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  1. Pitching a multi-book deal.
  2. pitch previously agented book to small pubs?
  3. Wordcraft in a query? Important?
  4. How to fire an agent politely
  5. Publishing posthumously
  6. Mention being published in a very different genre?
  7. Mentioning Self-Publishing in Query without Shooting Self in Foot
  8. Thoughts on Entering a Pitch Contest to an Editor while Querying Agents
  9. About Querying Pubs...
  10. re-query after a complete rework?
  11. Bio in the query
  12. UK synopsis
  13. Weird question about nudging
  14. Mention that someone else is considering?
  15. A Querying Plea
  16. Agent who loves debut authors
  17. Proper Manuscript submission format
  18. Formatting on queries
  19. Agents no longer giving feedback when rejecting fulls??
  20. should you look for an agent when you have a small press publisher?
  21. Querying Multiple Agents: Simultaneous or Successive?
  22. Are query letter hooks cliche?
  23. question answered--thanks
  24. publishing excerpts
  25. Co-writers, or something else?
  26. Agent's name unknown
  27. Formatting for scene breaks
  28. Publisher contact info
  29. Agent wants to know expectations?
  30. Have an agent, but contemplating self-publishing anyway
  31. Foreign Rights Question: Who Ends up Publishing/Printing your Book?
  32. Do agents take on novellas?
  33. Should I include this in my query?
  34. Request for a full - full disclosure?
  35. When agents list "children's" or "middle grade"
  36. Teenage Writer
  37. Question about Query & Explicit Content!
  38. When to hand in a novel?
  39. The Customs of Intellectual Property
  40. Intra-Agency Querying Etiquette
  41. Can I have different agents for different novels at the same time?
  42. An agent is reviewing my full manuscript. So what?
  43. Gentle Nudge?
  44. How long before querying the same agent
  45. Agent not taking on new clients....
  46. Making it to 100+ Queries
  47. agents and new authors
  48. Wait time
  49. A Revision & Resubmit Question
  50. agent question
  51. How do I tell other agents with my ms that I've been offered representation?
  52. Does having pre-published work effect your getting an agent?
  53. Isolated authors and publishing
  54. Synopsis Query for Multiple Characters
  55. Is there a way that I can get my query letter evaluated?
  56. A Pat Rejection?
  57. Negotiating a deal yourself when you have an agent
  58. With apologies, a query.
  59. Querying an agent in a different country?
  60. Stating word counts in queries
  61. NF proposal for a series of interviews?
  62. Help when sending a requested FULL MS
  63. Is it time to switch agents?
  64. when polished query letters fail . . .
  65. Should you tell an agent who requests the full that another agent has also done so?
  66. Are there subjects that just wont get published
  67. Not accepting unsolicited manuscripts
  68. Contract Concern
  69. Ways to see an agent's client list
  70. Agents: Synopsis or Pages?
  71. Question about acronyms
  72. Selling e-book rights
  73. Questions about drawings
  74. How many genres are too many?
  75. Contacting agent prior query?
  76. An interesting example of a query letter via an agency
  77. Timing of query letters?
  78. Multiple POV in the query
  79. Should a query refer to current news?
  80. Question about MSS format
  81. When the dream agent offers representation and other agents are still reading your full MS
  82. Querying Publishers and Agents Simultaneously
  83. How to decribe a PoC in your query.
  84. requerying an agent
  85. Re-querying an agent who previously offered
  86. When an agent asks
  87. search for new agent and end of previous contract
  88. Being offered representation before a manuscript is completed.
  89. Deciding between agents
  90. Sending a revision to an agent that has my full
  91. Junior agent v. agent
  92. Querying in the summer
  93. Single books or series?
  94. Agent feedback mid-read
  95. UK agencies
  96. Should you mention in a QL that a publisher has asked for the full of your MS?
  97. Do book titles have to be all caps?
  98. Foreign Agents First
  99. A question about wooing a literary agent,
  100. Relevant Information in a Query
  101. Giving up on a particular agent
  102. Mentioning previous partials
  103. Is it acceptable practice as a writer...
  104. Piching a Cookbook?
  105. Do I take agents who say "I don't accept..." off my list?
  106. Published w/o an Agent, but Still WANT One...
  107. Sending a thank you on an R?
  108. Querying with controversial subject matter
  109. Query a senior agent, get a response from a junior
  110. Care and feeding of agents.
  111. 3 Agents, 1 publisher and an asshole
  112. How long before I give agents with full a nudge?
  113. What do I do?
  114. Help. What's the protocol here?
  115. Advice on traveling agent
  116. When agent wants to know about other agents - Update
  117. Two Agents or One?
  118. Agent is MIA, Please Advise
  119. Wrote a story, need Agent.
  120. How Do I Find An Agent For A Large Novel?
  121. Agent feedback
  122. Peculiar Quandary!
  123. WHY do Agents act like...
  124. Agent Hunter: Agent search site in the UK
  125. Tactics for querying a multiple PoV novel
  126. Request for Feedback
  127. Should online forum followers be mentioned?
  128. Hoping for some query feedback
  129. How to Be Your Agent's "Dream Client"
  130. Encouraging Closure
  131. publishing terminology
  132. Help! Need answers
  133. What constitutes a "bio"?
  134. 3 questions on waiting for agents and publishers
  135. which comes first; editor or agent
  136. How important is prestige of agency client list when choosing an agent?
  137. The Frankfurt Book Fair
  138. Ask Pam van Hylckama Vlieg:
  139. Murphy's Law of Submissions.
  140. Is it worth it to look for an agent only for foreign rights ?
  141. Agents: How many queries do you actually get per day?
  142. Offer of Representation - is it worth chasing other agents?
  143. A Silly Question about Querying Adult Genre Fiction
  144. Changing Agents
  145. Meeting question
  146. I forgot to slip in the SASE
  147. referral to agent who does not represent my genre
  148. Notifying other agents of offer
  149. Full MSS requested: how eager should I be?
  150. Breaking up with Agent
  151. Timing of Emails
  152. Telling ALL agents I submitted to that the book is taken?
  153. Partial request for a ms in revisions
  154. when an agent asks to see your next project
  155. Being a literary agent: Juliet Mushens
  156. Agent response time QUESTION.
  157. novel in 3rd, query in 1st
  158. Have contract, but no agent
  159. Re-approach no response agent?
  160. Contract offer on novella. Worth mentioning?
  161. Digital First Agents
  162. Same agent, different novel
  163. My agent has left: next steps?
  164. How Many Rejections Are Enough?
  165. Full MS with an R&R, now a publisher has requested the full
  166. Is this a red flag?
  167. Query letter AND synopsis?
  168. Three minute pitch session at writers' conference
  169. How long should I wait?
  170. Movie producer interest
  171. agents asking for a 'full manuscript'
  172. Mentioning tweets: Creepy or shows initiative?
  173. Agent asking what other agents "reactions" are
  174. Queries and E-Queries for Screenplays
  175. Revise And Resubmit
  176. No simultaneous queries/submissions
  177. OK to Nudge?
  178. Was this a referral?
  179. When pasting first 5 pages into email, include cover page?
  180. If your book is more than one genre- who to query?
  181. Do you write under a pen name?
  182. Stand-Alone vs. Series in Queries
  183. Include Images in Mss Sample?
  184. Do you include the ending in the cover letter?
  185. Is it a snub or should I wait a little longer!
  186. Maps with manuscript
  187. Query letter and synopsis
  188. When an agent asks
  189. Agents using their website to sell things to authors
  190. Calling an agent by their first name
  191. Should I bother with an agent in the beginning?
  192. If your current agent passes...
  193. The standard procedure of being asked to revise
  194. Differences in queries
  195. The Thread I Thought the Other Thread Would Be...
  196. Agents switching agencies
  197. Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
  198. Concerning agents and m/m
  199. Do agents always acknowledge receipt of...
  200. If your book isn't the current "fad" will it get passed up?
  201. Still confused by the term "commercial fiction"
  202. Hybrid authors
  203. Time to Wait to Hear on a Revision Request
  204. How to politely withdraw MS from consideration?
  205. Canadian or British Agents
  206. Confused- educational fantasy MG fiction
  207. Writer Associations
  208. My Novel: Something of the American Indian
  209. Best Way To Query as a 1st Time Novelist
  210. Including revision when notifying of offer?
  211. When to ask about next book?
  212. Always send sample pages with query?
  213. Pitching at Conferences
  214. What do you ask?
  215. Postal Letter or Email?
  216. Do gimmicks Work?
  217. Revise and resubmit on a partial
  218. Agent sent me the reader's report of my ms
  219. A question about Fulls
  220. the art of nudging your agent (alternate title: is this weird?)
  221. To personalize or not to personalize?
  222. First Chapter Problems
  223. Synopsis
  224. How to present a pseudonym?
  225. Do agents care about your awards and publications?
  226. Question about submitting agented questions
  227. Do agents care if you have an MFA?
  228. Best to start with A-list or B-list?
  229. E-mailing Sample Pages with Narrative Images
  230. Querying Multiple Agents in Agency
  231. Etiquette and/or overthinking.
  232. Should I mention illustrators in a query personalization?
  233. Query Letter Bio Question
  234. No Bio Info? what to do?
  235. When a book doesn't stand alone . . .
  236. Dialogue in synopsis?
  237. How's this Query Letter Look?
  238. Great lit fiction queries
  239. Query the same agents with evolved version of same book/different title?
  240. A MS's progression from reader to agent?
  241. Etiquette for following up on a full request
  242. Do you attach your MS to a Query letter?
  243. First agent experience jitters
  244. snailmail queries with sample chapters and/or proposals: staples or no staples?
  245. Exclusive Submissions
  246. Revision Requests from Agents?
  247. What to do when an agent asks for more time, but you already have offers.
  248. Nonfiction: Publisher has given me an offer - do I need an agent?
  249. Query Letter Questions.
  250. Nonfiction: My friend has an agent who stopped shopping her book until she builds her platform