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  1. Junior Agents vs. Agents
  2. NY Agents vs Other City Agents
  3. Agent Quandary
  4. NaNoWriMo and Queries
  5. Never got a Response?
  6. Capitalize the first letter when listing a genre?
  7. Agent question
  8. Agent/Author Networking Forums
  9. Interval between querying another novel
  10. Got A Nice Tip From a Rejection
  11. Have Fulls Out but Thinking of Revising
  12. Another query question
  13. agent referral: mention in subject line?
  14. Right of Refusal - Time limit.
  15. Divide the novel?
  16. Female Agents / Mrs., Ms., or Neither?
  17. I'm done with revising my novel but. . .
  18. Just received offer of rep....Help!
  19. Two Novels, Two Agents?
  20. When Is It Too Soon To Send Revisions?
  21. What's it like for an agent when Holidays roll around?
  22. Author bio?
  23. Agents with no web presence
  24. If you could ask an agent one question...
  25. Book Deal Question
  26. Revised Manuscript Response Time/Nudge?
  27. A Question About Editing
  28. Being asked for a 3-5 page synopsis along with the full -- what goes into the synopsis?
  29. One & Done: How should 1-time writers publish?
  30. How to phrase this in a query letter?
  31. Regarding a synopsis in a query letter
  32. Querying your novel to multiple agents but each a different genre? Bad form?
  33. how long can I delay sending full?
  34. Chasing up a submission
  35. Media Platform & Agent?
  36. Series Question
  37. How much to send?
  38. Agent response, positive? What to do?
  39. Not sure how many pages to include
  40. Agents and Novellas and Poems
  41. Querying Agents and Editors?
  42. So...this shouldn't go in a query letter...right?
  43. Expiration date on an agent invitation
  44. Starting a Query Email with an Image of the Book Cover
  45. Question about addressing a query
  46. What To Include on a Jacket Flap
  47. How does age of author factor in a book getting picked up?
  48. Do agents want your first 50 pages in a binder?
  49. It's so hard to get an agent!
  50. Which novel to query first?
  51. Sending out fulls question
  52. Help! What do I do?
  53. Need Some Advice
  54. Agent Asks For Hard Copy
  55. Book Doctors Claiming to be Agents
  56. PB & YA... Wait, What's Missing Here?
  57. Is this now normal? Am I that old?
  58. Fast question on a partial
  59. How many agents should I query?
  60. Envelopes within Envelopes
  61. Pen Name or Legal Name
  62. "Do this and be successful!" books - argh! Do they or is it a waste of time and $?
  63. question about bio info in queries
  64. Sample Chapters
  65. Why don't agents play it "safe" and look for hot e-books?
  66. What happens when an agent says yes?
  67. "The Call" and the week
  68. Fiction proposals?
  69. Prefacing text before chapters - Okay to withhold?
  70. How long do you wait for an agent response to a query?
  71. Reputable agent; questionable contract
  72. Query cover letter?
  73. How to Query Agent from Overseas
  74. After an offer of rep...
  75. can I pitch more than one idea to an agent?
  76. Fixing an Oops?
  77. 36,000...
  78. Proper format for an email query?
  79. Querying a book with an odd publishing format
  80. Query Tense
  81. Respond to note from agent?
  82. give interview about unpublished book?
  83. Querying agents and digital publishers at the same time?
  84. Querying several agents at a time.
  85. Sample queries query
  86. Being contacted by a foreign publisher for translation rights.
  87. Such thing as a book proposal for a memoir?
  88. What to send?
  89. Submitting sequels
  90. I need an agent
  91. co-writers in different countries
  92. Re-Querying An Agent
  93. Query Letter
  94. Need Some Guidance...
  95. How many form rejections do you receive before you...
  96. request for manuscript
  97. Formatting Chapter Breaks
  98. Agents closed to queries
  99. The Lampoonist's Lexicon
  100. splitting from my agent, a few questions
  101. Mention job in query letter?
  102. How Often Should One Contact Their Agent?
  103. Ever actually charged incurred expenses?
  104. e-book agent
  105. Resubmission help?
  106. Is it too soon for a 3 book deal?
  107. Have I effectively ruined any chance of getting this published?
  108. Post-exclusive
  109. Synopsis question
  110. My agent
  111. Contracts
  112. does a web presence influence agents?
  114. Query letter; Blurb or Synopsis?
  115. US or European spelling.
  116. After you drop your agent...
  117. Synopsis that is longer than requested
  118. Querying Agents in the same Agency
  119. Querying two novels at the same time
  120. What kind of Revisions does an Agent ask of a writer?
  121. request for proposal? need advice.
  122. Question on Full Submission protocols
  123. How many pages is a 'short synopsis'?
  124. UK Agents / Agencies
  125. Addressing email queries to info@agency.com
  126. Revise & Resubmit success rate?
  127. To Nudge or Not to Nudge
  128. how important is setting and location?
  129. Request for partial.
  130. Which comes first...?
  131. Query questions, especially related to e-queries
  132. Controversial novel what to do?
  133. Submitting more than one MS
  134. Best place to start....
  135. How long before you give up?
  136. Would you risk possible Libel? Does this even qualify?
  137. Foreign Rights Agents
  138. Freelance representative?
  139. Is is appropriate to . . .
  140. Can a longish pitch work?
  141. Querying on Behalf of Another Person?
  142. Comparing my work to successful authors
  143. Handling the big reveal in a query
  144. Agents & Writer Couples...
  145. Synopsis? Outline?
  146. Minimalist Query Letters: Good or Bad?
  147. Personalized Query or Generic?
  148. What say you regarding mentioning illness/ psych conditions, etc?
  149. First 5 Sample Pages
  150. International representation
  151. Request for full manuscript?
  152. Your Agent Relationship
  153. importance of publishing credentials
  154. Do authors usually discuss WIP's plot/characters with agent/editor?
  155. Best Advice on 'Agent Networking?'
  156. I think my agent is ignoring me?
  157. Starting With a Quote
  158. Back to Basics: How do You Fire Off a Dang E-Mail anyway?
  159. Special Characters (Letters, Not People)
  160. contacting agent with offer
  161. Prologues ???
  162. Such a thing as too many fulls?
  163. In Querying New Agent, Mention Previous?
  164. Revise & Resubmit? Not sure...
  165. Using Movie Quotes in Context
  166. What is "contemporary commercial narrative"
  167. Probably a silly question
  168. Query Letters & New Writers
  169. Video Game Rights
  170. What is an R+R phone call?
  171. Does the personal touch in querying really make a noteworthy difference?
  172. Is there any point querying...
  173. Times New Roman or Computer Modern
  174. Question
  175. R&R Etiquette?
  176. Making Comparisons
  177. A Novel Approach to Agents
  178. separate agents for books & screenplays?
  179. How long should I wait?
  180. Agents who won't rep people who have self-pubbed in the past?
  181. Query dissimilar to synopsis. Problem?
  182. Literary Agents for Historical Fiction Political Thriller
  183. Multiple Genres, Multiple Agents?
  184. First half of manuscript after you've sent first 20 pages?
  185. Approaching an agent?
  186. need some R&R advice...
  187. Full request question
  188. what direction when 1st in a series fails?
  189. Ok, how would you guys handle this?
  190. Reputation
  191. Two Novels
  192. Curious about foreign rights
  193. To Follow or not to Follow on Twitter
  194. Are 'exclusives' legally binding?
  195. Resume question: a STEM degree
  196. Editor's Interest in a Story
  197. Going from small press to big publisher
  198. What to send?
  199. disclosure to agent
  200. What does it mean to be suited to write a novel?
  201. My requery was passed along
  202. Querying Other Agents When...
  203. Agent doesn't want to shop 2nd book
  204. Which is more important the pages or the query?
  205. Query Pulisher Asking for Agent Submissions Only?
  206. Agent Contract and Collaboration - help
  207. How should I go about mailing a 608 page manuscript?
  208. On the presence of vampires in UF
  209. A couple of questions from someone who is halfway through his first novel
  210. If offer from dream agent comes in, what about other agents reading full?
  211. Typical Word Count for Humor Books... please? :)
  212. What should an emailed query + pages LOOK like?
  213. Feeling Uneasy About My Agent
  214. Word Count
  215. Lists of agents
  216. A different R & R etiquette question
  217. Okay to rerun? or look at another option?
  218. What's the etiquette for...
  219. Is a Synopsis Necessary?
  220. Pitch Session at a conference
  221. About Asking Questions Here
  222. Are new agents a good bet?
  223. Approaching agents with editor submission
  224. Contract Red Flags
  225. Referral Etiquette
  226. Getting discouraged about finding an agent
  227. Do Agents Care For Traditional Fantasy?
  228. Juggling two projects and looking for an agent(s)
  229. Agent left the door open...
  230. How long does it take to send out a query?
  231. Lightly Subbed MS Advertise or Not?
  232. Two questions.
  233. Lesser of Two Evils?
  234. The Everlong Edit
  235. Cliches
  236. talking about previous agent
  237. Is this a bad idea?
  238. "Broadly drawn" and other phrases writers probably shouldn't lose sleep over
  239. Agents thoughts on pub with a small press
  240. So do agents.......
  241. Pull it out of limbo..
  242. Artistic/Biographical Statement: How to answer questions on workshop application????
  243. Cover Page guidelines
  244. Nonlinear Synopses
  245. Submission format question
  246. Which comes first?
  247. foreign rights conundrum
  248. How Long Should You Wait On A Full Request?
  249. When to prod?
  250. Should technical writing credits be mentioned in queries?