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  1. paperbacks to game shops.
  2. Does a Newspaper Article Help Sell Books?
  3. Advertising and Promotions
  4. Looking for another 2 children book authors for a cross promotion project
  5. Promotion events
  6. First750 Display Site
  7. Swag - what works?
  8. Facebook "promote this post"
  9. Ideas for launch day?
  10. Web Site to Amazon
  11. Talking about fake Amazon reviews on your own website
  12. Bad Review after Kindle give-away
  13. Review question
  14. Book Signings
  15. copies to reviewers?
  16. Offering Free books to encourage future sales
  17. No Social, No Media
  18. Simple, Ethical SEO?
  19. Promotion/Marketing
  20. How much promotional support to expect?
  21. Need ARC Logo
  22. Paid Advertisements
  23. What made you buy your most recent books?
  24. Advice on author blog or website.
  25. First signing is at Chapters!
  26. Festivals & Cons
  27. Blog Tours?
  28. Building followers page?
  29. Ebooks and Pre-Promotion
  30. B&N wants me for a book signing!
  31. Looking for a Review? Read On!
  32. Etiquette of approaching author
  33. OMG! I'm on You Tube! My BFF!
  34. Amazon purchases Goodreads
  35. Passive Advertising
  36. Why Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads Is A Good Thing
  37. BRB - How to ethically increase print & Kindle reviews on Amazon
  38. Createspace Previews
  39. Bookbub results thread- have you tried their site?
  40. Promoting a Niche Book
  41. Need review and feedback
  42. Appearances at topical events?
  43. Author Pages/Sites Before Pub? If so, where?
  44. Where find best book contest?
  45. Getting a book reviewed?
  46. Asking for blurbs: Timing
  47. How to promote a book already well-known in another country, without starting everything again?
  48. Free Ebook chapters?
  49. Pen name?
  50. How do you go about launching your book?
  51. Marketing, marketing, marketing
  52. a question about ethics
  53. Definition of a bestseller
  54. Mailing list applications
  55. marketing help
  56. How i wiil get review my e-book?
  57. Rules of thumb regarding website visits and design
  58. Interesting article on factors that affect book sales
  59. Book Bloggers
  60. What kind of website?
  61. Hoofing it: Bookmarks
  62. Paying Book Stores for Signings
  63. Too much?
  64. Table Banner for Conventions
  65. Rafflecopter giveaways
  66. Blog tours
  67. Book Launch in London Help
  68. Ad on Goodreads?
  69. Email Lists for Libraries???
  71. how to promote ya?
  72. Great trailer
  73. creating an author website?
  74. Free promo...
  75. Promoting to Nook readers
  77. Stupid question about Craigslist
  78. What do you do to promote yourself ?
  79. Win, win idea
  80. Book on Marketing the Genre Novel
  81. Website Questions
  82. Any recent experience price matching at Amazon
  83. Website, adobe, and flash
  84. Web Site Or Blog (Or Both)?
  85. To Give or Not to Give?
  86. Looking for Books to review for Website
  87. Hard Copy Ads
  88. Kindle promotion
  89. How do you sign a book?
  90. Should I use satirical websites to build a platform?
  91. eBook Marketing - Use an existing blog or create a niche blog?
  92. Anyone know of 'legitimate' book promo sites for a fee?
  93. Promoting My Book
  94. Any tips for a successful book launch party?
  95. Posting story on Tumblr to gain popularity before publication?
  96. Anybody Self Publishing their Book in the Week Commencing 28th October?
  97. Nicola Morgan: Postcards less than effective sales driver
  98. Generating Pre-Release Buzz
  99. Book trailer?
  100. Do I really need a social media presence?
  101. Promo in OTHER English Speaking Countries
  102. What's the Lowdown on Cover Reveals?
  103. When do you market your first (ever) book?
  104. Which sites are the best for advertising your self-published books?
  105. Blog Hops
  106. Paying for marketing and publicity
  107. Which methods really work in selling your book?
  108. Are Publishers and Agents Open to Ideas on Promotion?
  109. Alexa -- a great tool for discovering site rankings
  110. Has anyone had crazy success with blog reviews?
  111. BookPinning.com
  112. Facebook Page or Facebook Profile?
  113. Promoting a short memoir eBook that has a publisher?
  114. Goodreads
  115. Project Wonderful?
  116. Promo Question
  117. using blog platform instead of website?
  118. Reccommendations for Erotic Romance Review blogs will to take mixed genre anthologies
  119. Promotion with a Penname
  120. Contacting Your Local Newspaper
  121. Round Robin Review Swap
  122. Story Cartel
  123. Trying to Establish an Author Brand
  124. Opinions wanted - advance promotion of a pending release
  125. Advertising for self-publishing when you want to keep your identity a secret.
  126. Unethical Price Strategy?
  127. Reviews
  128. animal stories, cats in particular
  129. RSS Promo?
  130. Let's talk galleys and press kits
  131. Author Takeover - What are your thoughts?
  132. Professional Book Reviews
  133. Reviews for alternate history
  134. Book Promo Idea: "Abduct" Yourself and Let Your Captors Promote Your Work
  135. Free books and reviews
  136. Branding question
  137. Net Galley
  138. Your Book's Pinterest
  139. Ads on blogs?
  140. Anyone using Authorgraph that can explain it?
  141. Self-publishing marketing w/out blogging?
  142. School visits?
  143. Getting on the bestseller list
  144. Planning an author event
  145. Advice on a Giveaway?
  146. Time-frame for approaching local newspapers?
  147. Book Blog Tour Comparison
  148. Onlinebookclub -- any experience?
  149. Ever hire a publicist?
  150. ARC-how to go about it?
  151. Know of any book pr/marketing firm?
  152. Rejected Amazon Reviews
  153. Virtual Book Tours
  154. Public Interest
  155. Reviews for a self published book.
  156. Seeking effective/economical means of direct marketing to libraries and/or bookstores
  157. Publicists
  158. Book promotion services
  159. How much to pay someone to set up a book/speaking tour?
  160. What do you want to know about your readers?
  161. Benefits of hiring a publicist
  162. Bookstore says they will order books
  163. Bookstore Signing Sales Protocol
  164. Signage, Swag for Author Events
  165. eBook giveaway for reviews?
  166. Help please
  167. Lite Novels, Self-Publishing and Promotion...(aka I know nothing about promotion..and need help!)
  168. The deal with mailing lists?
  169. Writing a 'Hooky' description
  170. A few questions about ebook promo...
  171. How do you market an ebook when the price is $4.99?
  172. Now What?
  173. Reader demographics
  174. Anyone try BookBub?
  175. Author Websites for Dummies
  176. Low Sales
  177. Ebook promo for dark erotic romance
  178. Not sure what to do...
  179. Marketing/Promoting your 'unfinished' Book?
  180. super-agent Chip MacGregor's one-day marketing seminar
  181. Exclusive Deal Verses A Wide Net Approach
  182. Using QR Codes to Promote Books?
  183. Book Trailers
  184. Follow up on reviewer?
  185. Do Flyers Really Work?
  186. Two birds with one stone advertising...
  187. Stockton on Tees UK Book Promotion event
  188. Getting Reviews
  189. Promotion for Anthology
  190. Marketing, The Hard Way
  191. How to Promote an ebook?
  192. Where to do a Children's Reading/Booksigning in NYC/Boston?
  193. Blog Tours
  194. What's Your Sign? Branding For Success!
  195. Marketing Ideas
  196. Self Pub Reviews
  197. Advertising/marketing & celebrity photos?
  198. How to Promote a Publishing Concept?
  199. What time in the day do you stop a KDP free giveaway?
  200. Are book review blogs effective?
  201. What are the best book websites to place paid banner ads
  202. How much weight does “I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review” have on Amazon etc?
  203. Novel Way to Promote Books and Help a Charity
  204. How to cross refer?
  205. Blog radio shows
  206. Book promotion ideas??? Here's one, please add more!
  207. Your help needed: A sci-fi author (Me) just got booked to Comic-Con and I have *no* idea what to do!
  208. Does a book trailer like this work, or is it just plain cheesy?
  209. Twitter: What are 'impressions'?'
  210. Facebook Shares
  211. Building A Solid Platform
  212. Do You Think Book Trailers Are Effective?
  213. Alternative to Facebook boosts and ads?
  214. Does "word of mouth" really work?
  215. Registering a Domain When Using a Pen Name
  216. Advertising my Kindle books on Google lists?
  217. Epub marketing
  218. Goodreads Ads Not Leading To Sales
  219. Independent Authors Network?
  220. Putting a sample online
  221. Book promotion for introverts: help!
  222. What are the *current* best websites to promote your FREE KDP days?
  223. Ebook: Free promotion
  224. Marketing book
  225. How much do you use Goodreads?
  226. How is everyone
  227. Newsletters/Mailing Lists
  228. Amazon Book Giveaways ~ Result Stories Wanted
  229. Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
  230. Do your characters have blogs?
  231. Exciting day leads to more questions! :)
  232. Posting video on your Amazon book page?
  233. What book marketing service or company is worth using?
  234. Promote your book here...
  235. Promoting my book???
  236. Where can I distribute my Author business cards?
  237. Pen name taken off Face book!
  238. First Book Fair - How Many Books To Order?
  239. Noisetrade?
  240. Advertising Results
  241. Where do You Hear about New e-Books?
  242. Ebooks for Libraries
  243. Just how does an author use social media?
  244. advice on audiobook
  245. Kirkus Review
  246. Professional Website Designer Recommendations Needed
  247. Frustrated and confused
  248. Can you get Amazon Look Inside removed for books you've taken down?
  249. Facebook Page Question
  250. Best publicity sites