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  1. Publicists?
  2. Things not to do when promoting your book
  3. Author Bytes Websites
  4. Selling To Large Book Stores
  5. Underwhelmed by Facebook for book promo
  6. Pitching to a television production company
  7. Protesters at my book signing???
  8. self-promotion w/ traditional publishers
  9. BookBuzzr & Scribd - reactions, reviews, impressions?
  10. Buying your own story
  11. Advice for self-publisher
  12. How does marketing a book work?
  13. Allowable lag time?
  14. Is Goodreads worth it?
  15. Marketing Conference: a waste of time and $?
  16. Is this a good idea?
  17. Negative responses to marketing
  18. Book Cards for Ebooks, Dean Wesley Smith's Experiment
  19. BookRooster?
  20. I'd like some advice about promoting epublishing
  21. An idea for "signing" eBooks - a short video message for your readers
  22. Question About Book vs Series Website
  23. Am I l leaving anything out?
  25. Where is Signature?
  26. Want 200 downloads in one day?
  27. Taking an active role in promoting your eBook
  28. How To Use Facebook To Market Your Book
  29. Blog Goals and Accomplishments
  30. Using an app to get exposure
  31. Book promotion to baby boomers?
  32. A better way of swapping reviews?
  33. Your Thoughts: Soliciting Amazon Reviews Directly From the Reader
  34. Selling paperbacks on Amazon
  35. Does anyone promote short stories?
  36. How to speak to an audience at a book event
  37. Practical steps to promote your book
  38. Kindle Fire and ebook promotion strategy
  39. How to Write Your Bio for a Byline or Query
  40. How to Approach (and NOT Approach) Your Local Newspaper
  41. Help for a shy person D:
  42. Effective promotion...?
  43. Marketing tips needed, no sales as of yet, really furstrated :(
  44. My New Website?
  45. Grand Total of 1
  46. List of places to list your book!
  47. Not letting an audience know what's in a novel.
  48. Audiobooks?
  49. Would Co-Promoting Work?
  50. does self promotion work?
  51. Question Re: Nook
  52. Can one use old news paper articles?
  53. Tweet chain?
  54. Getting a blurb from a famous author
  55. Virtual Book Tour?? Help please!
  56. Advertising your book on blogs, any ideas?!
  57. Anyone using GoodReads author program to promote their book?
  58. I need to send my kindle version to reviewers....
  59. Great places to promote your Ebooks
  60. Library Thing Giveaways
  61. Marketing on Twitter..
  62. Question for book reviewers who accept ebook ARCs
  63. Radio or Podcasts?!
  64. Doing stuff isn't my problem, coordinating it is
  65. SFF Review Blog for Independent Authors
  66. Bookmarks/swag...recommended sites?
  67. Does anyone really understand the new Facebook rules regarding contests?
  68. Amazon sub-categories
  69. free copies
  70. Bit of venting
  71. Forums for Promotion
  72. Question about Amazon's KDP "Free" Program
  73. Paid Kirkus Book Review - worth it?
  74. Marketing YA on the Kindle?
  75. Any book reviewers want to be included in free ebook for self-published authors
  76. Videos help sell books
  77. The Professional Publicist
  78. Any way to promote Kindle Select book to borrowers?
  79. Book promotion under a pseudonym
  80. Different ? on Promoting Under a Pseudonym
  81. Facebook page for your book?
  82. WhizBuzz good or bad?
  83. Basic question (probably a stupid one) about marketing
  84. How to present buying options on book website
  85. Time for Writing? Time for social media?
  86. How To Promote a Free ebook
  87. Promoting through forums
  88. Writing turned out to be the easiest part of being an author
  89. Genre Misidentification Woes
  90. Pinterest?
  91. Then What?
  92. Need your opinion on my domain name
  93. Flamingnet Opens to Ebook Reviews for YA, MG
  94. How to get your book noticed?
  95. Google eBooks, is it worth trying?
  96. Tagging Books on Amazon
  97. Does website design affect sales?
  98. Group Speak
  99. Got a Blog...now what?
  100. the importance of customer reviews
  101. Websites that Promote Free Kindle Books
  102. Coupon Websites?!
  103. Talk show list
  104. Publishers Weekly Ads?
  105. looking for 'introverts guide' to book promotion
  106. How to approach a reviewer?
  107. How to promote your book like an intelligent human being and not an SEO Dweeb
  108. Vanishing Goodreads Review
  109. Advertising on Amazon?
  110. Exposure
  111. Author Websites?
  112. Love Writing But Fail At Advertising Your Work?
  113. Advice on ebook promotion?
  114. Online Review Sites (besides Kirkus)
  115. Question about business cards/pen name/real name
  116. Question about Book Reading
  117. ebook formatting for reviewers
  118. Recommending a book on Goodreads
  119. Goodreads giveaways
  120. Etiquette in contacting book reviewers
  121. Paying For Reviews
  122. Where Can I Download Some Free Photos?
  123. Guest blogging ettiquete?
  124. Movie Maker Question
  125. Ideas to market non-fiction kindle books
  126. Kindle Daily Deal
  127. Book Review Bloggers
  128. Twitter Promo Group Hashtag
  129. Kindle Nation Daily sponsorship packs?
  130. Getting People to Come to Your Facebook Page
  131. What Promos worked for you?
  132. business cards & writers' conferences
  133. Tell Friends about book to sell
  134. "Buy My Book" Jim Hines post on book promotion
  135. Website Review Thread
  136. point me to some good author websites.
  137. B&N Orders
  138. (YA) Teen Fiction Book Promoting Sites
  139. Promoting a book online - your feedback
  140. Online marketing
  141. Freelance Publicist Recs?
  142. Press Release question...
  143. Book Sponsors, Visual Artists, Futuristic Writers, WANTED
  144. Lighting the spark that sets the fire.
  145. Some Writers Are SO Unprofessional!
  146. Bonus Features for Books (like movies have)
  147. Gaining Momentum
  148. I share the same name as another author.
  149. The kindle/Nook/Smashwords description
  150. Facebook pages... is there a point anymore?
  151. Paying someone to tweet for you?
  152. Cover Reveal
  153. just discovered my goodreads page
  154. Recommendations For Making a Web Page?
  155. Questions about websites in general
  156. Weird book/author promotion idea--feedback please
  157. free short story.
  158. Donation for a book review?
  159. Press Releases?
  160. Taking the book trailer to a new level
  161. "Fun Mind Game" post from Allen DAngelo on Book Marketing
  162. Tumblr.
  163. 1placeforromance has closed
  164. Book Baby vs eBookIt
  165. Book reviewers
  166. Book signings for introverts
  167. Moo.com
  168. How to create a great Linkedin profile
  169. Getting reviews prior to publishing an eBook...
  170. Free trailer music/artwork
  171. Book Trailers
  172. character blog.
  173. Newsletters an experiment on their effectiveness
  174. Interviewing...your characters?
  175. Panels and Conventions for nobodies
  176. KDP Select and free days promotion
  177. Paying for reviews
  178. Doomed To Fail?
  179. My experiences thus far
  180. Crazy self promotion stunt ... with a mannequin.
  181. repost.us
  182. How Much Is Too Much?
  183. Index of Book Reviewers
  184. Approaching the Local Newspaper
  185. Balancing social media
  186. Amazon Author Central new opportunity
  187. Please tell me why you wouldn't buy this book.
  188. Need Advice
  189. How can I get my "target audience" to notice my book?
  190. Facebook Ads
  191. Sales froze after a great month...what happened?
  192. Google Books worth it?
  193. My first book reading...
  194. Question about social networking:Choosing the best places
  195. The BEST "harsh reality" article I've ever read
  196. What exactly do you do with you FB author page?
  197. Different Genres
  198. An Experiment with Promotion
  199. Results of My Marketing Questions to Published Authors
  200. Why Goodreads.com is better than Facebook for book promotion
  201. Need Press Release advice
  202. College Newspapers
  203. To Enter or Not to Enter contests?
  204. Book promo
  205. Did I just murder my novel?
  206. What is the best method for promotion?
  207. Option for book promotions?
  208. Trust Me, I'm Lying
  209. Author Business Cards
  210. Rating Your Book on Goodreads
  211. Promoting Books By Creating A Fandom?
  212. Advertising - any successes?
  213. Has Anyone Used A Book Publicist
  214. Posting fluff on your blog - a bad idea?
  215. Need Ideas on How to Link Novel to Real News
  216. Does this seem like a sound marketing strategy for a sci-fi compilation?
  217. point me to your favorite author/writer/writer's services websites
  218. What am I doing wrong?
  219. Revisiting Facebook
  220. Is this even feasible? And if so, how?
  221. Library promotions
  222. Kindle Select free days; timing and marketing
  223. Storybundle.com
  224. Is Facebook really necessary in book promotion?
  225. How to get reviews on Amazon?
  226. Available options to give away an eBook?
  227. Promoting children's books: the differences
  228. Highly aggressive replies
  229. Book Review Services
  230. Book not selling as I'd predicted
  231. Marketing NF to certain professions
  232. Reviewer asked for a paperback copy of my book during Goodreads giveaway
  233. Rather bizarre lead in to a story.
  234. Free Sites to Promote Your eBook
  235. Three freebie experiments and my analysis of results
  236. Character trading cards
  237. "Goodreads blog" question
  238. In Retrospect
  239. how early is too early to have a web site?
  240. What are your thoughts on author business cards?
  241. How did you decide on a URL for your website?
  242. Where to Link - Amazon or Webpage?
  243. Another questionable Goodreads reviewer request
  244. Building a recommended reading list, need title suggestions
  245. Luck with PAID promos?
  246. Reddit for book promotion
  247. Book Giveaway - at no cost to you
  248. Someone arrives with dozens of books to sign
  249. Dubious Goodreads Ratings on Author Page
  250. Standard fee for school visits