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  1. My NC-17-rated adventures in New Adult.
  2. Possible concerns about selling e-books for bargain prices - 0.99c
  3. Pen names, real name and Amazon cheques?
  4. Self-Published: my journey
  5. Free Kindle Week - day by day report
  6. Nyx's self publishing adventure
  7. Smashwords' July Promotion
  8. My Journey/Experiment
  9. Smashwords or Kindle?
  10. Kindle Daily Deal
  11. Ellipses ... and all that stuff
  12. MumblingSage Self-Publishes
  13. Photo Limits on Amazon / Kindle
  14. LSI vs. Amazon for epub?
  15. Places like ARe to list your books?
  16. CreateSpace Publishing Questions
  17. Purchasing an ISBN
  18. Affordable Printing Option for Small-Run Cloth-Bound
  19. From Agent to Self-Publish
  20. Is the cover counted as page number 1? PLUS other page numbering issues
  21. Can I sell my book as both fixed format AND flowable? If so how do I let my readers know there is th
  22. deciding to self-publish instead at the last minute?
  23. Level of effort + length of time before "success"?
  24. Amazon Showing Hardback Cover Only?
  25. Well, I did it.
  26. A New Concept for Publishing
  27. What an ISBN is . . . And isn't.
  28. Has anyone used Lightning Source with being a registered publisher?
  29. New to kobo
  30. Query letters for self-publishers
  31. Perfect eBook store?
  32. My First Giveaway—thoughts?
  33. Donating Proceeds Question
  34. the incomperists
  35. Is it required to stick with 'industry standard' word counts when doing a Kindle-style ebook?
  36. Publishing Strategy
  37. smashword, but I'm already with Kobo
  38. Smashwords is now able to take pre-orders on Apple, B&N and Kobo
  39. Amazon Deleting Customer Reviews
  40. Timing staggered releases -- recommendations?
  41. Where to start?
  42. Am I Screwed? KDP Rejection
  43. PSA Announcement. (My goof!)
  44. Publishing Diary: First Year Sales
  45. Etiquette for offering to edit a self-pub work?
  46. Likelihood of Achieving Budget Goal/Kickstarter?
  47. Amazon e-pub, print pub
  48. You set the price!
  49. Is It Amazon And Everyone Else?
  50. My experience so far...
  51. use open source tools to create your own ebooks
  52. Does this order look right?
  53. How to find reputable person to get my book ready for self publishing?
  54. Wait time for editors who do polishing for self-pubbed books?
  55. Working with a celebrity who may self publish...
  56. Foreign rights sales
  57. Is this cause for concern?
  58. Gender Neutral or Oppostie Pseudonym?
  59. Calibre
  60. Bowker
  61. Printing Suggestion for Lengthy, Full-Colour Interior, Hardcover
  62. CreateSpace Rejected my Dad's Book for Boxy Characters
  63. Does CreateSpace marketing work?
  64. Poll: Do you give beta readers a contract?
  65. Using the Print Rights Your Publisher Isn't
  66. Moving on: Project not getting traction
  67. I finally did it!
  68. Children's picture e-books?
  70. Has anyone tried Nook Press?
  71. Is It Ever Worth It To Hire An Editor?
  72. Why two payments
  73. Amazon pricing??
  74. Incomplete Tax Information on Amazon
  75. Sites that host / sell ebooks for you?
  76. Amazon question
  77. Recommendations for Book Scanning Services?
  78. amazon.co.kr
  79. The journey so far
  80. categories and description help
  81. Breaking up the novel
  82. Kirkus review?
  83. Suggestions for finding a good editor?
  84. Kindle MatchBook
  85. Bookbub at 1.5million subscribers!
  86. Should I take my Dad's book Offline until it's Fixed?
  87. I lost my master copy.
  88. i think i'm gonna do it...
  89. Smashwords distributing to Oyster
  90. Smashwords
  91. Kindle Format SOS!!
  92. Percentage discount to book stores/retailers
  93. Spaces around mdashes and ellipses?
  94. E-Publishing an Existing Paperback
  95. "How To" Books- trade publisher or self-publish?
  96. Stepping into the fold
  97. Has anyone self published a children's picture book?
  98. Hand coding
  99. Self-publishing (mostly) back catalog
  100. C.R.'s Self Publishing Thread
  101. Timber's attempt at E-Pubbing
  102. Self-Pubbing a previously published work
  103. My Own Crazy Self-Publishing Adventure
  104. TalkingTalk's views of publishing [derail split from cwbrowning's diary thread]
  105. Using Smashwords Formatted Manuscript For KDP
  106. Big deep breath before the leap...
  107. Running your publishing 'business'
  108. Self Pubbed and I'm Doing Okay
  109. Featured in national magazine
  110. permission to use art print in book
  111. Liber Writer for Making Kindle files
  112. Self publishing and...pregnant?
  113. Dave's Self-Publishing Thing
  114. How Do You Add A Map?
  115. Smashword formatting
  116. Multiples
  117. My Self-Publishing Journey
  118. Any Canadians with Smashwords?
  119. KDP And Smashwords Formatting Questions
  120. bundling pottery ebooks
  121. LSI proof/correction question
  122. A Self-Pub Journal With a Side of Gross Sobbing
  123. Today I pulled the trigger. I hit 'publish... scary. (Quick update)
  124. Hey guys, I could really use some opinions. (re: releasing and formats)
  125. Author's Guild Accepting Some Self Publishing
  126. How should I group certain stories (if at all)?
  127. KDP Select
  128. Success in self-publishing with little to no marketing
  129. Best place to POD a single book for my family? (and how to make a pdf cover with bleed)
  130. Best Day To Publish?
  131. What about Lulu.com?
  132. Trade Publishing Diaries
  133. Tales from a hybrid author
  134. Seeking Good Credit Card Processor
  135. A Very Small Fish Jumping Into a Very Big Pond
  136. For the Self-Publishing Is Dark and Full of Terrors
  137. Pitfalls Of Self-Publishing
  138. Sales Tax on Kindle editions?
  139. How did you know that you were ready?
  140. copyright disclaimer for poetry satire and parody
  141. Self-pub B&BC (Writers & Artists' "self-publishing guide")
  142. How long does it take to go from a Word document to a published ebook?
  143. Publishing a Stand-Alone Short Story on Amazon
  144. Getting my print right back-
  145. self-publishing: pulling back the curtain
  146. My adventures in self publishing
  147. Terrible covers
  149. Square One: My Self-Publishing Diary
  150. How to fix running heads in Word
  151. [epublishing tool] Pages for iOS 7 Now does ePub export
  152. Merging publishers?
  153. Maintaining Anonymity on Amazon
  155. Not your usual pen name question
  156. The Kingfisher Has Landed
  157. Did you ACX it?
  158. Nabe: from obscure mainstream publishing to successful self-publishing
  159. Type face (font)
  160. Suggestions for editing?
  161. Kindle Countdown
  162. Great Self Pubbing advice site
  163. E-Published for 1 year. Any advice?
  164. Createspace now offers expanded distribution FREE
  165. Bookstore placement tips & tricks
  166. Advice for Keywords on Amazon
  167. Pennames and Promotions
  168. Finally did it
  169. curious about non-fiction ebook publishers
  170. Can Lightning Source get books into bookstores?
  171. Self Publishing options and createspace ISBN #'s
  173. POD copies of book pubbed by e-publisher
  174. CreateSpace expanded distribution problems?
  175. does bundling cannibalize your own work?
  176. TV/film adaptations
  177. CoreSource
  178. Don't Forget Those Other Countries
  179. Kindle matchbook
  180. Finding a copy editor
  181. InDesign CC to Kindle
  182. Self-publishing: my experience so far
  183. Sales Checker Anonymous
  184. Printing Cost: Hard Cover Novel
  185. Confused about why my book is on a website I did not authorize.
  186. A Tale of Two E-readers
  187. Can I Publish Book On Amazon And Smashwords
  188. My self-publishing journey
  189. Interest has stalled (soft launch), how to pick back up?
  190. My Insane Self-Publishing Adventure…
  191. Kindle Select and giveaways
  192. How "free" spurs a different psychological reaction
  193. Anyone use Tomely?
  194. Short story strategy: a self-publishing diary
  195. Vellum: New Mac OS X Tool for Ebook Production
  196. Daily Kindle Sales Are Creepily Uniform...?
  197. Short eBook getting printed by publisher, Want to independently sell print version as well!
  198. Some SP Questions Pre-Release Day
  199. Reader question, favorite self-published book
  200. PLEASE HELP: Making Kindle Files
  201. Tips on asking for reviews
  202. Offers to re-publish self-published books
  203. Smashwords Distribution To Scribd
  204. grayworld's self-publishing journey, in black and white
  205. Do I need to register a new copyright for a revised edition of same title?
  206. Price-Matching Glitch?
  207. What's a lot of books to sell?
  208. My self publishing trip
  209. Formatting a book of Illustrations
  210. Converting Smashwords Formatted Manuscript To KDP Format
  211. Self-Publishing Survey - How are you faring self-publishing
  212. How to Copyright Novel
  213. Paid review services?
  214. Where are the readers?
  215. 1st Time Ebook Publication
  216. Self-Publishing Survey - Some results
  217. New genre, new pen name?
  218. Maximize your writing IP
  219. How to get into Smashwords with new pen name?
  220. If Hugh Howey Was In Charge Of A Publishing House
  221. Maximizing your IP (II)
  222. Eco-friendly publishing?
  223. Ingram Spark
  224. Self-publishing at last
  225. How to Copyright Novel- Formatting Question
  226. Using Stock Images for Book covers
  227. Self-Publishing (The Knite Way)!
  228. Self-publishing on Amazon
  229. Finding Inexpensive Legal Counsel for Nonfiction E-Book
  230. Did you set out to self-publish?
  231. I Need a Good Website For My Novel
  232. How many self published books have you sold to date?
  233. Updating an ebook via KDP
  234. Self-publishing an ebook: Where to Start
  235. Self-publishing for kids?
  236. Self-publishing non-fiction true crime: question on block quotes
  237. Self-publishing
  238. Web-based serials, anyone?
  239. Do eBook Purchasers Resent Free Blog
  240. Ebook Distribution to Libraries?
  241. Release schedules. Do you have one?
  242. Can you publish to Smash words and Amazon at the same time?
  243. Do You Use Your Pen Name as a DBA on your Tax return?
  244. Revenue from Different Outlets
  245. Library Journal: What’s the Problem with Self-Publishing?
  246. Best Way to Publish to Multiple Outlets
  247. Too short to self-publish?
  248. Imprints. Cooperatives. Collaboratives. ...ohmy?
  249. What is the distribution timeline?
  250. Self published authors who have charted on the Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store