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  1. A Priest walks into a Brothel and
  2. Anyone used Bookbub?
  3. Does size matter? Pun intended.
  4. Stream of Consciousness in Erotica
  5. Promotional Photographs and Quotes
  6. Character body type - Real world vs Sexy
  7. Let's talk Consent, shall we?
  8. Age of characters
  9. Erotica Anthologies - Input & Suggestions
  10. Cliches and pet peeves
  11. Are stories set in high school unpublishable?
  12. I need a sex-scene vocabulary lesson...
  13. General ebooks copyright infringement
  14. Politically correct erotica?
  15. The next Bigfoot?
  16. Resources for Covers
  17. "Dirty" characters in an erotic scene?
  18. The Nipple Dilemma
  19. Too kinky to write about vanilla sex?
  20. Does writing erotica look bad to mainstream publishers?
  21. What is a Popular Erotica Niche?
  22. Should You Use One Pen Name for All Your Erotica?
  23. Protagonist/narrator of ambiguous gender
  24. Will this story get flag by amazon?
  25. How do you write several sex scenes in a novel without it becoming Twister?
  26. Keeping up with the Keywords
  27. Eros - Launch Party - New Erotica Imprint
  28. What counts as a good backlist?
  29. Linking pen names and all that goes with it
  30. I'm looking for erotica beta readers
  31. Make out Scenes?
  32. Writing a sex scene WITHOUT being too dirty?
  33. Author Earnings
  34. Grasping Shadows
  35. Writing Rough Sex
  36. Delving for the first time
  37. New here!
  38. Who and what can I quote?
  39. Length, and reader expectations
  40. My male friend wants to write 'adultery erotica' as he called it
  41. Right Direction For My Story?
  42. Rogue Paperback Trader?
  43. How about this title?
  44. AJ Rose, FB Shutdown of Pen Name Author Account
  45. Tumblr for promotion?
  46. Shopping a poly erotica story to Loose Id, other pubs?
  47. Just introducing myself
  48. What is Alpha Male Erotica?
  49. Similar pen names
  50. Free erotica sites as promotion?
  51. Newbie seeking ideas
  52. ...Mirroring?
  53. Sounds
  54. Meet-Up in Seattle
  55. is this example plagiarism?
  56. Just started reading erotica! What do you guys recommend?
  57. Is this legal?
  58. What genre on amazon?
  59. Is it essential to have a website if you write erotica?
  60. Contractions in Erotica
  61. Stolen from P&CE--Without An Apology
  62. Question about Short Stories
  63. Publishing Standard
  64. I think I'm ready...maybe?
  65. Grouping short stories for books
  66. ? about spacing and beta reader sources
  67. Erotic short story open call site?
  68. Another Question
  69. A few questions
  70. Is there a market for zombie erotica right now?
  71. Researching erotica shorts
  72. Does anybody know where to send erotica shorts for review?
  73. Slow & Sensual.
  74. 2015 Submission Calls
  75. book covers
  76. Love and Reluctance.
  77. Stormy Night Publications
  78. Writing an erotic story as part of a non-erotic series?
  79. Do women wear anything under a dominatrix outfit?
  80. Dark Vampire Erotica Publishers?
  81. Exchanging Read/Reviews?
  82. Furry Erotica suggestion thread!
  83. How did you know?
  84. To Beta Read or Not To Beta Read
  85. Adjusting to the paid market
  86. Help me spend my gift certificate!
  87. Tell me about your first time
  88. Erotica writers you admire
  89. Erotica Writing Practice/Challenges
  90. What do you do when Amazon buries your book under an 'Adult' filter?
  91. Where to find freelance work now?
  92. Share Your Wank
  93. How short is too short
  94. POV question
  95. Queries and Covers
  96. Is anything too much?
  97. I may have chosen a poor pen name....
  98. Swap Reviews--Reading Them, That Is
  99. Editing, the infinite loop
  100. Slow build up?
  101. Is Erotica your main genera?
  102. Romance or Erotica?
  103. Menage Romance Suggestions and Advice
  104. Song suggestions for music while writing?
  105. Robots? Robots!!!
  106. Comedic Erotica?
  107. Photographs or Not?
  108. Socializing in mainstream/multi-genre writing groups
  109. When an agent specifies "no erotica"
  110. Genre confusion
  111. Advice on how to successfully self-publishing erotica
  112. Tired Tropes in Menage M/F/M
  113. What NOT to do?
  114. promoting transsexual erotica!
  115. Looking for some erotic blog feedback :)
  116. Looking for publishers for a first time erotica writer...
  117. Received contract offer, advice needed please
  118. Cricket bats (calling on our brits)
  119. A little bit of erotic worldbuilding
  120. The Best Little Whorehouse On Alpha Centauri
  121. ebook site pirating works again
  122. The 2015 AW erotica authors blog hop - Cancelled!
  123. Wattpad
  124. Horrotica
  125. Need more vocab?
  126. markets that welcome bi and/or poly romance?
  127. Erotica Tropes and Cliches!
  128. NSFW part of group
  129. Dark Erotica
  130. Looking for a Crit Swap Buddy!
  131. To Pseudonym or Not to Pseudonym
  132. Marketing Toward Adult Stores?
  133. Do you dislike reading first person, present tense?
  134. Erotic short story market suggestions
  135. New Password for the NC-17 subforum
  136. EEK! I Can't Get Into the Passworded Part of Erotica!
  137. What genre is my novel?
  138. Rape: Trying not to go there...
  139. Uhm, non-erotica genre, erotic-vocabulary advice needed
  140. Series with mixed pairings
  141. Publishing a collection of short stories
  142. 1st Person - Straight Male POV - For Women
  143. Bundling erotica shorts
  144. Good platform for erotic writing?
  145. Looking for a beta reader for erotic romance
  146. Recommended Books (Other than AW's Fine Erotica Authors)
  147. Need Advice- Do I move forward or backwards
  148. Never written before, could you please just check?
  149. Changing POV in a short story - advice, please
  150. Is my erotica too boring?
  151. Greetings, everyone :)
  152. Women with a Foot Fetish
  153. How to know if you can even write erotica.
  154. Series pricing input
  155. Taking Pleasure Out of Sex
  156. Hard to write sex when you're on Paxil
  157. Kobo
  158. How Do People Keep Publishing Banned Genres
  159. Everything Wrong With 50 Shades of Grey
  160. The Blind and Sexuality
  161. Holding Ourselves A-Count-Able
  162. How Should Authors Research Potential Publishers?
  163. Question about epublished works
  164. Please give me your erotica May-December recs
  165. Really getting frustrated by my attempts to write erotica.
  166. Where do you sell your erotica ebooks?
  167. A New Kind of Erotica
  168. The problem with living in the Middle East.
  169. Erotica Writing Challenges
  170. Newbie: But, but, it's not erotica...
  171. Is it illegal to publish erotica under 21?
  172. He She CHaracter names frequency of use.
  173. Who are some good male writers? Books?
  174. how would you express the plural of bi?
  175. i have a publisher interested
  176. Password Requests for Erotica NC-17 and Share Your Work: Erotica
  177. The best publishers for Billionaire erotica?
  178. 2016 Calls for Manuscripts
  179. Too much sex in erotica
  180. The Plot Bunny Adoption thread!
  181. Titles for Erotica: Brainstorm Here
  182. Biblical Erotica? Is that pushing things too far?
  183. Clean version/Dirty version?
  184. Blurb Your Book—for Another Century
  185. Clean-Up on Aisle AW
  186. At What Stage is it 'Too Taboo'
  187. How mainstream is erotica?
  188. Author Anonymity
  189. Publisher for Boxed Sets?
  190. Back cover blurb, rewriting every day!!!
  191. Seeking betas for mature erotic romance, 84K, complete (cancel)
  192. Erotica Writer Looking For An Editor
  193. Vampires that are centuries old but underage?
  194. Here is a Challenge for Everyone
  195. Novels or novellas?
  196. agents who won't take erotica queries --
  197. Words for the Penis
  198. Tickling in erotica?
  199. Newbie Question!
  200. Looking for a character name...
  201. Free money toward editing, cover design, marketing, publicity, ghostwriting!
  202. Sex with a God/Goddess
  203. Did my erotica just become women's/literary fiction?
  204. Erotica Pen Names
  205. erotic website name
  206. Finding beta readers... and other erotica publishing questions.
  207. Is cutting off a sex scene... allowed?
  208. Newbie with questions about novella-length erotica
  209. The Sissy Crossdresser
  210. Newbie with question - erotic murder mystery
  211. How do you determine what is "good" erotica & what is "bad" erotica?
  212. Opening a first chapter in an erotic novel
  213. Need Some Steamy Ideas?
  214. Study into effects of gender roles in erotic romance on readers
  215. Avoiding a stereotypical but definitely an antagonist male dom
  216. Erotica Writing Groups
  217. M/M erotica. Am I shooting myself in the foot?
  218. Um... Hi =) I'm a newbie to this genre, some questions!
  219. Taboo question LGBTQ erotica - kind of...
  220. E-publishers who specialized in barely legal erotica
  221. What's the difference?
  222. M/M Romance series troubles
  223. Where do you get your photos for covers?
  224. Asexual Attempts Erotica
  225. What's sexy about this erotica trope?
  226. Thoughts on pricing and timing?
  227. And then I plagiarized 50 Shades... only flipped around... HELP!
  228. I Want to Write Smut, but Don't Know Where to Start
  229. What now???
  230. 2017 Calls For Manuscripts
  231. Question about acceptable coupleings
  232. Voyeurism Story
  233. How long are your actual erotic scenes, usually?
  234. Blog Topics for an erotic author
  235. Newbie Questions!
  236. The Kink that dares not speak its name -- MPREG!
  237. Historical Erotica
  238. Where should I promote consensual mind control?
  239. A Touchy Subject
  240. Different pen-names for erotica?
  241. Erotica Self-Publishing
  242. First Person?
  243. Erotic Fiction series plan...
  244. Question for the Forum (I Had this in the Wrong Place)
  245. When does romance become erotica?
  246. Re-Introduction!
  247. Agent question
  248. What's the general consensus?
  249. Newbie Question
  250. I Just Had to Ask