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  1. Blurb question
  2. Kirkus Review Question
  3. Book signing & reading...OMG
  4. Best Book Promotion e-books?
  5. Feedback on StoryFinds for YA promotion?
  6. Great business cards
  7. Kick Ass Book Launch Tips (from Two Authors Who Really Know)
  8. Best Price Point for Debut Novel Promotion
  9. How much and what kind of promotion can you expect from a small publisher?
  10. Review length vs Social proof
  11. Free Short Story Promotion with Book Release?
  12. Your book is mentioned in a letter, needs 4-5 star Amazon rating?
  13. Help with being an intelligent human being and not an SEO dweeb, please
  14. Facebook Advertising Tips
  15. bibliography
  16. Target Audience?
  17. paid review services
  18. When reviews count and for what.
  19. Author Photos and branding
  20. Table setup questions [Book Festival]
  21. Facebook ads is REALLY getting on my nerves...
  22. NetGalley or Review blog tour?
  23. Website necessary?
  24. Question about KDP Free Days
  25. Editorial Reviews
  26. Ideas for promoting ebooks in the flesh?
  27. How do I hold a draw or lottery that requires proof of purchase?
  28. Writing a successful Goodreads ad?
  29. Novel successful, then suddenly dead in the water - help!
  30. Good source for bookmarks!
  31. Goodreads Giveaway Change?
  32. Bookstore appearance
  33. New Site For Writers And Readers
  34. Has anyone used Instagram to market their erotica novels?
  35. Working with Publisher's Marketing Department? Any TIPS?
  36. Giveaway advice?
  37. Recommended book marketing sites?
  38. How can I get a bookstore to carry my book?
  39. Creating a Press Kit
  40. Writer's Relief, is it, or other websites like it, effective at promoting authors?
  41. Book Reviews- Speculative Fiction
  42. Getting blogged
  43. Hello in there! Is Twitter dead?
  44. Has anyone used "Reading Deals"?
  45. Anyone ever have a booth at the Los Angeles book fair?
  46. Selling at Conventions - Advice, tips, tricks, gotchas?
  47. Best Time to Promote Novels
  48. So, it turns out I'm on IMDB...
  49. Setting Up a Cover Reveal?
  50. $500 Promo Spending 'Challenge'
  51. Some book promotion tips
  52. AMAZON Free Promos: Yes or No?
  53. Mailing Lists, News Letters, and Subscriptions: Right and Wrong
  54. WRONG = "How to promote your book like an intelligent human being and not an SEO Dweeb"
  55. Are Forums a good way of promoting books?
  56. What am I doing wrong?!
  57. Weird (for me) thought: T-shirts
  58. Amazon Reviews -- When is free copy disclosure necessary?
  59. Business cards - title??
  60. The current state of Facebook: Profile or Page?
  61. Quick Questions on FaceBook Ads...
  62. Hypothetical: book promotion for lottery winners
  63. Press releases for box sets?
  64. Publicists?
  65. This "BookBub" business...
  66. Kindle Scout Promotion.
  67. Psychographics for FSS
  68. Facebook Author Release Event
  69. Is anyone using Pinterest to promote their work
  70. How to make use of Facebook
  72. Book readings in other cities
  73. BKNights
  74. Does my name call for a pseudonym/pen name?
  75. Linking Facebook Author Page to Website
  76. Games for Project Promotion?
  77. Digital launch party -- what works, what doesn't?
  78. Generating reviews on a debut book
  79. How do I test different headline ideas for a book?
  80. Promotion Idea for YA and Some Other Books
  81. When to stop?
  82. Bookmarks Versus Business Cards - And Other Things
  83. Hiring a publicist to promote my book for me
  84. Is there any point in reaching out to book bloggers?
  85. YA Bound Book Tours?
  86. How do you use Goodreads for promotion?
  87. How to promote books?
  88. Book blurbs: Should I describe the series along with the first book...?
  89. Is it Too Late?
  90. New Review Site for Self-Published Books
  91. Recently Self Published Author Seeking Some Marketing Advice
  92. Am I reading this Amazon Giveaway license correctly?
  93. Check: Blogger wants a share of sales for blogging quotes from your book
  94. Pricing tactic: Title new book with same title as successful author
  95. Press Release Inquiry
  96. Amazon bans "Reviewed in exchange for free product" type reviews
  97. Just how do you build a mailing list?
  98. Recommended Adwords Specialist?
  99. Newsletter Swap?
  100. Authors Looking to Review
  101. Giveaway platform
  102. Single book author website examples.
  103. Where Politics Meets Self-Publishing ...
  104. The best way to get reviews
  105. Daffyjkl's questions about advertising
  106. Asking for reviews inside Book?
  107. Two Books at Once
  108. Creating a Website for Upcoming Series
  109. A Wix Forum & Website?
  110. Recommendations for Website Designer?
  111. any suggestions forpromoting my self published travel book?
  112. Press releases and other odd things
  113. Top Twitter Hashtags For Authors To Use - 2017
  115. Twitter Hashtags for Writing
  116. Promoting a second book
  117. Creating a Wiki entry for your book?
  118. BookBub Advice
  119. Any Indies doing the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week?
  120. Cold-calling bookstores
  121. So the book is out
  122. Results from Bookbub
  123. Getting Started With Marketing (Advice appreciated)
  124. Looking feedback on Author Website
  125. First Reading/Panel Discussion
  126. Promotional Videos For Books
  127. Author bio for my pen name
  128. Author site for the poor
  129. Book signing, in general
  130. KDP Advertising Tips
  131. Painter for 20yrs. Writer for 6. Can I combine both in an author's site
  132. Completing a fantasy series after a two-year gap
  133. Recommendations for books on promoting a non-fiction book?
  134. Book of the Day
  135. Is it possible to review Amazon statistics?
  136. I'm looking to find/or start a forum or group for mutual Kindle support.
  137. Awesome Book Promotions
  138. NetGalley
  139. Intro to twitter as an author?
  140. How do you manage friend request?
  141. Booklife.com by Publishers Weekly
  142. Setting up a mailing list?
  143. Marketing on Amazon for Create Space Books
  144. 3D Printing of a character or item from your story?
  145. Kindle Match Book
  146. Good paid promotion sites that work?
  147. How to get book reviews
  148. The days before a release
  149. Wordpress for an Author website?
  150. Do we need Public Liability Insurance for school visits?
  151. UK specific Promo / Review sites?
  152. Novella Release For A Promo
  153. Am I being paranoid, or am I getting ripped off?
  154. My author's bio is either boring or insane.
  155. Feeling down.
  156. How do I promote on Absolute Write with Aplomb?
  157. Tips for doing a successful $.99 book promotion (or countdown deal)
  158. How to build an author profile prior to publication?
  159. Business card etiquette
  160. Giveaway contests
  161. Kirkus reviews
  162. BookBub Promotion Success?
  163. Best place online to learn about recently pubbed books in your genre?
  164. Experience/thoughts on book trailers?
  165. Amazon / Bo0okbub major issues
  166. What's the proper etiquette for this?
  167. BookGrabbr
  168. The best way to advertise/promote a picture book?
  169. Case studies on publications?
  170. 1000 Youtube Booktubers (Google Sheet)
  171. Need thoughts and advice on attempting a BookBub promotion
  172. [Book Trailer] The Death Doll (need input on commercial)
  173. Marketing question - Doctor Who Online
  174. Author blog
  175. Using A Book PR Firm?
  176. Book Promo Swag for Signings and Cons
  177. An updated list of independent book publicists?
  178. looking for promo input from other authors to share on my blog
  179. Best place for ratings
  180. New Online Video Interview Show Seeking Writers Interested In Promotion
  181. Trying to make it easy for readers to buy my book
  182. Interview with Characters: Lisa Burton Radio
  183. Publisher balks at BookBub Freebie?
  184. What are good practice procedures for book reviews?
  185. Any feedback on Goodreads?
  186. Any tips on non-fiction general interest promotion?
  187. Online course in book promotion
  188. Promoting at a convention?
  189. Promoting a new fiction release? (Without a following)
  190. Just released my self-published suspense novel on Saturday. Would love any advice
  191. Advertise the regular price or go on sale?
  192. Podcasts and video bloggers
  193. Marketing - Who's Job Is It Anyway?
  194. Making A Website To Promote The Book
  195. Reddit AMAs and corresponding promos - free vs discounted?
  196. Goodreads
  197. Writer's business cards - what to write on them?
  198. Twitter
  199. Get funded to finish a book
  200. Book reviews
  201. Praises For
  202. Book cover photo
  203. Facebook Advertising
  204. Series subtitle
  205. Facebook keeps suspending me
  206. 5948 Book Blogs (Google sheet)
  207. How to promote books?
  208. Wanted: Book Promoter Recommendations
  209. Not promoting correctly?
  210. Is a publicist necessary?
  211. Thanks for having me on top
  212. Don't want to break any rules.....but I have a couple of questions.....
  213. Facebook - Writer Page. What's OK to spread out?
  214. Any feedback on NetGalley?
  215. Unsolicited request for review copy from Goodreads member. - Advice?
  216. Paid Newsletter blasts
  217. What is a newsletter good for?
  218. Holiday sale
  219. Does having a Facebook blog for your book help your sales?
  220. A totally free promo list for little fish and/or the financially impaired
  221. I am looking for authors who want to exchange reviews with me
  222. Amazon Review Policy
  223. The blurb
  224. Free PDF and Romance Review List
  225. No one emails me from my new website
  226. Local authors banding together to form a mobile co-op
  227. Promotional help for a fantasy novel
  228. Booksprout
  229. Book Readings
  230. KDP promotion class
  231. Hashtags ??
  232. Not Yet Published Author Website questions
  233. Building a Foundation of Super Fans (aka platform)
  234. FB ad help
  235. Promoting my book...
  236. Comp Titles in Ads?
  237. Self Publishing Work
  238. Blurb isn't catchy enough?