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  1. Most agents don't ask for a 'query letter'
  2. I'm Being Published, but I Don't Have an Agent
  3. How important is an agency's track record of sales in your genre?
  4. Genre designation
  5. Parting ways with an agent after a long silence
  6. New agent a possibility?
  7. Worried about my agent's ability to rep my book
  8. -
  9. Should a query letter start straight away with the hook?
  10. Is it pretentious to compare novel to agent's other clients?
  11. Someone else published my novel!
  12. Do I revise as planned or send agent original version?
  13. Submitted partial single spaced
  14. Should a forwarded query get a follow-up?
  15. How can one show pacing in a one-page synopsis?
  16. Should the cover letter & synopsis be attched?
  17. Ahh crud I got a bite...need advice
  18. What do you think of this?
  19. Noob Question: Does this sound right?
  20. Querying an Agent for the second time (Different MS)
  21. The Agent Moves: A Problem
  22. Agent Response Time on Full Manuscripts
  23. How do you know when it's ready to submit?
  24. Timing question on submitting queries
  25. Exclusive Revision
  26. I want to start a query newsletter
  27. a question about editing
  28. An issue of length
  29. The opposite length issue
  30. Revisions after submitting a partial.
  31. Best way to politely nudge?
  32. UK querying question
  33. Can I contact the same agent?
  34. What if querying agents does not work?
  35. Can you call your work "upmarket" in a query?
  36. Canadians and Eh-gencies?
  37. Having a hard time
  38. Formatting a manuscript
  39. Agented Author: Promoting oneself before being published?
  40. Question about the First Line of a Query Letter
  41. Querying two novels at once
  42. Weakness
  43. Where can I post a query for critique?
  44. Comp Titles: Necessary, Nice to Have, or Wasted Space?
  45. Stumped by query reply
  46. Concerned: Tate Publishing good to put or ditch in query?
  47. Questions about manuscript format (right-aligning)
  48. Question about querying multiple agents
  49. Query attachments question
  50. Resubmitting an updated version?
  51. Is there a hierarchy of agents or will anyone do?
  52. Mentioning My Editor in a Query Letter
  53. The Terrible Trouble of Writing a Synopsis :(
  54. Trilogy, series, or something else? Where does my novel fit? Help...
  55. Agent Contract Question
  56. A couple of synopsis questions
  57. Preferred Binding
  58. Submission plan, does your agent tell you which editors, or only which publishers they submit to?
  59. How to query a long book?
  60. My Agent is Quitting and I'm on Submission
  61. Genre Problems with Querying
  62. Agent has my R&R, can I still query to others?
  63. Agent Feedback has me at a loss
  64. delete please - problem resolved :)
  65. A Nice... Problem?
  66. UK Query Question
  67. Help!
  68. How long should I wait to query a new project?
  69. Where to next...?
  70. Query question--issue.
  71. Agent referral for query letter
  72. Issue with a full -- please help
  73. Can I suggest publishers / markets in my query?
  74. Dear vs To
  75. Mention previous agent in query letter?
  76. My Work Experience is Under a Variety of Pseudonyms, does this matter?
  77. Did I Screw Up My Chances?: Query Letter Problem
  78. Contract Question
  79. Publisher Exclusives
  80. If it's a bad query letter will the agent read at least some of the chapter that went with it?
  81. Are these deal breakers?
  82. To Leave an Agent?
  83. Should we meet our agent?
  84. How are email & postal mail queries different?
  85. Question about Resubmitting Query
  86. Revise and Resubmit Etiquette?
  87. How do you know if you've found the right agent?
  88. Two Authors, Two Agents, One Book?
  89. Agent response question: R&R or more? Or less? What to do next?
  90. What Is the Best Degree To Have For Literary Agents
  91. Snail mail queries
  92. Going with a small press
  93. Two Books Better Than One?
  94. How to Submit
  95. Great, here comes another first time novelist with an epic.
  96. Agent isn't asking for major revisions
  97. What kind of things could come from an R&R?
  98. Include the prologue in a query letter?
  99. Agent closed to submissions
  100. Platform to Agent
  101. Would self publishing ever interfere with acquiring an agent?
  102. Multiple Offers and Completely Torn
  103. Publishing: US vs UK for Fantasy
  104. Are query letter norms shifting again
  105. Are Agents As Much the Norm as They Were Twenty-Five Years Ago?
  106. Terms agents use
  107. Pitch Session
  108. Great Writing but Unsellable?
  109. Proper salutation
  110. Body of email
  111. Query Letter Question
  112. Contract Question
  113. Would an agent be interested?
  114. Need Advice
  115. Question on double-spacing
  116. Would it be considered a debut if I self-pubbed for free?
  117. Query letters and QUILTBAG characters
  118. Self-publishing novellas for free: Does it Hurt Chances with an Agent
  119. Query letter sample pages: page count?
  120. When agents offer representation
  121. I Absolutely LOVE My Agent, But...
  122. Querying about novels you have unpublished
  123. Books in different genres?
  124. Contact agent when you have an offer for publication?
  125. Will agents take on previously published novels by e-pubs, or should I not bother to submit?
  126. Timing submissions & festival months - UK
  127. after reject agent wants Linkedin
  128. Positive rejection: Query vs. Overhaul?
  129. Do I Need An Agent?
  130. My Agent's New How-To Book
  131. Agents are people too
  132. Nudging on a query. Strange situation.
  133. Genre and querying
  134. Agents: What Proportion of Authors do You Sign Through Unsolicited Queries?
  135. Queryshark says not to tailor your query to each agent because it isn't worth your time. Thoughts?
  136. Author Sites/Blogs and Too Much Information
  137. Withdrawing and Resubmitting
  138. How many queries a week do agents get?
  139. How Do I Cite Use of a Public Domain Work?
  140. Would publishing scenes from my memoir in lit zines help or hinder getting an agent?
  141. My first serious query blooper. What to do?
  142. agent wants phone call after partial
  143. Agents, do you have a favorite query yet?
  144. Querying two different books, agent question
  145. Should I tell an Agent I was published - sort of?
  146. Questions to Ask a New Agent?
  147. What does it mean if an agent says
  148. Is this a "maybe later" or a "go away"
  149. how many rejections
  150. Which "category" or "genre" should this be?
  151. Demand for YA Equestrian/Horse Books?
  152. Has any agent said
  153. Two quick questions
  154. How Long Does it Take/How Long Should I Wait?
  155. Re-querying same agent, but with a different category?
  156. [Moved from Novels] Queries to Agents
  157. Submissions question
  158. English setting, American agents?
  159. Question on word count.
  160. Is it seen as poor form to query/submit to many agents and pub's?
  161. How to revoke an agent query and self publish instead?
  162. Any reason to stop querying after receiving several full requests?
  163. Agent suggests querying a co-agent
  164. Questions about using real name vs pen name at conferences
  165. What's the protocol in this siutation?
  166. Signed and Waiting
  167. Other Interested Parties
  168. Asking for an exclusive?
  169. Contacting After Rewrite?
  170. How many offers of representation does a typical agent make in a year?
  171. When to follow up on agents
  172. Pitching a book which is technically a sequel
  173. Querying for a series?
  174. Do you always need to name the characters?
  175. #tenqueries on Twitter
  176. How to pick which agent to query?
  177. Querying New Project - Mention Previously Self-Pubbed Novel?
  178. Is "mystery-thriller" a genre?
  179. From a partial to a full
  180. Recommendations
  181. Is this a red flag?
  182. Question about Agent Negotiation w/ Publisher
  183. Resubmitting agented novel from 8 years ago
  184. Ack! My full is missing the header!
  185. Boomer Lit
  186. How long do publishers take to respond?
  187. Circling back with an agent/publisher to tell about a new pub credit
  188. When to Part Ways with your Literary Agent
  189. Terminated the Author-Agent contract, where to go from here?
  190. Consider agents outside New York?
  191. When an agent says "continue editing"?
  192. August is a dead month in publishing?
  193. Got THE CALL...now what?
  194. Partial request question
  195. If an agent has your full...
  196. World rights/royalties
  197. Past vs. Present Tense
  198. Sent agent the right story--wrong document
  199. Simple question
  200. Have to fire agent, but we had a handshake deal...
  201. Straddling two genres - where should I apply?
  202. Can I show agents my Goodreads reviews in my query letter?
  203. How to address cultural misinformation in query letter?
  204. A day in the life of an agent
  205. Requerying an agent
  206. Is it OK to re-send a partial?
  207. How long does it take for an agent to sell your work?
  208. Query for novel with multiple protagonists
  209. So let's say you queried...
  210. Querying agents who read full MS last time around
  211. Agent commision for new writers?
  212. Dumb formatting question
  213. How to go about publishing a book from a private blog
  214. Why do agents switch agencies?
  215. Chronological Synopis -- Achronological story
  216. How critical are agent sales in your age category?
  217. Two main characters in a novel summary
  218. Googling authors
  219. Disabled Submissions
  220. How many agents should I have on my list?
  221. Want to know how NOT to do it?
  222. Query question
  223. What if I get a publisher BEFORE an agent?
  224. What is the ideal size and format for a novel summary in the UK/USA/Canada
  225. Agent wants CV with novel query
  226. Question for Agents: Double-spaced courier? Really? In 2015?
  227. US Agents for International Writers
  228. Can I Quote Him?
  229. Synopsis Length
  230. Querying the Same Agents with Different Novels
  231. Agency asks me what I'm working on next...
  232. Mentioning Former Client in Query
  233. Agent requesting first 5-10 pages with the query?
  234. Atheist-friendly Agents?
  235. So confused about the genres agents represent.
  236. Getting an agent when you're already published
  237. Totally lost, need help
  238. How long to give an exclusive?
  239. Swamped Agents: Try again later
  240. Agent referrals
  241. The first three chapters are boring? What to do?
  242. How small is TOO small of a niche market to query an agent?
  243. Is it really a bad idea to submit to agents in October?
  244. Spacing in emailed sample pages
  245. When to query
  246. Is October wrong time to submit to UK agents?
  247. Querying an incredibly well-respected agent who treated me 'badly' as
  248. Why would a perfectly good novel be rejected by so many agents?
  249. Is it a bad idea to lie in your query letter?
  250. Quetions on simultaneous submissions