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  1. Word count & pricing & technical terms?
  2. How close together to release books in a trilogy?
  3. On Distribution: Ingram +/- Amazon
  4. Are you raising your iTunes prices for VAT changes?
  5. IngramSpark and Amazon Listing Question
  6. Abandoning Smashwords As A Sales Outlet
  7. About half of the top 100 romance ebooks on Kindle are self-published?
  8. Question RE Ingram vs Createspace
  9. Kindle books not available everywhere
  10. Kindle Direct help number?
  11. Used Copies on Amazon
  12. Preparing to self-pub - KU numbers?
  13. Possibly stupid question about ARe and 1099s
  14. Learning about self-publishing: Color vs. black & white.
  15. Completely lost!
  16. How Many Books Do You Publish Per Year?
  17. Taxes! What do I do?
  18. Cost of printed copies? WTF?
  19. Taxes for self-published authors?
  20. Self publishing a lesbian YA fantasy school story
  21. Book Design Recommendations
  22. The end of Perma-Free on Amazon?
  23. How to Convert e-Book PDF to Print Format
  24. Self-Pubbing with Barnes & Noble
  25. Riding the Scree - RaelWV's SelfPub Thread
  26. Smashwords - Reader Sets The Price?
  27. I've looked, and am now leaping: Alex's self-publishing thread
  28. Proofreading on the cheap
  29. Poll for PUBLISHED writers
  30. CreateSpace, Kindle, EPUB - Recommended order of preparation?
  31. Smashwords vs. D2D vs. eBook Partnership
  32. Kindle Select exclusivity vs D2D scattershot
  33. Self-pub question
  34. Createspace--secondary market sellers but not released?
  35. Ready to publish 1st ebook - Need Advice
  36. what makes a good ebook description?
  37. Smashwords vs Lulu vs Ebookit
  38. Creating just-for-fun publishing name
  39. My first
  40. Doing a Kindle giveaway
  41. My first
  42. Sharing a Publishing Imprint?
  43. Kindle Scout manuscript requirements
  44. Shorts, SP questions
  45. Recommendations for print version of novel
  46. The economics of digital self-publishing?
  47. eBook Format Distribution
  48. Fact or fiction: one third of ebooks sold in the US is self-published
  49. Kindle Unlimited payout to all publishers in 2016 could top $400 million
  50. Advertising for KDP Select
  51. Website hosting companies that accept adult content
  52. ISBNs and Bar codes
  53. Apple/Ingram
  54. Sales drop post review
  55. Google Play Feedback/Experience
  56. publishin test book
  57. Your bookkeeping preferences/procedures
  58. Multiple Genres and "Striking While The Iron Is Hot"
  59. It's Done!
  60. Is self-publishing like independent film?
  61. e-book typography questions
  62. Should I allow lending for my ebook?
  63. Still Lost
  64. First 30 Days on Amazon
  65. Anyone see Flipcart books thru Smashwords?
  66. Self-publishing vs small press publishing
  67. Self-publishing first
  68. Two Dilemmas for a 1st time author with a great book. Thanks for feedback!
  69. Looking for printing only
  70. Glossy vs. Matte
  71. Releasing a Freebie
  72. The Top 10 Things All Authors Should Know About Amazon
  73. Self-published - dead-end?
  74. Why is your book not selling?
  75. Urgh - Smashwords problem
  76. Looking for help on blurb
  77. newbie needs straight talk about small volume hardcopy printing
  78. Preparing to publish first erotica story- pricing
  79. Formats - lost and confused in the shuffle
  80. do I need a table of contents
  81. First time self publishing. Very confused.
  82. Sold books on KDP Select? Need your Advice
  83. Has anyone used the interior templates on CreateSpace
  84. Getting back cover blurbs
  85. Sales trends
  86. Smashwords - Need Some Comments
  87. English-speaking readers and foreign literature
  88. Potentially Silly Question
  89. Almost ready to self-publish, falling down at the description
  90. setting up a mailing list without giving my postal address
  91. Falling Upstairs Towards A Door Of Prosperity: JAlex's Self-Publishing Thread
  92. Graphics inside books
  93. Thinking in a Self-Publishing Direction
  94. Where is a legal disclaimer put/found, in audio books?
  95. Createspace
  96. Will Once's misadventures in self publishing
  97. Anyone tried an Amazon ad campaign?
  98. Self Publishing Detail Question
  99. Transferring Reviews to Ebook
  100. ISBNs, Amazon, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and formatting...
  101. Amazon KDP Help
  102. How to improve chances of a trade publisher picking up a book?
  103. Which company to use?
  104. Why I Had to Self-Publish
  105. Self-publishing questions
  106. Is e-publishing with KDP on Amazon "Self" or "Indie" or something else?
  107. HELP! Hardcover publisher recommendations please
  108. Self-published book: Sell on Amazon as author or publisher
  109. Dragonwriter’s Self-Pub Journey: Stumbling Toward…Something
  110. Using Lightning Source and Spark?
  111. Drive Thru Fiction?
  112. What NOT to do as a self pub (ANY type) of author
  113. Updating for clarification - how to handle?
  114. Tax information on Amazon??
  115. pay to publish
  116. Keywords, KU and Ko: my Kindle journey
  117. Give it to me straight, Doc
  118. Amazon revises its KDP payout structure
  119. A Serialist Self-Pub Diary
  120. Short self-publishing report
  121. Using All Romance Ebooks for 2nd pen name?
  122. Writing Multi-genre Under a Single Name?
  123. Time frame of trilogy release dates
  124. Self-published novel The Martian is made into a movie
  125. Best alternative to Createspace?
  126. When Winter Calls - Diary of a Futurist Thriller
  127. Have you used CreateSpace or Ingram Spark?
  128. More self-published books migrating to trade publication
  129. Finding My Way - Dallionz's Self-Publishing Thread
  130. Best software for making print-on-demand books?
  131. Newbie looking for answers to some early on self-pub. questions, please.
  132. Self Publishers: Did you list your real name or a made up imprint as the publisher of your books?
  133. Formatting of Novel for Createspace
  134. Self Publish Panic
  135. Balancing book price and fees.
  136. Self Publishers: Book cover design. Where did you get yours done?
  137. Also by Author
  138. Hybrid sites: free & for profit?
  139. Legal & Illegal Fonts?
  140. Why I self-published my poetry and how it turned out
  141. And here... we... go.
  142. Audiobook questions
  143. Subscribing to Kindle Unlimited
  144. How best to brand this collection?
  145. Time Lapse Between Self-Publishing Your First and Second Book?
  146. Pricing books below cost on Amazon.
  147. Give me some advice, I'm freaking out...
  148. self publishing, ISBNs and editions
  149. Bonus material in omnibus editions?
  150. Publishing a Bunch of Middling or Just the Best?
  151. Pointing Out Mistakes
  152. Easy help requested to get an Amazon novel perma-free
  153. Appeal for help
  154. Am I Covering Myself With this Decision about my Cover?
  155. Formatting for an eBook
  156. I've stopped getting sales
  157. Updating Excerpts/Previews & Links
  158. Self-Publishing for Personal Reasons
  159. Smashwords Premium Catalog Question
  160. Business question - Do sole proprietorships show up in background checks?
  161. Self-publishing an adult colouring book
  162. How to handle tweaking your book?
  163. how do I publish my own magazine?
  164. Kindle doesn't update when I revise my book.
  165. My cover designer didn't measure design properly
  166. Advice for first time publisher
  167. Genre Hopping
  168. Who's the best company to use to Produce the e-book or physical book
  169. And the game begins...
  170. I just joined twitter.....what the hell am I supposed to do with it?
  171. Posting sample chapters on Good Reads before full book is released
  172. Specific Printing Service?
  173. Soon to publish my second ebook. Advice?
  174. So many ebook programs..
  175. Good way to read and revise manuscripts
  176. Do I still need an agent?
  177. $10.00 Createspace Custom ISBN Experiences?
  178. Getting ready to put together a book of my comic strips. Need some direction
  179. Serial Novel Cowachunga - Expansion Pathways
  180. Need some help deciding on a back cover blurb
  181. Best self publishing company?
  182. Looking for a mentor!!
  183. Anyone heard of/have experience with Librarybub?
  184. Not clear on Kindle - a few KENPC questions
  185. Question about standard book size for fiction paperback
  186. Wattpad experience?
  187. Self-Publishing previously published work?
  188. Seeking Recommendations: Formatter for Creatspace
  189. Typesetting: Orphans and Widows
  190. Nook Press now allowing preorder
  191. Seeking 2nd POD provider that isn't Create Space
  192. Ebook formatting questions-- orphan pages etc.
  193. Should I go smaller and look more normal?
  194. So... is this a good sign or a bad one?
  195. My experience of getting an audiobook published on audible and iTunes
  196. Amazon payments question
  197. Multi Author Middle Grade Permafree Box Set - Anyone interested?
  198. keywords, tags, and Amazon Kindle behind the scenes
  199. ISBN Confusion: Buy ISBN from Bowker or use free Createspace isbn?
  200. Print-ready novel, advice needed for page layout
  201. My blurb...
  202. What do you use to create your e-book files?
  203. Createspace/PoD - worth it?
  204. Omnibuses, 2 in 1 books etc.
  205. The Tiger's Journey: A Blog of one Author's Journey into Self-Publishing
  206. *dons sunglasses* Let's do this!
  207. Cathleen's Once Upon a Time Publishing Journey
  208. M. S. Dobing's Self Publishing Diary
  209. eBook on Smashwords
  210. How's Your eBook Sales
  211. How do you self-publish literary and 'artistic' fiction?
  212. Promotion opportunity for self-pubbed authors
  213. Recommendations Editors
  214. Is it possible to -- for lack of a better phrase -- change the world as a self-publisher?
  215. Those little "It's real!" moments
  216. How do I set up CreateSpace outside of the US/EU?
  217. Problem formating manuscript to kindle
  218. Question about isbn number
  219. Friendly reminder from D2D about holiday schedules that could affect you
  220. Changing a detail in a novel after the fact - can I do it?
  221. What's the price difference between your ebook and paperback?
  222. Publishing/marketing short horror collection?
  223. How to get started
  224. Question about providing tax info to Amazon
  225. Where to get Nook Press support?
  226. Quick US-Tax Question
  227. Got it
  228. Freebies and family
  229. Does self-publishing make it difficult to achieve traditional publishing?
  230. "Small Press" That's Really Self-Publishing In Disguise?
  231. Thank you!!
  232. Australian authors unable to self-publsh to Nook
  233. Tavia's Diary - Self-Publishing for a Lark
  234. Planning an eBook Publication
  235. Problem with listing of my book
  236. Marketing Advice? (for a novella about female dwarves)
  237. Gift an ebook while protecting and controlling distribution
  238. Finding Reviewers
  239. Versioning, Updating and Tracking Distribution
  240. Self-publishing something esoteric
  241. Learning as I go: lizo27's self-publishing thread
  242. Self publishing for very young authors
  243. Please, take pity on me...
  244. Offer cover re-design for friend?
  245. Who can do it for me?
  246. Please tell me about your experiences with Ingram Spark
  247. Self publishing an out-of-print book
  248. Good resources to offer free download samples, best formats, and tracking abilities
  249. Formatting issues and links to other books?
  250. eBook formats, conversions, or suggestions needed