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  1. Adventurous Life of AGATHA: Fascinating Book
  2. cutting; and size limit on chapter outlines
  3. Memoir reprints- what are they?
  4. Safer calling your work 'A Slightly embellished memoir'
  5. Opening a Memoir
  6. Working on a biography - few questions
  7. Should a writer put life into fiction
  8. Question about using 'real' names
  9. What does "authorization" entail? (Biography)
  10. Okay, I've got one....
  11. Memoir agents
  12. How the war scene is won.
  13. How to develop characters?
  14. Back to the 1950s
  15. What memoir are you reading?
  16. how to write a memoir proposal if you're a nobody
  17. I need a new title
  18. What happened to memoir writing?
  19. Questions: Autobio/memoir
  20. Video documentary of parents with a twist
  21. Upwards Asphyxiation
  22. Oprah offers an olive branch to Frey
  23. Memoir proposals: non-fiction or fiction?
  24. When is a travel book a memoir?
  25. Avenues for supporting sales
  26. Number of Words
  27. Platforms for potential memoirists
  28. I have many questions, yet few answers
  29. Memoir vs Creative Memoir--What's the difference?
  30. Interesting article on pitfalls of memoir
  31. Words and a Newbie
  32. Selling COMEDIC Memoir about adolescence
  33. dialogue in memoirs
  34. Proposal or completed manuscript?
  35. any small presses good for memoir w/o agent?
  36. Mentioning names in a book - military legal issues?
  37. Bios / memoirs of athletes
  38. Define Autobio, memoir, etc...
  39. Posted SYW! Testing out the waters...
  40. Do people read introductions?
  41. Permission to publish a story about someone famous?
  42. Memoir: do percentages matter?
  43. Narration, voice, show, tell... aghghg!
  44. Help finding similar books (going crazy here!)
  45. Who's here?
  46. Sixties nostalgia actually back in vogue (?!)
  47. Should I change the names of people in my memoirs?
  48. Writing my autobiograpgy about my life with aspergers?
  50. Have you had moments writing memoirs...
  51. Can I get away with this?
  52. Today's Life Stories to Practice for Yesteryear's?
  53. Question about memoirs
  54. An Essay On Writing My Memoirs
  55. Wayne.... your siggie link
  56. Sorry I'm so M.I.A.!
  57. Another 'Can I do this?' question.
  58. MEMOIR TIMES: Vol #/Issue # - Subject
  59. Order and sequence...
  60. Advance Review of *Inklings*, a Memoir
  61. MEMOIR TIMES: Vol 1/Issue 1 - Tales from a stranger
  62. Writing challenge
  63. Does this get you angry?
  64. To publish one chapter or not...
  65. actual writing vs. writing into computer
  66. Q about memoir proposal package
  67. When you're ready to submit: queries, submission links, etc
  68. Issues people, I've got issues!
  69. Uncertain
  70. Moderator? Hello? Are you there?
  71. Read These First
  72. MEMOIR TIMES: Vol 1/Issue 2 - Caught in the act
  73. Guidelines for writing non fiction novel ?
  74. Its just a Semi-True Story...believe it or not...
  75. Acknowledgement page-what do you think?
  76. Finding all the instances of a word
  77. Format, arrangement, etc. for memoirs
  78. memoir threads
  79. Plot lines in memoirs
  80. Hello and great to see so much activity here!
  81. New Writing Challenge
  82. Useful Links
  83. Question-memoir-legality
  84. Greetings of the Week
  85. Grieving and memoir writing
  86. Meshing Memoir with History
  87. What's your favorite "craft of writing" book?
  88. writing about past love when you're with someone else
  89. Is "On the Road" a memoir?
  90. A downward trend?
  91. Threads showing up in Google search, please move to SYW
  92. New Threads in Share Your Work
  93. Other Sources on the Forum
  94. New Writing Challenge
  95. Someone wants me to write his life story
  96. Just a recommendation
  97. How did you approach your story
  98. Do you keep a "writer's journal?"
  99. Memoir or novel based on my experiences?
  100. Why did you start where you did?
  101. Release Forms?
  102. "Publishing" memoirs as you write them
  103. Synopsis Critique Request
  104. New Writing Challenge
  105. Contest: Memoir, femoir or narrative nonfiction
  106. Blue Bird
  107. But Enough About Me
  108. What have you learned?
  109. How did you come up with the name for your memoirs?
  110. Memoir about friend?
  111. Memoir or Travelogue?
  112. Blog entries about memoir
  113. Writing "Mini Memoirs" While Social Networking and in E-mails
  114. New To Biography Writing
  115. Great life transitions are like a hero's journey
  116. Thanks to all of you . . .
  117. A new threat--I mean "thread," of course!
  118. One Book or Two -- or Three?
  119. How Long Have You Been Working on Your Memoir?
  120. Delicate question
  121. Memoires and Autobiography
  122. Question for biographers
  123. How do I fill in the gaps?
  124. Biography Voice?
  125. How do you sell a memoir? Through a Proposal?
  126. Memoir Publishers
  127. what are good books to aid in writing an autobio/memoir?
  128. organizing
  129. boring turning blurs
  130. Is it okay to make stuff up when you can't remember?
  131. Manuscript too long?
  132. Agents/Publishers specializing in show biz memoirs
  133. need to know if i should keep writing memoir
  134. What is Everybody Doing
  135. BBC program on memoirist Diana Athill
  136. Spiritual memoir
  137. Anirč Elletsir- Writer of South Africa
  138. How do I narrate slow psychological change?
  139. Subject's approval, cooperation, knowledge
  140. Is there a difference between personal memoirs and an autobiography?
  141. I want to write a story about my life and my family...some living.
  142. Need Some Feedback For a Memoir
  143. Caricatures plus biographies and quotes
  144. Dumb Question...
  145. Question about creative memoir writing
  146. New User - Would like some feedback
  147. Correcting grammar when writing someone else's memoir?
  148. Memoir Support Group
  149. Memoir Questions.
  150. intriguing memoir?
  151. Small Publisher looking for Biographer...
  152. Balancing scene and exposition
  153. Tone Inconsistency
  154. What is the percentage for Ghost Writers
  155. Famous People You Would Like to See Write a Memoir
  156. How many is too many chapters?
  157. Swap memoir proposals anyone?
  158. What are some memoirs about poverty, domestic violence, etc?
  159. Newbie sharing ideas for a memoir - Thanks for reading!
  160. Sample Memoir Proposals?
  161. travel: memoir or non-fiction
  162. Wanted: Feedback on a memoir idea
  163. Bitter Rant
  164. lyrics permission
  165. Historical Biography Forum?
  166. First Time Biographer
  167. Please Help A Confused Memoirist!
  168. Memoir Platform - getting the message clear
  169. Gullible writer needs help with Greedy neighbor
  170. Marketing plans
  171. Memoir question: WARNING: May Trigger
  172. AW Library: Memoir/Biography/Autobiography
  173. First 3 Chapters
  174. Please help me think of a good title!
  175. Memoir Feedback
  176. What Liberties Are OK In Memoir
  177. Hackers Steal eBooks?
  178. Memoir platform - still eluding me
  179. Reusing material in another book?
  180. If my memoir won't sell as a 'memoir' can I do something creative with it so it will?
  181. Do you re-memoir me?
  182. 1st amendment/libel/invasion of privacy issues for memoir
  183. What tense(s) are ya'll using to write your memoirs?
  184. We vs. me?
  185. How many characters in your story?
  186. How to breakup the story section wise?
  187. Do you read other memoirs?
  188. What is your memoir or biography about?
  189. Memory vs. truth in memoirs
  190. I am looking for feedback please...
  191. Memoirs Dealing With Sexual Abuse
  192. please delete this thread
  193. Know of any E-Pub who take memoirs?
  194. Need reviews for essays
  195. Nine Tales of Nightshade
  196. Is a foreign language title OK?
  197. Why write a biography?
  198. Changing names in memoirs and writing the synopsis
  199. When a loved one leaves
  200. Query/hook question
  201. Would This Be Considered a Memoir?
  202. What to do with sparse childhood memories that don't stand alone for a scene
  203. So what memoirs get picked up?
  204. Memoir or Memoirs?
  205. Question About Legalities on Retelling Events
  206. Would This Opening Graph Make You Read On?
  207. Should I use a pen name?
  208. Who are the most renowned agents specializing in memoirs?
  209. crits for memoir opening
  210. Changing names
  211. Boring parts?
  212. Just launched Clifford Irving's FAKE! and Howard Hughes bio...
  213. Past or present?
  214. Magazines or journals that publish memoir shorts?
  215. Memoir Word Count Question
  216. What Would Be A Good Age?
  217. Memoir prologue, epilogue & intro questions
  218. Memoir Outline Question
  219. Question about length and chapters
  220. How come this category isn't as busy?
  221. How do you write a "biog" page turner?
  222. Do people care about the life of someone they don't know?
  223. Finding a Ghost Writer
  224. finding old threads
  225. Family Members/Memiors/ and Lawsuits
  226. Querying a Nonfiction Weight Loss Memoir type book
  227. Looking for examples of memoirs online
  228. Correct form for subject line in email query
  229. Gore Vidal on Memoir Writing
  230. what agents may ask for re memoirs
  231. First Person - Is There A Way Around?
  232. What is the structure of a memoir?
  233. What is a Medical Memoir?
  234. Dance Memoir Recs
  235. Breaking the structure of memoir...
  236. Who wants to be my memoir writing buddy!
  237. Best guided?example for memoir proposal?
  238. Blog to Book Deals
  239. Question about narratives
  240. Memoir as Collection of Essays
  241. Memoir Book Proposal
  242. Memoir page count/word count?
  243. Transitioning from event to event?
  244. Great Interview with Memoirist Candace Walsh, author of Licking the Spoon!
  245. Just finished publishing my Memoir
  246. First Draft?
  247. Good eBook digital imprints for SHORT MEMOIR STORIES?
  248. I dislike what I wrote
  249. In Medias Res, Memoir?
  250. Wordcount on memoirs?