. What does "exclusive" really mean?
  6. How to respond when agents try to gauge other interest
  7. Should you submit to an agency that's website has an out of date copyright?
  8. Quick Semi-Panicked Question
  9. R&Rs on Partials
  10. R&R Response
  11. HELP I forgot something in my query!
  12. When is a Manuscript Ready?
  13. A few questions
  14. The Kidlit Market
  15. Pitching Grandpa
  16. Illustration in a YA manuscript?
  17. Is my book humor, pop-culture, or?
  18. Should I mention this in query?
  19. What's new regarding agents
  20. Nudging an agent after 6 months futile?
  21. Is it a bad idea to query a new agents instead of an experienced one?
  22. Do you have to meet your agent/publisher in person?
  23. Question
  24. My YA Might Sound Like MG
  25. Repeating content of query in nonfiction book proposal
  26. Finding a New Agent After One Retires?
  27. Can anyone explain...
  28. A publisher is interested; do I nudge agents?
  29. Publications list in a query letter? Help!!
  30. Should I post my chapters on my website?
  31. Is there a master list of agents?
  32. How does writing new books work once you already have an agent?
  33. Do associate literary agents actually sell books?
  34. Exclusive Query Question
  35. How to respond to request for an (unfinished) full manuscript?
  36. Query question re: dual POV
  37. Sad, strange situation... What should I do?
  38. Cross-genre/sub-genre priority when querying an agent
  39. How should a prologue count as far as chapters are concerned?
  40. Querying w/ a series while I'm still in grad school?
  41. Mentioning diverse traits in queries?
  42. Offers, Fulls, and emotional wreckage...
  43. Do agents sell multiple novels at once?
  44. Querying the same agent
  45. Formatting Question
  46. Contacted by an agent--what do I do?
  47. Would this issue create problems for an agent?
  48. Question regarding query ettiquette
  49. How to query an agent when I have a right of first refusal contract?
  50. A few questions of mine
  51. POV problem in query
  52. Further research
  53. I've been querying for five months and I have some questions
  54. First three chapters...
  55. Agents, Authors, and the Agent's Work Product
  56. Using a Pseudonym
  57. Query agent while book is out for open submission
  58. For Agents: Is This Ever Agreed to by Publishers?
  59. Double spaced email query
  60. Miss Snark
  61. Unique situation with unpublished book and screenplay. Would like to hear people's thoughts.
  62. The Etiquette on Pulling a Full
  63. Upmarket?
  64. When agents says they want a synopsis in their query guidelines
  65. I'm being offered a deal
  66. Agent's thoughts about platforms... and the lack thereof.
  67. If I have no writing credentials...
  68. Is it ok to re-query an agent?
  69. Querying First book in series?
  70. Question for agents about book to movie rights
  71. Contract up, offered another. Time to get an agent?
  72. Agent Q&A - Michael Carr, Veritas Literary v2
  73. Are chapter outlines required for fiction novels?
  74. Subbing without a new book complete
  75. Links to facebook and twitter in a query?
  76. Exclusive is up today, how do I go about contacting the agent?
  77. Request to send 40-50 pages?
  78. Query response times
  79. How important is it to have an Agent?
  80. does it help or hurt if your book already is online?
  81. Picking agents to query
  82. Do agents generally say no to a query that would compete against a colleague?
  83. Deal announcements with no "nice deal" text
  84. The Last Five Pages
  85. Interview with Associate Agent Tara Carberry of Trident Media Group
  86. Sign and Agent, Then Write Something They Don't Represent?
  87. "Option," question.
  88. Changing agents in mid-stream?
  89. Following up with an agent who has your full ms
  90. Submitting for YA and Fantasy (or both?)
  91. Query Editions After You're Published
  92. Doesn't Accept Email Queries
  93. Query etiquette question
  94. Offer Notification Etiquette
  95. Can you submit a rewrite to an agent?
  96. Word count
  97. What does an agent want to see in a synopsis of a novel?
  98. Doublespace sample of novel when it's embedded in an email???
  99. Dual POV?
  100. Querying agents and publishers at the same time?
  101. How to query after switching to pen name?
  102. Submitting another writer's work
  103. Can an Irish Author submit to a US agent?
  104. Chapter breaks when pasting into email
  105. Should I let agent know I got auto-receipt twice?
  106. Immediate Re=query
  107. Okay to query agents and publishers at same time w/ different mss?
  108. I forgot to include a salutation in my query?
  109. Querying Middle Grade - Number of Chapters
  110. What is the etiquette for sending full ms after request?
  111. How long can you keep an agent waiting after they ask for a full?
  112. New project, same agent?
  113. Did I just screw up?
  114. Question about agents contacting editors
  115. Querying with two POVs
  116. Former literary agency refuses to take me down from their website
  117. Besides making sales, do agents get paid?
  118. I need help with subject line of query
  119. Query About Life Experience?
  120. Does My Agent Suck or Is It Me?
  121. Narrative synopsis
  122. Protocol on a Referral
  123. % of queries that result in requests for fulls or partials
  124. When (or is) it okay to add an agent on Facebook? (not page, profile)
  125. Agency Being Weird
  126. Query Newbie: Am I doing this right? Targeting the right agent to submit to
  127. How often should my agent be pitching my MS?
  128. Querying an Agent Multiple Times
  129. Protocol For Requerying After No Response
  130. Do agents read everything from the initial query submission before a further request?
  131. When to "Nudge"? (Think I Might've Messed Up)
  132. Nudging?
  133. Author Query vs. Agent Pitch to Publisher
  134. How important is word-count?
  135. How can I convince my agent to nudge editors?
  136. Where can I find the “market information” for my manuscript?
  137. Two Part Query Question
  138. What is the etiquette for searching for a second agent while agented?
  139. Unsolicited Query Letter
  140. How Auctions Work
  141. On a Roll
  142. Agent "announcement" question
  143. Etiquette: Query stage
  144. Can I self-pub while waiting for agents to reply?
  145. Is it OK to send to two agents at the same time in the same agency, but in different countries?
  146. When an agent is going to call you about representation, what are your top 3 or 5 questions to ask?
  147. How long would it be OK to hold out on an agent rep offer before they get fed up?
  148. Can I move to another agent in this agency?
  149. How Did You Get the News?
  150. E-mail query: spaces between paragraphs
  151. Query: How many?
  152. How do I find a good agent?
  153. A Bad Deal Is Worse Than No Deal?
  154. Is it okay to mention your sales numbers in a query letter to an agent?
  155. Saying "Hey, I like your stuff" In a Query
  156. Success with articles, does it matter?
  157. When an agent requests a meeting
  158. Nonfiction Book Doctoring Inquiries
  159. Sample length query?
  160. Trying to figure out best way to send in requested materials
  161. Getting an agent/book deal before the book is written - what if you're famous?
  162. when an agent/agency requests for a certain ....
  163. Translated novels:
  164. Querying when there are two authors?
  165. Not a Fan of the Nudge, but....
  166. Request for a full, but MS has since changed (which version to send)
  167. Agent Wish Lists
  168. Small agencies, new agents
  169. Downside of getting chapter published as stand-alone piece?
  170. Spam filter panic attack
  171. Which territory if you had to choose?
  172. Out of country agents
  173. formatting problems with sample pages
  174. Number of clients per agent
  175. Finding Agents
  176. Mentioning Other Requests in Agent Nudges
  177. Cutting ties with old agent before seeking out new one
  178. R&R
  179. YA fantasy word count
  180. Telling other agents you've had an offer when you've only just sent them your ms?
  181. Is it going to kill my dream?
  182. What if...
  183. Pseudonyms for different genres
  184. What is the biggest advance a book has ever gone for?
  185. Querying a new agent when your former agent didn't manage to sell the manuscript
  186. Agent/author etiquette question
  187. Querying US agents (overseas submissions)
  188. Requested materials from conferences
  189. Am I doing the right thing?
  190. Following up on a follow up?
  191. Agent interest after listing on Amazon.com
  192. Is chronic lateness a deal-breaker?
  193. Would this put an agent or publisher off?
  194. Shall I change it?
  195. Did I ruin my chances?
  196. Attorney/Author as Agent
  197. Editor before agent?
  198. Can I re-query an agent the same book?
  199. Re-Submit Pages
  200. How to write a Query for multiple characters
  201. Query author bio question
  202. Response Times on Fulls
  203. Is There A Default for Attaching / Not Attaching Pages + Synopsis?
  204. How/when to tell a new agent you fired your last agent
  205. Is it bad form to send an updated manuscript this early?
  206. Dream Agent Asked to See A Different Manuscript
  207. Will British spelling/grammar turn-off American agents?
  208. Looking for agencies
  209. Sending Queries vs. Christmas time......
  210. Should I change a character's essence to increase potential "marketability"?
  211. A question on interning at a literary agency
  212. After how many agents' similar opinions should I revise my manuscript?
  213. An intern looked at MS and liked it. Do I mention that to agent?
  214. Film Agent Inquiry
  215. Is this typical for the industry? Or do I have a lame-duck agent?
  216. Five out of Seven Agents Say the Same Thing -- What Next?
  217. Good or bad?
  218. Salutation
  219. Have you met your agent/author?
  220. Should I Nudge a Second Time?
  221. Request for submission history
  222. Offered rep - protocol question
  223. Agent Representation - one work or ALL work?
  224. Where should I start my query?
  225. Sample pages - beginning or...?
  226. How should I describe my book (and target age group) when I pitch it to agents?
  227. Which is the most reliable e-mail provider for querying?
  228. Published author with poor sales querying new project
  229. Pitching to Agents who want Marginalized Characters
  230. Query Letters for Teen MC in Adult Scifi
  231. What do you think about querying during Christmas time?
  232. The same idea :cry:
  233. What is literary agent training like?
  234. Agents agents everywhere... British English, Contemporary, and Sci-Fi
  235. Tweaked chapter, send new?
  236. Does the genre you pick in your query matter much?
  237. Recently Published - Looking for Advice.
  238. Querying Around The Holidays?
  239. Should I mention I've published an article before in a query?
  240. MG books to lead into YA
  241. Fastening pages
  242. Submitted Full Manscript with some overlooked formatting errors
  243. Do you submit to a UK agent if you are in the US?
  244. Synopsis advice
  245. Book Offer with No Agent
  246. Mention previous MS requests to agents?
  247. Publishing first three chapters online
  248. Do agents/editors accept unfinished manuscripts?
  249. How accurate are all the 'guidelines' on getting noticed?
  250. Should I send a follow up?