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  1. Reapproaching Agents
  2. Contest Etiquette
  3. Querying agents that requested material from you previously
  4. Zombie in book, but not in query?
  5. Submitting resumes to agents
  6. Agent with proposal dr/editor suggested at 20%
  7. Natural Break?
  8. What's with the zombie aversion?
  9. Do agents and editors read a manuscript at a gulp?
  10. Using a Pen Name
  11. Question about querying with mutliple books/same universe
  12. What Exactly Is "The First 50 Pages" (or Another Number)?
  13. Pasting Pages into Email
  14. Prodding an agent on a nonfiction proposal
  15. Standard Submission
  16. An editor asked to see my manuscript once I'm agented...mention in query?
  17. Addressing query letters
  18. When talking to agents on the phone.
  19. Are there agents who automatically reject...
  20. International SASE -- use an IRC?
  21. The Use of a Pseudonym
  22. Contacting Agents
  23. Question About Querying
  24. Query and Synopsis: A Quandary
  25. Submitting chapters of larger works
  26. Time to give up on full?
  27. Agents' grapevine (or blacklist)?
  28. Do agents want to know about self-published work that sells over "X" amount?
  29. Different Approach
  30. Is a full only exclusive on request?
  31. To send or not to send
  32. Giving up on agent for future queries?
  33. rejection letters - honesty?
  34. Querying the same agency
  35. Publisher submission timelines
  36. Wrong Fit? My New Agent
  37. What to expect at a "fest"
  38. Greatly revised book--start submitting again?
  39. Making use of connections
  40. Do I still query?
  41. Getting an Agent after having Media Coverage
  42. Stylized Chapter Headings
  43. Response Times From Agents
  44. Is it rude to email an agent or editor with a question?
  45. How long do you stay with your agent?
  46. Sent partial instead of full
  47. Request for Stats
  48. What do I put in my Bio?
  49. Letting agent know about offer on another MS?
  50. How do I Interpret this Submission Guideline?
  51. Is it worth accepting these contract terms..?
  52. a question
  53. Agent for Filmscripts and Novels
  54. On a budget
  55. Pen name or Real name?
  56. Including experience in bio
  57. Comps in queries
  58. Advice for a needy newbie
  59. Leaving an agent
  60. Two choices: What Should I Do?
  61. Literary fiction literary agents?
  62. Exclusive Problem
  63. No simultaneous subs?
  64. Benefits of an agent?
  65. agency lists
  66. A Few Questions While Querying
  67. I Think I Need Some Encouragement
  68. How long does it take to hear back from an agent if they're interested?
  69. Too many words from a new author?
  70. I've sent an agent a full manuscript. How long is the usual wait time to hear back?
  71. Agent wants full manuscript in 3 weeks?
  72. Querying multiple agents at the same agency
  73. Really excited about an offer, but...
  74. Query letter question
  75. What to wear to lunch with publisher
  76. Should you treat agents and editors like normal readers or like business folk?
  77. "Financial thriller" genre
  78. Should an author ask to see contract during The Call?
  79. Manuscripts from other countries?
  80. Submitting in the UK
  81. Independent Film rights
  82. Previously Published in a Query?
  83. Too many projects
  84. Query Help
  85. Accuracy of Publishers Marketplace sales
  86. Help me to not nudge
  87. Difficulty connecting with agent
  88. How do you stay out of the spam filter?
  89. Genre problem...
  90. Hard copy or e-mail submission?
  91. How Successful Are R & R's?
  92. Signing with our names or our LLC?
  93. Publishing short stories collection?
  94. Credits in a Query Letter
  95. Agent asks for exclusivity; what do I do?
  96. 9 weeks...
  97. No Response From Requested Work
  98. Representing Adult and YA
  99. How many pages?
  100. Researching books similiar to yours in the query...
  101. Agents adding Tax or other?
  102. Sub to your top choice or last?
  103. Writers on other continents
  104. Bios and resumes for new writers
  105. Querying agents outside of U.S.
  106. Appropriate time after offer
  107. Agencies who take Inspirational or general fiction
  108. Literary, Commercial, Mainstream? Whats the difference
  109. Acknowledging an acknowledgment?
  110. What is meant by target audience?
  111. Review quotes/endorsements in a Query?
  112. The Importance of Experience
  113. Advice needed: From fanfic to novel
  114. UK Agents
  115. Advice for an inspirational novel query letter
  116. Querying for a series
  117. Two different manuscripts and agents
  118. Pitching at a conference ?
  119. Negotiating Question
  120. First Three Chapters Query
  121. A time to query
  122. What on earth have I written?!
  123. TABOO: Questions in a Query?
  124. Wow, an agent soliciting a specific writer!
  125. Do previously published non-fiction works help when soliciting an agent for a novel?
  126. Publisher accepts; now the royalties
  127. Etiquette on following on a full
  128. Two POVs in a synopsis
  129. querying while living abroad
  130. HELP!
  131. I queried an agent I shouldn't have - what now?
  132. Sending Synopses
  133. List of agents
  134. Just Getting Started
  135. First book's on subs...now what?
  136. More than one agent at an agency
  137. Confusion - Are Agents Worth It?
  138. Meeting agents at conferences
  139. Personalising Agent Letters in the UK
  140. Formatting problems in query letters
  141. 2 volumes - submission question
  142. agent exclusive
  143. 4 full MS & 2 partials are out. Keep querying?
  144. Response Time when stated time for exclusive
  145. Personal Recommendations?
  146. Agents Requesting Material at Pitch Sessions
  147. How do you "read" a rejection & know what was really meant?
  148. Is no news bad news when it comes to the query letter?
  149. Previously Self Published Story
  150. Worthwhile Credentials?
  151. Agent On the Fence
  152. What do you see too much of?
  153. Submitting co-written manuscripts
  154. How strict is the 1 page query policy?
  155. Disregard previous thread...
  156. Question on Revise and Resubmit
  157. Agents and contracts?
  158. Are manuscripts expected to be in Microsoft Word format?
  159. Spacing on Synopsis
  160. Full request and chapter break down?
  161. Conferences through the eyes of an agent?
  162. Query letter vs. Cover letter
  164. how perfect should a submission be?
  165. Why does an agent ask for an exclusive on a partial?
  166. Request rate is 2 out of 20 sent... when to revise query?
  167. Getting an editor's help
  168. I thought I gave an agent an exclusive -- but did I?
  169. An agent to writer contract???
  170. Usual response time for a (short) partial request?
  171. Two agents? (current agent does not cover certain genre)
  172. Don't you just love it when you blow a query letter?
  173. How do you word a nudge email?
  174. Query Revision help
  175. Best/worst time of the year to submit
  176. A happy dilemma, but still a dilemma - Multiple Requests
  177. Agent Newbie has manuscript, Agent Legend wants exclusive
  178. Advice needed - is my agented book dead?
  179. Agents have my book; should I send them recent info?
  180. Mention word count if a bit short?
  181. Mentioning contest
  182. Sending revisions on a full
  183. "My book is X meets Y."
  184. Query Letter NECESSARY with full synopsis?
  185. A basic question which I don't understand: advance payment.
  186. To submit more queries? Or wait for a full response?
  187. Query Queries
  188. Agented, but waa-iting.... How long is too long?
  189. Agent's website or Agentquery profile?
  190. Fee
  191. Querying an agent who read my first with my second...
  192. How to address other genre and self-pubbing in query?
  193. Need Advice
  194. Do agents base decisions more on potential, or finality of MS?
  195. Best way to send manuscript
  196. How much information to give *other* agents...
  197. Reject because of character names?
  198. Something I've always wondered
  199. American Agents, British Client?
  200. Found a mistake after queries sent
  201. query after rejection
  202. What would an agent want in this situation?
  203. Publishable Length
  204. Agent preference on reading full MS (digital or print out)
  205. Can synopsis use opening paragraph from query?
  206. Re-nudging?
  207. Non-book queries?
  208. Creative Queries
  209. Too late to nudge?
  210. Revising Revised Revisions
  211. Question about problems with selling SF and fantasy novels
  212. Pitch contests with fulls out
  213. Should query reveal ending?
  214. Comparing Your Book to Others in Query
  215. How would you query a "genreless" novel?
  216. Preferred MS font formatting for submission?
  217. Is Being a Debut Author or Having Pub Cred More Important?
  218. general or specific agency query?
  219. How do you handle the bio portion of the query when your book is ghostwritten
  220. Covering letter
  221. Won a contest, got a referral, asking for advice
  222. Has this ever happened?
  223. Selling a book that doesn't stand-alone
  224. Which Market If I Can't Get An Agent?
  225. As an agent - when do you decide to reject or sign based on a full?
  226. How to part ways with an agent who doesn't even respond to me?
  227. how many licks...questionable agent math
  228. Awkward protocol question
  229. Query question
  230. Querying before a pitch conference?
  231. Naive question
  232. Abusive Agent - What Can I Do?
  233. What to call this type of "deal"
  234. Career path of an agent?
  235. Addressing possible triggers in query.
  236. Querying agents and writing contests
  237. How long should I wait before Querying?
  238. Probably a stupid question
  239. Bidding war
  240. What Are Agents Really Looking For?
  241. A marketing analysis for fiction???
  242. Curious that I'll be passed just because there's vampires
  243. Getting rights back
  244. Is there a market for Multicultural Romance overseas?
  245. Queries
  246. Question on Exclusive Query: follow-up etiquette
  247. No is a no from all...
  248. Revising while an agent is looking at my work.
  249. Agent / Agency with vets as agents?
  250. Another topic about submitting queries