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  1. Smashwords Ebook Data
  2. Copyright Question
  3. What am I not understanding about CreateSpace
  4. Self-publishing by the Gutter
  5. Ebooks and B&N
  6. Ebook creation for educational course syllabus
  7. Audio Book Advice
  8. Devices people are using to read e-books - stats included!
  9. ebook Help
  10. Smashwords coupon for Free book promotion?
  11. Can software Companies sue for using their software to self-publish?
  12. E-pub and Mobi Creator Web App - Closed Beta Invite
  13. Help With Smashwords Royalty Understanding
  14. Smashwords - 0 sales but 1 download?
  15. KDP: Story went from Live! to In Review to Publishing
  16. Amazon Refunds: Are they increasing?
  17. E-Pub Crazy Behavior
  18. Layout and Typesetting
  19. I'm going to self publish!
  20. Returnables or Non-Returnables - HELP!
  21. Something is working
  22. Anyone used Worzalla or Bookmasters before?
  23. Recommended Pricing
  24. After acceptance of a short story at an epub...
  25. I Need a Primer (sung to the tune of "I Need a Hero")!
  26. What not to sign up for...
  27. Amazon vs B&N Is CreateSpace Caught in the Fray?
  28. chose self-publishing as well
  29. Getting In to Google Play (and Books a Million Online)
  30. POD's with matte, embossed, and hardcover?
  31. Questions about eARCs
  32. Having my cake and eating it...
  33. Self Publishing with EBM
  34. Sticks & Stones: The Changing Politics of the Self-Publishing Stigma
  35. Is including legal info required?
  36. When should you increase the price of a book?
  37. CreateSpace distributing branching out to Europe at no extra cost
  38. Extended Distribution with CreateSpace or with LSI?
  39. KDP Select categories
  40. Are covers necessary for short stories?
  41. How many self-published books have you bought?
  42. An ISBN question regarding subtitles
  43. Goals and progress toward them
  44. A Year of E-Book Publishing
  45. DRM and Amazon
  46. Self-Publishing Book Expo, Oct, NY
  47. Print/Publish Color Photos?
  48. Visibility ≠ Sales (necessarily)
  49. Shorter novels?
  50. ISBN Question
  51. Short and Thick vs. Long and Thin
  52. What does an agent do for a self-published author?
  53. Half of self-published authors earn less than $500 a year.
  54. Smashwords: Anyone else have such a long wait?
  55. Did I just miss this Amazon feature?
  56. Most accurate free barcode generator?
  57. 10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers
  58. Kindle KDP Select versus ePub/Nook/etc.?
  59. Need opinions from self-pubs for a business plan
  61. I need a paper expert. wood free vs. cotton dealing w chinese printer
  62. Self-Publishing Statistics
  63. the first ship has sailed.
  64. getting paid from amazon in korea.
  65. Kindle Free Gift Pass
  66. Kobo Writing Life self publishing portal to launch soon
  67. What made you decide to e-publish?
  68. amazon price higher than it should be.
  69. Realistic goals for debut novels?
  70. Best place for ISBN at reasonable price?
  71. kindle ranking
  72. Self-publishing fuels growth of print books (article link)
  73. Self Pubbing to build a resume?
  74. Name's the same (Almost)
  75. Notes from the front lines
  76. Just broke top 100! I am shocked, surprised, bewildered and just downright happy
  77. Register an ebook with the copyright office?
  78. ARCs and costly postage. How to handle influx of requests?
  79. Should I create a publishing company?
  80. Advice please:which place to start-Kindle epub or other?
  81. Kristine Kathryn Rusch's latest blog post
  82. goodreads? i'm confused. :(
  83. Cover Size Changes Coming
  84. Email from Amazon.
  85. Madame Guillotine's self publishing journey thread
  86. Branding for cross-genre writers
  87. Help with KDP Select free promotion - freaking out!
  88. Three self-published authors on this week's NYT list
  89. Newbie questions about self-pubbing.
  90. Audiobooks? From ACX or elsewhere
  91. How Easy is Publishing on Amazon?
  92. Submit sequel to publisher or self-pub?
  93. Sales?
  94. Really interesting Article: How Amazon Saved my Life
  95. Another Author Dissing Self-publishing by Comparing It to Uploading Home Movies to Youtube
  96. Great Blog Post on the Myths about Traditional Publishing
  97. I have self-published my book!
  98. TAX requirements for Non-US self-pubbers using paypal, Amazon, and other third party merchants
  99. Your best route for promotion?
  100. ISBN and Reversion
  101. How long did it take before you recieved a review?
  102. Questions from a Noob
  103. Anyone publish under a pseudonym?
  104. Andrew Zack: Making E-books is harder than it looks
  105. Editor Question: Who did you use?
  106. Blogs that Review Self-Published Books
  107. Multiple accounts and Amazon
  108. Self publishing a comic
  109. Self-Pub Book Length
  110. A request after publishing...
  111. Pre or Post Xmas Release?
  112. Will Kindle Select work the Second time? Updated
  113. Amazon sales reports lagging?
  114. Ebook has been "processing" on PubIt! for a few days now
  115. Translations of Public Domain Material?
  116. Making out-of-print titles into eBooks?
  117. Scrivener and Smashwords
  118. Smashwords/Kindle and Name Change
  119. Createspace Tax ID
  120. Fascinating Viewpoint
  121. One Valid, Definable Reason NOT to Self Publish
  122. Has Anyone Else Been The Victim Of Bootlegging?
  123. New guidelines: please read before posting here.
  124. Found an interesting or informative link? Post it here!
  125. Is KDP Select Worth It?
  126. How To Not Promote Your Editing Services
  127. How would you guys handle this? (description question for KDP)
  128. Very dissapointed with ISBN
  129. Translation for Amazon non-English sites?
  130. Why did YOU self publish?
  131. Amazon Sales Ranks: Something Weird
  132. ISBN transfer
  133. smashwords "in libraries"
  134. I got my first bad review!
  135. ideal price for first time e-publisher?
  136. Adventures with ACX and Audio Books
  137. Can I POD an Advance Reading Copy of the book I'm shopping to agents?
  138. How does print-on-demand with LULU work?
  139. Apple iBooks PUBLISHER NAME problems. HELP NEEDED
  140. Where to check kindle ranking?
  141. Kindle Help
  142. Advice sought: Trade vs. Self-Publishing
  143. Are People Hiring Copy Editors for Kindle Titles? [moved from e-pub]
  144. have content - ready to self publish
  145. E-Publisher for a Previously Self-Published Title?
  146. Covers and formatting subforums have moved
  147. Covers and formatting subforums have moved
  148. Gumroad, anyone?
  149. Have Formatted Book and Cover--Now What? [Uploading to Kindle]
  150. Blogs that focus on e-publishing and book marketing
  151. Mark's List or Elance for freelance formaters?
  152. Amazon is an author mill? [moved from e-pub]
  153. Is self-publishing becoming increasingly viable?
  154. Question about self-publishing and copyright
  155. to hyperlink or not to hyperlink?
  156. pdf ebook question
  157. Createspace is $25 for wider distribution worth it?
  158. Interactive Workbook?
  159. new fish's journey into e-pub pool
  160. Self-pubbing a gritty fantasy romance
  161. Problems using a pen name when publishing?
  162. ISBN questions
  163. What's the truth about Self-Publishing sales? What makes you a 'success'?
  164. creating an e-book?
  165. Smashwords, Kindle, CreateSpace - what else?
  166. ebook pricing
  167. Primary Author - CreateSpace
  168. Kindle - rate this book and more by this author features
  169. xlibris or createspace
  170. Lost And Confused
  171. Self published MG novels?
  172. 35% vs 70% Royalty on Amazon?
  173. How do I get to be a Kindle publisher?
  174. Pricing pricing pricing- opinions?
  175. Blurb details and front matter? In manuscript or added later?
  176. Kindle Direct vs Smashwords
  177. Smashwords viewer before publishing?
  178. Pricing For E-book And Create Space
  179. Start/beginning location of Kindle book?
  180. Amazon's in India --- for 35%
  181. Pricing issue/query on Amazon.
  182. Kindle, Smashwords, and Create Space -Oh My!
  183. ISBN databases and how to maximise your exposure to the book retail industry.
  184. Where does your ebook show up?
  185. My Self-Publishing Experience
  186. regain rights, then epublish
  187. Royalties For Self-Publishing Authors After Death
  188. John Locke outed!
  189. Kindle Sample Size
  190. Library questions
  191. Smashwords .mobi chapter titles at top of page?
  192. Novice Self Publishers raising capital to market/ promote book through indigogo
  193. Looking for Advice
  194. Self-Publishing and Me: by bearilou
  195. Editing Services
  196. What is best day of week for KDP free promo?
  197. Figuring out the Timing of a New Release
  198. Which approach is better for midlist writers?
  199. Is self-publishing really a long game?
  200. co-publishing
  201. Self-published to major hit
  202. Kindle Serials by Amazon
  203. Why Sign with a Publisher?
  204. Book Paper Quality Question - OPACITY
  205. seeking 'flat fee' ebook formatter
  206. Kobo and Smashwords
  207. Smashwords and links
  208. Button Does Self Publishing
  209. What Should I Expect To Make On A Self-Pubbed Book
  210. Apple's iBookstore: options, and their pros & cons?
  211. Question about Old Illustration's copyrights.
  212. Back Cover Blurbs
  213. Thanks, all; just pub. e-book; however, I need to know how to preview!
  214. My Exhaustively Researched, Extensively Plotted And Quite Possibly Insane Self Publishing Plan
  215. Self Publishing a trilogy
  216. Co-authors and KDP? [tracking taxes and royalties]
  217. How Do You Give Review Copies?
  218. I love this idea!
  219. Hi! I need help editing e-book description.
  220. Library says I need reviews - advice?
  221. "Fatal error" on Smashwords
  222. A legal problem
  223. Timeframe for Smashwords to B&N?
  224. How many of you are doing this full time?
  225. Question about formatting for Kindle
  226. Just self-published
  227. e-book to create space --- a bad idea??
  228. So relieved
  229. Giving It All Away
  230. Kindle Payment Schedule?
  231. Free Kindle self-published books
  232. can i self publish my paperback with two different companies altogether?
  233. Should I Warn Potential Readers About My Book
  234. Am I Crazy? Book Cover Contest on Deviant Art?
  235. Createspace Kindle Confusion
  236. Createspace or Lulu or Goodaread? Which to choose?
  237. Sales Tax?
  238. How much does a freelance editor charge?
  239. Wait times for Amazon, Smashwords, etc. to receive W-8BEN
  240. Does anything but Kindle really matter anymore?
  241. Create Space Pricing?
  242. Amazon ranking weirdness...
  243. Amazon Refund Settlement
  244. Question about uploading new editions to Smashwords
  245. PowerPoint for e-books?
  246. Kindle - Offensive Content
  247. Publishing Strategy
  248. Using a pen name on Amaon, B&N, and Smashwords
  249. Blurb critique please!
  250. Kindle Singles criteria question...