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  1. Querying through the holidays?
  2. gifts for agents
  3. Okay to mention Twitter?
  4. Including related items in a proposal?
  5. Submitting a Proposal
  6. Querying multiple people in the same agency
  7. Synopsis as a query?
  8. What Would be Considered Excessive Querying?
  9. Agent Request-Sending More
  10. Where do I find agents to ask?
  11. to use an agent or not
  12. A maths question re. agents
  13. Do agents show clients the cover letter?
  14. Do agents/publishers ever meet their clients in person?
  15. looking for help in finding a good agent
  16. Query nudge for agent who normally responds to everything?
  17. How Long to Revise and Resubmit?
  18. Should I query my old agent?
  19. Are pitch slams worth it?
  20. What Do You Consider a Reasonable Response Time?
  21. Film rights -- how much?
  22. A question about background
  23. Typical synopsis word count?
  24. Short Story Collection-Agent
  25. second book
  26. Will an Agent be Put Off By this?
  27. In an email subject line is it—'Book' Query or Query for 'Book'?
  28. I am going to the WD pitch slam in NYC. Need advice please
  29. Can I post my book on the web for critique?
  30. ask agent for revise?
  31. Missing Posts
  32. Querying with no prior credits
  33. Which to submit?
  34. Sent In Chapters... Waited... Now What?
  35. A Wonderful Problem
  36. full ms, hard copy, with SASE
  37. One at at time or more is just fine?
  38. Figuring Out Who Represents Who
  39. Question for agent as regards literary fiction vs genre backgrounds
  40. Etiquette re: my new agent
  41. What the heck does a book synopsis look like anyway?
  42. Agents representing hysterical realism
  43. Questions about query letters
  44. waiting to hear back on a full
  45. What would be so wrong?
  46. Question about my querying situation
  47. The Biggest Mistakes Writers Make when Querying Agents - updated with link to follow up
  48. Commercial Fiction?
  49. National Reject-A-Query Month
  50. Regarding the "first five pages" included with a query:
  51. Write a query letter with three main characters how?
  52. Something to Tell an Agent?
  53. Include in full?
  54. The problem isn't my query , but I feel is my country
  55. memoir proposal questions
  56. Becoming a Lit Agent??
  57. What's your time of rejection?
  58. Book Awards
  59. Big or small?
  60. Should I tell them about changes I've made?
  61. Several agents reading
  62. Is no answer or a form rejection final?
  63. The Bio
  64. Placing multiple bets
  65. Word Processing extension?
  66. Agent a Man or Woman?
  67. Is it ever okay to call an agent?
  68. Agent info ??
  69. short-story collection query letters
  70. Expenses. Is this clause standard?
  71. Follow up on R after sample request?
  72. A question about visas and sponsorship.
  73. Nonresponsive agent
  74. Why so many agents?
  75. Is it okay to query if...
  76. Why I Recommend Five Pages With Queries
  77. Memoir proposal questions
  78. Partial Submission Issue
  79. So many different rules and guidelines from AGENTS
  80. Know Your Genre?
  81. recently married, but all of my queries use my maiden name
  82. Is it better to blanket a large number of agents...
  83. Do agents still ask for outlines?
  84. question concerning publishing ethics/politics
  85. out of submission options?
  86. 2 Quick Questions (Just 2, that's all)
  87. Agent Q&A - Michael Carr, Veritas Literary
  88. How many fulls should I have out?
  89. Choosing agents to query
  90. Is This An Exercise In Futility? :-(
  91. Can't find an agent for love nor money
  92. Querying agents in a different country?
  93. How to tailor a query
  94. Looking over the agent contract
  95. Reading a Full
  96. Submitting PBs to agents
  97. Does having social media behind you help
  98. Agents That Deal With First Timers
  99. Query timing
  100. With agent but no contract yet?
  101. Will agent ask for manuscript if Non-Fic?
  102. Being an Agent AND a Writer
  103. is it okay to seek out multiple publishers
  104. Query Question
  105. kindle and agents
  106. Full Response
  107. Realized Manuscript Needs Some Work...And Partial Requests Start Pouring In!
  108. Query Agents in other countries
  109. Author Bio?
  110. Cover Letter?!
  111. WARNING!! The following thread contains a really dumb question. Viewer discretion is advised!!
  112. Appendices
  113. Negativity
  114. Font size for email queries?
  115. Overwhelmed Market
  116. Probably a stupid question but...
  117. Waiting for The Call
  118. Querying question
  119. Nudging Question
  120. Request: Include original correspondence
  121. How do you know...
  122. Confusing Online Forms
  123. Query Article
  124. a question on books with lgbt characters
  126. Querying two different books simultaneously
  127. Question regarding requerying
  128. Agents Vs. Betas...rejection question
  129. Querying a novel w/ multiple POVs in different time periods
  130. Simultaneous Submissions-- definition
  131. Agent offers no contract - what do you make of it? - 10 questions for the experts among you
  132. Should I be worried?
  133. Does one query for a "meh" story blow chances for better stories?
  134. THIS is how you handle a rejection :)
  135. Fast fulls, fast rejection, then...nothing...
  136. Privacy issues?
  137. Freelance MS reading?
  138. Lurking on Twitter
  139. Long novel and series pitches.
  140. Question about sample chapters
  141. Have you ever 'fired' an agent?
  142. Question about agents?
  143. Requested Material Etiquette
  144. Is there an "agent's" version of Absolute Write?
  145. Beginner question:do you need agent for short fiction? and
  146. Formatting question
  147. Talking money?
  148. Back from WD Conference: Acceptable turnaround time for requested pages?
  149. Can you have two lit agents?
  150. help me find the list of q's for agents...
  151. Where to cut off chapters for partials
  152. "Full MS is available upon request" -- include?
  153. Another submission question: how much info to include if you've met the agent in person?
  154. An etiquette question - re: changing agents
  155. CWA Debut Dagger and querying agents
  156. Queries: Is there a point when a query gets too short?
  157. Making Queries Personal
  158. Place to do research on agents?
  159. Some Impressions/Thoughts From my Brief Internship at a Lit Agency
  160. Is an agent the best way to go?
  161. Can someone recommend agents good for foreign writers (writing in English). Thank you!
  162. Interesting Post By Agent [re: the time it takes to close a deal]
  163. Big-Time Authors Queried Their First Novels Too
  164. LinkedIn email from agent
  165. Querying agents in countries other than your own
  166. Responding to an R&R
  167. Paragraph about my book?
  168. Mentioning previous correspondence in new query
  169. Do most agents care more about the writing or the story?
  170. Agent search
  171. About the query bio...
  172. My trip to the Writers Digest Conference in NYC
  173. All that other query stuff
  174. Query/Submission question: "Résumé?"
  175. Quick revise & resubmit question
  176. how do you pick the agent order to query?
  177. having two books that are different to start out
  178. Agents with Assistants
  179. Exclusives
  180. Not Mentioning Genre in Query Because Novel Doesn't Fit One Genre Well
  181. "Skip intro": first impressions of agency websites
  182. Question About Full Requests
  183. After offer of rep, should I contact agents that still haven't responded to my query?
  184. Agents should eliminate partial requests
  185. Synopsis
  186. How much does a publisher make you rewrite?
  187. Helping a friend who just won't listen
  188. How to nudge?
  189. Do Agents usually confirm receipt of requested material?
  190. What are my odds?
  191. How often does this happen?
  192. how do you choose one agent over the other?
  193. Am I on the right track?
  194. A Question about Forwarding
  195. Credits
  196. Urban Fiction?
  197. fill-in-the-blank query
  198. Agghhh!!! Three partials requested and...
  199. Agencies who also dabble in TV or movies
  200. Query again or not?
  201. Exclusive etiquette
  202. Older writers won't get published?
  203. Do agents who read partials usually comment?
  204. With to main characters, how do I write my cover letter?
  205. sending out snail mail queries 1st?
  206. Complex plot- simple query
  207. Is a MS containing licensed content a deal breaker?
  208. Why you should nudge
  209. tangent question from "two lit agents"
  210. Can/should you submit a published book?
  211. A somewhat unique "nudge" situation
  212. US author and English agent?
  213. How many queries to send?
  214. How to take care of your agent
  215. Crossing genres- how to describe?
  216. Yet another stupid question by Falcon
  217. do agents at the same agency help each other?
  218. Worried about long chapter turning off the agents
  219. What about Contests?
  220. BEST earning opportunity by publishing my life answers book
  221. Scared Sh*tless
  222. r, r, r, r, r, o, r, r, r...
  223. If a publisher is interested...Does it help hook an agent?
  224. Crap!
  225. Querying Agents?
  226. Where Are You At???
  227. Police Procedurals
  228. Publishing companies who deal with paranormal genres?
  229. When English isn't your mother tongue
  230. The use of acronyms in a Query Letter
  231. Etiquette Question Regarding a Non-Responsive Agent
  232. Writing a multiple-narrative chapter-by-chapter synopsis - advice needed
  233. only 20 shots at a query -what am I missing?
  234. Pre-call etiquette?
  235. End of an Exclusive Period?
  236. A Disturbing Trend
  237. Eliminate the query letter in this case??
  238. Should I add "why" to my query?
  239. In a Query, do you tell the agent you are querying others?
  240. Are the sales listed at Publishing Marketplace a vast underestimate?
  241. Testing a YA novel against a group of teens, should I include reactions in a query?
  242. Second String Agents...and beyond?
  243. 2wk notice on queries?
  244. Can you have 2 agents for 2 different books?
  245. Reading Times on Partials and Fulls
  246. Book industry standard contracts for fiction
  247. Agents for a supernatural mystery?
  248. Does this smack of desperation
  249. Head Hopping
  250. Did the agent lose the love?