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  1. E-Book Covers: opinions please!
  2. Amazon settles with Booklocker
  3. POD Customized printing?
  4. KL Brady author of The Bum Magnet spoke on POD
  5. Publishing vs Press
  6. Setting up for your rejection
  7. E-publishing just got more interesting...
  8. Possibly good news
  9. UK equivalent to Lulu.com?
  10. What is the best software for formatting?
  11. Word 2007 PDF ... OK for submissions?
  12. BAIPA Annual Get Published! Institute Coming March 13!
  13. Bestseller Self Pubs
  14. 2nd Edition?
  15. Amazon and Rights...
  16. A cheap E-Publishing script?
  17. book binders
  18. The shape of things to come...
  19. Question about CreateSpace/ISBNs
  20. Terrible service with Lulu
  21. Create A Space Cover Questions
  22. Best POD for a European niche photo book?
  23. Here are some self-publish success stories
  24. Kindle survey results
  25. Can we discuss pros and cons?
  26. Pricing question
  27. J.A. Konrath Kindle sales 30K ebooks in 11 months
  28. Self vs Publisher publishing
  29. Web Zine Advice Sought
  30. Kindle for PC Beta
  31. Self-publishing format for ms?
  32. Know of a good SF e-book site?
  33. Self-Publishing and the iPad?
  34. Top 25 ebook publishers (or so)
  35. Anyone Know Of Printing Companies That ONLY Charge For PRINTING?
  36. Bypassing E-Publishers And Uploading Your E-Book Yourself
  37. NPR, iPAD and LULU
  38. UK soon to be published with a US ePub - tax help?
  39. Self-publishing a collection of previously published short stories
  40. Cover art
  41. Is there a list of cover art folks for hire?
  42. Kristin Nelson has "no problem" with free material
  43. 13 yr old writes children's book & self publishes
  44. Your self-publishing press name???
  45. ISBN's, Bar Codes...
  46. Indie Bookman
  47. Lightning source help?
  48. Traditional Publishers Use POD?
  49. Brenda Hiatt: Show Me The Money
  50. Shaken by J.A. Konrath published by Amazon Encore?
  51. Do you sell your ebook on Amazon?
  52. Line spacing preference for self-pub?
  53. Self-Published Book Awards?
  54. K.L. Brady went from self-pub to a 2 book Deal with Simon & Schusterís
  55. I want to self PUBLISH..I MADE UP MY MIND!
  56. How much fun is self-publishing?
  57. Why don't established best-selling authors self-publish?
  58. Marketing/PR Firm
  59. e-publishing short stories.
  60. DRM
  61. Success Stories with Self Publishing
  62. Lightning Source question...
  63. B&N using Fictionwise as weapon?
  64. Are any SPs free to the writer?
  65. Readers...What site do you BUY BOOKS FROM? Lulu? Createspace?
  66. Order of poems in new book
  67. What about a free site (like webs.com) and putting your book up for sale via paypal?
  68. Self Publishing option
  69. Help With Paper Choices Please
  70. Are there any free self-publishers?
  71. Amazon's Agency Model
  72. Pros and Cons - Starting your own publishing biz
  73. Looking for a Self-Publisher
  74. Self Publishing for Poetry?
  75. Need info about a few Self-publishing companies
  76. Looking for a self-pubbed author to interview on blog
  77. Looking for an epubbed author to interview on blog
  78. Calling all authors who have considered self-publishing
  79. POD with Color Inside?
  80. Amazon problem - can you help?
  81. Self-pub in the Washington Post
  82. Self-publishing an ebook, paperback and harback
  83. barcodes
  84. PODs and Bookstores and Libraries: What's the Scoop?
  85. Lightning Source Proof Costs
  86. Marketing and self-publishing questions
  87. Lulu or Smashwords?
  88. Kindle Authors Wanted
  89. Everything you need to know...
  90. Selling Children's Short Stories on Kindle by Amazon
  91. How much to pay for writing a foreword?
  92. Poetry Book - Where to Go for 25 Copies
  93. Why Self-Publish?
  94. What do you guys think of POD or E-publishing?
  95. CIP catalogue (British Library)
  96. I"d like to self-publish... I think. Some questions from a noob
  97. Still a Newbie after all these years: Opinions on Kindle?
  98. Createspace or Lulu for Aussies
  99. Author or Series Site?
  100. I did it, I self published on Amazon.com
  101. What is the value of owning the ISBN No?
  102. UK equivalent to Smashwords
  103. Self Pubbing as Course in Publishing
  104. Self-publishing audio books?
  105. Alternative methods of monetization?
  106. Our $5 ebook cover
  107. Been here awhile but still confused about one thing...
  108. Burying my book
  109. POD books looking different than competition
  110. Self Publish Using Your Own Name or a Business Name?
  111. Re-publishing Question
  112. You are the expert.
  113. Different title...
  114. E-Publishing...can you publish your book if you've released it before as an e-book?
  115. Createspace- Is it worth persuing/Cover Question
  116. Best selling author goes direct
  117. Publisher's Weekly offers PW Select for self-pubbers
  118. Deciding whether to Self Publish?
  119. What format for a 28 page history quarterly?
  120. How to get print version on B&N website
  121. Have you ever read a really good self-published novel?
  122. Vanity Presses, Self-publishing?
  123. How are Amazon / b&N sales ranks calculated?
  124. ebook question
  125. Interesting Kindle article
  126. Self Publishing for a Teen Writer
  127. Interesting experiment with online serial
  128. Doing the Kindle / iBookstore Thing Yourself... or Smashwords etc
  129. Finding a freelance editor...
  130. Suggestions for magazine publishing
  131. Bonus of Kobo
  132. A Question Regarding Lulu
  133. Print Recommendations/Stories
  134. Regional contracts?
  135. I've written an article about self-publishing at my blog Spalding's Racket
  136. best uk bank for us cheques
  137. BookSurge is Becoming CreateSpace
  138. US vs UK for print versions of novels
  139. How Authors Really Make Money
  140. Free downloads with Lulu
  141. Barnes & Nobles PubIt! open for business
  142. Questions about PubIt!
  143. List of Reviewers that review Indie Books
  144. Self-publishing for under a buck
  145. B&N purchases registering with Createspace
  146. Were you pleased with Lightning Source?
  147. create space or lightning source?
  148. One Authorís Guide to CreateSpace: A Writerís Journey
  149. Book Publishing like Software Publishing
  150. Has anyone actually started a small press? I have questions...
  151. Indie POD publishing, distribution and discounts
  152. Alter an Amazon preview of your book
  153. B&N accepted our children's book into it's distribution..I need a wholesaler?
  154. Thankful for my patrons
  155. New/old publisher
  156. INDIE BOOKMAN on Making an Audiobook!
  157. Short stories on Kindle store.
  158. Contracts?
  159. Self-Publishing For the Win!
  160. Getting my ebook reviewed
  161. Sinister, or Just Paranoia?
  162. Heads up to folks with books due out soon! (important)
  163. Copyedit for charity
  164. Offering 2 Book Cover Designs Probono
  165. finding a quality publisher
  166. Offset Printers - Recommendations
  167. Starting an epub -- experiences, advice?
  168. Lulu v Small Pub v DIY
  169. Question about self publishing just as a gift for someone with cancer?
  170. Interior full color/bleed: Lightning Source, or other?
  171. People who've used CreateSpace - quality of printed books?
  172. Check out the Indie Bookman Online Radio Show, Blog and Bookstore
  173. Halo Publishing?
  174. Printing, binding, do-it-yourself 100?
  175. Problems with text on Kindle - anyone noticed?
  176. good e publishing sites?
  177. More Well Established Authors are Self-Pubbing
  178. Pricing an ebook
  179. Self-publishing and agents
  180. Confusing & Conflicting Ebook Platforms
  181. 2011 Predictions from Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords
  182. Podiobooks...I think I've been missing the party
  183. The Dark Side of Kindle Publishing
  184. My Sales Numbers for 2010
  185. Self-publishing Stigma
  186. Free content rights anyone?
  187. Books for sale on iTunes?
  188. E-pub short stories
  189. Cover Artist
  190. Smashwords.com publishing: your thoughts?
  191. Success Stories with Publishing on Amazon
  192. Graphic Artist Wants to Know...
  193. How much to charge?
  194. To Hell with it; going Kindle
  195. Anyone know what's happened with Lulu?
  196. Comment on e-book covers.
  197. Would you publish a 100 page book?
  198. Question about your author "brand" and/or incorporation
  199. Self-Publishing self-help book?
  200. Ebook Setup Costs?
  201. How to publish a secret diary?
  202. Speeding up the publishing process
  203. Editors for eBooks
  204. USA Today article on successful self/e-publishers
  205. PW article on Self-Published books success
  206. Kristine Kathryn Rusch on the state of publishing
  207. Low Cost ISBN?
  208. Finding a copy editor
  209. Well, I dove in...
  210. Another Konrath blog on Kindle pricing
  211. E-pub short story strategy?
  212. Need POD recommendation for beta copies
  213. Non-US Kindle publishing and paying taxes...
  214. Need a POD Printer!
  215. self publisher/vanity publisher that offers a lot of technical support
  216. The Picky Author's POD/Offset Directory?
  217. Trade Reviews?
  218. Problems uploading to Kindle. Question:
  219. E-books on Amazon: could do with help
  220. How much does self pub cost?
  221. Smashwords
  222. Offset + Order Fulfillment?
  223. Article: The rise of the 99-cent Kindle e-book
  224. iStock and Shutterstock images
  225. Need a sample contract.
  226. POD Printer
  227. Using a Pen Name?
  228. Successful Self-Publisher has a few things to say
  229. Blog where modest self-pubber shares sales numbers
  230. Possibly considering self-pub
  231. Lulu Analytics?
  232. Self-published books
  233. Quick book recommendation for indie authors
  234. Self publishing gaining serious ground
  235. Dean Wesley Smith's new series on starting a publishing company
  236. Price Point
  237. What is the lifespan of an Ebook?
  238. Distribution?
  239. Book Titles
  240. Convenience vs. Quality
  241. BookBaby ebook conversion service
  242. What ISBN blocks reveal to booksellers...
  243. Where all can I distribute a free short story? (Romance)
  244. Good questions to ask an offset printer?
  245. Author rejects half-mil advance to self-pub
  246. Setting your e-book price: Traditional vs. Self-Published prices
  247. What are your thoughts on Pre-selling your yet to be released titles?
  248. How much for a cover price for a custom run?
  249. ARC's, eARC's, and getting reviews
  250. Question about Createspace product description