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  1. How to Write a Story that sounds Erotica
  2. FYI SYW
  3. Story sold - a big thank you for the critiques!
  4. Fantasy/SciFi Erotica Anthologies?
  5. Asexual Characters in Erotica
  6. Erotica Anthology Calls
  7. Reviewing a collection - how much to say?
  8. Does it sound enough like erotic romance?
  9. Help! Quick critique?
  10. AW Erotica Anthology Check-In Thread
  11. "Night's End" in SYW - help?
  12. Erotic Writing Help
  13. The H-spot
  14. Percentage of Sex
  15. Question about Work Already Published
  16. Trading Critiques
  17. Help crit my synopsis? at SYW
  18. EL James putting out 50 Shades themed toys
  19. Call for submissions
  20. Bloggedy blog blog
  21. Bad Betas
  22. Plot bunny conundrum
  23. Genres of Erotica
  24. Ellora's Cave, SEXporium RomantiCon in Canton OH
  25. My anthology was released today!
  26. Not erotica sex scene
  27. stock photos for cover art
  28. Call for submissions: Storm Moon Press (GLBT)
  29. Submission question that may or may not be specific to Erotica
  30. Ack! search engines
  31. Writing M/M Romance Yahoo Group.
  32. Sales Publisher Site vs. Amazon etc.
  33. Genre Reading Class on Erotica
  34. Question - Can a thread with your new release be created.
  35. Crit my cover? (Or not. Sorry, folks, nothin' to see here, move along...)
  36. The opposite of erotica
  37. How to decide
  38. Best Press for Lesbian Fiction?
  39. Where to draw the line (pen names)
  40. Copyright violator link
  41. Selling letters
  42. Best selling Erotica
  43. Clinical sounding or not?
  44. photo on website
  45. Your thoughts on enhanced e-books for erotica?
  46. Crit my BDSM-themed short story covers?
  47. Getting the rights back before publication
  48. The dreaded synopsis
  49. Sex/nudity in one gender society
  50. Do you think there's enough of an audience out there for an erotica podcast?
  51. Submitting to Multiple Anthologies by the Same Publisher
  52. Heat Level Rating & Queer Characters
  53. Erotic fiction reviewer wanted
  54. Help With Direction
  55. Formatting Flashbacks
  56. Pitching a series idea
  57. thethinker42's "Crossing Gender Lines in Sex Scenes" Challenge
  58. 2013 Submission Calls
  59. Any critics out there want to proof read my bdsm novel?
  60. Really, Google?
  61. ERom promotion question
  62. What do I call this?
  63. POV shifts in a scene
  64. I need some help
  65. Want to experiment writing in the erotica genre...
  66. 17-Too young?
  67. Erotica or Plain Romance?
  68. mentor/writing buddy
  69. 50 Shades of Why
  70. Multiple Books with Multiple Authors
  71. Question about submitting multiple books
  72. A Little Frustrated With Distribution Infringements
  73. Virtual Reality Fantasy - reveal it's a fantasy from the start?
  74. What Are You Reading? The Erotica Edition
  75. Contract help?
  76. Novel Rank's Numbers vs. Actual Sales
  77. Promoting Erotic Fiction -- Ideas for self-promo & for working together w/ multiple authors
  78. Wording To Turn Down Contract?
  79. too many sex scenes?
  80. Outline to word count
  81. Is there a market for an intersexed character?
  82. Erotica?! You might as well be a stripper!
  83. Paid Ads
  84. F/F ebook recommendations please!
  85. Is there any possiblity someone could mistake this for 'rape'?
  86. Now You Can Write Your Own Ripoff of FSOG
  87. Goodreads: Love Has No Boundaries story prompt (M/M Romance group)
  88. Non-erotic shibari
  89. Am I being naive or do I really need a pen name?
  90. Finding the Erotic Muse in Car Parks
  91. Mood Music
  92. Call for Hot erotic romance
  93. Who Is Your Reader?
  94. Barnes and Noble's New Nook Press Contract Terms
  95. Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW)
  96. How to Research Potential Publishers for Your Erotic Fiction
  97. Official thread for The Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop (May 8-23)
  98. Philosphy of BDSM
  99. Reading Recommendations for My Friend
  100. Poem: Luscious Wine
  101. Useful Tools of the Trade
  102. What is feminist porn?
  103. Stock photography for Erotica
  104. Professionalism, Work Ethics, Sexuality, Consent, and the Intersecting Lines.
  105. Does erotica have to be romance?
  106. Question, and it may be a stupid 1.
  107. Literary Erotica
  108. Not the right place for this, I know, but...
  109. The language of erotica
  110. Recommended erotic romance publishers
  111. Underage Sex
  112. Can you bend the "romantica" rules if you're writing for a more specific audience?
  113. Suspension of Disbelief?
  114. Do you write M/M erotica or erotic romance?
  115. Co-Authoring Without Getting Frustrated, Lost, or Screwed
  116. Sexy little giveaway!
  117. My cover reveal was today :)
  118. Graphic erotic scenes in non-erotica?
  119. Is Polyamory automatically Erotica? And concerns about heat level in WIP...
  120. How Do You Know (It's Not Crap?)
  121. Shorts or long titles?
  122. Classic tropes / cliches in erotic fiction?
  123. When do you write your sex scenes?
  124. Writing Erotica
  125. the cost of reading erotic romance
  126. YouTube to self promote fiction?
  127. Opinions on Giveaways: When and where are they most effective?
  128. Erotic and sweet?
  129. How would *you* classify what you write?
  130. Does anyone write on an iPad?
  131. erotica or erotic romance if sequel has HEA?
  132. How long should it take me to write a novel
  133. Copyright
  135. How to make non-sex scenes sexier
  136. age demographics?
  137. Erotic short story collections - is there a market?
  138. Market for gay erotica (short stories)?
  139. How far do sex scenes have to go to be considered Erotica?
  140. totalmarketing.com and Erotica Authors
  141. Shut up and get it on already!
  142. Writers group for erotica?
  143. Always write beautiful characters
  144. Unromantic erotica - is the market shrinking?
  145. Erotic Flash Fiction/Short Fiction Markets
  146. Adding Your Erotica to the AW Library--Anonymously
  147. Amazon's Adult tag
  148. Amazon (KDP) cracking down on erotica. Again.
  149. Is there a difference between WsW erotica and Lesbian erotica?
  150. Choosing a pen name
  151. Does the age of the participants have to be specified?
  152. Self-pub distributors for Erotica?
  153. Blogging the AW anthology?
  154. "open door sex scenes"
  155. Anyone on Wattpad?
  156. Consensual rape scenes
  157. How to divide and title series?
  158. POLL: Vote on the AW Underground Anthology Cover Art!
  159. Apple's erotica guidelines?
  160. If Aaron Sorkin wrote Erotica . . .
  161. Erotica Anthology 2.0?
  162. Erotica and the older Protagonist
  163. My First Post Here Ever...Don't know if I'm doing this right
  164. Breathless Press and House of Erotica
  165. Adultery in Erotic Romance novels
  166. Make me stop.
  167. Erotica and crime
  168. Penthouse Variations
  169. 2014 Submission Calls
  170. Successfully Self Publishing Erotica
  171. Tracing the copyright owner of an Erotic Image
  172. Lesbian Sex in Hetero
  173. AW Erotic Anthology Blog Tour
  174. Homosexuality and Erotica
  175. Erotic Fantasy - Balancing the Genres
  176. Femskins
  177. Submissions Call: AW Erotica Anthology x 4
  178. When to release anthology?
  179. You are invited...
  180. I am so happy - HarperCollins has made my erotic novel FREE on Amazon again!
  181. Need critique bud
  182. Can a gold digger works as lead character in Erotic fiction?
  183. Some Basic Questions
  184. narration question.
  185. Erotica writing buddy?
  186. Titles and topics to steer clear of?
  187. Does Erotic Include Hardcore Sex
  188. 3 erotica anthology short story calls for Cleis Press ($50/story)
  189. Any epubs take Novelette without HEA?
  190. Realism
  191. What's correct?
  192. Best length for epub erotica?
  193. Smashwords distribution?
  194. Writing and Publishing Erotica
  195. Moving from free M/M to self-pub - help!
  196. Safe sex
  197. Heat levels
  198. Publishing Erotica on Different Platforms
  199. Is erotica held to same standard?
  200. (Newbie) Question of Sexual Development
  201. Am I shooting myself in the foot?
  202. Optimal pacing for series?
  203. Struggling writer needs advice. Please?
  204. Is it just me?
  205. Stuck
  206. P.S. I Love You-BDSM Style
  207. Whereas it's dialog and lyrics, how should I write it?
  208. What would you classify as erotic fantasy?
  209. Seeking a beta bud for erotic novella
  210. Mixed pairings/kinks in the same collection
  211. Is this a good approach?
  212. Am I on the right track? Is this a good idea?
  213. custom image photos for website
  214. Any advice on natural break point in a saga?
  215. Payhip.com
  216. Summary of my Stock Photo Research
  217. Erotic poetry: Is there a market?
  218. is this too lame?
  219. Cons of self-publishing just to see what happens
  220. Pen name for erotic writing
  221. Dark Erotica
  222. Good Places for Feedback
  223. Changing from 1st person to 3rd person for 2nd book in serial
  224. How to go about finding beta readers?
  225. Word count for erotic novella
  226. Is there a site for posting Open Calls?
  227. 5 Different Erotica Ideas
  228. Where to publish "taboo" erotica
  229. Using 'Fade to Black' in Erotica?
  230. Question for writers/readers of gay & M/M erotic fiction
  231. The 2014 AW erotica writers blog hop discussion-UPDATED!
  232. Audiobooks!
  233. Research: Why no sex?
  234. Sensual without being sexual?
  235. Facebook and other connections
  236. Black Lace
  237. Bounced back from the Amazon cull
  238. Writing multi-ethnic erotica (help?)
  239. New to forum...
  240. The sweet spot for ebook lengths?
  241. Dark/Horror Erotica
  242. Was I stupid to do my own book covers
  243. Might want to think twice about subbing to this publisher
  244. Can I mention TV Characters?
  245. Humorous Erotica... Yay or nay?
  246. Share Your Loose Id Compound Words and Preferred Spelling List
  247. Hello, Beta Reader/Editor Question
  248. Just when I thought I had this licked
  249. To Begin With a Sex Scene or Not
  250. Need Help With Book Title