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  1. Decent Priced Book typesetting...where?
  2. Any Perfect Bound Printer Suggestions?
  3. How To Get Published Free and Make Money
  4. Lulu.com
  5. POD Publishing gets a bad rap!
  6. Self-Publishing scares me
  7. Self-Publishing through Cafe Press
  8. Offset Printers for Conventional Self-Publishing
  9. SPAN's 2004 conference
  10. How to write an e-book
  11. Buy a review from Kirkus
  12. Business name?
  13. E-publishing, then print for shorter work?
  14. Huge problem - what should I do??
  15. Do blogs count as publishing??
  16. Best Case PoD Scenario - Just Spitballing an Idea
  17. amazon.com
  18. Useful Website
  19. SmallPress Blog/Dan Poynter
  20. When to self-publish?
  21. To Save time
  22. Sites that sell self-published books
  23. POD author gets multiple book deal from...
  24. Here's another success story
  25. What Should I Ask Dan Poynter?
  26. Conventional self publishing
  27. Bookbinding Equipment
  28. In defense of Self Publishing or using a POD Publisher
  29. Self-publishing: Any success stories??
  30. Thinking of Self-Publishing with some reservations
  31. Does anyone know how to calculate sales from Amazon Ranking?
  32. Genealogy Book
  34. self-publishing?
  35. Publishing questions.
  36. print on demand
  37. POD publishing while looking for a commercial publisher?
  38. How to Choose a POD Publisher
  39. Stats on POD books picked up by commercial pubs?
  40. The upcoming EAN/UCC-13 number. Will it affect you?
  41. Where do I go from here?
  42. Sample chapter?
  43. Reviewing self-pub'ed bks problems
  44. Trafford Publishing
  45. Calculating a bk's price
  46. Who's both CHEAP & GOOD???
  47. Self-Publishing on NPR
  48. submitting an e-book to Booklocker.com
  49. New "self publishing" radio station
  50. $13.99???
  51. iUniverse
  52. Distribution
  53. I think its time
  54. ebooks
  55. Infinity vs Diggory
  56. Diggory Press
  57. Publishing vs. Recording Industry
  58. Free Self Publishing Book
  59. Self-Publishing Success
  60. Book Cover Designers
  61. Questions Regarding PoD / Vanity Houses
  62. What is the best POD publisher? How do you get the word out on your book?
  63. The publishers can kiss my ***! I'm doing this myself
  64. Self Publishing
  65. printing in canada?
  66. E-publishing Question
  67. sometimes self publishing is THE BEST SCENARIO!
  68. Sites on Self publishing
  69. sites on POD and E-publishing
  70. POD-dy Mouth Article on Self Publishing
  71. Found a great solution..
  72. POD success
  73. plagiarism
  74. Copyright Question
  75. Discreet Vanity Publishers?
  76. AuthorHouse
  77. Some thoughts on POD
  78. Should I epub my book?
  79. Help, me, and stuff
  80. need some help
  81. One more strike against POD authors... :(
  82. out of print
  83. Suggest an offset printer that pleased you...
  84. Setting Up A Poetry E-book
  85. Percentage to retailers?
  86. Contest for self published books
  87. New Blog for self-published book reviews
  88. Experiences with Lulu?
  89. If I was to self publish
  90. If you use an editor....
  91. PMA members concerned - interesting article
  92. Comic book format
  93. promotion
  94. Do Audio Books need an ISBN?
  95. Publishers My Store Won't Deal With
  96. How do I get books on Amazon
  97. Lulu vs Lightning Source
  98. Distribution. How does it work?
  99. What should I do?
  100. Is s-p right for this book?
  101. I need help with getting my book out there
  102. Does Anyone Offer Fulfilllment Services?
  103. Would this be silly?
  104. Final tweaks to manuscript - self publishing questions
  105. Looking to review truly excellent POD s-p books
  106. Self-publishing first...will it hurt me?
  107. Product Liability Insurance
  108. What is the difference in publishing with smaller independents and POD self publish?
  109. how to self publish?
  110. leads?
  111. An Interesting Article
  112. A Couple of Self Publishing Successes!!
  113. Self-pubbing questions
  114. P.O.D. Amazon sales rankings you may find INTERESTING!
  115. Self-publishing business plan
  116. Is an author considered traditionally published if published by a small press...
  117. Interesting site I came accross for POD...
  118. couldn't P.O.D. authors band to purchase ISBN's ?
  119. A question for those with knowledge of Returns...how does it work?
  120. POD-dy mouth interview with Trident- AGENT: JENNY BENT
  121. Top 10 Reviews of POD Publishers..
  122. Propose new terms!
  123. Seeking Opinions
  124. Questions about developing a self-publishing company
  125. Anybody direct compare LULU with Diggory?
  126. POD/Vanity that Became Big...
  127. Do you have a self-POD Blog
  128. May Recommend a new book for POD and self publishers?
  129. Morphing Pub Company into SP/POD, need advice
  130. Thanks for nothing, Amazon.
  131. Self-publishing: What makes a difference?
  132. self-publishing amateur
  133. Vanity Versus POD?
  134. Have You Self-Published?
  135. Making the Book
  136. Online Websites
  137. Q&A of self publishing
  138. Check Out P.O.D.LINGS--Reviews for Small Press, POD and Self-pub.
  139. Difference between printed and publised?
  140. What if...
  141. Can POD products be corrected?
  142. POD Promotion and Best Case Scenarios
  143. PDF publishing: ready for prime time?
  144. Using a quote in a self published poetry book
  145. One self-publishing success story
  146. Help going POD
  147. Know of a POD that provides current sales results?
  148. What's a Mompreneur?
  149. Pricing Poll
  150. Does POD help or hinder?
  151. Self Publishing a celendar?
  152. Audio Theater presentation
  153. Going POD checklist?
  154. ISBN # for an eBook?
  155. New self-publishing paradigm
  156. Self-Publishing and POD Awards and Contests
  157. Is this true? "Origins of self-publishing" rumor.
  158. POD POWER!
  159. How can you be sure a POD is out of print?
  160. Perfect POD possibility?
  161. The long-term effect of POD self-publishing service providers
  162. Lulu vs iUniverse vs Lightning Source
  163. Self Publishing
  164. from Self-Publishing to a deal with Warner Books
  165. Self-Publishing Cost Example
  166. Would Like Discussion of Y not to SP?
  167. Micro-press distribution
  168. Hello, I am wondering about LULU.About the Format.
  169. booking events for self-published authors
  170. Book Covers
  171. PW article on bookstores embracing self-pubbed authors
  172. finding a US or ROW publisher
  173. Self-pub to traitional publishing?
  174. newbie POD question (s)
  175. Tips for using MS Word (or Excel??)
  176. Does anyone belong to Amazon Advantage (and live outside US)?
  177. selling POD books to stores...iUni question
  178. Recommendations for a digital printer?
  179. Self-publish to prove market for agent/publishers?
  180. Print on Demand: Getting Facts Straight
  181. CD Rom
  182. FREE Self Publishing book by Tom Ross!
  183. Editor for self-published book
  184. Copies sold
  185. Diggory vs. LULU vs. BookSurge
  186. POD versus Vanity Press
  187. ways selling on amazon
  188. What is direct-to-plate?
  189. seeking people with self-POD book review blogs
  190. Amazon Advantage
  191. Copy editing US $ 1000
  192. Building your own ecommerce Website?
  193. I'mma be an editir! ;)
  194. NEED INFO re: POD
  195. Self-publishing v. POD
  196. Special Order at bookstores
  197. POD Recommendation For Photo Book
  198. Amazon sales reporting tool
  199. Good Self-Pub stats?
  200. POD softcover vs. Hardcover
  201. Questions about Self-publishing...
  202. Publishing a manuscript
  203. beginners projects
  204. POD good?
  205. No up front fees
  206. Self-publishing e-books - any advice?
  207. Self publishing a children's book
  208. Barns & Noble
  209. Bowerman's Presentation in DC - Impressive
  210. Publishing options for academic works?
  211. Booklocker vs Lulu
  212. Privately self-publishing a work you'll later sell?
  213. Lost in Translation
  214. Need advice to publish my book
  215. Who do you recommend?
  216. ISBN Question
  217. Faq's
  218. Seeking self-publishing press releases
  219. Moving from POD to traditional help
  220. Getting bookstores to stock your book
  221. POD - misunderstood?
  222. AuthorHouse Acquires iUniverse
  223. CreateSpace
  224. POD- and Self-Published Authors: Get a Free Web Listing at NothingBinding.com
  225. What do you think of publishing your work on the Internet?
  226. Recommended POD Publisher in the UK
  227. Lulu vs. Authorhouse?
  228. Would going POD preclude trying to place a novel with an agent?
  229. A POD Saga - Pts 1 & 2
  230. PODdy Mouth - Daily Dirt on POD and Self-Publishing suspended
  231. Please Help Me Wade Through It All
  232. Lightning Source vs. Lulu.com
  233. Distribution for the Self Publisher
  234. Small press sales?
  235. POD success stories
  236. Audio recording your self-published book
  237. Starting small
  238. Amazon's Digital Text Platform: A new self-publishing option for e-books
  239. A Few Questions
  240. Crash Course
  241. What's The Point?
  242. Distribution / niche markets?
  243. POD Books listed as Out of Stock
  244. New paradigms in music sales--parallels to publishing? (Article by David Byrne)
  245. Publishing some illustrated books later, any advice ?
  246. Self-Publishing: Best Thing to Do or Your Worst Nightmare? Share your story
  247. Is there a downside?
  249. Small Presses on Parade
  250. Amazon Kindle / Digital Text Platform