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  1. Pricing of self published nonfiction. Thoughts? Business models?
  2. Tax benefits of self-publishing
  3. I am discouraged--thought I could do it on my own
  4. Need Advice on Self e-Publishing
  5. Quoting someone's words from their website
  6. April 26, 2008 conference
  7. Borders Unveils First Concept Store
  8. Can I self publish a childrens book to market it to a publisher?
  9. Question re distribution for self-publisher
  10. Questions about ISBN numbers
  11. how can I price my color book competitively with self publishing?
  12. Best way to set up my self-publishing co, Partnership,LLC or Corp?
  13. Seeking opinions of authors who've used subsidy (POD) publishers
  14. SelfPublishingnews blog
  15. Advice needed: Launching a small press
  16. Self-publishing v. traditional house for nonfiction book
  18. A case for (professional) self-published book covers
  19. Short Discount vs Trade Discount?? Also questions on a Distributor
  20. US dollars vs Canadian--but I can't take Canadian dollars, so why give it??
  21. Do book stores ever accept less than the 55% discount??
  22. POD publishing and literary awards
  23. Why is my out of print book still for sale?
  24. No upfront cost list
  25. HarperCollins model may be of interest to independent/self-publishers
  26. Self Publishing
  27. Gorham Printing and Total Printing Systems
  28. School Project: Making a book
  29. My current SP project
  30. Do you want a good laugh?
  31. Wanted: Publicity Ideas!
  32. Free or not so free
  33. Ideas on advance book distribution?
  34. Putting Together an Ebook
  35. Self Publishing Market Trends - NY Times Article
  36. Lulu & CreateSpace Combo?
  37. Distributer for POD books?
  39. Anyone knows a publisher that does on-demand printing of personalized books?
  40. Pre-Order Process on Amazon - Questions!
  41. Any good review sites?
  42. Printing Question
  43. Amazon driving me nuts!
  44. Self Publishing Vs Being Published
  45. Be Wary of Freelance Graphic Designers
  46. P.O.D. & reprints
  47. Getting an agent & having a POD book at the same time
  48. looking to self-publish, NOT POD
  49. Bookmasters vs. Lightning Source
  50. YouPublish
  51. Is Self-Publishing the way to go?
  52. To Be a Publisher...
  53. Costing a self published book
  54. legit self publishing
  55. Any feedback about yourpubsite.com?
  56. Self Publishing works
  57. Writing one book- selling two
  58. Looking for someone to talk about POD/self-pub on my blog
  59. Why not Amazon? (moved from Novels)
  60. Choosing an overall book size & laying out pages accordingly - how?
  61. A cautionary tale for self-publishers living in less democratic parts of the world...
  62. Small publishers v. large commercial publishers
  63. Problems with self-publishing!
  64. Worth it??????????
  65. Changing an Amazon category and search terms.
  66. reality-check request for POD book project business model
  67. Small presses/independent self publishers getting reviews
  68. Standard Address Number (SAN) neccessary?
  69. Delisted from Borders.
  70. Offering Free EBooks
  71. Recommendations?
  72. Life After self-publishing
  73. Using POD temporarily...
  74. Ingrams shutting down Automatic Stock Status phone line
  75. PODs
  76. Self-Publishing Blues
  77. Republishing a book
  78. Media Comments on Self-Publishing.
  79. Some advice for a new author
  80. Authorhouse, iUniverse and Xlibris all merged now
  81. It's tough not to push the button.........
  82. Can/Do publishers publish a book AFTER its been self-published?
  83. "Self-Publishing Review"
  84. printers.. question on one researching and want list of others
  85. CD Included
  86. New York Times article re: self publishing
  87. Opinion on this Circumstance
  88. Copyright?
  89. POD prices/costs
  90. The 2009 Next Gen Indie Book Awards
  91. Your Thoughts Please!
  92. Art Release Form?
  93. Lulu vs. CreateSpace
  94. 2009 List of Self-Publishing Companies
  95. Reputable self-pubs and POD?
  96. Article in Time Magazine
  97. ISBN from abroad
  98. Printing in India..?
  99. Using a POD service to make gift books?
  100. POD questions
  101. Need some advice on off set printing
  102. Lousie Hay Publishing Giant
  103. Self-Publishing Concern(s)
  104. Website promo for book
  105. Weekly Blog Feature for Self-Published Fantasy and SciFi
  106. Looking for POD help
  107. Sels Publishing and Distrubutors!
  108. What happens after Self-publishing?
  109. Self-Publishing Pros and Cons
  110. Author Solutions Purchase Trafford Publishing
  111. Question on self publishing
  112. Self Publishing
  113. Opinions on ClearSpace?
  114. Publishing on Kindle? Thoughts, stories?
  115. Newbie seeking full color POD advice.
  116. Self Publishing Conference in SF July 18
  117. New to the forum, new question...
  118. I have a question.
  119. Lulu or createspace?
  120. Distribution and bulk orders with POD...
  121. Explain discount rates please.
  122. Sole Proprietorship
  123. Getting onto Amazon, Borders, etc.
  124. Forming a LLC
  125. Baker & Taylor's POD Distribution
  126. Self publishing questions
  127. On Demand Books Overtake Traditional Titles for the First Time
  128. Other than Lulu?
  129. Selling On Amazon
  130. E-Publishing as a stepping stone
  131. Hey all!
  132. Vanity Press and Self Publishing
  133. Create Space and Tax ID numbers
  134. Self-publishing tips from PW online
  135. Creating a "Publisher" to sell books
  136. POD for non-fiction book?
  137. Picture Book
  138. Self Publish e-book
  139. What my book reveals about me
  140. Legal issues
  141. Thoughts on Self-Publishing
  142. Survey for my Dissertation
  143. One word question.....How?
  144. Selling my books in chain stores?
  145. Create Space Pro Plan is definitely worth it!!
  146. Do self-published books actually appear in bookstores?
  147. Anthology for Charity
  148. Self-Publishing Book Expo...
  149. Canadian Self-Publishers? Opinions?
  150. Bookmasters or Lightening Source what is price difference?
  151. What do you think?
  152. Well I did it.
  153. POD - Mill City Press vs Dog Ear Pub
  154. POD and E publishing Industry facts
  155. Published & had 1st book signing - Borders Question
  156. POD Book Reviews
  157. Will Self Publishing take over the traditional way of publishing?
  158. If your agent suggested self-publishing, would you do it?
  159. Lulu Remove 'Publish By You' Option
  160. Scott Sigler's keynote on the Future of Content Delivery
  161. Warehouse/Distributor for self and POD book
  162. Create Space and proof copy
  163. Self-Published Audiobook?
  164. Need advice for a (slightly) different kind of POD project
  165. The high cover price of POD
  166. How much does a bookstore take with sale of POD books?
  167. Is there a difference between a regular POD and vanity/subsidy POD?
  168. Booklocker versus Amazon
  169. POD Publishers
  170. POD versus Self-Publishing
  171. The Celestine Prophecy
  172. Ready to print PDF
  173. Has anybody any sage advice on discounts with Lightning Source?
  174. Best Place to Print Just a Couple of Copies
  175. Createspace, ISBNs, Bowkers, isbn.org Questions
  176. Lulu versus Amazon -
  177. What Else Can I Do For My Book?
  178. Dog Ear Pub or Infinity Pub?
  179. Self-Publishing Success Story (Fiction)
  180. Blog-lit to ebook to big publisher
  181. Anyone selling CDs of their e-books?
  182. Will Lulu?
  183. Marketing an ebook?
  184. Printing
  185. About self-publishing.
  186. Pre-pub remorse. Opinions wanted.
  187. Report from the WD Conference: Indie Cheering!
  188. Create Space vs. Lulu
  189. If you've ever used Lulu or are thinking about it read this FIRST!
  190. Wrap around cover help!?
  191. Interesting Blog by Commercial Agent About Off-Genre Work and the Market
  192. Um, am I going to be sued?
  193. A few serious questions about Lulu. IOW, what's the bottom line with Lulu?
  194. Is Hardcover essential for a picture book's first edition?
  195. Patronage Model
  196. Defining "Book" and other ponderings...
  197. Self-publishing as your first choice
  198. Have you considered media liability insurance??
  199. pod author's agreement contracts
  200. Are they any YA UF e-publishers?
  201. POD or Offset?
  202. Would this publishing model work?
  203. Querying and Self-Publishing
  204. How do they make e books?
  205. Ryan Span interview: web serial to print
  206. Children's Board Book
  207. Sacramento region independent publishing conference, April 24, 2010
  208. What's the penalty for stealing ya'll's ideas?
  209. Amazon discounts...?
  210. Which self-publisher/POD has highest quality books?
  211. Fixing the gobbly-guck
  212. Self publishing and finding an agent later...
  213. Making Self-Publishing Cost Effective
  214. Squirrely Amazon sales rankings...
  215. POD in the UK
  216. Radio Interview coming up
  217. Please don't bite me.
  218. ISBN's, Nielsen's and Lightning Source
  219. Can you make money e-publishing on Amazon?
  220. Self Publishing -which is best?
  221. Marketing to the Local Media: View from the Other Side
  222. online book sales
  223. Wish we had a separate Forum
  224. E-publishing in easily-copied file form
  225. LSI deal with Createspace
  226. POD Success Story: Barry Nugent's FALLEN HEROES
  227. A Rally Cry for Literary Independence
  228. Best Children's Book Printer in US
  229. Bear with my ignorance here...
  230. Market for reprints as ebooks?
  231. Wow, my first bad Lulu experience
  232. Image Rights
  233. Small victory
  234. Company Name
  235. Amazon reports: e-books outsold physical books this Christmas
  236. ebooks on ebay
  237. EBooks-Front Row special
  238. Probably a really stupid question but...
  239. Book with a companion CD?
  240. wonderful confusion
  241. Bay Area Independent Publishers Association - Next Meeting Saturday 1/9/10
  242. Choice for font style, size and line spacing
  243. I need a simple guide...
  244. Question
  245. Do all PODs & Self-Publishers reek?
  246. Bookwhirl.com
  247. Get This!
  248. Where Are The E-Book Review Sites?
  249. Digital Printers for POD Self-Publishing
  250. E-Book Covers: opinions please!