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  1. What does Noah Lukeman know that we may want to pay attention to...
  2. Indie/Self: The Rules are Different Here? (Sales Velocity)
  3. Debbie Mack, Indie Mystery Author, makes NY Times Best-Seller List
  4. Amanda Hocking Signs with Traditional Publisher/gets movie deal
  5. So here's my plan (Agent vs. ePub and the synthesis)...
  6. Bestselling romance author goes "rogue"
  7. feeling overwhelmed, help!
  8. Could self-publishing FIRST be the wave of the future??
  9. How to go about licensing a font?
  10. DRM
  11. Self-publishing tangent
  12. Monetization week
  13. Traditional Versus Self-publishing Online Conversation with Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking
  14. For those that have used CreateSpace/Kindle ebooks
  15. e-book route
  16. How long does the self-pub process take?
  17. CreateSpace or Lulu??
  18. Comparison of mid-list self published and midlist traditional published
  19. Letters in book?
  20. POD evolving
  21. Why you won't be a Kindle millionaire
  22. Amanda Hocking question?
  23. What I Love About Self-Publishing
  24. Definition question
  25. "content farms" and the Kindle Swindle
  26. Benefit of self-publishing
  27. Which genres work in self publishing and which don't?
  28. Choice, change, and the ereveoluton
  29. E-book publisher Smashwords.com
  30. Old Guidelines, retired 8 July 2012
  31. Kindle Sales Figures via Author Central
  32. E-books - The European Market
  33. If you aren't sure whether to self-publish, ask yourself what you want.
  34. Epub/selfpub tips?
  35. New European e-tailer - Xinxii.com - has anyone used it?
  36. Are we missing anything?
  37. Self-Publishers - Let's Share Ideas
  38. Self-Publishers - Step Three - Edit Your Story
  39. Famous Self-Published Author, or Famous Author Who Self-Published?
  40. The Truth of the "Amanda Hocking Method"
  41. Public Domain works?
  42. Pros and cons of publishing on Kindle?
  43. A Different Best-Selling Perspective
  44. Interesting article on Self-pubbed sales
  45. Chapter by Chapter
  46. Self/EPubbing a First Novel
  47. Why did you choose to self-publish?
  48. Has anyone un-published their novel?
  49. Success story on pricing model change
  50. Timing...
  51. Series...
  52. U.K. Self Publishers
  53. POD quality - different levels?
  54. ISBNs and E-Books (Shared ISBNs amid e-formats??)
  55. Speaker recs?
  56. Why The Rise In Self-Publishing is Good For All Writers
  57. What to do now?
  58. Legalish question
  59. Order Fulfillment
  60. Name One Thing...
  61. can you have hyper-links in an ebook?
  62. Six Books
  63. Literary Agent Speaks On Amazon Kindle
  64. Catherine Cookson's agent self-pubs her ebooks
  65. Under 18 self-publishing on Kindle?
  66. how do we publish ibooks?
  67. An Ignorant (Not Stupid) Self-Publishing Question
  68. The Power of Pricing and eBook Free on Amazon Posted by Julie Ortolon
  69. The Case for Self-Publishing
  70. How to get a self-published book into Canadian Indigo/Chapters?
  71. ISBN number question
  72. Self-Publishing Non-fiction
  73. Step-by-step Copyright Registration Process
  74. Creating a press for a self-pubbed novel?
  75. POD Children's Picture Book
  76. Can I add an ISBN to a Kindle DTP ebook after its been published?
  77. If the sale of a book is continually successful, is Kindle or any other e-book reader worth it?
  78. Experience Selling Your Book on eBay?
  79. Oldie to AW - Newbie to self pubbing - HELP PLEASE
  81. My Self-Publishing Experiment - Initial Results.
  82. Getting on Amazon without using CreateSpace
  83. Probably an annoying question
  84. 190 E-books Sold In 10 Days
  85. Pricing an E-book
  86. Ars Technica reviews ePub-focused update of Indesign
  87. Can I try and traditionally publish after making a kindle/e-pubbing?
  88. CreateSpace and AuthorShare
  89. Self-Publishing In The UK
  90. Hiding identity?
  91. New author epublishing results after 8 months
  92. Total sales vs. per-book sales
  93. How to Approach Book Stores?
  94. Amazon KDP - No young adult or teen category? Merely "juvenile fiction"?
  95. Kindle "Singles"
  96. Help with Author's Page, Please.
  97. Should I try to traditionally publish after self-publishing?
  98. I have a question.
  99. Do I have to set up a company?
  100. Self-Publishing Mistakes
  101. Spamming Kindle
  102. Hello Everybody!
  103. Tracking a growing readership
  104. Free Kindle Books On E-Publishing To U.S. Customers
  105. how to publish 10 to 20 new Kindle books a day without writing a word.
  106. How to E-Books
  107. Need fulfillment services!
  108. selling ebooks
  109. Alternative to Smashwords?
  110. 1 million Kindle books sold at 99c by self-published guy John Locke
  111. better to get testimonials before ePublishing or after?
  112. Why Ray Nagin self-published his memoir - on the Daily Show
  113. JK Rowling to Self-Publish Harry Potter e-books?
  114. Should I self publish my short stories or seek an agent first
  115. Self-Publishing a Coloring Book
  116. confused about smashwords and Kindle
  117. e-publishing to largest potential buyers?
  118. The New Mid-listers
  119. The New Gatekeepers
  120. Best month to publish an e-book?
  121. For Those Who Used CreateSpace
  122. Conflict? Ebooks sales by lit agencies or trade houses.
  123. Do you think $0.99 Kindle books are disrespectful?
  124. Niche business trade book :: reasons why to Self-publish include....
  125. Self Publishing Newbie Questions
  126. Is it possible to get self-published book in bookstores/retailers?
  127. Promotion is exhausting.
  128. Controlling Amazon Price
  129. UK Printers?
  130. Why is there no smashwords love?
  131. list of outlets and their format?
  132. Where can I find a list of places to 'put' my eBook?
  133. Ways to encourage reviewing?
  134. Suggestions for POD Children's Book Vendor and How-To's
  135. Wholesale Pricing
  136. E-Book Royalty Calculmatic
  137. problem with Smashwords - what to do?
  138. eBook Publishing- Your experience
  139. Locke and Hocking in Entertainment Weekly
  140. Two Amusing Articles About Self-Publishing, or Rather, Self-Publishers
  141. Pdf self-pub of short story collection?
  142. BookEnds to do Self-Epublishing, too?
  143. Re-uploading ebooks
  144. Profit models?
  145. Self Publishing slush: A case study
  146. Fail...
  147. My first novel as an e-book
  148. Managing Pre-Sales
  149. Who would you recommend for POD / ebook publishers?
  150. Self-pub first timer question
  151. Printer Suggestions
  152. First ten days of publishing for the Amazon Kindle and forty two sales
  153. Self-Publishing as Platform?
  154. Pseudonyms and Submissions
  155. Twelve Days, Eleven Sales
  156. Looking for opinions on smashwords for a project
  157. Advance Copies for Book Reviews
  158. POD printing company for photobook?
  159. What to do, what to do...
  160. Interview with Moses Siregar about Editing in Self-Publishing
  161. Major new survey shows conventional publishing is doing just fine
  162. Just read about this success story...
  163. ISBN help for my marshmallow memory
  164. What I'm Learning as I self-publish Loving Emily
  165. CreateSpace question: wholesale distribution channel for booksellers?
  166. Fast Pencil Anyone?
  167. Linking to iBookstore
  168. On Avoiding Getting Scammed (by Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
  169. Re-categorizing Novella
  170. E-Book Author Signs Print Deal With Simon & Schuster
  171. Amazon Bookshelf has changed
  172. Non-Fiction Self-Publishing Statistics
  173. Article on why self-publishing isn't "publishing"
  174. How many copies sold make a bestseller?
  175. Katrina's Secrets
  176. Moving Stories?
  177. Considering The E-Publishing Route
  178. Price on Back Cover?
  179. Publishing to Kobo
  180. Please oh PLEASE hire an outside editor!
  181. Publishing not dead + interesting tips for self-pubbers
  182. Report your self-publishing sales results here
  183. Have question about copyrights!
  184. CreateSpace's New Proofing Trial
  185. Mid-list e-publishing
  186. Is Smashwords worth the trouble?
  187. "International Thriller Writers" and POD Authors
  188. Clarifying: Indie Publishers = Vanity/Self-Publish?
  189. The Impression 99-Cent Pricing Might Give
  190. Question re. putting a free ebook on Amazon and Smashwords
  191. The future of publishing
  192. YA / Horror Ebook
  193. Reliable self-reporting
  194. Self-Pub Photobook on Blurb & Copyright Issues
  195. Advice needed - Self-Pub Charity PB
  196. Index of self-publishing diaries: please read before starting your own
  197. Yet another self-publishing diary.
  198. What are the Reasons Why You *Can* Self-Publish?
  199. Kindle publishing and short stories
  200. Kindle Direct question
  201. To wait for a publisher or self-publish?
  202. Sole Proprietor
  203. Understanding ISBN
  204. 6 hours from Concept to Published
  205. Any experience with Dragonpencil
  206. Can you sell a story to a mag if it's been KDP-ed?
  207. good self-publishing
  208. Kindle and iBook
  209. Fumbling onward...
  210. Lulu -v- Smashwords for E-Publishing
  211. The Value of eSerials for Self Promotion? - An Experiment
  212. Discount for Bookstores
  213. E-book only distribution
  214. Non-US Tax witholdings?
  215. E-publishing income?
  216. The benefits of a self-pubbed free read?
  217. Amazon Writing Publishers Out of Deal
  218. Armpit of Evil: Self Pub Diary!
  219. eARC or secure PDFs creation?
  220. eBooks
  221. Try Amazon first?
  222. Dog Ear Publishing vs. Friesen Press
  223. ISBN?
  224. Tossing my recent self-pubbing and e-pubbing experience out there
  225. Thoughts of a first time would-be fiction writer on publishing
  226. Self-publishing: Kate's diary
  227. What exactly is a POD Press?
  228. Buying ebooks as presents
  229. Publisher's name
  230. I'm Considering Self-Publishing - Where In the World Do I Start?
  231. OK, ready to take the e-plunge. Who will walk me through this?
  232. Kindle upload questions: author name & preorder option
  233. Format
  234. publishing question
  235. short form epublishing
  236. Whoa--Amazon screws over a self-published author?
  237. Guy on reddit claims to make $1k a day on amazon and never did any advertisement
  238. Lots of sample downloads but....
  239. The more I read, the more I feel lost. [moved from e-publishing]
  240. anyone like publish america. Or know one like them
  241. Poetry and Self-Pubbing through Kindle
  242. way to avoid bank charges? [updated, things have changed since 2011]
  243. My Journey to self publishing success...
  244. The millionth self-pubbing diary
  245. Ryan Winfield????
  246. Start With Free Short Stories?
  247. kindle boards - BN pubit ... boards?
  248. Advanced Reviews
  249. Kindle Publishing-offering something for free
  250. Self Publishing While Looking for an Agent