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  1. Helpful new Amazon feature
  2. Editing services before self publishing . . .
  3. Kindle Select countdown versus free days
  4. Press Releases and creating a buzz?
  5. Into This Wild Abyss [A Self-publishing Journal]
  6. Neatest way to update an annual Kindle Travel Guide?
  7. Self-publishing with the Nook
  8. Story length and pricing options: which should I go with?
  9. Kindle Select Question
  10. Amazon or Barnes/Noble?
  11. Necessary steps before publishing -- Corporation, ISBN, copyright?
  12. A Bit Despondent About Self-Pubbing...
  13. Is there such a thing as an overnight indie kindle ebook success?
  14. Finding very specific rankings on Amazon
  15. Novellas?
  16. Self-publishing translated editions
  17. Going Hybrid
  18. Self-publishing - How do you sell from your own website?
  19. Authorearnings.com
  20. When an agent is interested in a self-pubbed book, can I keep the Kindle rights?
  21. Do you upload to create space first, or Amazon
  22. Self Publishing and the Nuclear Bomb
  23. Sell ebooks on Ebay and Etsy?
  24. eBook format - what to do with links and references to page #'s
  25. Kindle format and imagery
  26. Newbery and SP
  27. Howey talks one way, walks another
  28. Do you obsessively check your sales?
  29. question about createspace/ to amazon after kindle was published
  30. Downloads Continuing After A Year
  31. VOOK ? What is the deal with Vook?
  32. Reputable self publishers
  33. Branching Out
  34. ACX drops royalty rates
  35. Cover Art
  36. Desperate for help
  37. Should I be concerned about this?
  38. How To Handle Special Characters That Break
  39. Self-publisher being undercut in price?
  40. Listing DBA on TAx Forms?
  41. I would like some advice from authors
  42. Publishing a short story to kindle free
  43. Self Pub Bestseller Lists
  44. Advice on Starting an Online Ebook Store
  45. I've Blogged About my Perma-Free Experience
  46. Hybridization--Self Pubbing as a Promotional Tool
  47. Using Google Blogger for my book
  48. Nervous about taxes
  49. CreateSpace, Lulu, LighteningSource...preferences?
  50. Selling in Bitcoin
  51. Math, Guns, and Snark: SLHuang's Self-Publishing Thread
  52. Basic Copyediting From Createspace
  53. Can I use same ISBN for Smashwords and Amazon
  54. THE SMILEY KILLER and what I'm learning being a self-publisher
  55. Self pubbing erotic shorts
  56. Promoting MORTOM: What I've Learned so far
  57. Interim Short Story/Novella - free on Amazon?
  58. The Examiner.com has a new Indie spot-light!
  59. Agonizing over trim size and paper color: a waste of time?
  60. Self-Publishing and what I've learned
  61. UPDATE: It was real! --was: Smells like a scam--- Film rights for a non-fiction book?
  62. Question about CreateSpace, Print or Kindle first?
  63. Pulling my hair out formatting non-fiction for Kindle
  64. Creating a Table of Contents for Kindle using InDesign
  65. Exporting EPUB from InDesign CC not including line breaks
  66. Should I use smashwords to sell ebooks or configure each store myself?
  67. E-books for the technically challenged
  68. Best Books on Self Publishing
  69. Success of short stories / novellas on Amazon e-books
  70. Is there anyone here who'd be interested in a free copy of my book for a blog review?
  71. How did you handle ARC copies in print and ebook?
  72. Tom's self publishing extravaganza
  73. Keep the ebook exclusive to kindle?
  74. Pricing on create space
  75. Book Distributors/Wholesalers?
  76. How many downloads is "normal" for a Self-Published Book/Ebook on Amazon?
  77. Sharing ISBN's
  78. Selling Create Space paperbacks on your own blog
  79. Kevin Lee Swaim's self-publishing experience
  80. Do you sell paperbacks?
  81. Draft2Digital now allows free at B&N
  83. Newsletters
  84. If you've done a cover reveal tour...
  85. Lets Get Publishing! - Daniel's self-publishing log
  86. How do I make my novel free in kindle?
  87. Big name authors self publishing
  88. Self publish a picture book
  89. Help me understand eBook pricing, please.
  90. So I'm Published... Now What?
  91. I've joined the self-published ranks
  92. Descriptions not showing up on BN.com from Smashwords
  93. My travel log back down the self-published road after 14 yrs
  94. Agents Attitude Towards Self-Published Novels
  95. M.N Thorne's self-published journey
  96. Multiple ISBN's on same book through multiple publishers?
  97. What would you do?
  98. EBOOKIT - Has anyone used it?
  99. 10,000 Sales
  100. BookLife
  101. Self-publishing my debut novel
  102. mobi or kindle file for beta readers
  103. Book Launch Help.
  104. 30% vs 70% per copy, can someone explain it?
  105. Does anyone enter self-published book awards?
  106. New title listed at Powell's /BN/ Booksamillion without cover art; what database is serving them?
  107. Is publishing one book in two parts manipulative?
  108. Anyone know of a good site to print a children's book?
  109. Smashwords Is Driving Me Crazy
  110. Questions for self-published authors picked up by the big 5 publishers
  111. Audio Books
  112. Anyone want to promote their book together?
  113. Editor Recommendations?
  114. best place for an e-serial
  115. Want to share your favorite paragraph?
  116. SFWA investigating opening membership to self-published writers
  117. Am I Missing Anything Vital?
  118. Help! Do I have to change my title now?
  119. I am crying over my back cover summary.
  120. Self Published my Sci-Fi novel (two weeks ago)
  121. Writers' Cafe / Anyone else have your book removed from KDP or Createspace without reason?
  122. Mclesh's Mad Self-Publishing Diary
  123. New edition of my book - make a new product on Amazon?
  124. Front matter & pen name use
  125. What's your best tip for marketing self-published books?
  126. Trying to self-publish but I'm lazy
  127. Dasein's Questions
  128. If I were to ask published authors here for a book blurb, where would I post?
  129. Ebook publishing - where is best and why?
  130. Trying to get my book on Ingram
  131. Need a contract for cover artwork
  132. ACX Audible
  133. Self-publishing success
  134. Back Cover Copy
  135. self publishers
  136. Torn between self publishing or shooting for trade publishing. Advice?
  137. E-Books: Are chapter hyperlinks Important?
  138. simple selling via your website
  139. Well, I jumped in the deep end...
  140. Lots of Changes At Amazon
  141. Chapters should always start on the right side?
  142. Wow...tried a giveaway for a week
  143. Can I....unself publish?
  144. Pseudonyms / Pen Names and Self-Publishing?
  145. Great Sales in self-pub without doing ANYTHING at all?
  146. wait time on kindle singles submission
  147. Rebranding, Refreshing or Rewriting?
  148. CreateSpace/KDP: Designating other royalty recipient
  149. I'm thinking of changing my book cover, and need advice.
  150. Journey to Self Pub a Dead Genre
  151. Saturated Market vs. Under Served Niche
  152. How do I time an ebook sale across all channels?
  153. Patreon
  154. ISBN foreign or US?
  155. Amazon Pre-Order Now Available!
  156. Copyright Question
  157. Hope for Kindle/Nook
  158. DRM
  159. ISBNs are expensive for U.S. Authors and Small Presses
  160. Associations for self-published/publishing authors?
  161. Smashwords Input
  162. Distributors?
  163. Opus at Politics and Prose?
  164. CreateSpace - I'm getting impatient!
  165. Trim size for Createspace?
  166. Pros/Cons of publishing same novel on multiple platforms?
  167. Questions for Self-Published Authors on Kindle
  168. Audio-Books?
  169. Confessions of a Self-Published Author
  170. Alternatives to hiring editors for self-publishing
  171. Amazon Publishing [Moved from Novels]
  172. Author Earnings
  173. self publish technical book
  174. Maybe I'll Earn a Pizza - Self Publishing Diary
  175. Self-Publishing and Promotion
  176. Incorporating Publishing Company for Self-Publishing
  177. Free game with title?
  178. Checking in after 2 years
  179. Pricing
  180. Variant covers?
  181. Getting started with epub.
  182. Review Exchange Circles?
  183. Creating my own personal Kindle version
  184. A Bookish Effort in Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Log
  185. Book formatting for Amazon, etc.
  186. My Self-Publishing Story
  187. Scene Breaks
  188. KDP Select, Createspace & Free days?
  189. About to start an Indiegogo campaign—the right way
  190. Smashwords Edition Language No Longer Needed
  191. Scribd Info/ Views
  192. Draft2Digital - looking for opinions
  193. Update - Cover Reveal! - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Self-Publish
  194. Amazon/Kindle returns
  195. Do You Have a Production Schedule?
  196. Self-Publishing experiment with old NaNo novel
  197. Question re responding to good reviews
  198. Am I Ready To Go??
  199. Page #s: Print vs eBook
  200. Questions Regarding Print Copies of eBooks
  201. Self-Publishing Timeline with Createspace
  202. Taking Down Old Stories
  203. Templates...
  205. It's been 14 months since I've published
  206. ISBN
  207. Benefits of Pre-Order?
  208. ebook publishers that are easy
  209. Should I kickstart & self publish or go through the agent-publisher route?
  210. Joining the self-pub fray
  211. My self-publishing journey
  212. My Novel on Amazon Overwhelms Me!
  213. lastlittlebird's belated self-publishing diary
  214. Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, and CreateSpace - oh my!
  215. Typesetting, Formatting, Book Design for print - what to learn? InDesign?
  216. Kindle: how to describe yourself when using a pen name
  217. From beginning to end (My SP Thread)
  218. First Time Considering Online Publishing
  219. The Great Self-Publishing Adventure
  220. MG Sci-Fi
  221. My So-Called Pseudo Self-Publishing Journey
  222. Did Bowker sell my information?
  223. Quick Kindle Question regarding chapter headings
  224. Choosing Review Quotes
  225. Kindle: pricing range for novellas
  226. Posting Editorial Reviews
  227. Hmm, this might not be working for me.
  228. Self- publishing previously published book - can I keep reviews?
  229. Editor for Nonfic Self-pub Book?
  230. How is a company (--SuperBookDeals--) undercutting my Lulu price?
  231. What Am I Forgetting?
  232. Estimating page count
  233. 100,000 book giveaway... Need 'price-matching' help + marketing advice
  234. Self-Publishing In Different (Unrelated) Genres
  235. Why am I self-publishing?
  236. I got 99 problems and an Epub is one.
  237. Updating an ebook file
  238. Self-publishing an enhanced ebook version
  239. Ingram Advance Catalog
  240. Publishing Short Documents
  241. Warning for those who sell ebooks directly (VAT)
  242. Self-publishing historical fantasy
  243. Embracing Niche Fiction Through Self-Publishing
  244. Help: Wanting to self-publish, but live in Australia
  245. Through the Self-Publishing Rabbit Hole
  246. Digital publisher or DIY?
  247. How to draw in reviews?
  248. Taking the Plunge!
  249. Google Play - how long before search works?
  250. HTML Help with Blockquote Newspaper style for mobi