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  1. Reacting To No Response
  2. How long do you give it for queries?
  3. When you don't have a bio
  4. A bio question.
  5. Querying a Collaborative Work While Agented on Another?
  6. If I dabbled in self-publishing, is it necessary to disclose it?
  7. How do You Address a Query When....
  8. Do agents want to see revised ms when they haven't requested the revision?
  9. Agency is 'discussing' it
  10. How bad is my mistake?
  11. How to find Published Author's Agent Name
  12. Back to square 1 - agent opted out
  13. When to check if an agent received your submission
  14. Where to put the pages
  15. Querying different books, different names
  16. Wait time to nudge on a revise and resubmit
  17. A Quick Question on Author Bio in Query Letters
  18. What order do I paste query, synopsis and pages into an email?
  19. Sending to Editors/No Contract
  20. do agents like series?
  21. Word count details in query letters... and the necessity of the SASE in the email age
  22. Querying a standalone novel that's sorta part of a series
  23. The Usual Word Count Question
  24. Fast Requests for Full Manuscripts?
  25. British or US English?
  26. When sending in a partial/full request...
  27. Googling common names
  28. What do you think? Agent says, "currently reading and considering"
  29. To nudge or not to nudge?
  30. Submitting to agencies after a rejection
  31. Querying during a Revise and Resubmit
  32. Agents: How do you read a manuscript?
  33. Missed a phone call...
  34. Letting Other Agents Know
  35. To mention or not...self-pub numbers?
  36. querying for a new agent a few years after a split
  37. What's a Word and How Much Does it Weigh?
  38. Formatting "Part 1," Part 2," etc.
  39. Agents and Gender (as topic/interest area, I mean)
  40. How many new clients is too many?
  41. Should I mention...
  42. Should i Mention That............
  43. Telling agents about other agents.
  44. A bio to an agent?
  45. Bios-What is relevant?
  46. "Similar Titles" and what agents want & expect in that section
  47. Thoughts about from-real-life Packages as Fiction vs as Memoir
  48. Conference pitch sessions
  49. Begin query with book excerpt?
  50. New Agent in an Established Agency
  51. Do Agents Prefer a Series in MG?
  52. Contracts?
  53. Writer as Brand
  54. Querying International Agents
  55. to the attention of
  56. oh, (bleep)
  57. Different email addresses for different query stages?
  58. Time between signing with an agent and going on submission
  59. LinkedIn Request
  60. Page limit for Samples
  61. Trying to understand PitMad
  62. "Let me know if other agents request your manuscript"
  63. Agent Exclusive?
  64. Agent track records... what's good?
  65. Reaching Out to Published Authors/Using Connections?
  66. Requerying: how soon (if ever) is not too soon?
  67. Publishing contract in hand - should I get an agent?
  68. Quick Response to Full
  69. Why partial requests?
  70. HUGE mistake no chance for R&R?
  71. If an agent asks for an outline...
  72. Selling ONE language only translation rights. Could this be off-putting for potential agent?
  73. Should you mention even the smallest publishing cred?
  74. query and a synposis complementing each other
  75. Tight timeline to pitch/publish - game plan?
  76. agent quest
  77. How long before you consider queries rejected?
  78. Mention social media/online presence?
  79. Prologue vs. Chapter 1
  80. Sent a Book Proposal Prematurely. Not the Best Idea.
  81. Using Dr. title?
  82. My query is working. Do I keep querying or wait for responses?
  83. pitch contest etiquette
  84. one or two sides?
  85. Have you ever received an advance on a book?
  86. Additional Rights in Agency Contract
  87. Why so many agents?
  88. Wait Time on Queries
  89. Full ms R response?
  90. Queries based around inciting event or 'first fifty'?
  91. Query Strategy
  92. Meeting with agent or publisher
  93. Forgot to include synopsis
  94. Waiting Etiquette
  95. Querying two novels simultaneously, and other stuff. . .
  96. Query Question
  97. Approached for foreign rights/no agent
  98. author/agent agreement: is this a standard clause?
  99. Re-Querying Question
  100. I was a Contest Finalist -- Where to Go From Here?
  101. Confused by mixed signals
  102. Responding to Partial Requests
  103. Revise & Resubmittals
  104. Should a query always reflect the first half of a manuscript?
  105. Question for agents who specialize in historical fiction
  106. Querying memoir
  107. Professional or goofy query?
  108. How short is too short
  109. Custom email address for queries
  110. questions about query writing
  111. Elevator Pitch in First Paragraph
  112. question about unusual industry credits
  113. Substantial Revision After Querying -- Which MS Do I Send?
  114. Location of agent matter?
  115. Question re: 2014 Guide to Literary Agents
  116. Querying a novel with an unpleasant protagonist
  117. Literary agent or lawyer?
  118. Agent to be Similar Age As You - Does that matter?
  119. Agents with Side Jobs - Worth Querying?
  120. Do agents automatically reject with longer query letters?
  121. Various query letters for various agents?
  122. Queries that lie
  123. Teething Problems or Flashing Red Light?
  124. Query to agent: include mention of self-published works?
  125. Mentioning an author in query letter
  126. Assistant and agent reading full MS
  127. Do editors notify agents when...
  128. The Waning Influence of Literary Agents (article written by a literary agent)
  129. Why are most agents women?
  130. Manuscript or Proposal for first time writers?
  131. Re-Querying an Agent Based on Thoughtful Rejection Letter
  132. What happens if I have an agent but find my own publisher?
  133. length of agent contracts?
  134. Can I re-query? It's been four years.
  135. Refusing an offer of representation?
  136. Question about personal information
  137. Where to start pages to agent
  138. How long to shop?
  139. how long is too long?
  140. Double Agents
  141. Personal Bio Question
  142. Querying foreign agents
  143. Please paste your Fully Formatted {whatever} into the Body of your Email...
  144. Weird Situation
  145. I have an important question that only agents and/or publishers can answer...
  146. Synopsis and manuscript
  147. Why would an agent make a quick deal with an epublisher?
  148. First X chapters vs. first X pages
  149. Requesting email contact VS. phone call?
  150. Query a novel even if you're not 100% confident in it?
  151. series?
  152. Choosing the right start
  153. Agency agreement questions
  154. Help with submission?
  155. R+R question
  156. Do authors pay for marketing out of royalties?
  157. SF vs. sci-fi vs. science fiction
  158. Question about self-published work.
  159. Following up?
  160. Professional/agent query critique?
  161. Query letter before book is finished?
  162. Which genre to put on query?
  163. Giving a Bonus to Your Literary Agent?
  164. I'm confused...
  165. What to do?
  166. Query Format
  167. Confirmation that she received my full?
  168. I have several agent offers
  169. I'm an illustrator who writes novels. How do I query?
  170. Agents for a fantasy involving a non-believer?
  171. when pasting into body of email...
  172. SASE or not?
  173. Curiosity: Why don't agents keep their agentquery.com info up to date?
  174. Query letter question
  175. :)
  176. Synopsis headache
  177. Formatting/Word count--am I old-fashioned?
  178. Query letter vs. Synopsis
  179. Is it always ok to submit a shorter synopsis than requested?
  180. Meager Synopsis... too little?
  181. HUGE Problem...Help me, Agents!
  182. 12-year-old protag = deal breaker?
  183. Notify all queried agents of offer?
  184. First 3 chapters or first 50 pages?
  185. Can a first novel be the first in a series?
  186. Different names? Different genres?
  187. When an Agent Updates You
  188. Help! How Long Should I Wait?
  189. Full request but agent changes agencies!
  190. Advice? AGENT DOESN'T HAVE Foreign/Film rights?
  191. A quick question
  192. Full manuscript request, but synopsis not ready (etiquette)
  193. Should I fire my agent?
  194. What genres/categories are overdone?
  195. Which Agent Style Do You Think Is Best?
  196. Offer of Publication - Advice
  197. Querying a new project with the last project still out?
  198. About myself in cover letter
  199. Question about epic fantasy query
  200. Etiquette: Thanking agent for personal rejection
  201. Timing your queries
  202. Question about a peculiar situation.
  203. Query help
  204. Can you query agents if you don't have a book, or only a few chapters?
  205. Have I found the Dead Zone of YA?
  206. What does "Query Letter" include?
  207. How cautious do I need to be with a new query + new name + new first chapters?
  208. Mentioning Diversity in Query Letter
  209. Do I nudge, or do I forget it?
  210. Advice about vague/contradictory submission guidelines
  211. What would you do?
  212. Referred to friend's agent Question (Etiquette)
  213. Including dedication/epigraph in full ms?
  214. Brief description of an agent
  215. Feelings on very new agents?
  216. Does it work differently in the USA from the UK?
  217. Writing multiple genres
  218. Formatting a partial: Page count
  219. Does agent favouriting #PitMad tweet a week after Pitmad is over still count?
  220. When to Move On?
  221. About to start contacting agents
  222. Getting it right the first time
  223. Should I query even though my novel still has flaws?
  224. my agent just quit
  225. Sending first 3 chapters when my book doesn't really have chapters?
  226. Rehauling novel that went on sub 5 years ago
  227. Emailing a Query to a Snail-Mail-Only Agency?
  228. International Writers contacting US/UK based Agents...is there a chance for us?
  229. Oh no - agent ignoring me - part deux
  230. I need help getting an agent
  231. Being gifted a new agent
  232. Business or Entertainment? What would you rather see from the slush pile?
  233. querying a new novel when i still have fulls out
  234. Yet more advice - publisher wants full, (post 26)
  235. Request Read Receipt
  236. Addressing a literary agency
  237. Is it too early to poke?
  238. Editor shows interest . . . but you don't have an agent
  239. Writing a CV
  240. As an agent would you ever take on *just* the subsidiary rights of a book?
  241. Odd querying question, regarding contest submission
  242. Can it all fall apart at this stage or is it just a tech snafu?
  243. agent worth it for category romance?
  244. How long to wait before nudging on a full
  245. Agents Policies on Reading Client's Additional Manuscripts
  246. Putting a query letter in in the run up to christmas?
  247. Should I just let it go?
  248. When you're asked vs when you submit...
  249. Query letter question - mentioning blogs and academic publishing
  250. How fussy are agents about comma use?