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  1. Can't grant exclusive, still send?
  2. Anxiety Attack-Help!
  3. querying a co-written/ghostwritten memoir
  4. Is there way to tactfully mention author's age in a query?
  5. Writing to a particular agent
  6. Follow-up with an agent who likes your work
  7. Co-author query issues...
  8. Reply to Manuscript rejection
  9. Never Query on a Friday
  10. Multiple Book Contract
  11. Re-querying an agent
  12. Length of synopsis
  13. letting know about an offer, should you mention the agent's name to others?
  14. Response on the weekend?
  15. SASE q (Canadian)
  16. Agent etiquette
  17. Former agent etiquette
  18. Question: resubbing an overhauled, but orig. well received MS
  19. Sent Nudge, Now What?
  20. Revise and Resubmit
  21. How do I make that first phone call to the agent?
  22. Should I mention my first book in my query?
  23. Endorsements in promotion?
  24. How much web traffic is needed for an agent to think it's relevant?
  25. Non-American Authors Seeking an American Agent
  26. So........Some questions...
  27. agent fees, and other costs associated with an individual publishing a book.
  28. To mention, or not to mention?
  29. Conference question
  30. what does a 'rights posting' mean on Pub's Lunch?
  31. Start queries with dream agent or not?
  32. The math of selling books
  33. Nudging dilemma
  34. What to say in a nudge email?
  35. Sending a partial package to an agent.
  36. about agents and previous books
  37. Questions about agents and company's submissions policies.
  38. What to post online and what not to. . . .
  39. sending a full with synopsis
  40. Querying Multiple Agents In Same Agency?
  41. Getting the attention of an agent.
  42. Why do agents fail to e-mail rejections?
  43. Using an offer to get an agent
  44. Nudging Guidelines?
  45. Do US agents take spanish written novels for representation?
  46. English Language Agents in Japan?
  47. Formatting email submissions
  48. timeline from agent to publishing-all over the map?
  49. Synopsis: How to Structure?
  50. Line Edits--What to Expect?
  51. Is it worth getting a manager?
  52. What If...
  53. Question about querying agents
  54. How do I recover from doing things the wrong way round
  55. diary insert
  56. A Californian in Scotland: US or UK agent?
  57. the journey from agent to publisher
  58. four novelettes or one book
  59. Synopsis within query letter?
  60. How many queries do you have out there at any one time?
  61. Confused about tense in synopsis (multiple POVs in diff time periods)
  62. turtle winds firewalker
  63. Protocol: Offering exclusives
  64. online publication credits
  65. Agent for Everything, or Only Selected Projects?
  66. What's asked for in a revision?
  67. Author/Illustrator--Can the illustrations prevail?
  68. Does an agent care if I self-published?
  69. Addressing an agency?
  70. More than one Agent?
  71. When submitting a requested full..
  72. synopsis after query when not requested?
  73. Agent & Out of Print Book
  74. Uptil how long can i expect a response to a query?
  75. Should I mention I have a degree in Creative Writing?
  76. Email response to snail mail query okay?
  77. Continue query on requests?
  79. Submission Predicament
  80. Feedback?
  81. Agent query
  82. A Novice with a series, good? bad? or just plain ugly?
  83. My Publisher is going out of business
  84. Hypothetical question re. agent offers
  85. Epilogs
  86. When no e-query response go snail query?
  87. Can you re-query the same agent?
  88. Agent's location?
  89. Need Help with Phrasing
  90. Hot book & Lukewarm agent
  91. sending queries to agents and publishers ok?
  92. Is it too late to work with an agent?
  93. When there are no submission requirements?
  94. Would an American agent accept European querys?
  95. How does this work?
  96. Spoilers in a Query?
  97. I marvel at my own forgetfulness
  98. Help with chosing agents
  99. Advice for a newbie
  100. Agent Correspondence Woes
  101. When to look for a new agent?
  102. Agent questions before signing
  103. Agent-Author Contract Question
  104. include twist in query?
  105. Query Question
  106. Exclusive dumb question
  107. Same Agency Different Agent
  108. At the end of the offer window?
  109. Question on R&Rs
  110. Obvious questions for partial manuscripts
  111. From Query to Full
  112. Should one even bother shopping a novella to agents?
  113. not even a form reject?
  114. Office Fees for Agents
  115. Old Guys Rule--But Can They Get An Agent?
  116. Australians with agents?
  117. A Work that didn't Work
  118. Re-querying different agent at same agency after re-write
  119. does series potential really make any difference?
  120. The main differences of US vs UK queries.
  121. After you get an agent, timeline??
  122. Mention nonprofessional pub credits?
  123. Verdana font on query & pasted 1st chapter
  124. Porn Past and Word Count
  125. I apologize for the other post!
  126. Research before query....?
  127. So, how exactly does one go about proposing a novel?
  128. Is the first sentence the most important part of the query letter?
  129. And now the wait...
  130. Understanding US publishers and agents
  131. When to realize that you need a new literary agent?
  132. "You have to be willing to work as hard as your agent."
  133. Novel on submission via agent...what to expect?
  134. Left One Agent - New Search
  135. I'm in a weird (querying) position
  136. To Add or not to Add
  137. What exactly is considered 'too much' for Horror literary agents who are women?
  138. Publishing excerpts from novels in progress in literary journals
  139. Typo Terror
  140. Same company, different imprints
  141. one hour rejections on Sunday after 6PM
  142. Is this sub dead?
  143. Editor List
  144. Mention editor interest in follow-up to agent?
  145. Agent advice very much needed
  146. action/adventure vs thriller
  147. I have 3 published books in U.S., seeking foreign publishers, what is best approach?
  148. Quick Query Questions
  149. Agents as editors---what does your agent do for you?
  150. Pitching Your Novel in Person
  151. Pre-Published reviews?
  152. Running Out of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Agents to Query
  153. What's the best approach for stating in queries that the book will need illustrations?
  154. New Work
  155. Struggling on the pitch
  156. The silence is slowly killing me
  157. Formatting/Querying Epistolary Novel
  158. Agent Guide
  159. Agent requests names
  160. E-submission question
  161. British vs American English
  162. Include snail mail address in equery?
  163. what about...
  164. True Crime agents
  165. Agent's Attention Span
  166. Contract Question
  167. Query,Synopsis, AND Bio?
  168. Question about agenting
  169. E-Book Still Poison to Agents?
  170. Etiquette for a multi-agent agency with a communal query email address
  171. Is The Standard For Rejections Changing To "Simply Ignore?"
  172. Contract question
  173. Blog Traffic
  174. Writing a synopsis
  175. A question.
  176. Whom to query?
  177. From Blog to Book -- can it happen?
  178. CAn I ask a person to be my agent
  179. Querying two agents in the same agency
  180. The Method of Query
  181. RTF vs. HTML in equery samples
  182. Just a matter of time
  183. Just received first request for my manuscript - question
  184. How much detail to include in publication credits?
  185. Bio graf
  186. When to rewrite a query?
  187. Snail Mail Query
  188. I'm Sure This Will Be Contentious... What Would An Agent Do For Me?
  189. Email vs. snail query (when no preference is stated)
  190. I have a book contract, now what?
  191. If an offer of representation is on the table...
  192. Can you go crawling back to an agent?
  193. I'm full of questions today...
  194. Re-querying - never?
  195. When To Start Querying Indie Publishers?
  196. Sample Chapters and Prologues
  197. doubling spacing in an email?
  198. Does the Agent Mean it or....
  199. In response to partial request
  200. Are there agents who read work from unexperienced writers??
  201. Realy stupid question but...
  202. Do agents look for reasons to accept or reasons to reject?
  203. Snail Mail Query Format
  204. Does first 50 pages include front matter?
  205. pros and cons of optional sample pages
  206. Resubmissions to same agency
  207. Stating why you're submitting to this specific agent
  208. What did your offer of rep say?
  209. For those who've had agent offers
  210. How long do you wait before requerying?
  211. Wishing for helpful comments
  212. Question About Agent Query Letter
  213. Book Proposal
  214. Etiquette about following up with Agent
  215. Notify other agent when someone else requets a full?
  216. Agents as Publishers: Another Concern
  217. Submitting to overseas agents????
  218. I'm agented, but here's the question...
  219. Help please - SASE question
  220. Question about "exclusive submission" request
  221. Pitching a Series
  222. Got a request; have a question
  223. Question About an Agent's Request
  224. How to specify an agent when emailing an agency?
  225. Plain Text/Rich Text Email Query Format Frustration
  226. Writing Nonfiction and Fiction
  227. Does Time of Year Play a Role in Querying?
  228. Nudged, but still no reply?
  229. can you include a prologue?
  230. Querying question
  231. Do your plots need to be easy to summarize in a query?
  232. Stealing book titles
  233. Agents & Edits & Partials, Oh My!
  234. Does anyone know what the publishing industry says about traditional publishing?
  235. First agent--what to expect from the editing process?
  236. memoir partial request: include preface?
  237. agent for comic fantasy?
  238. Newer agent vs. more established agent?
  239. Publishing Credits with Student Literary Magazine?
  240. Got Someone's Rejection Sent In Error
  241. Being there -- how important?
  242. Just throwing this out there
  243. Marketing tips needed, no sales as of yet
  244. Agent payment question
  245. Curious question
  246. Should I put a hold on submitting?
  247. publishing credits question
  248. Querying Agents in Other Countries?
  249. Contracts, negotiations, royalties
  250. Are agents/editors hard to please?