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  1. IngramSpark and Getting Copies in Brick-n-Mortar Stores
  2. Looking to sell books from my website, how did you do it?
  3. Questions about Self-publishing a YA Fantasy trilogy
  4. the rude self-pub journal
  5. Wrote my ebook. Next steps?
  6. E-Book Fulfillment
  8. Thinking of trying Kindle Scout for "Doe Velvet"
  9. where on forum to announce a new release
  10. Pre-Orders : Yes or No?
  11. Amazon pulling books that have TOCs at the back
  12. Unsolicited Free Epubs: Has Anyone Else SDealt With This?
  13. Self Publishing Conundrum
  14. Starting a company first to self-publish, then publish others
  15. Problem (TOC)
  16. Amazon Giveways
  17. Dhewco's Diary
  18. Converting word doc to ebook format/pdf
  19. what picture format best for first pdf then printing
  20. Looking for Inexpensive Editing
  21. Updated!! Perks and MJHiriak do a project
  22. My Friend's Self Publishing Story
  23. Selling a novel on Amazon
  24. A simple guide to Self-Publishing through Amazon
  25. Contract for Self-Pub Collaboration "Memoir/Biography + Fitness/Health" Book w/ "Online Celeb"
  26. Printing without Publishing
  27. The Pleasure of Tidying
  28. "You chose poorly..." Selected the wrong editor
  29. Those newfangled credit card reader thingies
  30. Advertising for Kobo, Nook, etc
  31. Is Ebookit.com worth trying out for e-book publishing a nd distribution?
  32. Stranger in a Strange Land (apologies to Heinlein)
  33. Vanity's such a seductive sin...
  34. Should I give it away?
  35. Creating eBooks with Calibre
  36. Scrivener compile problems
  37. E-publishers other than Kindle - are they worth it?
  38. Sample Match - A Place Where Authors can Cross-Promote their Works
  39. Cautionary tale about Kindle Unlimited
  40. Image width inside eBooks?
  41. Alan Moore's thoughts on self-publishing...
  42. Publish a book; only sell it to family members & relatives
  43. Preorders
  44. E-Book for Kindle Design Question:
  45. google books
  46. self publishing in other countries
  47. Article concerning Indie Audiobooks
  48. Recommendations: Formatting of Novel to be Published via Createspace
  49. Two years later, I'm a full-time writer
  50. Do I copyright my manuscript before using CreateSpace?
  51. Experience with Crowdspace?
  52. Copyright Page:Do I include U.S Copyright Reg. Number?
  53. Pronoun self publishing
  54. Left Align or Justified
  55. HELP!!! Formatting for print-on-design
  56. Format Dilemma
  57. What's your footprint?
  58. Self-publishing stories that are already on your blog
  59. Creating my own self-pub imprint...
  60. Self-Publishing A Single Copy?
  61. KDP questions...
  62. For UK self-publishers: do you pay tax?
  63. Self Publishing a Once Traditionally Published Novel
  64. Self-Pubbing (both in digital and POD) a genealogy book.
  65. Serial to novel: Title issue
  66. Should I self-publish?
  67. Publishing with CreateSpace
  68. Help me decide: POD vs local print option in bulk
  69. Through the Looking Glass - Glass Valkyrie's Self-Publishing Diary
  70. Sharing images from the net on your author Twitter!
  71. Unused covers
  72. UK self-publishers = sole traders?
  73. Experience with Ingram Ingram Spark
  74. Problems on the Edge of Self-Publication
  75. Starting a Sole Proprietorship in Maryland: The Adventure Begins
  76. A small question for those who use Smashwords
  78. ISBN Providers - Some Thoughts
  79. Do any of you put your books on Internet Archive or Open Library?
  80. Advice on planning a publishing schedule, please
  81. publishing through lulu.... kids and teen books
  82. KDP Pages Read Missing
  83. A family business, now...
  84. Anyone know a person/business that converts books to e-books?
  85. Book Cover / Photoshop Tutorials
  86. Amazon and Self-Publishing
  87. Pricing of ebook
  88. Book Distribution Options
  89. CIP Library zig Congress numbers
  90. My self-publishing journey
  91. Etienne's Self-Publishing Journey
  92. Best blogging/website platform for self publishers?
  93. Can't sole trade from my address
  94. Inram Spark eBook Royalty - 40%
  95. Cover art on Smashword
  96. One or two spaces between sentences?
  97. Opportunity for non-traditional authors...
  98. My journey on the self-publishing train
  99. Kindle publishing paperbacks! Why?
  100. SVader's step into the unknown of Self Publishing
  101. KENP payment rates
  102. Regional Reviews
  103. Amazon vendors selling my self-published book
  104. A Question about Serials
  105. self publishing
  106. Thank You to AW Pros
  107. Trying To License Bob Dylan Lyrics For Novel
  108. Powered by Indie and Amazon?
  109. E-book Formatting
  110. How much to deduct when I give away my own ebook through Amazon?
  111. Reinventing The Wheel - Raiscara's Self-Publishing Journey
  112. Paying for editorial services
  113. India assigned ISBN
  114. Mechanics of 2nd edition on Amazon
  115. ACX Audio Book Deal Negotiations
  116. Neil Gaiman and self publishing
  117. MWA now open to self-published writers
  118. Copyright with my alias?
  119. Stuck on my book blurb
  120. Pricing question
  121. Question about copyright
  122. Ohio Opportunity - Urbana
  123. CreateSpace question
  124. Trouble with an Amazon Reviewer
  125. Sleeping Giants/Amazon/Breitbart
  126. Kindle eBook Layout Issues
  127. Kindle Unlimited and Harry Potter
  129. Who's in here enroll in Kindle Unlimited ($480 million payout in 2017)?
  130. About page numbers and Amazon PoD
  131. Your first review
  132. Amazon's CreateSpace vs. B&N's Nook Print Press?
  133. How much does a self-published book cost?
  134. Ingram Spark books in Australia - anyone having this problem?
  135. A quest to SP-ville. But what am I getting in to?
  136. Self-publishing a "quirky" non-fiction book
  137. KDP question (look inside feature)
  138. Sudden spike
  139. Hybridizing in 3... 2... 1....
  140. Why do you Self publish?
  141. Jumping into a very large pond (and trying not to drown).
  142. Getting a German translation for my self-published novel
  143. The road so far...
  144. Converting from CreateSpace to Lightning Source POD books?
  145. Digital Printers
  146. Self-Publishing Legal and Pricing Questions
  147. Are you on Radish Fiction? Share your experiences
  148. Medium as a Publishing Venue
  149. Createspace AND Smashwords? Or only Smashwords?
  150. Quality or quantity? Which one should you choose?
  151. Am I considered published?
  152. Question about Createspace
  153. Where to go now?
  154. Should I make my first ebook free?
  155. I've had it: Giving up to maintain my sanity
  156. Too many self-publishing options! Confused!
  157. Amazon stiffing authors on KU royalties?
  158. Share Your Stats
  159. Self-Publishing the Hard Way
  160. How time flies! anniversary post
  161. Editor didn't edit enough?
  162. Ingram vs. Createspace
  163. Readers in Germany and Japan?
  164. Can anyone explain Amazon's KDP pay system?
  165. Cover preview issues - Draft2Digital
  166. Dummy isbns for Kobo
  167. Starting a business: "Press" vs "Publishing"
  168. Making Amazon Books Returnable
  169. About Amazon
  170. Author bio: What if it changes after publishing?
  171. Getting a book into B&N retail stores
  172. digital-only imprints: pros and cons
  173. Starting over. Let the journey begin, again!
  174. They don't bring me flowers anymore (thank goodness)
  175. Amazon Alleges Violations by KDP Authors, Publishers
  176. Barnes and Nobles getting out of the Nook business
  177. Goal: Self-publish an ebook in 1 month!
  178. Questions about audio books
  179. What do you wish you knew about self publishing?
  180. Self-publishing - My story
  181. Signing up for KDP question
  182. Will publishing erotica hurt my chances at grad school?
  183. Is there anyone on Earth who still self-publish through papyrus and clay?
  184. amazon categories question
  185. Amazon Author Page(s)
  186. Serial Authors: Where you at?
  187. Audible books?
  188. How does my Kindle sample look, folks?
  189. The Zon is broken
  190. Self-Publishing Under a Pen Name While Trade Published Under Your Real Name
  191. The Horrors of Amazon Self-Publishing
  192. Amazon Kindle Scout - anyone tried it?
  193. nastyjman's road to self-pubbing
  194. Cover artwork
  195. Adaptation of novel into graphic novel / comic series
  196. Unpublishing and republishing
  197. How to give out a free ebook?
  198. Omnibus/Boxed Set Title and Cover Question
  199. Must you use epub for ibooks and mobi for kindle
  200. Self-Publishing Audiobooks
  201. Seeking self-publishing book recommendation
  202. Kindle Unlimited - does time on page count?
  203. Are some ebook creation progs that I've heard about any good
  204. What platforms besides Kindle are left?
  205. Kobo ebooks coming to Wal-Mart
  206. Seeking feedback on self publishing options
  207. R.Jacques / GoSpeed - The Saga Begins
  208. My word count is giving me nightmares.
  209. author who has received rights to books back from publisher because of contract breach
  210. Epub files and Kobo Readers
  211. Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
  212. Price?
  213. LJD's Self-Publishing Thread
  214. Approaching distributors...first contact
  215. Where Can I Sell My Romance Ebooks Outside of The Normal Retailers?
  216. Book formatting and cover designers
  217. Looking for a UK-based Publisher who can Handle Landscape
  218. Audiobooks: are they worth it in terms of sales?
  219. Re-releasing when old versions still exist. Help.
  220. Kindle's "No Rape for Titillation" policy -- How strictly is it enforced? How is it decided?
  221. Does anyone use Gumroad?
  222. I'm Publishing a Comic and I've hit a Lesser Catch-22
  223. Marketing support
  224. Should I Self-Publish
  225. Multi-platform vs Amazon Loyalist?
  226. Why does self-publishing have such a bad rep?
  227. Amazon Sales Report
  228. Facebook
  229. Self-Publishing Feedback
  230. Any disadvantage to self publishing a first book if hoping to traditionally publish later books?
  231. Looking for a Cover Artist
  232. Self-made audiobooks
  233. Best way to create a genealogy tree for a book?
  234. Need some advice
  235. Create Space
  236. Fourth anniversary post
  237. Different ebook publishing site formatting requirements - why?
  238. Copyright Email?
  239. Global Trade Item Number, Barcodes, ISBNs
  240. Formats & numbers
  241. Questions About Formatting Epistolary Elements
  242. Self Publishing Shorts
  243. Distribution of Audiobook
  244. Book title
  245. Any novella writers need reviews?
  246. Question about republishing a heavily revised book
  247. Best way to estimate formatting time-frames?
  248. Publishing Challenges
  249. Pen names and permissions
  250. KDP ebooks - x ray feature