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  1. Your ebook on kindle
  2. What happened when I dropped the price
  3. beta testing new ebook store and self-publishing app
  4. How to make an actual book
  5. Sales Figures for E-Publishers
  6. Recommendation of a good editor?
  7. Planning To E-Pub
  8. Not Liking The Low Pricing
  9. Ebook and/or print - release of first self-published novel
  10. Waiting for approval on Smashwords
  11. Ebook publishing editorial positions
  12. Is A Blog Necessary For A Self-Publishing Endeavor?
  13. A bit of a dilemma. What would you do?
  14. Consignment without headaches?
  15. Ya/MG Self Publishing Path
  16. Kindle Sales Rank
  17. Getting Amazon offerings to be free
  18. Why not 1.99??
  19. Nicola Morgan Self-Publishes Backlist.
  20. How the hell do I track Nook sales?
  21. Free As Hell: my self-publishing story
  22. This is interesting.
  23. Just Finished NaNoWriMo, now how to I upload to kindle?
  24. Has anyone self-published to All Romance Ebooks/Omnilit?
  25. First month sales stats
  26. Page hits on Smashwords and Amazon
  27. Self Publishing
  28. Paid email subscription for serialized or random (ish) content
  29. 33,539 E-books Sold In One Month
  30. Covers for backlist e-books?
  31. A quick question
  32. How to get an audiobook version of your book
  33. A Self-Publishing Quandry
  34. Short Course in Shorts
  35. Lulu.com sales at Amazon
  36. KDP Select & Kindle Owners Lending Library
  37. Hybrid Publishing aka self-pubbing with agent support
  38. Small collection of MG stories: self-pub?
  39. Self-Pub Success [moved from e-publishing]
  40. E-publishing with Graphics
  41. Self-publishing in the UK
  42. Author Interview on Journey from Self-Pub to Traditional and doing both
  43. Self-published authors find e-success
  44. Number of pages
  45. Short stories: one at a time or as a collection?
  46. Out of Print Titles
  47. Does Scribd help your sales?
  48. Royalty
  49. Smashwords
  50. Short story - how short is too short?
  51. Publishing Short Stories
  52. S.O.S: after severing ties w/ my agent, I am committed to this, and committed to doing it correctly
  53. EPublishers (moved from Novels)
  54. Keeping Posting Where I'm Posting vs. Self-Publishing on SmashWords
  55. Self-publishing short stories, flash fiction?
  56. Does age really matter?
  57. Smashwords and Premium Distribution
  58. Covers (both POD and Ebook)
  59. Do I need to have my own publishing company?
  60. ISBN for e-book
  61. Editors, Where art thou?
  62. New to e-publishing.
  63. Maximum word count for ya?
  64. postage for overseas????
  65. Nook Vs. Kindle
  66. My experiences this year and hopes for the next
  67. 2011 in Self-Publishing
  68. Multiple names?
  69. Marketing Via Custom Blogs?
  70. How to get started...
  71. How the heck do I read Smashwords Dashboard?
  72. ebooks for free
  73. Confused! Need help
  74. Need a Print service not a Publisher
  75. What is this called...
  76. How do I make an eBook free on Amazon?
  77. Short stories on Amazon Kindle (and other venues)
  78. Series for Non-Fiction
  79. Romance / Erotica Shorts Pricing and Length
  80. Page numbers on a kindle
  81. Why isn't there an Association for Indie Pubbers?
  82. LULU E-PUB?
  83. Amazon's "Short Story Plan"?
  84. Do you register your Copyright?
  85. Amazon KDP Select and the Lending Library
  86. Using Smashwords for access to Sony ReaderStore & iBookstore
  87. Pub through my website or via Amazon?
  88. My Dad Self-Published . . .
  89. Createspace or Lulu?
  90. A DJ for Self Published Books
  91. How Important is a Cover for an ebook
  92. Amanda Hocking hocum
  93. Net Galley
  94. CreateSpace Dropping Pro Plan
  95. Q: Publishing Rights
  96. Where to put the editors name?
  97. Stores that accept self-published ebooks?
  98. cheapest and highest quality online printing site for 30 or so books?
  99. Can anyone tell me how to publish to amazon kindle without using kindle direct?
  100. ?s about Kindle category & keyword choices and potential cutomer finding you eBook
  101. Goodreads is no longer accepting book data from Amazon. Anyone know why?
  102. Long-term ramifications of e-publishing
  103. Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
  104. This I can not believe
  105. How much do I pay for editing? How much would you pay?
  106. ibook licence issues?
  107. Does self-pubbing short stories hurt traditionally published novels?
  108. US Copyright Help!
  109. Kindle short pieces
  110. Publishing YA novel as paper zine...
  111. Newbie to epublishing
  112. Is Amazon & Create Space my best choice to sell the translations in German, French and Spanish??
  113. Amazon still delays shipping of Lightning Source printed books??
  114. Can I Upload Book To Kindle With Dial-Up?
  115. Kindle Format 8 is Amazonís next generation file format,
  116. my e-book/pod experiment
  117. My Opinion: To Go Kindle Select or Not
  118. Yet another self-publishing thread...
  119. What size paper
  120. YA self-publishers - Come on in :)
  121. Amazon changed eBook Price?
  122. Smashwords support
  123. Kindle *and* Smashwords or Kindle *or* Smashwords
  124. Building with Amazon KDP versus B&N
  125. best ebook sites?
  126. Any SP authors ever suffer from this experience
  127. Using Smashword & Kindle Edition Elsewhere
  128. Possible for a self-publisher to get a book on Amazon and B&N before its release date?
  129. Kindle Sales Rank
  130. Do I Need a Publishing Moniker?
  131. Pubit?
  132. Minimum word count in a short story to make it a "good deal"?
  133. All-in-One e-Formater?
  134. Any Luck With Blog Adaptations to eBook?
  135. Self-Publishing AND Traditional Publishing?
  136. Smashwords: could I use a publisher "name"?
  137. arcs?
  138. Offering your ebook for free - for good?
  139. Transferring a book from publishers to self-published...?
  140. Barnes & Nobel - International Options?
  141. Has anyone had success writing an E-book?
  142. Self-published author claims Kindle top spot
  143. Has anyone tried KICKSTARTER?
  144. Self Publishing your backlist
  145. Releasing my first book in July, what should I be doing NOW to promote?
  146. Are readers buying your books?
  147. Taleist Self-Publishing Survey
  148. Self publish e-format, Trade publish Retail?
  149. Does E-Publishing hurt your reputation with traditional publishers?
  150. Reviewers who are open to self pubs and ebooks
  151. an attempt to get some site navigation experience and help
  152. Epubbing short stories?
  153. IRS Tax problems
  154. Back Cover Copy and/or Blurbs
  155. Selling ebooks from your website or blog?
  156. (Outrage) Amazon adjusts price and royalty...
  157. Need to Become an Amazon.com Seller
  158. Color interior/POD help
  159. Tips on Blurb Writing
  160. buying your own book (again) to QC links
  161. Interesting article on Amazon pricing
  162. Can you use bold, italic, bulleted list in Product description
  163. Selling your book on your own website question.
  164. CreateSpace message: Move along, nothing to see here.
  165. Only kindle.
  166. ePub; DRM or not; & device compatibility - also ePub outlets & DRM
  167. Poll: How Are You Distributing Your E-Books?
  168. Lightning Source UK: beware?
  169. Bilbary - new international e-bookstore
  170. Smashwords and Erotica
  171. Getting copy of one's own e-book; using photos?
  172. Any Experience Selling Movie Rights?
  173. The Great Question: Blog or Author Site?
  174. Time Frame Challenges
  175. Darcie Chan phenomenon - 1 novel - half mln sales
  176. Amazon Refunds
  177. Really Odd Pricing Results
  178. brick bookstores
  179. Placing a book on All Romance....
  180. Self-Publishing "1000 Words" - A Collection of Short Stories
  181. Publishing through Amazon/Kindle
  182. Multiple (well, two) ebooks--which to promote first?
  183. Self Publishing confusion
  184. Critique My Strategy
  185. Kindle Direct Rankings
  186. New to the game
  187. Question on pricing and distribution channels
  188. quick question about LS
  189. Goodreads also sells e-books
  190. Smashwords E-Book Week Promo
  191. I need advice about what I have learned already as well as going forward.
  192. E-publishing Vs trad publishing
  193. If I set up my own imprint...
  194. A discussion about current trends in publishing
  195. Publishing Short Stories?
  196. Editor & Formatter Recommendations
  197. Adjusting sample length for kindle?
  198. Is it just me or do a lot of those free and .99 books kinda suck
  199. Foreign Earned Income
  200. Proposal for a Self-Publisher's Gatekeeping Society
  201. Pen Names - Pros - Cons - Problems getting Paid ?
  202. is self publishing/independent publishing "better"?
  203. Tips for writing effective blurb for e-book
  204. E-book Front Matter?
  205. Kindle select out of the chute?
  206. My Adventures in E-Publishing begin!
  207. Authors who have sold more than 50,000 self-published ebooks to date
  208. How to Begin?
  209. Problem with Kindle Update?
  210. Theresa Ragan inspirational story (from 0/given up to 239,592 books sold in less than 1 yr)
  211. Am I overthinking things?
  212. Amazon's Database Hosed
  213. iTunes Connect
  214. How many $2.99 books you need to sell per month to earn $10,000 in 5 years
  215. Goodreads and Kindle Select
  216. Questions for CREATE SPACE users after using LS
  217. KDP published but not published
  218. Self Publishing Picture Books
  219. E-Publishing
  220. I've had it with self-publishing! I QUIT!
  221. BISAC categories for YA?
  222. Interesting new way to figure price at Amazon
  223. Anyone else having problems with KDP bookshelf report?
  224. Pricing an ebook
  225. Are we able to track hits?
  226. Anyone familiar with the free promotions in KDP..
  227. Finding a Proofreader
  228. What are other people's experiences with free?
  229. The keys to epublishing success 2012
  230. CreateSpace, KDP, and Smashwords questions
  231. Question about author loyalty, series loyalty and genre choice
  232. Contacting Independent Bookstores
  233. Various Questions About Self Publishing [split from Famous Self-Published Author?]
  234. Kindle Select Question
  235. SPing a series all at once
  236. E-Publishing/ Marketing/ Advertising vs Conventional Publishing/ Marketing
  237. Self-pub writers' co-op: experiences?
  238. Be Kind to Indies!
  239. The Kindle Lending Library
  240. Question about eBook vs paperback self-publishing
  241. Thirst eDition Fiction diary
  242. ISBN question
  243. Selling Christian ebooks (moved from the Christian board)
  244. I took my first baby steps
  245. Photograph-heavy ebooks
  246. POD physical durability?
  247. A question about KDP price strategy
  248. Amazon's new review highlights - can they be altered?
  249. Commissioning art for a book cover - legal aspects
  250. Smashwords Ebook Data