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  1. Well, that was stupid of me.
  2. US distribution for Aussie author
  3. How long should a back of the book excerpt be?
  4. Google Play books
  5. 20,000
  6. after the price matching.
  7. Is "traditional" publishing an offensive term?
  8. Which is best?
  9. Where to check ebook sales?
  10. Kindle Daily Deal
  11. My 3 Reasons for Self-Pubbing & Sales Updates on Print & Ebooks
  12. So I went ahead and jumped in...
  13. Shorty Story Publishing
  14. Book Description
  15. Hitting a Bullseye
  16. I'm in The Times today talking about my self publishing
  17. Looking to start a Self-Publishing "Collective"
  18. Self-publishing, Pen-names and ISBNs
  19. Photo-heavy ebook?
  20. Need some advice from KDP Select users
  21. Is a TOC a Must in Your E-book?
  22. Free prequels to my book - which service to use?
  23. Amazon's discounts
  24. Paperbacks...
  25. When Is It Best To Unpublish Your Book?
  26. Success with Amazon Kindle
  27. Kindle Paperwhite Font Bug
  28. Question about unpublishing on Smashwords
  29. Would I limit reader interest by labeling my novel Women's Fiction?
  30. I don't know if I should be excited or nervous!
  31. Good fonts to use when printing a book?
  32. Best Publishing Platform for a Kickstarter Project
  33. Random House and self-publishing (article)
  34. Wordclay is Closing Down
  35. More categories for Amazon listed book?
  36. Amazon's Content Guidelines
  37. No longer need ISBN to publish in iBookstore?
  38. "Proactive Order" on Createspace?
  39. Calibre catastrophe!
  40. How often do Lightning Source client reps change?
  41. Formatter
  42. Submission standards?
  43. Day One of Book Launch
  44. contracts for createspace and lulu
  45. sample for next book?
  46. Pricing of article collection
  47. I did it!!! And I have a question
  48. Since when is Vanity Publishing now Self-Publishing
  49. I self-published and lived to tell the tale...
  50. Self Publishing and ISBNs
  51. A Novice's Questions on E-Publishing
  52. Question regarding Amazon EIN for pubbing ebook
  53. Should I put this in my ebook blurb?
  54. Help! Cover Looks Terrible
  55. Question on editing ebook
  56. Amazon price match & Google Play
  57. Self publishing a photo book
  58. Amazon's dubious Christmas gift to authors and ebook formatters
  59. The cost of author services
  60. KDP formatting guide -- beating indent & PaperWhite problems
  61. My Self Publishing Experience
  62. Amazon Rankings?
  63. Private Self Pubbing
  64. Amazon E-book Returns
  65. Smashwords asking for help testing their direct ePub upload
  66. Newbie Self Publishing Questions
  67. Please, please, please! Say NO to DRM!
  68. Type-setting Software suggestions?
  69. Need clarification on self-publishing blog content
  70. Does self-pubbing poetry hurt chances of having fiction traditionally published?
  71. EINS/ITNs/pseuds for non-US authors
  72. KDP Select "Auto Renew": Anybody else get stung?
  73. My self-publishing journey: Up the molehill
  74. In-line quoted letter formatting
  75. Choosing a Full Service or Otherwise?
  76. iBookstore giving 100% in the preview
  77. Is it possible to assign images for Table Of Contents in Sigil?
  78. Self-pubbing a textbook
  79. A publishing journey
  80. Thoughts about formatting print books
  81. Kindle Pricing Newbie...$1 Question
  82. Question re: Smashwords and B&Noble
  83. Exporting ePub files from Pages
  84. Average Cost for Self Pubbing
  85. Help with Formatting Images for Kindle
  86. Amazon's price matching policy
  87. More on ISBNs
  88. Your experiences with print-on-demand publishers?
  89. Kickstarter — can I still go the agent/traditional publisher route after this?
  90. Can I KDP just a part of my story collection?
  91. Personal POD Project?
  92. I'm Doing Something Wrong
  93. paperback vs ebook questions
  94. Hoping for Kindle reviews on amazon. Book is free for next 5 days!
  95. IRS business activity wise, am I a Writer or publisher?
  96. Question for typographers about widows
  97. Calming Your Sales Worries Stallion
  98. Short Story/ SS collection on KDP?
  99. Have you tried Kinstant Formatter?
  100. Inconsistencies in Apple's e-book criteria
  101. Self Publishing compared to commercial publishing
  102. starting print version of my news site
  103. is it ever wise to delete book?
  104. KID-LIT Book covers
  105. Is my library lying?
  106. Author Services - your opinions
  107. My Thoughts After One Whole Week of Self-Publishing
  108. A great chance for publicity for indie publications
  109. Which manual of style to use for novels?
  110. Releasing an Audio Book before publishing the Written Version
  111. 200ppi pics too small in Kindle HD
  112. Who am I?
  113. To Ingrim or not to Ingrim?
  114. Hypothetical Self Pubbing Question.
  115. Preorder?
  116. Benefits of createspace?
  117. Grainy Amazon Kindle Direct KDP preview thumbnail
  118. Will Lightning Source ship to Amazon Advantage?
  119. author central/amazon UK,De Fr
  120. Do you LLC?
  121. Deviantart--you can sell e-books there!
  122. Hugh Howey - This is how you do it
  123. Anyone have experience self-publishing children's e-books?
  124. What to look for
  125. Double Elephant Folio
  126. Is anyone willing to make an epub file for me?
  127. Should I pass on e-publisher offer and self-publish?
  128. Questions about Covers and Formatting
  129. A Gearhead's Guide to E-book Publishing
  130. Have you used Smashwords?
  131. Need Help Adding Page Numbers With Open Office
  132. Question about formatting for iPad
  133. How Do You Get Your Book Edited?
  134. From self publishing to publisher
  135. minimum word count kindle book?
  136. Selecting categories for new Kindle ebook
  137. Problem of how ePub looks in Nook for PC
  138. Independent publishing resource center
  139. The pros and cons of Kindle self-publishing?
  140. Keeping Organized!
  141. Steps to Publish on All Romance
  142. DRM everywhere but SmashWords for same eBook?
  143. Scrambling on the Boat...before it leaves
  144. About protecting ideas
  145. Amazon Free Units Price Match
  146. self publishing on kindle with a pen name
  147. Nook Press
  148. Using Kickstarter to get funds
  149. Editing and Formating Providers
  150. Google Play
  151. Will Book Stores Sell Your CreateSpace POD Books?
  152. Possible to release an eBook bundle?
  153. Two years in...
  154. Can I sell my book on a platform AND sell it on my personal website?
  155. On the fence; is it even worth it to TRY?
  156. So. Print books. Design. What should I do?
  157. How many sales?
  158. table of contents issues
  159. Experiences With Amazon Direct Publishing
  160. About ISBNs
  161. I want to make half of my book password protected
  162. Author Central
  163. Self-publishing on Amazon?
  164. Publishing idea... Looking for feedback
  165. What happens to book sale profits after we die?
  166. Weekend Sales?
  167. Selling in non-book stores
  168. lost as to how to proceed
  169. How many e-books have you published?
  170. Best Selling Self-Published books?
  171. How do you get a cover design?
  172. How much are your books?
  173. Distributing directly to amazon, B&N etc.
  174. Best format for ePublishing
  175. Here we go! Rebecca McKeown's self-publishing diary
  176. Should I dabble in self-publishing?
  177. Gone down the rabbit hole
  178. The Sci-Fi Novella
  179. Editors
  180. Self publishing: two questions from a new member
  181. Publishing Through a Service
  182. How to price an ebook for different countries?
  183. Novellas within a series? Advice wanted. :)
  184. Seeking a Particular Self-Pub Website
  185. Bowker (for ISBNs) now has a self-publishing page
  186. Amazon's Indie publishers?
  187. Two in One?
  188. SFF stories, plus squid (self-publishing diary)
  189. Start to start, a journey
  190. How can I track downloads of my free kindle book?
  191. Any interest in a NetGalley Co-Op?
  192. If you HAD to invest $$ back into the business
  193. Simultaneously E-Pub and Submit to Agents?
  194. Self Publishing for Donations
  195. another thread about self publishing
  196. Hypothetically speaking, is there a way to sell an eBook and receive 100% of the profits?
  197. Hello everyone....I need some Beta readers if anyone would be so kind!
  198. What's the 411 with Scribd & Exlibris?
  199. Comparison to music distribution
  200. Good summary of publishing options
  201. Have you used a freelance editor?
  202. Has Anyone Self-Published Individual Stories or Articles?
  203. Smashwords question.
  204. AgathaChristieFan's self-publishing journey
  205. Practical Advice for Self-Publishers--Increase Your Odds of Selling
  206. How can I make a book free on Amazon and B&N?
  207. First milestone
  208. Self published to commercial - can it be done?
  209. So, I'm Taking the Plunge
  210. A free short...where should I offer it?
  211. Anyone Signed up for Publishers Weekly PW Select?
  212. Brenda Hiatt's Show Me The Money for indies
  213. Using popular Internet image on cover without permission
  214. don't want first (and only?) book to be learning tool
  215. How did you set up your business?
  216. Hypothetically... Can you publish a kindle book completely for free?
  217. Is the iBookstore worth it?
  218. Self publishing in the UK
  219. Has anyone used Freebooksy?
  220. Kindle publishing/KDP Upload Review Time
  221. “Trade” vs. “Traditional” Publishing
  222. Best way to self-pub short stories - for free?
  223. Hugh Howey and self publishing
  224. when Amazon lowers your price
  225. Goodreads Giveaway -- How was it?
  226. Once you make changes...
  227. Andrhia's Self-Publishing Diary
  228. Why/Who are these sites selling my book?
  229. New DRM to change text of stories
  230. Kickstarter self-publishing
  231. Thoughts?
  232. Reading Your Manuscript Backwards
  233. To Select or not to Select?
  234. Recently tried a Free Kindle Promo
  235. What if You Can't Afford an Editor?
  236. Will Moore's self-publishing odyssey
  237. Unpublishing/Republishing Question
  238. Seeking information on freelance editors
  239. Inquiry regarding book upload to Kindle
  240. Spanish Language Version
  241. Guardian Series on Self-Publishing
  242. Formatting and brain surgery
  243. Has anyone bought a Book Bub ad?
  244. Well, this is just sad
  245. Amazon KDP Price Matching Discounted Ebooks From Other Retailers
  246. CreateSpace & ISBN Questions
  247. Does anyone know...
  248. I did it! My first foray into self-pubbing.
  249. US tax witholding
  250. How Typefaces Influence the Way We Think