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  1. My book cover
  2. Connor's Self-Pub Diary
  3. Anyone using Payoneer?
  4. Hiring a marketeer?
  5. Book Cover design
  6. ISBNs
  7. Edits for Self-Publishing?
  8. Self-Publishing Challenges
  9. Trouble with registering copyright
  10. Issue with Kindle formating
  12. Amazon KDP - 'From The Publisher' section in book details - how to use
  13. Surprising royalties from Kindle's 2 lending programs
  14. Don't Make My Mistake
  15. hidden gems
  16. Photo and Line Art Image Problems
  17. Week one of kickstarting my comic book - what should I be doing now?
  18. Do you need reviews? Fantasy, SF, paranormal, dystopia
  19. Social networks + Patreon combo in order to deliver the book faster?
  20. Are There Excellent Self Published Books?
  21. My Time "Going Wide"
  22. Apple iBooks Author & media rich books
  23. old guy needs help
  24. Are there any other free self-publishing POD services besides Amazon KDP and Lulu?
  25. Setting up a corporation?
  26. Does anyone use a service for publishing books?
  27. Need reviews for an SFF or dystopia? Goodreads reading round has 1 spot left
  28. Question on Amazon/Kindle's 'free' book reads
  29. Amazon questions
  30. Timescales
  31. KDP how-to book with pictures
  32. Useful new Amazon reporting tool
  33. Self-Publishers and Agents
  34. How many self-published authors get external editors?
  35. An informal poll: what is the magic number of book reviews?
  36. Is crowdfunding worth considering?
  37. Your Audio Book
  38. Back Cover Blurb Trouble
  39. Think I messed up Amazon free promo
  40. I put up my novel at Amazon - but it's going nowhere
  41. Personal branding--trademark or copyright issues?
  42. How do you promote your self-published book?
  43. It's Finally Here. Heartless is Self-Published.
  44. Anybody Who Published with Kindle Direct Publishing Had this Problem?
  45. Covering Multiple Formats
  46. Writing My Self Publishing Dream
  47. Did something happen to Amazon Marketing Services?
  48. Getting reviews without a network?
  49. Are Events Ever Worth It?
  50. The Problem: How To Get My Book in Actual Stores
  51. 99 designs cover contest poll for my novel Seeds of Change
  52. Listing under "Publisher"
  53. Advertising. Do you?
  54. Trade to Self-Pub_Shifting Amazon Reviews to Amazon KU. (Resolved)
  55. Pirating/Scam alert
  56. Best places to print manuscripts for proof reading!!
  57. Hard covers via IngramSpark?
  58. Using both KDP Print and Ingram-Spark
  59. What are the benefits of self-publishing a sequel if...
  60. How the heck do I get my book and Amazon link into my signature?
  61. Patreon
  62. Need reviews for an SFF book 20k or less? Goodreads reading round--closed
  63. Jumping into the self publishing ocean
  64. Create Space
  65. initial promotion
  66. KDP (formerly CreateSpace)
  67. Buying an ISBN?
  68. Box sets
  69. Lessons learned in 2018
  70. Reedsy Discovery
  71. Lessons Learned about short works
  72. Thinking About Jumping In
  73. Best Way To Market
  74. Can You Sell Author Copies of KDP Paperbacks in Canada?
  75. How to get an author to stop attaching my name to his work
  76. I'mma do it (M. York's Self Publishing Thread)
  77. Selling in multiple countries.
  78. More Amazon Qs
  79. Draft2Digital Formatting Question
  80. Self-Published my book and I have no idea WTH I'm doing.
  81. Trials and Trip-ups_Trade to self-publishing_2nd Editions
  82. Amazon self publishing
  83. Paperback pricing
  84. Other Free Services Similar To Amazon
  85. Amazon royalty payments
  86. Publisher kaput...now what?
  87. The Amazon Review
  88. Publishing with Substack (monetized serialization or newsletter, alternative to Patreon)
  89. Licenses to use Fonts
  90. a Five-year success story
  91. Setting up KDP account so royalties go to someone else?
  92. KDP barcode
  93. Thinking of Posting Novels for Free....
  94. Taking the plunge with My Best Friend Runs Venus! (Released today...eek!)
  95. Book review site
  96. Timing for Series & Pricing
  97. ISBN and bar code
  98. EBook Formatting
  99. Seeking Advice as an Unpublished Newbie
  100. Jutoh --- Any reason not to use it?
  101. Reasonable prices for help with formatting?
  102. Bowker - ISBN
  103. Changing publishers - steps required?
  104. ISBN for EBooks?
  105. Author Pages and Walmart
  106. The Best (Free) E-Book Converter?
  107. Formatting and uploading to Amazon in 2019
  108. Table of Contents Issue
  109. Hong Kong printing :
  110. EPUB Format Settings?
  111. Different Title Pages for E-Book
  112. Findaway Voices introduces royalty-sharing
  113. Best Self-Publishing Companies (preferably free)
  114. Kobo Link Issue
  115. Ingram Spark to modify cloth hardbacks