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  1. Book Signing Suggestions: Got Any?
  2. Welcome to the new board
  3. Google AdWords
  4. How much time spent promoting one book?
  5. Promo Opp - Deadline 08/04/04
  6. Radio interviews
  7. Radio, TV, and Internet shows seeking guests
  8. Banner exchanges?
  9. Free e-book
  10. Back-to-back booksignings?
  11. free books?
  12. First Booksigning Jitters
  13. A question about publicity materials
  14. Publicist
  15. Marketing secrets from the vault- Booksigning Insanity
  16. publicity
  17. Author photos
  18. Washington Post story
  19. Promotional Idea
  20. Review requests
  21. Your new moderator
  22. Amazon changes
  24. Booksense
  25. Book signings in unusual locations
  26. Promotional Items
  27. When all else fails,
  28. "How a Publisher's Sales Force Can Make or Break Your Book "
  29. Recruiting help
  30. School visits?
  31. Public Speaking
  32. How Soon...
  33. Radio
  34. Need someone that will be attending Book Expo!
  35. Silly question about bookplates
  36. promoting via a record label
  37. Intro and Question
  38. Advertising
  39. Book publisher budget
  40. Airport bookshops--untapped market?
  41. Author Photo Copyright?
  42. New Promotion Service Aimed at Libraries
  43. Web sites as a marketing tool
  44. Reference Book
  45. Book Readings
  46. Trade shows
  47. Critique my author photo
  48. Tip Sheets?
  49. Press Release
  50. Book launch party?
  51. Book Signing Locations & Genre
  52. Help - hitting a wall
  53. websites
  54. Book Signings: How Many?
  55. Professional flyer to advertize book to big chains.
  56. SOS-HELP!!!!!! with interview.
  57. Amazon.co Promotion
  58. Using e-books as a promotional tool
  59. Where to get book mailers?
  60. Help with Newspaper Interviews
  61. Finding reviews
  62. Book Fairy
  63. Looking for Book Signing Tips....
  64. Book Promotion: What Really Works
  65. Assertiveness Coffee Cards
  66. Booksignings: All You Need to Know
  67. Is anyone else participating in Amazon Connect?
  68. Interesting Amazon Information
  69. Busy Mom Tele-Ports Self to Promote New Book
  70. promoting before publishing?!
  71. Just published independent Texas writer. Now how do I promote?
  72. Brainstorming
  73. Amazon Search Inside
  74. Postings, Blogs, Plogs & Web Sites: A column
  75. Signed Copy - stickers
  76. Cover Blurb(s) Needed.....ASAP
  77. web sites
  78. What do reading groups want?
  79. Help! Self-promotion efforts stymied by shyness.
  80. John Kremer's Book Marketing Seminar for Novelists
  81. Ideas and advice
  82. press releases: They Work
  83. Press Release Process
  84. Free Teleseminar Tonight: 5 Best Free Internet Book Promotion Strategies
  85. Book Promoting Teleclass with Mark Victor Hansen and others
  86. Anyone know a good publicist?
  87. Selling copies at my school?
  88. Steve Harrison National Publicity Summit
  89. How do you capitalize on famous family members
  90. Need advice on endorsements
  91. Selling my soul to the spiders
  92. Cafe Press a viable Promotion?
  93. An Introvert's Lament
  94. Book plates for when book sells out?
  95. Contest ideas
  96. Any ideas on marketing your book (published-POD & traditional)
  97. Those Slide Shows in the Movie Theaters
  98. radio-related: what is review copy?
  99. One of many
  100. Employees
  101. Author's role in promotion/marketing (from the Capri thread)
  102. performance-based PR
  103. Book Launch Parties
  104. Mock reviews: do they work?
  105. Is there a site that lists reputable reviewers?
  106. Publicity Timeline...How Much Is Too Much Too Soon?
  107. e-books
  108. Adding author websites to free directories
  109. Ebook giveaways to avoid 3rd book deathtrap?
  110. Book Trailers, do they work?
  111. Have Idea 4 my promtion--need Info on where...
  112. Promotion tip: Online radio station for writers
  113. Myspace?
  114. giving away your books?
  115. Advice on Exerpting Online
  116. Debut novel PR campaign
  117. Book trailer costs?
  118. Promotion ideas, esp reviews/interviews
  119. What are others saying about your book?
  120. how did you autograph your book?
  121. Free Promo for Pub Authors
  122. My Space really works
  123. Web site
  124. book message boards--mine's up!
  125. Bebo
  126. Have an Online Book Promotion Success Story to Share?
  127. Book Sales Figures
  128. Website copyright question
  129. Automatically charting Amazon sales rankings
  130. how about this as a poster/flyer?
  131. New here - need advice on marketing
  132. 15 Favorite Ways to Develop Your Author Platform
  133. chains vs. local bookstores
  134. How do you do a Virtual Book Tour?
  135. The book on Google Books........
  136. Three Favorite Ways to Promote Your Video Book Trailer
  137. My Space and Amazon
  138. Free Book Search Service--via Microsoft.
  139. MySpace writers friends train
  140. For Authors published by Traditional companies
  141. That ever-important platform...
  142. AuthorsBookshop.com
  143. Cafepress??
  144. Shelfari
  145. Help & Advice
  146. Virtual Book Tours?
  147. Pitching a book with the word "sex" in the title for bookstore readings
  148. what do you think are the absolute most effective (sales-producing) publicity methods
  149. What Have I Done?
  150. Amazon Friends
  151. How do you advertise an e-book?
  152. Free web promoting
  153. May I get a quotable sound bite from you?
  154. Have any of you hired a publicist, and if so, what was it a positive experience?
  155. Promoting Published Work - Help!
  156. How good are you at online marketing?
  157. Selling short stories in booklet form - help!
  158. Getting listed on Amazon
  159. Boost your books ranking on Google
  160. My observations about a book reading by a local author that I stumbled upon today...
  161. Pen Names and Book Signing
  162. Bookstore Display Racks
  163. Sending out complimentary copies as a promotional technique?
  164. What if your book straddles several genres?
  165. Have you tried talking at schools?
  166. Bookstore and Library staff interviews
  167. Finding & using (free) promotion sites
  168. Red Room/ new site, helpful for book promotion?
  169. Where to list site on DMOZ?
  170. Events at nursing homes
  171. AuthorBuzz
  172. Where should a new author promote?
  173. Marketing half a world away
  174. Has anyone ever printed promotional flyers?
  175. Google AdWords
  176. Getting ahead of myself or a good way of promoting??????
  177. Free Places to Add Your Book Online
  178. Newsletter
  179. A reporter is coming to my house
  180. promotion ideas for university press book
  181. inscription suggestions for book signings??
  182. How much of your personal self do you share?
  183. should I get a website (and how?)
  184. Promotion Question
  185. Marketing advice from published authors
  186. Free Press Release Sites for Book Promotion
  187. Web Site for Each Book?
  188. Authors & small press publishing. Help promote your work or not?
  189. do it yourself
  190. A different sort of self-publishing
  191. Homebound-Critical Liability to Publishers or Not?
  192. Quick Book Promotion Tips
  193. The Elevator Pitch: How to Sell Yourself in Seconds
  194. Podcasting anyone?
  195. Okay to post book reviews on multiple sites?
  196. Press Dispensary - Anyone used them?
  197. The Library Market?
  198. How to know who your readers will be?
  199. Sticky for Writing Press Releases?
  200. Seen any great book trailers lately?
  201. New .me domain registry now available
  202. Marketing and Media Advice Please. (Especially US)
  203. A reader's take on book signings
  204. Project Wonderful - cheap online advertising
  205. Using Knol to Promote Your Book
  206. Book marketing advice from Seth Greenland, author of SHINING CITY
  207. Check out booktour.com
  208. E-book reviewers
  209. Book markers
  210. How could a publisher, with an author's recommendation, help a non-profit?
  211. Radio, TV Interview Report - RTIR
  212. Two are better than one
  213. Clothing
  214. Two New Articles on Book Marketing and Promotion
  215. Need Ideas For Getting Attention From Oprah Producer
  216. Has anyone here encountered allbookreviews.com?
  217. Promotional Tip: Photographs
  218. Authors helping eachother with bookpromotion
  219. Is My Waiting Good Judgement?
  220. List of Book Awards and Prizes
  221. Unique Approach
  222. Web presence for a print magazine
  223. How are books provided at bookstore signings?
  224. Pre-publication marketing/promotional plan?
  225. Book Signing/Distribution Help?
  226. Interview Sites
  227. Free Online Tools to Market Your Book! (upload a doc to Issuu.com display site)
  228. Need advice. Does anyone have experience with this?
  229. Stats for Proposal/Marketing
  230. How to Reach People Effectively
  231. How do I use the content of my book before I get it published?
  232. New Title Showcase Worth the Money?
  233. Radio show bookers & Alex Carroll
  234. Book Review Sites
  235. VistaPrint Website
  236. Postcard Promotion
  237. Small Press/E-Press: What Works?
  238. I can promote your books on TV, cheap
  239. PR Web?
  240. Does an author need a biz license to sell his/her own books?
  241. PR Web / Goodreads?
  242. News Releases
  243. How can I do this much promotion?
  244. Tip Sheets
  245. Need advise on selling books
  246. Promoting POD books on the web
  247. Advice on E-Mail Lists
  248. Book Review Sites
  249. Best place for book stands, bookmarks, promotional material...
  250. Using Social Networks to Advertise Book