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  1. It Feels Like She's My Agent, But...
  2. How Many Queries at a Time?
  3. How long to wait?
  4. Does debut/only credit genre affect Agent
  5. An acceptable way to find an agent?
  6. Getting feedback on one's agent query letter
  7. Question answered
  8. Is my material stuck with the assistant?
  9. Can I submit?
  10. Requested Bio?
  11. Need some quick help on Agent's request
  12. Favorite Agents-
  13. Ch 1 -- send prologue and, or?
  14. Query Letters & Synopsis
  15. Author's Note (probably jumping the gun here)
  16. Exciting words?
  17. East Coast Storm Etiquette?
  18. Selling a US book through a UK agent?
  19. Can't Shop As A Memoir
  20. Which book is better?
  21. How long before a follow-up
  22. Reader Report and Revisions
  23. How to respond?
  24. Sending and Resending to Agents
  25. Now what?
  26. Could you interpret this for me?
  27. Should I nudge and, if so, how?
  28. Agents asking for a series?
  29. What To Write Next?
  30. This happen to anyone else?
  31. Does distance matter?
  32. Submitting to more than one agent in an agency
  33. No response to full possible blocked email?
  34. Book royalty scams?
  35. Is this weird?
  36. is 50K words enough?
  37. Submitting Letter and Manuscript in Different English
  38. What does "More information" mean?
  39. Character ages in queries and or synopses
  40. Meeting with agent - what to expect?
  41. Is Something Wrong with the Query?
  42. Title Pages with Partials?
  43. Whether to query a novel as 'literary' or 'mainstream'
  44. Querying over the holidays
  45. query credit question
  46. Query vs Cover Letter
  47. The Canadian market
  48. Book sales
  49. Canadian market vs. American market?
  50. Planning to break the rules
  51. UK vs. US agents' respective stats?
  52. Agent interaction, Is this normal?
  53. A question on queries and synopsis
  54. Author Bio
  55. English or American?
  56. Question about agent preferances...
  57. How should I submit a revision to an agent who has changed agencies?
  58. What order to submit: letter; synop; chapter
  59. Confused...
  60. How long...?
  61. Request but wrong title
  62. HELP!!
  63. Agent for Esoteric novel
  64. General question about query letters
  65. Sample pages in a query
  66. Agent submission inquiry
  67. Good Manners & Querying Several Agents
  68. Literary Agent (Nebraska)
  69. When writing your log line,
  70. Querying over Christmas?
  71. The line between pushy and reasonable
  72. Revision request quandary
  73. Full Manuscript Protocol Question
  74. The Role of Agents After A Writer Starts to "hit it big."
  75. Agents Seeking 'Commercial Fiction'
  76. Criteria for Email Queries
  77. New Adult books: how do editors and agents view them?
  78. query blurb for when you've met the agent already
  79. When they accept either, do you email or snail mail?
  80. Great guides to finding the right agent?
  81. When to nudge after an agent has previously "lost" MS?
  82. Literary agents outside of New York?
  83. If at first you don't succeed...?
  84. Question About an Offer
  85. Putting Together a Hard Copy Manuscript Submission
  86. Revisions: before or after getting an agent?
  87. Do you always include word count in your query?
  88. Comparables: put them in the query letter, or not?
  89. Querying: crap!
  90. How long before querying another agent at the same place?
  91. How long to keep searching?
  92. Photographs for Historical Fiction query
  93. Approaching an agent with a different genre
  94. What to put in the Subject line of an email query
  95. How to determine if an agency is "once and done"
  96. Poor queries to great agents = I'm screwed
  97. Submitting to multiple agents on the same agency?
  98. Previous Agent?
  99. querying via an online form
  100. "email X number of pages" - what constitutes a page?
  101. Worth mentioning blog/social media in a book proposal?
  102. Re-submitting after 2 years?
  103. Page Count in query
  104. How would I go about getting an agent?
  105. How many rejections does it take to know your query sucks?
  106. An Offer of Representation, but I Haven't Finished Querying
  107. How do you write a pitch?
  108. Content and language disclaimer in query letter?
  109. Saying your MS is "completed" in your query letter
  110. Twitter- Important to Querying?
  111. Multiple Agents allowed?
  112. How long to wait between querying different MSs?
  113. When agents call....
  114. Boutique Agency
  115. Sending sample pages
  116. How to get an agent for representation? I've already sold my book!
  117. Paragraph indentations in your MS? email vs. paper
  118. The "tone" of the synopsis as compared to the query letter
  119. Question about the wording of a contract
  120. Free event in NYC with Janet Reid and Donald Maass
  121. Book one but not book two
  122. Query Letter Help
  123. How Soon to Remind an Agent?
  124. too short
  125. World English Rights?
  126. Re-sending a synopsis to an agent?
  127. Is this a good idea?
  128. I nudged on a query... Was that a bad move?
  129. Stood up by an agent!
  130. Agent names
  131. A Perfect Query Letter?
  132. Word Counts
  133. When an agent suggest, 'Query widely'
  134. ? RE: Twitter #PubTip - Agent#1 getting commission?
  135. Question about setting in a query,
  136. Critique response
  137. Advice from those with agents?
  138. Query or conference pitch?
  139. What is the etiquette? - revise & resubmit question
  140. Market for an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance that's NOT YA
  141. Speculative or Paranormal?
  142. How to frame a synopsis?
  143. Book Proposal
  144. FYI... A webinar hosted by Kate McKean
  145. Should I continue querying?
  146. Querying a YA/Sci Fi. Should I focus on YA agents or Sci Fi?
  147. Requests for Future Work
  148. Language in YA - Important?
  149. Request on an option
  150. Equery Question
  151. Would agent be interested in possible promotion angle?
  152. Would a Video Game be Enticing?
  153. My Agent
  154. Attach First Three Chapters with Query?
  155. Get on panel...
  156. Day in the life
  157. Submission vs Query
  158. Promotion while querying
  159. querying a series, interrupted
  160. Agent question
  161. ground rules for exclusives
  162. Is it a bad idea to have a website?
  163. Am I still a debut author to agents if I'm self-published?
  164. Memoir - From Self-Pub to Pub
  165. Contact publisher before agent?
  166. Zen Novel
  167. Agent contract advice
  168. Agent Advice- is this correct?
  169. Is this normal behavior for an agent?
  170. Do you really read everything?
  171. Querying two different manuscripts?
  172. Looking for some basic help, process by which I get my work published?
  173. If You Get a Contract, Should you Seek an Agent?
  174. Questionable names
  175. Amazon breakthrough competition
  176. My bunny is peeing orange
  177. What an Agent Requires
  178. Is Adult POVs in YA Novel A Kiss Of Death?
  179. Question about exclusive reading
  180. Question on Revise & Resub Request
  181. 5 Short Books = Trilogy?
  182. How did you gather Agent info to query?
  183. Re-submitting to agents
  184. question on how to get started
  185. Live and Learn
  186. Querying different agents in same agency for different genres
  187. Why are some agents so rude?
  188. How do literary agents get the contact info of editors at different publishing houses?
  189. Submitting directly to editor - so how do you get an agent?
  190. When querying...
  191. What Genre is Ready Player One?
  192. 29 ways NOT to submit to an agent
  193. query requirement clarification
  194. At My Wits End on Emails
  195. Notify agent of other requests?
  196. I want to freak outbon agents!
  197. How to respond to this Agent
  198. Why are some agents not part of AAR?
  199. A question for agents/editors about italicized inner dialogue
  200. Agent Question
  201. Agent requests bio & marketing statement
  202. Requery After Rejection?
  203. Following Up
  204. feedback from agent?
  205. Majoring in Creative Writing
  206. Is nine months too long on a full MS response?
  207. How much is TOO much?
  208. I don't like your book, but...
  209. is this a scam?
  210. Amateur or not?
  211. Two Questions!
  212. Agent marked up pages/resubmitting...
  213. Query Letter Format
  214. Agent auto-received msgs don't double down
  215. I have a work finished, but don't know what to do
  216. Pitch Slamming Prep
  217. Seeking An Agent Without A Manuscript?
  218. Am I being paranoid?
  219. are queries for literary fiction different?
  220. Odd Request
  221. Thoughts on 'new agents' with few sales
  222. Agent's neutral response to MS...?
  223. Putting a feeler out...
  224. When an agent asked to see your next book, but.....
  225. First snail mail sub- question about SASE
  226. Advice very much needed...
  227. Agent interested; book too long?
  228. How to nudge your agent (politely)?
  229. Should I mention that I'm an indie bookseller in a bio?
  230. Two Agents asking for exclusive at the same time....
  231. Is it my writing or the concept that is getting rejected?
  232. Re-querying agents after 7 months - with revamped MS
  233. Apparently I need a Politically Incorrect Agent
  234. "I didn't connect with it..."
  235. Curious about non-U.S. agents
  236. Help with my pitch!
  237. A question about agencies
  238. E-mail or Snail mail query
  239. Is it acceptable to query a 2nd book when you have another on exclusive?
  240. Sample pages in e-mail query
  241. Agent Phone Call?
  242. I'm Going To Ask Anyway (Subbing Agency)
  243. Too short for a novel, too long for a novella
  244. Finding an agent with interest in the Chinese market
  245. MS Request Concern
  246. Time to nudge...
  247. Question about Canadian/US agents and spelling
  248. Co-Authorship/Co-Creation
  249. Confusion about querying
  250. When to mention I already have an agent