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  1. Did the agent lose the love?
  2. What are the limitations of common knowledge?
  3. when and how?
  4. When agents ask to see the full...
  5. query length
  6. Pen name and Query
  7. If the manuscript is a first part of a series...
  8. Should I resubmit?
  9. They ask for what experience you have. You don't have none
  10. Should one list self-publishing when querying?
  11. a question of ethics
  12. Simultaneous Submissions
  13. Agency's letterhead in E-Query?
  14. Oh god... what did I do? help!?
  15. Stephen King's advice on seeking an agent
  16. Mentioning previous publication question
  17. Made revisions; got a partial request. Which version do I submit?
  18. Perhaps a stupid question (concerning ABNA)
  19. Word Count vs Advance?
  20. Should I e-mail or snail mai?
  21. So I sent out the requested full and...
  22. Do any boneheaded query-related things today?
  23. Is it usually just one batch of partials?
  24. Misleading Query?
  25. Getting organized and motivated
  26. A Secret in the Wind - MG Fantasy Query
  27. How long to a reply?
  28. How much info should you divulge?
  29. Proper ettiquette for follow-up with agent
  30. Newbie needs advice on sending a requested manuscript
  31. Agent/publisher jargon for sizes of deal
  32. Is this the sort of thing you respond to?
  33. Are agencies open to negotiating their agency contracts?
  34. Worried on the Word Count
  35. When do you get a contract?
  36. Querying two different novels at the same time?
  37. Paste or Attach?
  38. What does "atmospheric" mean to you?
  39. what to do?
  40. The Call or the Email?
  41. Edits to MS
  42. What kind of revision does an agent ask??
  43. Re-querying an agent: yes or no?
  44. Simultaneous Submissions
  45. When an agent comes a'callin'...
  46. My agent gave the go-ahead
  47. Different agents on different continents?
  48. How agents review full manuscripts
  49. Contract w/ Agent Expired - Now What?
  50. Same Agency, Different Agent
  51. Queries for Memoirs
  52. Nathan Bransford & Giving Agents
  53. American WrIdol: On The First Five Pages
  54. If an agent hates your work...
  55. After your Agent Pitch's your Work...
  56. How do you know if a contract is acceptable?
  57. Helpful Query Tips For Aspiring Writers
  58. How Many Books???
  59. To nudge or not to nudge...
  60. Super Sad True Agent Story
  61. Agents that do not accept queries??
  62. Question for those who also have agents (or had an agent)
  63. Proposals
  64. Querying Two Different Genres
  65. Subconscious stealing of ideas
  66. Follow up question(s) on "Question for those who have agents"
  67. Okay to send agent proposals while waiting for revision comments?
  68. Querying multiple agents at one agency (not at the same time)...
  69. Where oh where are agents this week?
  70. Long queries?
  71. At What Point do Agents want a Book?
  72. What Exactly Is A Nudge and Should I Send One?
  73. Querying a Rewritten Book
  74. Revise and Resubmit w/ one agent - partial request from another
  75. Would you submit to an agent with such guidelines?
  76. Changing a proposal already out on sub to editors?
  77. How rigid are non-compete clauses
  78. How many queries...?
  79. Foreign Literary Agents
  80. Should I Retract Full Submission??
  81. Does Agent Gender Matter?
  82. Advice
  83. How many queries is too many?
  84. Should I...
  85. Agents suggest revisions, do I tell other agents with fulls to wait for revised version?
  86. To tagline or not to tagline?
  87. How To Query Going From Packager to Agent
  88. Advice on writing an author's bio
  89. Finding Your Dream Agent
  90. Small publishing credits in a bio?
  91. When is a publication you're in charge of worth mentioning in the query letter?
  92. How to Re-approach an agent
  93. Did I wait too long to send a full to this agent?
  94. The Twitter Persona
  95. On Synopses...
  97. "Average" sales for foreign rights?
  98. Shortest R ever
  99. Response times for partials
  100. Technical Side of Queries
  101. Is there an agent for every novel?
  102. Amazing agent wants exclusive but I have 4 fulls out already. What to do?
  103. Agent-Author agreement Clause Confusion
  104. Keeping foreign rights
  105. Is unique good or bad?
  106. What is "RT"?
  107. Need Agent Leads for LGBT themed novel
  108. Is it time to remind the agents I exist?
  109. Email addresses
  110. Query letter question
  111. Synopsis Sites
  112. I am a novice, this reply from a lit agent
  113. Query letter, biographical information??
  114. Weird, sticky ethical situation.
  115. When Approaching an agent with two authors to a book...
  116. Does one have to write a query/synopsis again for a 2nd book in a series?
  117. Somewhat unformulated question about searching for an agent
  118. What should I do?
  119. Bolding/Italicizing/All CAPS Titles in Query Letters
  120. how long is the typical partial?
  121. Fastening pages together?
  122. Do Brand Name Authors still pay Agents 15%?
  123. Reported deals, or lack thereof
  124. I think I need help acquiring the rights to my graphic novels!
  125. An Etiquette Question
  126. Agents willing to represent only subsidiary rights
  127. Enlisting the help of a "literary consultant"?
  128. 2 questions
  129. What counts as a publishing credit?
  130. How involved are agents in the writing process?
  131. A Pitch?
  132. Agents looking for dystopian YA
  133. Revise, Revised, Revision...then maybe?
  134. Confused by this Rejection
  135. Finding A Publisher For A Short Story-Photobook
  136. mentioning an author in the query
  137. how long did it take your book to sell...
  138. How often do agents represent just one book?
  139. Multiple Revision Requests
  140. Agent wants to see three chapters, but my chapters are so short!
  141. What should I do? (part 2)
  142. Using real names of politicians in a satirical novel -- a turn off for agents?
  143. Question For An Agent
  144. When an agency dissolves . . . ?
  145. Poll: How many pages is a partial?
  146. How many agents should you query at once
  147. When I'm writing a query should I..
  148. Great Article on The Interminable Agency Clause
  149. Pen Names and Branding
  150. Agents reading on Kindles
  151. Manuscripts and Submitting
  152. Agents that Represent Teen Writers?
  153. Is it better to submit a query at the beginning or the end of the submission window?
  154. Conferences
  155. The Second Work?
  156. Q about subbing shorts
  157. Is this relevant for a query bio paragraph?
  158. Contract without a query
  159. Multiple POVs / Character not in sample pages
  160. Summer- not a good time to start querying?
  161. How would you query this?
  162. Agent Does Not Specify How to Send MSS
  164. Would It Make a Difference to Agents Reading My Manuscript
  165. How long is too long to wait for your agent's notes?
  166. Self-publishing in e-format and finding an agent
  167. Re-querying with an agent referral?
  168. A New Kind of Query
  169. Messed Up.
  170. what is meant by a writer's "marketing platform"?
  171. Agent not wanting your next book
  172. Novel under a pseudonym -- query also?
  173. Should I specify the changes I made for an R & R?
  174. Not sure if I should try other agencies...
  175. R & R = tossing out baby with the bathwater?
  176. Agents Exploring Publishing Models
  177. Limiting agent choice based on next novel
  178. Betraying your agent for another one.
  179. Re-query on a resurrected trunk novel - faux pas?
  180. Agent Has Not Acknowledge Receipt of Manuscript
  181. All it takes is one agent. Hmm. Really?
  182. I don't understand the viability of my book
  183. Book Published by great publisher-good at first .. now little support / Do i need an agent?
  184. When to nudge?
  185. Agent just "goes away"
  186. YA literary
  187. How often to "update" an interested agent
  188. Different genres? (asking for advice)
  189. Agent declines but suggests rewrite: what to do
  190. About genres...
  191. Co-writer query letters
  192. Agents; Do I REALLY need one?
  193. Voice in queries OK, queries in MC Voice not. What?
  194. Do agents usually give advances on advances?
  195. Round and Round with Revision
  196. How long did it take for you to say Yes?
  197. Sending Queries on Holidays - Good/Bad/?
  198. should i let interested agent know?
  199. Offer of rep - letting other agents know
  200. Exclusive on a Partial? Should I grant it?
  201. Request for Partial: Send by Attachment?
  202. questions to ask agent offering rep
  203. Should I wait and resend?
  204. Re-Query???
  205. super small publisher or agent subbing
  206. Tell me what I'm being asked for?!
  207. Offer of pub for another MS - nudge or no?
  208. What is the correct format for email query / sample pages?
  209. Agent Who Has My MSS Has Left Agency
  210. How to deal with nervous jitters?
  211. Agent questions
  212. no query letter mentioned in guidelines?
  213. Bizarre Contract Claims
  214. My dream agent just sold a book similar to mine...still query?
  215. How and When to Nudge Agent
  216. thinking like an agent
  217. Do they mean it?
  218. The Weirdest Thing
  219. Just Kill Me Now
  220. contracts with agents
  221. What Percentage of Fulls Have You Had to Nudge?
  222. Only one...? But you have so many good agents!
  223. Agent Asks for "Proposal" re my novel
  224. Salutation question?
  225. approaching agent with an offer
  226. query to specific agent using generic email
  227. How do I find an agent's client list?
  228. Vocabulary Question - Can I use words in limited use?
  229. How to find agents starting out?
  230. Why I Hate Nudging
  231. agent first, or publishing company first?
  232. Interns: Do we love or hate them?
  233. Query letter length?
  234. Snail mailing a requested partial
  235. Multiple R&Rs with an agent
  236. Two finished MS, now what?
  237. An agent asked for MS but doesn't rep that genre
  238. Death of an Agent Clause
  239. three interwoven story arcs for synopsis
  240. Exclusivity on revision
  241. Do Agents Ignore People with No Previous Pubs?
  242. On Snail Mail...
  243. Should I include this as a publishing credit?
  244. Does the a$$ kissing in the query actually help?
  245. Query letter question
  246. The "Send me future work" request
  247. When to send Query?
  248. When Synopsis is in One E-Mail
  249. Tricky Situation
  250. When Should I Mention That I Have the Adapted Screenplay Also?